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This is the NPR headline:

I can tell you what it means.

It means the jig is up.

It means the tables have turned.

It means I’m doing this:

It means you lose, Jews.


Now, it’s just a slow, bloody, fiery decline as a new power rises in the East, and the Western power falls in on itself.

You kikes wanted to fuck around, and now you’re finding out.


Russia says it now controls Ukraine’s Luhansk region, one of the two eastern regions that have been the focus of its invasion of Ukraine.

The announcement comes after Ukrainian troops withdrew from Lysychansk, an industrial city that had become the last major Ukrainian-controlled holdout in the region.

Together, Russian troops and a Russian-backed separatist militia “have established full control” over the city, a statement from Russia’s defense ministry said. It represents “the liberation of the Luhansk People’s Republic,” the statement said, using the separatists’ name for the self-proclaimed breakaway state.

Ukrainian troops had held out in this pocket of Luhansk for months, first in Sievierodonetsk, then Lysychansk. But with Russian troops pressing in on three sides, they faced the risk of encirclement and withdrew to the east, according to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“Continuing the defense of the city would have led to fatal consequences. In order to preserve the lives of Ukrainian defenders, a decision was made to withdraw,” the armed forces said in a statement on Facebook.

The Russians had superiority in multiple facets of the fight, Ukrainian officials said, from artillery and air force to ammunition and personnel.

the fall of nearby Sievierodonetsk late last month, Lysychansk had become the last major city under Ukrainian control in Luhansk, the easternmost region of Ukraine. Just a week ago, Serhiy Haidai, the exiled Luhansk regional governor, urged the city’s residents to evacuate.

Evacuate where?

To Jew-occupied “Ukraine” territory? Why would anyone want to live there? So they can get taped to a post?

What part of “liberation” confuses you?

The Russian heroes are freeing the people of Jew-occupied “Ukraine” from what has become the single most brutal regime in modern history.

NPR goes on to admit this is a “victory” for Putin.

Now, with Luhansk largely in Russian hands, the neighboring region of Donetsk could soon follow.


Why do they keep using this language? In what alternative reality does it not happen?

The last two Ukrainian-held major cities in Donetsk — Kramatorsk and Slovyansk — are just about 50 miles from Lysychansk. The other major cities in Donetsk, including Donetsk itself, along with Mariupol, have been controlled by Russians or Russian-backed forces for some time.

Kramatorsk and Slovyansk have endured Russian shelling and rocket fire for months, including the deadly attack on Kramatorsk’s main train station in April that killed dozens of civilians.

If they fall, then the entire Donbas region would be effectively controlled by Russia — amounting to a demonstrable victory for Putin in a war that by all indications has dragged out longer than the Kremlin initially expected.

Obviously, it’s a victory for Putin.

But more relevantly, it is a loss for the entire Western satanic Jewish anal order.

And these people just keep saying they want to lose harder. They don’t want to negotiate a surrender. They just want to keep losing and losing, and continue boosting Russia’s economy by messing with trade in ways they don’t understand at all.

At this rate, Nick Fuentes will be in control of the US government by 2030, and I will fly home for the victory march.

Me getting off the private jet like:

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  1. republic 说:

    A big victory for the nationalists vs the Globalists

  2. Emslander 说:

    It means higher gas prices to lose even better.

  3. They keep saying “could” because they love trolling.

  4. Once the DPR and LPR are completely liberated, there is no fig leaf left for NATO. If Ukraine chooses to continue shelling these sovereign territories, it is clearly backing the aggressor.

    The Global American Empire usually brushes off criticism of its aggression, as in the Taiwan Straight, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria, Cuba, Iran, Venezuela, Grenada, Palestine and Panama.

    This could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

    If the BRICS and the Global South reject GAE hegemony and mount a strong and united condemnation, Ukraine will be remembered in history as the GAE’s graveyard.

    • 谢谢: Showmethereal
  5. 只是一个非常温柔的提醒:


    • 谢谢: Je Suis Omar Mateen
    • 回复: @John Parsons
  6. bwuce wee 说:

    i really can’t understand why everyone is so afraid to speak the truth: CHICKENHAWK FAKE PRESIDENT BIDEN GOT HIS LAME PUNKASS DIAPER-WEARIN BABYGIRL-GROPIN ASS KICKED- AGAIN!

    • 同意: Emslander
    • 哈哈: sulu
  7. Yes guys everything is going well.

    Everything is going as planned. But keep it in mind, Slavyansk and Kramatorsk are the main strongholds, fortified even better than anything the Russians have dealt with so far. It will take a long time to liberate these two towns.

    However afterwards the Ukrainians will not have any other defense lines to hide behind. The war will become a lot ore entertaining when these towns are taken.

  8. Is three star US Army General Mark Milley=Rosie O’Donnell the Irish Bulldyke?……….Or is General Milley just a chubby cockroach?

  9. Athena 说:

    Canada’s ”msm” all certify Ukrainians are winning, or that they will win if Canada continues to supply weapons to NATO’s Ukrainian paramilitaries.

    Meanwhile Quebec’s infrastrucutre, health and education receive no ressources and money. The education sector, for example, now has money four courses on strange matters such as transgender issues. And money for ”artists and culture” when they promote the BLM-LGBT ideas. Hydro-Quebec, a nationalized corporation, seems to have been sold (in part or completely?) to NYC. The elder is encouraged to work until his death for the B’nai B’rit and friends. Most Quebecers want to flee, but not allowed to flee due to so-called passports problems at the airports. Some say the power that be will try to use the french connection to try to induce a pseudo-revolution in Iran. Anyhow, demonization of Russia is THE standard. Most of the Ukrainian refugees seem to enter the country via Quebec. Why? They called the Pope for another visit and excuses towards the Natives (which has already been done many years later). Why? Could the CFR.s puppet’s visit have a connection with the anti-Russia agenda?



    “加拿大正在与俄罗斯交战。 但政府不想谈论它。

    Over the past four months Ottawa has delivered or allocated over \$600 million in weapons to Ukraine. They’ve sent 20,000 artillery shells, 4,500 M72 rocket launchers, 7,500 hand grenades, a hundred Carl-Gustaf M2 anti-tank weapons, thousands of rounds of ammunition, light armoured vehicles and other arms to fight Russia.

    Canada has also adopted an unprecedented sanctions regime on Russia. According to Politico, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland led the international charge to freeze over \$300 billion in Russian Central Bank assets. Ottawa is also leading the international campaign to seize Russian assets and give them to Ukraine.”

    • 回复: @Locochon
    , @Levtraro
    , @HdC
    , @Jimmy1969
  10. HeebHunter 说:


  11. Smith 说:

    Slava Rossiya!


  12. Locochon 说:

    加拿大已经失去了对美国的任何政治独立性。 即使在二战期间,加拿大的外交政策也没有像现在这么受美国控制(我应该说是在全球人控制下吗?因为特鲁多是后者的代言人)


    • 回复: @Joe Paluka
    , @Curmudgeon
  13. Levtraro 说:

    Canada’s ”msm” all certify Ukrainians are winning, or that they will win if Canada continues to supply weapons to NATO’s Ukrainian paramilitaries.

    This is good. Keep’m cumming. Those weapons will be either destroyed or added to the LPR and DPR defenses.

    Over the past four months Ottawa has delivered or allocated over \$600 million in weapons to Ukraine.

    Do they expect to be paid back?

  14. It’s total Christian victory. The “Aryan” neo-Nazis were fighting under ((Zelensky)), remember? Judeofa\$cists? Money whores? Belly-crawlers? Judas Class?

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  15. Wielgus 说:

    In WW2 Canada was still under British control. Only for that reason was US domination not assured.

    • 回复: @Oscar Peterson
  16. HdC 说:

    Quebec gets about \$6Billion per year in transfer payments from the federal government, ahem Canadian taxpayers from the other 9 provinces.
    But then Quebec is notoriously bad at managing its finances, even with that largesse.

    • 回复: @Alrenous
    , @Curmudgeon
  17. 犹太媒体在顿巴斯哀悼雅利安人的总胜利

    I don’t know what to say here…

    So I’ll leave you with some images showcasing what it means to belong to Russki Mir – The Russian World.


    • 巨魔: dogbumbreath
  18. Ross23 说:

    I believe today Ukraine says it will need 750 billion to re build the country.

    That’s more than the US defense budget

    What planet are these people on? Ukraine is already one of the poorest country in Europe and if much of it is gone how the hell are they going to pay this and the lend lease money back?

    Are they going to pay the US out of its tiny agriculture exports for the next 10,000 years!

  19. @War for Blair Mountain

    Very True! Let’s examine their response when you call them out: “Well, you are a homophobe!”

    Now this is utter nonsense! Homophobe by definition means ‘fear of homosexuals’. If someone is repulsed by something, that is not in any way the same as fear. If someone hates something, that does not mean they fear it. So if I hate gays- I am not a homophobe.

    And the dictionary proves me correct:
    feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone).
    “the boys hate each other”

    intense or passionate dislike.
    “feelings of hate and revenge”

    an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.
    “he is prey to irrational fears”

    be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or threatening.
    “farmers fear that they will lose business”

    Hate and Fear are completely different emotions, and attempting to connect antipathy towards gays with fear is ridiculous. If I happen to hate obesity, does that mean I fear fat people? No. If I happen to hate sweet pickles, does that mean I live in fear of them? No way.

    The term homophobe is a deliberate deception. It is used too loosely, and it is highly inaccurate. So inaccurate that is constitutes libelous liberal fraud and falsehood.

  20. Realist 说:


    伊利诺伊州高地公园发生大规模枪击事件。 开了很多枪……射手仍然逍遥法外。


    • 回复: @Wielgus
    , @animalogic
  21. If Russians with the help of Russian-backed separatist militia can defeat US/NATO trained Ukrainian GlobalHomo ZioNazi’s, arming them with billion\$ in high tech weaponry, just imagine how easy it’s going to be when US separatist militia take back US states.

    It just goes to prove that when you have an illegitimate US/Israel ZOG installed leader using his penis to play a piano, and is a known Zionist Pig, you’ve got (((Loser))) written all over you.


  22. @John Parsons

    No Christian Society would allow legalized homo marriage. America is not a Christian Society.

    Any society that legalized homo marriage is a society that hates children. Evidence:‘America 2022 which allows homosexual pederast norms infiltrate deep into America’s grade schools…

    Disgust and hatred of the institution of homo marriage protects a society’s children…..it is a very strong barrier to what is happening in America 2022..which I believe is a direct consequence of the 1960’s sex…drugs…rock and roll …counterculture….Evidence:‘Bruce Springsteen won’t perform in North Carolina because White Southern Christians won’t allow 6’5” bearded Men with a dress on to take a dump next to 5 year old little girls in a public womens toilet facilities…..

    In a morally sane society…..Bruce Springsteen would be stuffed head first into a woodchip machine……for crimes against a society’s children….

    In a way…Bruce Springsteen is the Jerry Sandusky of Rock n Roll…

  23. kihowi 说:
    @Callsign Pidor

    Confirmed shill. Brand new account, posts only the most unhinged hatred of China and Russia, all with a “am I right, fellow nazis?” tone. Uses phrases like “racial outsiders”, which nobody on this website has ever used, but which sounds right to someone trying to impersonate a crazy fascist extremist.

    • 同意: mulga mumblebrain
    • 谢谢: Hangnail Hans
    • 回复: @Callsign Pidor
    , @Haruto Rat
  24. @kihowi

    Confirmed shill. Brand new account, posts only the most unhinged hatred of China and Russia

    I can see why posting statistics and news stories about Russia may make a neutral observer hate Russia, your observation has been noted.

    • 回复: @Callsign Faggot
  25. @War for Blair Mountain

    Most of these rockers, once pretending to be some kind of rebels, are showing their true face now that the woke globo-homo is taking over society.

  26. Wielgus 说:

    There was one in Copenhagen yesterday. Not a weekly event in Denmark, in contrast to the USA.

  27. Wielgus 说:

    “Zelensky” capitulates, with Kadyrov’s arm on his shoulder…

    • 哈哈: nokangaroos
    • 回复: @mulga mumblebrain
  28. Joe Paluka 说:

    In WW2, Canada fought under the command of the British military. Today, Canada doesn’t have much of a military so the pedophile that runs the country can just send money and weapons to Zelensky in hope that at the next WEF meeting, Klaus Schwab will reward Trudope with a 12 year old boy for an after dinner snack.

    • 哈哈: Ann Nonny Mouse
  29. @War for Blair Mountain

    Springsteen is a goy in the (((music business)). In

    the (((music business))) you do and say what your Jew paymaster

    tells you to do and say,

    or you don’t get paid.

  30. Andrew, you can’t have it both ways. If you identify as an Aryan then you must perforce regard the Slavs as untermenschen. But you write something titled “Jew Media Mourns Total Aryan Victory in the Donbass.” If you ride two horses at the same time, you’re going to fall off and hurt yourself.

  31. ED SKI 说:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Better get your facts straight: Libtard Springsteen* has nothing to do with SDR&R of the 60s(his albums were first released in 1973, when the 60s were dead and disco began it’s rule). The 60s SDR&R has very little to do with homosexuality other than it was an excuse for already gay people to come out of the closet. I grew up in the 60s and I cannot recall any songs about gay love(the FUGGS were the only gay band I ever heard of back then, and they were a novelty act- not mainstream, certainly not AM radio!). But there were many many social movements in the 60s that had nothing whatsoever to do with sex, drugs, and R&R: black power, student’s rights, desegregation, women’s rights, anti-war, to name a few. Gay rights movement started then, but not because of SDR&R- those guys, er, gays were into broadway showtunes. Legalized gay marriage is a farce. It was Obama’s plan because he is married to a gay man in a dress, and he desperately needed his First ‘Lady’ (and other gays) to have a facade of legitimacy. Also, gays are hideously promiscuous, and this was an effort to get them reined in, and avoid massive anti-gay sentiment- such as is going on right now.

    *Springsteen’s genre is called, ironically, Heartland Rock.

    • 同意: Twodees Partain
    • 回复: @War for Blair Mountain
  32. bwuce wee 说:

    bruce springsteen ends every show with a ‘giant tonsil-sucking tongue kiss on the lips’ from his big black sweaty sexaphone player. in this kiss, he leans over backwards- in a swoon- like he is the token woman of the group. if he was in prison, he would be the ‘chick’. i would never ever attend a show like this. some message! i am actually surprised he has not run for public office…

    • 同意: Twodees Partain
  33. 斯拉夫人不是雅利安人。

    • 回复: @Daniel H
  34. @Callsign Pidor

    OK Shlomo.

    Once the dust has settled, maybe you should scuttle back to where your grandparents originated – some lice-infested shtetl in the Pale of Settlement.

    Their original village will almost certainly be within the borders of what will eventually be 臀部 404 (the bits of 404 that neither Russia nor Poland want).

    It’ll be tough sledding for the #SoBrave 红海行人 who take that trip though – there’s no productive base upon which to parasitise.

  35. @Chris Moore

    Aryans were an ancient Indo-Iranian peoples. The languages of India and Iran are offshoots of these early peoples and their language. ‘Arya’ means freeman in Sanskrit. The same exact word can be found in Irish Gaelic, another ancient language. It is ‘Aire’ in Irish, and it means freeman. The descendants of the original Aryans now live in India and Iran. SO HISTORICALLY, ARYANS HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH ANY EUROPEAN PEOPLES, CERTAINLY NOT GERMANS.* If you believe such drivel, you are ignorant and uneducated. To call Germans Aryans, would be as incorrect as labeling Australian Aborigines as Africans. The Germanic peoples entered what is now known as Germany a mere few thousand years ago, when the replaced the earlier Celtic speaking Halstatt culture.
    Then there is modern DNA testing, which groups people together according to their DNA. You will note there exists no ‘aryan’ DNA type.
    *Most European languages are related. They are called the Indo-European Family of languages. So Indo-Iranian language group is a subset of the Indo-European language group. slavic languages are IE languages. So if you want to get technical, Russians and Ukrainians are all parts of the Indo-European family of languages, of which the Indo-Iranians were an early branch.

    • 哈哈: Bill
  36. Jimmy1969 说:

    Meanwhile there are tens of thousands of people who have lived in Ottawa all of their 50 to 70 years who do not have a family Doctor…just ask my old Aunt. Also ask her about the medical situation in Quebec…bordering on a third world country with emergency room wait times on average 15 hours plus. Liberalism is a failure up in Canada and Justin Trudeau and his wife and kids do not wait in emerg wards. They have a private Physician Justin and his gang write cheques all over the world but leave their own back yard in chaos.

    • 同意: HdC
  37. A decade of politicians— especially Republicans— going on Fox News and Sunday talk shows with deranged Russia-bashing and calling for arming Ukraine.

    Meanwhile in the last decade while our country was being flooded with the third-world underclass and whites were under assault, GOP Senators only got hyped up about giving more money and weapons to Israel and giving Ukraine more Javelins and Stingers.

    Well, too bad that Satanic motherfucker John McCain isn’t around to see this ‘fuck around and find out’ moment when you mess with the Russian bear.

    “Well, Sergei, I told ‘em for eight years that if they ‘don’t start no shit won’t be no shit.’ But they had to start some shit.”

    • 回复: @James J. O'Meara
    , @Hoyeru
  38. @Roger Tucker

    Andrew, you can’t have it both ways. If you identify as an Aryan then you must perforce regard the Slavs as untermenschen

    C’mon man, leave Anglin alone, he’s a total mess with getting details right, but nails the big picture.

  39. @ED SKI

    Springsteen was pushing homosexual themes in his music as far back as 1986…..

    Moral degeneracy among White Boomers in 1960s and 1970s paved the road for the homos…can you give a proof of this?…I have many times in my comments on Unz Review…..

    • 同意: BananaKilt
    • 回复: @ED SKI
    , @ED SKI
  40. @Bolesław the Brave

    Vlad chillin’ and grillin’ on the Fourth of July.

  41. Yep. The White Race is being defended in Russia and that’s a good thing. Over here in the New World, the question that must be asked is “what to a White Man is the Fourth of July?”

  42. 36 ulster 说:

    How true. Those fools who are into virtue signaling and buying virtue schlock are, knowingly or not, flying/hoisting/brandishing the false flag du jour–the current globalist saltire.

  43. @Bolesław the Brave

    Lots of people who are light on their anthropology/ancient pre-history lessons simply think that “Aryan” and “Indo-European speaker” are interchangeable.* It’s a fair mistake for a non-expert.

    Good enough for gubmint work. Give Anglin a pass.

    * – for instance, I make a distinction between “White” and “Caucasian”. Caucasian is a broad anthropological class which includes Semites, Subcons, Berbers, Central Asians and so on, none of whom are “White”. White — at least to me — means Caucasoid European (Ireland to the Urals), Indo-Euro speaker (Finns and Magyars get a pass), and part of historic Christendom. Albanian Muslims are not “White”. Many Syrian and Lebanese Christians are.

  44. Odyssey 说:

    From time to time we come back to this unanswered question. For 200 years the mainstream history has been chasing own tail and not giving the answer.

    ‘Indo’, ‘Iranian’, ‘indo germanische’ aka (indo-european) are backdated and misleading terms. Many state that Aryans were some ‘indo-iranians’ who spoke some ‘indo-iranian’ languages. Very rarely, we can find that so-called ‘Indo-Iranians’ originated in, for e.g. Poland/Byelorussia, and they brought their language from there. Some can ask a logical question – why they are not called Polish people who spoke Polish language? Or, if one day some people move with Mask to Mars, can we say that this comment is written in proto-Martian?

    Polish people did not exist at that time (2000BC) so neither Slavic. But, existed European indigenous people who called themselves ‘srb’ (=cousin, relative, the member of the same race) who spoke srb-ski language, which is the oldest European language. These people went to S.Asia, brought there their language, mythology and rg veda.

    So, these ancient srb (i.e. serb) people, ancestors of Russians, Ukrainians, Byelorussians, modern Serbs (who preserved the original name), Polish, etc were Aryans. It is proven by genetics, linguistics, mythology, anthropology, thousands of toponyms. From this srb-ski language, evolved all future Slavic languages and it influenced other younger languages (‘ancient’ Greek, Latin) and very young languages (English, German). Even today, after 4000 years, there are thousands of identical words in Sanskrit and modern Serbian and thousands of Serbian toponyms in S.Asia.

    Those, who intend to discuss Aryans, should first answer – where people in Europe lived in 10K BC, where was the cradle of European civilisation and who were Europe’s indigenous people? There is a reason why this question was not answered so far. If someone cannot digest that ancient srb (Serbs) were Aryans, he can say that Aryans were – proto-Slavics. Welcome.

    • 回复: @Old Brown Fool
  45. Hoyeru 说:

    So the author thinks the USA/UK/West/NATO/Jew will just roll over and accept defeat and give up and allow Russia and China(by default) to win???
    Oh man, you just wait. the main event hasn’t even started yet.

  46. Hoyeru 说:
    @Bolesław the Brave

    yeah, sure, Putin stood and did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for 8 years allowing 15,000 Ukrainians to die and you twist it around. Was he really so naive as to think Ukraine will honor the MINKS agreements??? Shame on you!

  47. You are making a big mistake imagining that there was a continuity of culture through Serbia for the last 10,000 years. People come and go, get wiped off the face of the earth, languages change, new waves of people invade. You are acting like Serbia is some sort of ‘lost world’ isolated by volcanic craters on a Pacific island where it has existed unchanged since the Stone Age! Hate to break it to you, but that is a pipe dream. Serbia may very well have the oldest archeological sites in the area, but those ancient people are unknown, and long dead and gone. What you are imagining is like modern americans saying their american culture has existed for 15, 000 years, since the Clovis Culture. (that is thousands of years older that the serbians!), but in fact modern Americans came from Europe and even the Native Americans cannot claim ancestry with the Clovis Culture. So you just got your rubber ducks blown out of the bathtub. And further, Serbia is not connected to any Aryans anyway, anywhere!

    “The Serbian language was created by the monks Cyril and Methodius in the 9th century for Old Church Slavonic, the liturgical language of the Eastern Orthodox Church.”
    “The earliest mention of the Serbs in the Balkans appears to be from Einhard’s Royal Frankish Annals, written in 822 AD, when prince Ljudevit went from his seat at Sisak to the Serbs.”
    “History. The Serbian language is part of the Slavic language family, stemming from the Indo-European set of languages. Since the 16th century many people had been migrating to the area now known as Serbia, as well as migrating out of the area. Primarily, the people of Serbia moved to the North, and to the coast.”

    So your modern Serbs are no older than most european cultures. I SUGGEST YOU GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE- IT’S GONE LAME!

    • 回复: @Anon001
    , @Passing By
    , @Passing By
  48. PCR’s probably wrong about Kremlin hesitancy leading to war. The USA is self-destroying economically, the Kremlin’s waiting. Meanwhile, the Russian economy’s booming.
    Okay, PCR’s the expert, I’m the dumbcluck, but that’s what I think.

    • 回复: @Harold Smith
  49. ED SKI 说:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    No! There have been homosexuals – high up in society, intellectuals, authors, writers, media, artists, actors, dancers, religious figures, and let’s not forget hollywood- for decades before the 60s. So your lame attempt to blame the 60s (and boomers? Really, you cuck?) for gay people is patently false. Now did you actually grow up in the 60s? Go to high school then? Because if you did not, then you are talking shit to someone who did.

    • 谢谢: 36 ulster, Hangnail Hans
  50. sulu 说:

    Anything that fucks the Jews is good for the White race. I will laugh my ass off when the Jew owned media has to stop the spin and finally admit that they lost and Putin won.

    The Western Empire is truly crumbling faster than anyone might have guessed. Even if Trump gets back in as President in 24 it is probably too late to save America. Nothing short of the rise of an American Caesar will save us. We need to secure all our borders and start expelling all the non-Whites. We need to end the Fed and put the dollar back on the gold standard. We need to declare Jews enemies of America and confiscate all Jewish property and assets and send them all packing back to Israel, with one suitcase and a maximum of \$10,000 in cash. We need to nationalize the Media after we take it from the Jews. We need to declare that America is a Whites only country and that only White people can own property in America. We need to declare homosexuality to be illegal and any transgressions to be met with loss of citizenship and expulsion from the country. We need to declare Feminism illegal and anyone espousing it gets jail time. We need to declare that every birth is accompanied by a dna test to determine paternity. We need to make it a criminal offense for a woman to falsely accuse a man of fatherhood and allow men to sue women for damages when a child is found to be not his own and he has been providing support for the child.

    I would love to see some 3 or 4 star General that has a pair appear on all t.v. channels and announce that there has been a military coup in America and the above agenda is being implemented. The announcement should play every hour and in between they can play old re-runs of Leave it To Beaver and Father Knows Best.


    • 回复: @Daniel H
  51. To quote Leon Uris in 出埃及记:

    Jew hating is an incurable disease. Under certain democratic conditions it may not flourish well. Under other conditions the germ may even appear to die, but it never does die even in most ideal climate. [pp. 219-220]

    So, Andrew, the Jews are perfectly innocent on all fronts, but you have the germ, right? Incurable, right?

    • 回复: @Ann Nonny Mouse
  52. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    That “incurable” has a sinister meaning. What must the Jews do with you (and me), Andrew?

  53. @HdC

    “When I keep giving my kid candy, they never learn to feed themselves.”

    “Just like mine! They constantly get sick too!”

    Truly, the world is a mysterious place.

  54. The Kramatorsk missile was, of course, a Ukranazi one, as was proved by the serial number, but how on earth do the Ukranazis withdrawing from Lisichansk move “east”? Does nobody writing these articles have access to a map?

    • 回复: @mulga mumblebrain
  55. @Roger Tucker

    The Ukranazis literally consider themselves the Aryans and the Russians a “Mongol Ugric hybrid”.

  56. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    PCR’s probably wrong about Kremlin hesitancy leading to war.


    If I understand PCR’s view correctly, he seems to think that a strong, early military response by Russia would’ve made the Satanic West back down, but I have to disagree with this view because I believe the Satanic cult running the U.S. “government” must fight to the death.

    I believe the Satanists will ultimately bring about a nuclear war, and the more it gets delayed, the more time there is for Russia to field game-changing weapon systems like Sarmat, Zircon and S-500, which would benefit Russia, IMO.

  57. Odyssey 说:

    I don’t know why you are so nervous. I am not talking about Serbia 12000 years ago, not even about Serbs at that time. From these people of Lepenski Vir/Vinca who lived there during the Ice Age, evolved over time people who called themselves ‘srb’ (serbs) and their language, accordingly, was srb-ski (Serbian).

    Your Wiki Facts are or falsifications (Cyril&Methodius) or irrelevant (Frankish Annals). I can explain the first falsification, but it is pointless. Let me give you some facts and you can give me the counter facts.

    In Lepenski Vir, 10K BC was discovered (Nature, Harvard archaeologists, Reich) I2 DNA haplogroup which one half of modern Serbs have (e.g. Novak Djokovic). ‘I’ haplogroup was the only European haplogroup, originated 36 K ago and later split to I1 (Scandinavians) and I2. So, at least Novak’s ancestors lived in Lepenski Vir 10K ago. It means there are genetic continuity of people in Vinca since the Ice Age up to today. Only this fact would be sufficient for a common sense individual.

    Sanskrit is the most similar to modern Serbian language (22% identical, 11% very similar according to Tagore’s ggranddaughter, who studied the Serbian language). There are several thousands of Serbian toponyms in S.Asia (and in many other places in Europe and Asia). I can provide you them if you need for your research. The mainstream version says that ‘Indo-Iranian’ language split from ‘Balto-Slavic’ in the region of modern Poland. All 4 terms are backdated and non-existent at that time. But, which language actually split to give “I-I’ and ‘B-S’? The answer is – Vinca language from which directly Serbian evolved and from this language after several thousands of years other Slavic languages evolved (first Russian in the 8th cAC). The term ‘indo-european’ (formerly indo-germanische’) is meaningless and without substance.

    Aryans brought the mythology to India and because there are many similarities btw old Slavic and Hindu mythology. Aryans brought Rg Veda. ‘Rg’ and ‘Veda’ are Serbian words, and many scientists vainly spent a lot of time trying to decipher them.

    Aryan genetics is Slavic genetics.

    • 回复: @Odyssey
    , @Dave Wightman
  58. @Hoyeru

    I agree. For 8 years I have been saying over and over that Russia could and should have crushed the nazis in 2014 when they were weak and disorganised, and I have been called a troll and worse by sites like the Junkyard Of The Faker for saying so. Minsk II, which if implemented would have meant the end of the LDNR, was signed when the Ukranazis were in headlong retreat after the defeats of Ilovaisk, Debaltsevo, and Donetsk Airport, and even the French media had given up Mariupol as “lost”. Putin stopped the LDNR from developing their offensive and liberating all of the Donbass which they could have very easily done; and later it came out that Mariupol was not liberated in order to keep Rinat Akhmetov, oligarch who owned Azovstal, happy. Even now the LDNR are absolutely not sure they won’t be sold out by Putin again; that’s why the LNR demanded a minimum of a 300 kilometre buffer zone of captured Ukrainian territory around the newly liberated Lugansk People’s Republic borders in order to stop the Ukranazis returning ever again.

    • 回复: @Ann Nonny Mouse
    , @peterAUS
  59. Anon001 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    Figuring out true history is still in progress.

    But what we do know for sure is that large parts of the official history are just forgeries and lies, for the most part, of Vatican/Austrian/German “historians”, including all “facts” you listed, and even those you could not get right. Indo-Europians is one of those fictions of the German liars. Didn’t you know that the original term invented was actually ‘Indo-Germans’, which they later on changed into a lesser lie called ‘Indo-Europians’ because somebody complained?

    In many instances, even the very same liars admitted their deeds – like Vatican’s Donation of Constantine forgery, as well as German Historical “School” lie, about 7th century “migration” of Serbs to the Balkans, which they themselves recanted in the 80s – the very same lie you fell for in one of your listed “facts”.

    By the way, did you know that the term/name Byzantium is yet another invention of the Vatican/German liars? The true name was East Roman Empire (ERE), which Vatican did not like, so German “historian” Hieronymus Wolf invented name “Byzantium” in 1557 AD, as their propaganda replacement name for the original name. They wanted the original name removed from history in order for Vatican/Rome to be the only Roman Empire. Just as another German, this time a “geographer”, replaced Peninsula’s name “Helm” (Serbian) with “Balkan” (Turkish) in 1808 AD to hide Serbian origins and roots there.

    Silver Codex too is another one of German forgeries. In other words, Vatican/Austrian/German lies everywhere!

  60. @Here Be Dragon

    However afterwards the Ukrainians will not have any other defense lines to hide behind. The war will become a lot ore entertaining when these towns are taken.

    Then why not just bomb them? After a humanitarian warning, of course. What are the ((Empire Pussies)) gonna do? Sanctions? Send over some tranny batallions?

    • 回复: @Here Be Dragon
  61. Janus 说:
    @Callsign Pidor

    I like how you cite the abortion stats for Russia in 2004. In 2000, the year Putin ascended to power, there were 2,138,800 abortions in Russia. In 2021, there were 450,000. Rather than an abortion rate of 53.7, it currently has a rate of 12. In 2000, average Russian life expectancy was 65.7, vs 72.3 in 2021. In 2000, Russia had a Total Fertility rate of 1.25, vs 1.80 in 2020. It’s also convenient that you leave the U.S. out of your map of incarceration rates. The U.S. has a rate of 629 per 100k, almost double Russia’s. In 2000, Russia’s rate was 729. Russia has improved by just about any metric you can name under Putin.

    • 谢谢: Passing By, Showmethereal
    • 回复: @Showmethereal
  62. @Callsign Pidor

    So it’s cheap and easy to pick up a hot young soldier hustler in Mockba, but he might be a junkie with HIV? Hmm, decisions decisions.

    Thanks for the update though.

  63. @Ross23

    We’ll just print the money and everybody will be happy.

  64. bert33 说:

    Zelensky needs to white flag this thing and go make his moscow court appearance before anyone else dies. It’s over, dude

  65. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    Called a troll or worse BY The Saker? Or just by someone commenting there, and you shifting the blame?

  66. peterAUS 说:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    …the LDNR are absolutely not sure they won’t be sold out by Putin again….

    They are actually pretty much absolutely sure about that issue. Common folks there, that is.

    The problem is, for them, they can’t do anything about it. Pawns, and expendable fodder, to be traded and managed as seen fit by their masters.

    One can’t help by admire both the ruthlessness of the cabal in Kremlin and docile acceptance of fate by the serfs there.

  67. Anonymous[132]• 免责声明 说:

    The Russian heroes are freeing the people of Jew-occupied “Ukraine” from what has become the single most brutal regime in modern history.

    The Russians are putrid fascists, not heroes
    Ukraine is not Jew-occupied, you fascist liar
    The most brutal regime in modern history? Nazi Germany, ignoramus.

    Long live Zelensky and Ukraine.

    • 不同意: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • 巨魔: Dnought
  68. @Odyssey

    I had pointed out this earlier; ‘Aryan’ is not what the Germans thought it was, nor what Anglin thinks it is. ‘Aryan’ word in Sanskrit had no connotations of skin colour; in India, one can find a black man calling himself Aryan, and everyone accepting it.

    When the Sanskrit speaking clans moved to South India, their leaders called themselves ‘Aryans’ and the local non-Sanskrit, black-skinned population thought all white-skinned Sanskrit speakers are Aryans; accordingly only Tamil language equates ‘Aryan’ with “North Indian / Sanskrit”. Everywhere else ‘Aryan’ is not your skin colour or language or even caste!

    If Hitler wanted to call himself and his people ‘Aryan’, that is his choice; but in the land where this term arose, “Aryans” need not be white-skinned.

    Why not White people call themselves “Whites”? Or its equivalent term in Greek, Latin or Sanskrit?

    • 谢谢: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • 回复: @Alexandros
  69. @Ross23

    If the West could find 750 billion in funny money, the Ukronazi orcs would steal 90% of it.

    • 哈哈: Ann Nonny Mouse
  70. Daniel H 说:


    哦,是的。 与地球上任何其他种族相比,斯拉夫血统可能含有更多的 Ind0-Aryan 基因。 你认为印度雅利安人起源于哪里? 在你的斯拉夫主人面前鞠躬,傻瓜。

    • 同意: Catdog
  71. @Wielgus

    They won’t give him his crack-pipe, a present from Hunter, his brother from another mother.

  72. @Anonymous

    Nazi Germany is history. Why bring it up, out of context?

  73. Richard B 说:

    A big victory for the nationalists vs the Globalists

    Stirring words. And I’d love to believe it. But hesitation brings doubts. From the article:

    To Jew-occupied “Ukraine” territory? Why would anyone want to live there? So they can get taped to a post?

    Let’s rewrite that to read:

    To Jew-occupied “USA” territory? Why would anyone want to live there? So they can get taped to a post?

    As they get more desperate and go full shekels, watch them unleash the usual suspects on whites in the USA and tape 他们 to posts (not that they haven’t been figuratively tapped to a post for decades). Of course, not a few whites who are down with the cause will volunteer to be taped. And so it goes.

    Also, it’s unlikely the usual suspects will simply tape them to posts and leave them there.

    The moment to celebrate is after the victory. And we are nowhere near that happy day.

  74. animalogic 说:

    What’s that saying? Something’s like “you break it, you pay for it” ? So the US & NATO are definitely responsible for a significant amount of breakage in the Ukraine (2014 & 2022 – “no surrender!”) so get your VISA cards out guys!

  75. animalogic 说:

    They got the (alleged) shooter in a car stop. White guy, early 20’s. Motive? Fuck knows. Do they need one anymore? Can’t wait for the 2000 page manifesto ( ie “I had bad potty training 😭”)

    • 回复: @Realist
  76. BuelahMan 说:

    That last sentence makes me laugh since Anglin is a puny half black/ half asian dwarf.

  77. J 说:

    Jew Media mourns…What? I read daily Jewish and Zionist media (The Jerusalem Post, HaAretz, Arutz 7, etc.) and no one there seems to mourn anything. Nor celebrate. In what universe are you living?

  78. @Ann Nonny Mouse

    By the Faker AND by his acolytes, especially Larchmonter 445.

    • 巨魔: Ann Nonny Mouse
  79. ED SKI 说:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Way before the 60s, your coup de grace::



    “In the United States, as early as the turn of the 20th century several groups worked in hiding to avoid persecution and to advance the rights of homosexuals, but little is known about them.[29] Edward Irenaeus Prime-Stevenson published Imre: A Memorandum in 1906 and The Intersexes in 1908.[30] A better documented group is Henry Gerber’s Society for Human Rights (formed in Chicago in 1924), which was quickly suppressed within months of its establishment.[31] Serving as an enlisted man in occupied Germany after World War I, Gerber had learned of Magnus Hirschfeld’s pioneering work. Upon returning to the U.S. and settling in Chicago, Gerber organized the first documented public homosexual organization in America and published two issues of the first gay publication, entitled Friendship and Freedom. Meanwhile, during the 1920s, LGBT persons found employment as entertainers or entertainment assistants for various urban venues in cities such as New York City.[32]

    Homosexuals were occasionally seen in LGBT films of Pre-Code Hollywood. Buster Keaton’s Seven Chances offered a rare joke about the female impersonator, Julian Eltinge. The Pansy Craze offered actors, such as Gene Malin, Ray Bourbon, Billy De Wolfe, Joe Besser, and Karyl Norman. In 1927, Mae West was jailed for The Drag. The craze found itself in a wide variety of American films, from gangster films like The Public Enemy, to musicals like Wonder Bar and animated cartoons like Dizzy Red Riding Hood. Homosexuals even managed to find themselves in the then-illegal pornographic film industry.

    Around 1929, “The Surprise of a Knight” became the first American gay pornographic film. A Stiff Game would be the second American gay pornographic film.
    “We Men Must Grow A Mustache” by Speed Langworthy, 1922.

    Homosexuality was also present in the music industry. In 1922, Norval Bertrand Langworthy (better known as Speed Langworthy) (b. May 15, 1901, Seward, Nebraska – d. March 22, 1999, Arizona)[33] wrote the song, We Men Must Grow a Mustache; Abe Lyman appeared on the sheet music. Edgar Leslie and James V. Monaco wrote Masculine Women, Feminine Men[34] in Hugh J. Ward’s 1926 production of the musical Lady Be Good.[34] Homosexuality also found its way into African-American music. Ma Rainey, who is believed to be a lesbian, recorded the song, Prove it on Me Blues. According to pbs.org, the song is about her arrest for group sex, in which alleged lesbianism took place.[35] George Hannah decided in 1930 to record the song, The Boy in the Boat.”[36] Kokomo Arnold recorded the song, “Sissy Man Blues” in 1935.[37] Pinewood Tom (Josh White), George Noble, and Connie McLean’s Rhythm Boys followed with their own records.[38]

    While it seems that homosexuals enjoyed greater recognition in the media after World War I, many were still arrested and convicted for their deeds through state sodomy laws. For example, Eva Kotchever headed a lesbian café called Eve’s Hangout in Greenwich Village. It was stated about her business that “men are admitted but not welcome.” Kotchever’s discretion had been so reckless, she wrote about lesbianism in her book, Lesbian Love. In 1926, the New York City Police Department raided her club and Kotchever was arrested on an obscenity charge and deported to her native Poland.[39]

    In 1948, Sexual Behavior in the Human Male was published by Alfred Kinsey, a work which was one of the first to look scientifically at the subject of sexuality. Kinsey claimed that approximately 10% of the adult male population (and about half that number among females) were predominantly or exclusively homosexual for at least three years of their lives.[40]

    During the late 1940s – 1960s, a handful of radio and television news programs aired episodes that focused on homosexuality, with some television movies and network series episodes featuring gay characters or themes.[41] The homophile movement began in the 1950s and 60s with the creation of several organizations, including the Mattachine Society, the Daughters of Bilitis and the Society for Individual Rights.

    In 1958, the United States Supreme Court ruled that the gay publication ONE, Inc., was not obscene and thus protected by the First Amendment.[42] The California Supreme Court extended similar protection to Kenneth Anger’s homoerotic film, Fireworks and Illinois became the first state to decriminalize sodomy between consenting adults in private.[43]

    Little change in the laws or mores of society was seen until the mid-1960s, the time the sexual revolution began. Gay pulp fiction and Lesbian pulp fiction ushered in a new era. The physique movement also emerged with Mr. America. Athletic Model Guild produced much of the homoerotic content that proceeded the gay pornography business. This was a time of major social upheaval in many social areas, including views of gender roles and human sexuality. ”

    • 回复: @War for Blair Mountain
  80. @Passing By

    Thanks! Interesting maps. However, it would only be relevant if there was a progressive map for each century for the last 12, 000 years, which would demonstrate ongoing migration patterns. Nor does eye color, hair color, etc., determine the language, culture, or ethnicity of any of the various peoples who inhabited these areas over millenia. Example: Native Americans once inhabited all of North America. They are still there, but in relatively tiny proportions. So any proportion could, or could not be used to demonstrate a premise, and without an accurate catalog of successive waves of migrations, one cannot ever determine much of anything relative to ancient cultures. Another point, your maps indicate Irish people are fair-haired and red-haired, yet their own history reveals that there were always many black-haired Irish- even 5,000 years ago. Your maps indicate a predominance of Germanic DNA in Great Britain, and we know for a fact that successives waves of Germanic speakers invaded Britain during the Viking era(the Normans were also descendants of the Vikings). That means we cannot say that Germanic DNA has always been in England, it migrated there. And that is the exact point I originally made about Serbia.

    • 回复: @Passing By
  81. Realist 说:

    They got the (alleged) shooter in a car stop. White guy, early 20’s. Motive? Fuck knows. Do they need one anymore?

    Yes, and the guy is a mental freak. There is the distinct possibility that a government agency is behind these mass shootings in an effort to disarm US citizens. If you were able to see his rap video, that I posted, before YouTube took it down it was obvious he has terrible mental issues and probably a low IQ. How was he able to plan and carry out this attack? This has been suggested by others.

    The Uvalde school shooter had mental issues, but was able to buy thousands of dollars worth of arms and equipment…where did he get the money? The reactions of the police on the scene were difficult to explain, to say the least.

  82. bwuce wee 说:

    aryan is about as ridiculous a term as anti-semite. these terms are mere epithets and have no factual historical or scientific relevance in today’s era of internet information. when a person uses such a term, they merely expose their utter ignorance. aryan is not a race, semite is not a race. they were solely, only, and always cultural and language groups, and ethnicities. there never have been different human races on earth since cro-magnon and neanderthal died out. hint to morons: skin color is no more a separate race than eye color. being from a different region or culture does not make a different race. when people hate or fear someone from a different culture, that is technically called xenophobia, it is not racism. it is completely normal to dislike different cultures and prefer your own. racism is a meaningless term since humans only currently have ONE RACE. people who yell ‘racist’, are as stupid as people who yell ‘aniti-semite’, or ‘homophobe’ or ‘trans phobe’. these are mere name-callers. if someone calls you a ‘motherfukka’- does that means you actually had sex with your mother? and there you have the answer to all this name-calling and labeling nonsense. ‘white supremacy’ is the height of this name-calling nonsense.

  83. @Here Be Dragon

    I still think triumphalism is misplaced – Mordor is mighty even in decline. Cautious optimism at best.

    Remember the Evil Empire still has sophisticated spyplanes near the conflict zone, picking up and analysing signals in real time, correlating them to satellite data (including IR sensors that can see through cloud and darkness), giving targeting data to Ukraine, or for all I know aiming the “Ukrainian” missiles from desks in Europe or the US.

    Ukraine are reporting the destruction of a large number of Russian ammunition dumps behind the Kherson front lines. The defence of Kherson is paramount for the RF, as the dam there controls the Crimean water supply (via a canal).


    P8A Poseidon

    Lockheed Orion

    RAF Rivet Joint

    A Belgian A400M transport has just left Constanta in Romania, doubtless after a weapons delivery

    There’s what looks like a drone cruising the Poland/Belarus border at 850 feet.

    • 回复: @YetAnotherAnon
  84. @Daniel H

    People are categorized by modern historians, archaeologists, and anthropologists by the language they speak. If you speak an Indo-Iranian language(such as Farsi, or Hindi), then you might be categorized as an ‘aryan’. If you speak Serbian, you would be categorized as speaking a Slavic language, but never as speaking an Indo-Iranian language. Hitler calling himself an ‘aryan’ does not make him one, anymore than a man with male genitals calling himself a woman magically transforms him into a female! So basically you could not be more wrong.

  85. @ED SKI

    Ed Ski

    You don’t quite get my point…

    But I will try again:

    The White Boomers…,,Sex drugs rock and roll-counterculture…..were morally softened up to the acceptance of legal homo marriage…and after this, America got Satanic looking Tranny Freaks reading childrens books to two-three year old children in public libraries across America…

    The 1960s counterculture=tolerance and diversity=social and cultural filth disease…onto the tranny freaks in libraries reading children’s books to very young Children in 2022…

    I hear the homosexual pederast rock star Pete Townshend…now on tour….is very popular among White Boomers….

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
    , @John Parsons
  86. Alexandros 说:
    @Old Brown Fool

    Aryan, whatever your beliefs on it are, denotes a “pure bred” white person. The original if you will. “White” is too broad for this, being a general catch all term. A Turk may be white using those definitions, or even a Jew, but they are obviously not Aryan.

    It was however more of colloquial term. The racial writers of Germany preferred “Nordic”. Hitler used them interchangeably, though he also sometimes used “weisse rasse”.

    I think its hard to beat Aryan when it comes to effective meaning. Everybody knows what it means. It means not only white, but a blonde, blue eyed, Germanic white person. That’s how the Nazis understood it and that’s how everybody today understands it. There is no confusion.

    • 回复: @bwuce wee
    , @Ann Nonny Mouse
  87. @Anonymous

    We need a “Silly Rabbit” button.

    • 回复: @Alrenous
  88. Passing By 说:
    @Dave Wightman


    Haplogroup I2 is the most common paternal lineage in former Yugoslavia, Romania, Bulgaria and Sardinia, and a major lineage in most Slavic countries.


    Haplogroup I is the oldest major haplogroup in Europe and in all probability the only one that originated there (apart from very minor haplogroups like C1a2 and deep subclades of other haplogroups). Haplogroup IJ would have arrived from the Middle East to Europe some 35,000 years ago, then developed into haplogroup I soon afterwards. It has now been confirmed by ancient DNA test that the first Homo sapiens to colonize Europe during the Aurignacian period (45,000 to 28,000 years ago), belonged to haplogroups CT, C1a, C1b, F and I.

    I2 (M438/P215/S31) is thought to have originated during the Late Paleolithic, around the time of the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM), which lasted approximately from 26,500 to 19,000 years ago. I2 probably appeared in western Europe, although its exact region of origin cannot be determined since Paleolithic Europeans were nomadic hunter-gatherers. The oldest I2 sample recovered from archeological skeletons is a 13,500 year-old man from the Grotte du Bichon in Switzerland associated with the Azilian culture (see Jones et al. (2015)). […]

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  89. Where is the down side for the Jews? All is proceeding according to plan. http://judaism.is/world-wars.html

  90. animalogic 说:

    I can not, will not argue with the ridiculous amount of ambiguity & suspicion
    involved with all these madcap shooter escapades
    If someone could generate a reasonable aliens – outer space argument, I’d consider that. Can’t be anymore bonkers than what we get now…..

    • 同意: Realist
  91. @The Germ Theory of Disease

    Should have a “custom” button and whoever uses it first on a particular comment gets to define what it is for that comment.

  92. @Hangnail Hans

    The Russians will have to live with these people after the war. And the people in Russia in general would not support this kind of war. Bombing a town full of peaceful civilians would result in a large number of casualties.

    More importantly, the Russians have enough time, there’s no need to force it.

    • 同意: Avery, Hangnail Hans
  93. @War for Blair Mountain

    If you had a valid point, I would get it. Boomers merely mean people born after WWII. You act like all White Boomers are all exactly alike- nothing could be further from the truth. I will just pick one from the hundreds of subcategories of Boomers: There are a tremendous number of White Boomers that became rednecks. Note how country music went from obscurity to one of the largest most popular and enduring music genres of all time during the last 75 years since WWII. Pop faded, disco, faded, psychedelia, faded, classic rock faded. classical music faded. punk music faded, jazz faded, new wave music faded, grunge music faded- I could easily go on, but my point is made! The majority of Boomers are rednecks. And you are trying to pretend they are all homos, gay marriage and trans supporters?!!? Stick a fork in you- you are sooo done! Rednecks hate gays! Rednecks hate the idea of gay marriage! Rednecks hate trans freaks! You lose.
    I note you refuse to answer about your ‘teen years in the 60s’, so I assume you did not ever go to high school in the 60s, meaning you ran from the debate like a cringing coward, and meaning you have no actual empirical knowledge of the 60s. You are talking shit, as usual.

    • 回复: @War for Blair Mountain
  94. @Passing By

    This thread is about the bogus idea that modern Serbians are an ancient peoples, and they are aryans. Both ideas are patently false. The current DNA maps are utterly and completely irrelevant to the idea that Serbs are aryans, since the aryan peoples died out thousands of years ago, and current DNA maps cannot tell us anything at all about the culture or ethnicity of people who lived in that same area 12,000 years ago. You are comparing apples to oranges. No one is around from 10,000 BCE to DNA test. Irrelevant and immaterial to the discussion. Your story is ended.

    • 回复: @Passing By
  95. bwuce wee 说:

    you mean a term like spic? or beaner? everyone knows what they mean- a pure bred brown person. so when you use aryan for whites, of course you must reciprocate and use spic or beaner for those brown-eyed black haired mud skinned people! am i right! i am so right! i love it when i am right! thanks for clearing that up! there is NO CONFUSION.

  96. @Odyssey

    Slavic language people came to Serbia only within the last 1200 years. After that time the place was overun by the Ottoman Empire impregnating thousands of Slavs with Turkic bloodlines for 300 years. In the same manner, that country was overun by many many other peoples before the Slavs ever arrived there.
    So there was never ny pure Serbian people at any time in the history of the earth.




    “The history of Serbia covers the historical development of Serbia and of its predecessor states, from the Early Stone Age to the present state, as well as that of the Serbian people and of the areas they ruled historically. The scope of Serbian habitation and rule has varied much through the ages, and, as a result, the history of Serbia is similarly elastic in what it includes.

    Slavs settled the Balkans in the 6th and 7th centuries, out of which settlement the First Serbian Principality of the Vlastimirovići emerged. In 1345 the Serbian Empire was established: it spanned a large part of the Balkans. In 1540 the Ottoman Empire annexed Serbia.

    The Serbian realms disappeared by the mid-16th century, torn by domestic feuds and overcome by Ottoman conquest. The success of the Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule in 1817 marked the birth of the Principality of Serbia, which achieved de facto independence in 1867 and finally gained recognition by the Great Powers in the Berlin Congress of 1878. As a victor in the Balkan Wars of 1912–1913, Serbia regained Vardar Macedonia, Kosovo and Raška (Old Serbia). In late 1918 the region of Vojvodina proclaimed its secession from Austria-Hungary to unite with the pan-Slavic State of Slovenes, Croats and Serbs; the Kingdom of Serbia joined the union on 1 December 1918, and the country was named the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes.

    Serbia achieved its current borders at the end of World War II, when it became a federal unit within the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia (proclaimed in November 1945). After the dissolution of Yugoslavia in a series of wars in the 1990s, Serbia once again became an independent state on 5 June 2006, following the breakup of a short-lived union with Montenegro.

    The Paleo-Balkan tribes formed in the 2nd and 1st millennia BC. The northernmost Ancient Macedonian city was in south Serbia (Kale-Krševica). The Celtic Scordisci tribe conquered most of Serbia in 279 BC, building many forts throughout the region. The Roman Empire conquered the region in the span of 2nd century BC – 1st century AD.

    The Neolithic Starčevo and Vinča cultures existed in or near Belgrade and dominated the Balkans (as well as parts of Central Europe and Asia Minor) about 8,500 years ago. Some scholars believe that the prehistoric Vinča signs represent one of the earliest known forms of writing systems (dating to 6000–4000 BC).

    Serbia’s strategic location between two continents has subjected it to invasions by many foreign armies. The Thracians dominated Serbia before the Illyrian migration in the southwest. Greeks colonized the south in the 4th century BC, the northernmost point of the empire of Alexander the Great being the town of Kale.”

    So stone age peoples, Celtic people, Roman people all invaded and ruled this region thousands of years before the Slavic languages ever arrived in this area. There were no ancient Serbian people, and there were no Slavic languages in ancient area now known as Serbia. So unless you are a professional historian, STFU!

    • 回复: @Anon001
  97. well general zelensky is done mourning it seems. he is already demanding the “rich russians” pay him for what they’ve done. LOL that’s so jewish.

    just throw up the white t-shirt man, and let everyone have a friendly summer

  98. @YetAnotherAnon

    Bombardier Challenger ELINT spyplane of unknown origin, from Katowice in Poland. Probably US.


    Unknown spyplane from the US base in Catania.


  99. Passing By 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    Did I say that Serbs were Aryans? No, I only say that official history claims that Slavs came to the Balkans in the 8th century AD and that DNA tells that official history is bullshit.

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  100. @Dave Wightman

    I largely agree with you. I am taking a statistical portrait of the White Boomers. There are enough of the White Boomers who had their code compromised that they paved the road for the social and cultural raw sewage that is on full display in 2022. Their numbers were at a scale to put Bill Clinton and Barack Obama into office.

    The real big question is how did these White Boomers become so badly damaged? Was it a very nasty consequence of the CIA releasing LSD into the youth population? What was the CIAs contribution to the very morally degenerate 1960s youth counter-culture?

  101. Anon001 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    I just explained to you that the very same liars (i.e. German Historical School) have recanted the story of Serbs coming to the Balkans in the 7th century. They have done that mea-culpa so to speak in 1980s. That was officially recanted. Yet you still keep reciting it.

    Also, DNA testing has debunked the other lie that you also fell for – Turks impregnating Slavic women. That was Vatican/Austrian/German lie as well to denigrate Serbian people. Austro-Hungarian Empire even commissioned making of several p*rn*gr*ph*c drawings to propagate that lie widely. That just shows you how sick and pathetic these people are, as they would stop at nothing. Actually, due to Blood Levy (that was in place for over 200 years) situation is quite the opposite, i.e. there are literally millions of Turks with Serbian genes, with many of them are even fully aware of their ancestral genetic roots.

    Thirdly, remains in ancient graves found in Serbia have I2 genes and skeletal features just as today’s Serbs, and that is the proof of who lived here and who’s ancient and who’s not. Not to mention customs, traditions, calendar, alphabet, hats/clothing, musical instruments, etc. The term Slav was also introduced to replace Serbian name – perhaps you should know about Limes Sorabicus. There was no Limes Slavicus, although I am quite surprised that above mentioned liars (V/A/G) did not try to replace that too. Etc. etc.

    Please stop repeating Vatican/Austrian/German lies again and again. Pretty sad to see so much time spent studying/learning fiction, i.e. political propaganda masked as history and geography, to support Vatican/Austrian/German strategic goals of conquest. They have literally spent centuries concocting those lies, and ended up even believing in most of them themselves – hence that silly Germans = Aryans claim as pre-WW2 propaganda – complete rubbish.

  102. @beavertales

    “Ukraine will be remembered in history as the GAE’s graveyard.”

    The demise of the GAE will ultimately be due to domestic conditions. An extreme totalitarian mindset has infected the elite class. As a result, the managerials in DC and the media are actively targeting American citizens who are resisting the top-down revolution. As the oligarchs keep the pressure on their managers to stifle domestic dissent, the security services will increase their activity. The legal braintrust of the Ivy League will diligently craft legislation for federal attorneys and judges to short-circuit Constitutional protections. And thusly the iron grip of the climate cartel tightens around your neck whilst Dvorak’s New World Symphony plays mockingly in the background.

    • 回复: @Alrenous
  103. sulu 说:
    @Daniel H

    Interesting article. And I must admit I had forgotten that I was posting on the Anniversary of Gettysburg. If we are very, very lucky the Blue and Red will have a peaceful breakup. But I do not think that is likely. There will be blood.


  104. @Anon001

    Can you offer your credentials as a professional linguist? What’s that you say- you are not involved in any linguistic related sciences? Then your OPINION is worth nothing. And everything I posted stands as truth because it is based on current scientific evidence. There was no such thing as a Serbian, or a Slavic language in what is now Serbia until around 1300 years ago. Lithuanian is the oldest known language in Eastern Europe. Basque language is the oldest known language in Europe-period. Greek is an older language than any Slavic language. Celtic languages were older, and preceded Slavic languages in Europe. Get the ‘f’ out of my face, loser.

    • 回复: @Anon001
  105. Looks like Andrew just watched The Northman.

    It’s an excellent film.

  106. @War for Blair Mountain

    If you want to blame someone for the current mess, blame George Soros. The first time I personally saw an explosion of gayness was when the punk scene began in the late 70s. So it was 70s and 80s gay counter-culture that paved the way for the current explosion of queer freakazoids. These punks embraced the gay lifestyle in order to freak out their Boomer parents. So gayness then was a reaction against Boomers, not caused by Boomers. The 60s counter-culture is something you know absolutely nothing about, since you did not experience it. Better to talk about stuff you have knowledge of because I am an expert on the 60s. I have already proven that the overwhelming majority of White Boomers are redneck conservatives who despise gays, so you premise is dead in the water. Your theories are baseless. Your ship is sinking. I respect a Captain who goes down with his ship. I salute you as you sink into the deepest fathoms of opinion oblivion.

  107. @Passing By

    And I say that your reliance on DNA is meaningless since you do not have access to DNA throughout history- and that you do nt get to rewrite history.

    • 回复: @Passing By
    , @Anon001
  108. @War for Blair Mountain

    Ummm, pretty sure those tranny’s reading to children are not boomers, they are millenials. Or Gen X or Gen Z, or whatever they call themselves, but certainly not boomers.

    • 同意: Hangnail Hans
  109. Passing By 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    If you are too stupid to understand that the site that I mentioned isn’t only about the current DNA make up of European peoples but also treats in length the history of European DNA, including changes due to migrations through the ages, then I can’t help you.

  110. Anon001 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    What are you talking about? We totally have access to DNA throughout history – genetic research has been done on thousands of remains from ancient graves discovered everywhere. Not only that, but in some cases even causes of death have been determined.

    We are discovering true history, by cleaning up this huge garbage pile of Vatican/Austrian/German lies, forgeries, and propaganda. You seem to be one that has learned all that nonsense of theirs – what a waste of time.

  111. Anon001 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    Literally everything you just mentioned about languages in your comment is incorrect. It seems hopeless. But I wish you all the best. Let’s leave it at that.

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  112. @republic

    To paraphrase that disgusting ‘Murcan neocon, Michael Ledeen…. Odessa, please!

    • 回复: @nokangaroos
  113. vicarious 说:

    …previous tenants constitutionally incapable of telling the truth about anything, except it be a bragging session…jr’s dynasty on the ropes…(that’s a very funny article in places too btw,a real laff riot)…

  114. Andrew–would be very interested in your opinion about a Alex Newman video: “Putin’s Role in the New World Order” which is on https://thenewamerican.com/ 或者只是 新美国网 He makes a convincing argument that Putin is just another accolite of Schwabb and Kissinger.

  115. Odyssey 说:

    Brief remarks (mostly to Dave Dubya):

    One half of Serbs have European I2 haplogroup. It means that they lived there since the beginning of time, did not come from anywhere and can be considered (together with their closest genetic cousins, Scandinavians, who also originated in Vinca) as European aborigines.

    Germans were Asians, Vikings were Slavics. Before Yamnaya nomads came from Russian steppes to Europe and British Isles in 2500 BC, only I2 lived there (e.g. Druids). There are now only 5% of I2, mostly on the north of Scotland and Ireland. Some I2 descendants of migrants to US were President Munro, Dave Crockett, Bill Gates, Chuk Norris, Elvis Presley, Ted Dunston, etc. Because there are so many Serbian toponyms in British Isles given by I2 people who migrated to BI from Vinca.

    To repeat – Aryans brought old Serbian language from Europe to India where its local version became Sanskrit in India and Avestan in Iran. Can Dave tell us the meaning of Rg Veda (if ever heard about this)?

    As American indigenous people, Serbian tribes lived all around Europe. Dave Dubya, give us some (your?) region in Europe or Asia, and I will give you some old Serbian roots or toponyms from there.

    Some may already have seen this 3 min video, so this is for Dave’s eyes only, together with some archaic tunes (modern Serbian-Sanskrit-English):

    • 谢谢: Daniel H
  116. @Alexandros

    But Hitler was NOT Nordic. He loved them, but was not one of them. He was dark-haired from Austria, southern Europe. Southic, not Northic.

    • 回复: @Avery
  117. Odyssey 说:

    Serbin, Texas – Dubya, you can meet your old Serbian neighbors, who came there from old Serbian land, Germany, if you are by any chance located in the proximity of Austin area.


    • 回复: @ED SKI
  118. @Dave Wightman

    Wight Boy-your habitual declaration that you have ‘proved’ something or other, which you have not, was once a risible display of unmerited egomania, but now it simply bores. Give it a rest, please.

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  119. @SunBakedSuburb

    An extreme totalitarian mindset has infected the elite class.

    As a result of the rebellion prior to 1776.

    The only difference between then and now is how much they can get away with. It’s hard to be fully totalitarian when the countryside barely knows you exist and can’t obey even if they wanted to.

    Democracy is inherently totalitarian. First, it requires a batshit insane faith in egalitarianism, which makes it theocratic. Second, there is nothing outside the State. No law that congress cannot legitimately make. Ref: regulating home-made lemonade stands. Totalitarian theocracy.

    My favourite law was the one that legalized running over children, because GM gotta get paid.

  120. 当盎格鲁人如此迟钝的自由主义时,不能总是把犹太人当作替罪羊,就像典型的自由岛/岛屿一样,与地球上更加阳刚和保守的大陆形成对比。

    在每个标题之前犹太人这个,犹太人那个。 盎格鲁撒克逊文化自由是一个悠久的传统,在媒体、金融和军事职位上的人数比犹太人高 98%。

  121. @Anon001

    “Aryan” used to be a sloppy synonym for “indogermanic” – (the term has priority and if you don´t like it you can stuff your freedom fries and liberty cabbage); the Urheimat hypothesis, made on exclusively linguistic grounds, was largely vindicated by DNA … “Arya varna” lit.: the “light” or “noble” 颜色 does have racial connotations but only in the Indian context (as opposed to “krishna varna” = the swarthies, the “red-eyed”). During the Twelve Years it was usually taken to mean non-Semitic European (Semitic being a 语言 group not a race so it makes almost as little sense as “Caucasian” – may Blumenbach rot in hell).

    – The Serbs flatter themselves that everybody and (especially) his mama want to “conquer” them in much the same way Affirmative Action Americans are obsessed with everybody “wanting them in chains” (= paranoid delusion). What´s that slice of sausage on the altar during a Serbian wedding for? – So the flies stay off the bride 😛

  122. @William Williams

    The Nudelman junta want Lemberg, Odessa and the Crimea (for the 别墅).
    基辅 can be laid to ashes as far as they are concerned.

  123. @War for Blair Mountain

    That was a pretty sober post, for you. So I’ll respond: what happened? The MSM happened, and it’s always been about 75% chosenites. And they have always been very careful to choose ‘kindred spirits & fellow travelers’ for the other 25%.

    As many here have observed, control of the mass media eventually results in control of everything else. Because that’s how minds are molded in modern society.

    Newspaper and book publishing started it, movies and radio took the ball and ran with it, but TV totally cemented the deal. And not incidentally cemented minds.

  124. @mulga mumblebrain

    Thanks for admitting I proved you a liar every time you opened your gob, Dingleberry Dingo. How is Xi’s rectum this morning, you little commie brown-noser?

  125. @Anon001

    Incorrect? If you had any linguistic credentials, your mere opinion might be considered relevant, but since you have no credentials whatsoever, your opinion is meaningless. All my previous statements stand as fact. Do you imagine that your crusade to pretend some type of antiquity for the Serbian culture is not transparent? Hitler did exactly the same thing: he claimed that the Germans were some sort of glorius ancient race connected to ancient empires and great conquests. He was a liar, just like you. The Indo-Iranian peoples were all over the steppes of Russia, the Black and Caspain Sea regions, Anatolia, as well as what is now Iran, Pakistan, Afganistan. These peoples swarmed in waves across Greece, Macedonia, and the BALKANS. Alans(a word derived from Aryan), Sarmatians, Scythians and dozens more vied for supremacy against Celtic and Gothic peoples for centuries before there ever was a Slavic language in the region.

    • 回复: @Anon001
    , @nokangaroos
    , @Odyssey
  126. ED SKI 说:

    Great article! However, Austin County is where the Wends ended up, which is near Houston, TX. Austin, Texas is quite a ways away in Travis County.

    • 谢谢: Odyssey
  127. ED SKI 说:

    The shooter was caught wearing makeup, a wig, and a dress. I kid you not. ‘He’ is antifa, plain as day. I listened to a recording of the shooting, and he simply inserted a 30 round clip, fired rapid single shots until it was spent, inserted another clip, repeated the same procedure, then fled the scene. There was no aiming, merely firing in the direction of the flock. Sort of like duck hunting. Might have been his first time to fire a rifle. This sort of false flag is designed to ban hi-capacity magazines. I would like to know what he actually hit as far as buildings, cars, etc., because unless there is evidence of where his bullets hit, well, it could have been blanks. Hey- maybe he could use the Alec Baldwin defense! Yeah- I was told this gun was loaded with blanks! It’s the armorer’s fault.

    • 谢谢: Realist
    • 回复: @ED SKI
  128. ED SKI 说:
    @ED SKI

    Here are the now deleted tweets from the antifa shooter! note this- he wore FBI hats!!!:


    “Here’s some more from the account of #HighlandPark shooter Robert Crimo. He followed and retweeted Barack Obama as well as Kamala Harris and Joe Biden. He also had a weird thing about wearing FBI hats.”

    Let that sink in- he wore FBI hats!
    Now why in the world are the FBI investigating these shooters? Murder is not a federal crime, yet every time we have a shooting that involves a white guy- the FBI is on it in a new york minute. Black guys shoot every day everywhere- no FBI in sight. None. Nada. Zip. Zilch. I believe actions, in this case, speak louder than words!

    • 同意: nokangaroos
  129. @Hangnail Hans

    Yes…I was thinking the exact same thing. But is there a deeper explanation that can explain the lack of moral resistance in the White Boomer Population?

    You know..I have been to the 1969 Woodstock Concert site several times. It’s not a big place. I was surprised how small it is. The skinny dipping pond just down the road….Let’s be honest, the 1969 C0ncert was a septic tank…and the White Boomer Women at the Concert were sluts….When I look at the concert photos of the 1969 concert I say to myself:The origins of the 2022 Homo Pederast American Empire that slaughtered 400 Slavic Russian Infants in Donbas over the past eight years. The hippie folk singer slut Joan Baez the Queen of the 1969 Woodstock Concert is a big time Enthusiast for the war against the Slavic Russian Children of Donbas. 1969 Woodstock Superstar Pete Townshend is on tour in the US as I type my comments….And he waves the Ukraine Flag in concert. Townshend is an obvious homosexual pederast.

    Perhaps the Southern Baptist Preachers who denounced Elvis in the 1950’s were right after all…

    The larger question is this:What is the morally safest environment to raise a young White Family in?….Certaintly a 1960s sex…drugs…rock…n…roll….counter-cultural family environment-the anti-family social and cultural environment…Behold the slut Miley Cyrus-syphilitic virus monstrosity…

    • 谢谢: Emslander
    • 回复: @John Parsons
    , @ED SKI
    , @ED SKI
  130. @Dave Wightman

    There was a profound fracture in the continuity of American cultural transmission in the 1960s. This coincides with the jews’ rise to power, and with the rise of the baby boom generation. Hard to summarize why things went so wrong in America during this decade, but I suspect a lot of it was simply this huge glut of youth appearing on the scene, going to school, who were drawn in by the allure of jew subversives. They had the numerical superiority, as well as youthful energy, and that was enough. These boomer whites didn’t have to think critically, because they’d enjoyed privileged lives; it was easy to be decadent and indulgent of the black criminal underclass, or to illogically see the jews as allies and cultural cousins, because these whites had never suffered on a large scale, and they felt themselves mostly insulated from the harm others could bring. Because they were an indulged generation, they were a selfish and short-sighted generation. The tens of millions of American baby boomer females who share Hilary Clinton’s worldview, or who were prepared to look the other way and still vote for Bill Clinton even after he was discovered to have raped several women in the 1970s, are almost as bad as the jews in terms of poisoning our sons, and the country. They left a more indebted, divided, weakened, and impoverished nation for their descendants. And it’s all because Shlomo flattered them, convinced them they were fighting for a great cause, and told them they didn’t need to listen to those who came before them, because the boomers were goy chosenites who simply knew better. I just detest that generation and its moral nihilism and cowardice, because they were the purveyors of many of the social ills that have damaged the United States over the last 2.5 generations.

    • 谢谢: Malla
  131. @Hangnail Hans


    They sell that shit to school kids……….


    School kids buy it.”


  132. Anon001 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    You seem to be deeply disturbed Dave – anger issues, swearing, projections, straw man, gaslighting, etc. Just like with many other commenters, you have not addressed a single argument presented (like Limes Sorabicus, East Roman Empire vs Byzantium name swap, Helm vs Balkan name swap, Indo-Germans invention, etc), but rather choose to ignore all those, make up your own straw man arguments or simply project, and then “argue”. And even that is not enough for you, as you constantly pull logical fallacies like credentials/authority fallacy.

    Considering that you present yourself as some kind of an expert, then you should be completely aware that both Hitler’s projections and lies as well as your own “credibility”, rest on the exact same “academic” foundations – Vatican/Austrian/German fake history and geography. No wonder that Nazi Croat (@nokangaroos) showed up to join you in your “argumentation” using, guess what – ‘indogermanic’ of course [1].

    [1] nokangaroos says: July 6, 2022 at 7:06 am GMT • 200 Words

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
    , @ED SKI
  133. @Dave Wightman

    You have a point – still I would put the Ahnenerbe a good two rungs above
    the Greater Serbs; they did a lot of serious science and conservation (also 😀 ).

  134. @Anon001

    Quit distracting from the facts: I have presented the most up to date reliable historical and scientific evidence and you response is? “it’s all lies” end of quote. Calling something a lie without presenting counter evidence is basicalling admiting YOU are the liar.

  135. Avery 说:
    @Ann Nonny Mouse

    {But Hitler was NOT Nordic.}

    It’s ridiculous how Nazi leadership worshipped the “6-foot, blond, blue eyed He-Man” Aryan archetype when Nazi leaders themselves were anything but.

    Besides Hitler:

    – Himmler was myopic with a misshapen skull. He had blue eyes, but very dark hair.
    – Goebbels was club-footed cripple, with brown eyes and dark hair. Almost a caricature.
    – Goering had deep blue eyes and light colored hair in his youth: probably closest to the Nazi ideal.
    But in his later life became obese and addicted to painkiller drugs.
    – Roehm had dark eyes and dark hair. And a homosexual: not a Nazi ideal.

    and son on……


    • 同意: Commentator Mike
    • 回复: @ED SKI
  136. @started when

    You are full of shit. Did you grow up in the 50s and 60s? No? Then bring someone here who can actually speak to what it was like. If you can’t bring someone who was actually there, then you had better pick a different topic, because you are talking out your ass. Hillary Clinton is one person. There are not millions of followers of her, or like her. I challenge you to show us Hillary’s millions of followers. If she had millions of followers, she would have been elected president. That alone proves you are full of shit. The millions of baby boomers are individuals, you can offer no rationale to explain your idiotic pretense that they are all walking zombies following anyone anywhere. The fact that all the different movements occurred then(desegregation, women’s rights. antiwar, etc) demonstrates that they were not a homogenous group, but all aware and different in their makeup as well as goals. Personally, I never met a jew until 1972, and I certainly never looked to one as a leader, nor did I know anyone who did- and still don’t! In my life I have known less than a dozen jews. With a little effort, you might be able to get your ass out of Hitler’s decomposing rectum.

  137. ED SKI 说:

    Good point! I have been to Germany(spent months there), and I saw very few blondes there. Most were women who bleached their hair. So go figure.

  138. ED SKI 说:

    Serbia has been a country less longer than the US:

    “The success of the Serbian revolution against Ottoman rule in 1817 marked the birth of the Principality of Serbia, which achieved de facto independence in 1867 and finally gained recognition by the Great Powers in the Berlin Congress of 1878.”

    and more pertinent:

    “The Republic of Serbia (Serbo-Croatian: Република Србија / Republika Srbija) was a constituent state of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between 1992 and 2003 and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro from 2003 to 2006.”

    So really altogether, only 100 or so years over the last 2 centuries as their own country. And that is their pattern, overun by bigger countries making them a slave state. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next 30 years!

    • 回复: @Passing By
    , @nokangaroos
  139. ED SKI 说:
    @started when

    You are an unhinged, frothing-at-the-mouth ranter with no connection to reality! What jews? What schlomo? What are you talking about? What moral nihilism? Not one of your sentences is coherent or rational.
    And you ar supposed to be the paragon of ethics and morality? You are not a good example to anyone for anything.

  140. Curmudgeon 说:


    The United States of Alberta is owned by Big Oil. The 1980s Mulroney junta wasn’t moving fast enough toward being occupied, so the Republican Lite party aka “Reform” was developed and spread its poison across the nation. That spawned Stephen Harper, who, to no one’s surprise was an arse kisser to US “interests”. There are plenty of Canadians, or more correctly people living in Canada, who think that being part of the US would be dandy – something the Fathers of our Constitution rejected 160 years ago.

  141. Curmudgeon 说:

    The transfer payments are not from “the other 9 provinces”. The formula has some paying in, some receiving, and some neutral, and the amounts vary. The payments are for federal-provincial mutually agreed programmes. It is true that Quebec is notoriously bad in managing its finances, but, in fairness, other provinces, depending on the government, are just as bad, but get a free pass.

  142. @War for Blair Mountain

    So you are some type of internet preacher who crusades for morals? Revival tent ‘Sin and the Devil” preacher man stuff transferred to the comments section of an op-ed website? How absolutely ‘charming’! NOT!
    So Miley Cyrus is a boomer? Her 80s daddy is barely a boomer!
    The aging rock stars who support Ukraine have publicty agents and managers. Those are the people who make the decisions on what flag to wave and what cause to support. So they cater to the lords of the music industry. And almost every other modern entertainer is in the same exact situation. Only a few brave souls come out and speak the truth, and are promptly canceled. So that is called a sword of damocles, because if the refuse, the hammer drops. Career over. So every modern generation since the 1900s has had to face the show biz world, and therefore, you can hardly blame it on the boomers, preacher man. And trying to pretend that these few persons you mentioned represent every musician in the last 80 years in america is ridiculous. Because you dislike a few musicians because they are degenerate faggots, that does not make all musicians faggots- as you imply. Patently false and absurd proposition, preacher man.

  143. “克拉马托尔斯克和斯洛维扬斯克已经忍受了几个月的俄罗斯炮击和火箭弹袭击,包括四月份对克拉马托尔斯克主要火车站的致命袭击,造成数十名平民死亡。”

    你错了。 是乌克兰人轰炸了克拉马托尔斯克火车站,而俄罗斯人已经几个月没有炮击这两个城市了。

    • 回复: @bwuce wee
  144. ED SKI 说:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    1. YOU WERE NOT AT WOODSTOCK- THE CONCERT! So what is your expertise on that subject? You what, read a book, watched a movie? You are exposed as a poser there!
    2. Earlier expose of your lies: “No! There have been homosexuals – high up in society, intellectuals, authors, writers, media, artists, actors, dancers, religious figures, and let’s not forget hollywood- for decades before the 60s. So your lame attempt to blame the 60s (and boomers? Really, you cuck?) for gay people is patently false. Now did you actually grow up in the 60s? Go to high school then? Because if you did not, then you are talking shit to someone who did. ”
    3. As you can see, but refuse to admit the facts, I have already proven that gay culture was totally imbedded in america generations BEFORE the boomers, that you blame, you are a fraud, and I have proven that!

  145. @Wielgus

    In WW2 Canada was still under British control. Only for that reason was US domination not assured.


    Canada was quasi-independent as were Australia and NZ.

    And Canada had been drifting into the US orbit since WW I if not since it became a dominion in 1867.

    • 回复: @sb
  146. bwuce wee 说:
    @Ukraine Tiger

    就像我祖父在战斗之夜被KO后所说的那样:一切都结束了,只是大喊大叫! 战争结束了,现在只是清理的问题。 乌克兰被他们的战犯踢了屁股。

  147. Odyssey 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    Dubya, you are obviously a short fuse, but this is not necessary a deficiency. It seems, you are also an unsophisticated Yank what even can draw some sympathies (like John Goodman in Flintstones). But, there is no excuse to do a snow job and for burying us with wiki falsifications which you called facts. Some may find it as a paradox, but I believe that you eventually will become a promoter of truthful history after you establish where your roots are.

    You are simply pushing your head into the sand and ignoring that Serbs originated and lived in Europe from the beginning of time. They did not come from outside, for example as your nomadic ancestors from Asian steppes. If you like I can consider you as a Russian guy who originated in their steppes.

    Did you mention linguistics? Btw, you did not say anything about Rg Veda. Obviously, it is above your head. As I said, Vinca/Serbian language was the oldest language in Europe, much older than Latin, ‘ancient’ Greek and Hebrew. One would say – if this is a case that Serbian is several thousands of years older than English, it should have influenced much younger English. Actually, it did. Just few illustrations – a Serbian word MED (honey) is a root for ‘medicine, medicament’ etc, and about 50 languages adopted this word (check Google translate).

    There are thousands of Serbian words in English – ghost, land, cat, vampire, etc, etc. What is the link btw English and Sanskrit? Do you know the origin of BERG (Stoltenberg) or HOLM (Stockholm) in many surnames and toponyms around Europe? They have origins in the Serbian language. If you like linguistics we can continue, give us something back, without swearing pls, if possible. Maybe, it would be the best move to step aside, listen adults talk, and you may learn something. And pls, not anymore wiki crap, we can read this on our own without your help. Not need to thank for opening your eyes, all good.

    • 谢谢: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  148. @ED SKI

    Much the same can be said of the Poles (but 美味 go and tell them 😉 ).
    Marx´famous rant about 历史记录 (“remnants, relics of
    peoples devoid of a history of their own who are by nature reactionary because
    their very existence is a stubborn refusal to die out with dignity”) was minted
    at the Croats and such (who helped quash the Revolution of 1848) but more
    aptly describes the Serbs …
    the Turks wanted Vienna (the “golden apple”) and the Serbs were just in
    the way; item, in the six weeks the Wehrmacht wasted on a 科米塔吉 政变
    (inspired by Little Britain instead of Mother Russia for a change) Moscow
    would have fallen (which meant little in Napoleon´s time but a whole lot in
    times of modern transport).

    Being a relic people sucks – look at the Chechens (adding insult to injury
    the Albanians can lay claim to being a relicer relic).

    • 回复: @Passing By
  149. @Hangnail Hans

    And not incidentally cemented minds.

    The lower orders feel like they still live on the savannah in 100-man bands.

    When someone is allowed to stand on a rock next to the fire and run their mouth, they assume the local chief has approved of them. The government knows this well. Voters assume the government has approved of everything on TV, and the government thinks so too.

    Propaganda isn’t persuasive. It’s just that if you argue with the chief, he doesn’t argue back, he just beats you up, and voters don’t want to get beat up.

  150. @started when

    There was a minor discontinuity in 1945 when Massachusetts conquered the rest of the world and consolidated its hold on the rest of America.

    The boomers grew up under the postwar Regime and merely manifested exactly what the Regime told them to manifest, as is the usual case in America. The prewar generation, exactly as their reputation always said, couldn’t keep up with the sudden change in catechism, or they would have hardly resisted. The way modern Americans hardly resist.

    E.g. gay marriage was cut down by referendum even in California. Passed illegally, but this resulted in Americans becoming favourable to gay marriage. As intended. It’s okay: nobody minds.

    There’s nothing un-American about the boomers. They’re in fact super-American. Just as the Woke are merely hyper-American.

    It’s just that being American is a shameful thing and the more American you are the more obvious it is that it’s nothing but a mass of delusion.

    The only reason America didn’t collapse in 1777 is because they weren’t rich enough to even pretend to follow their own ideas. That’s okay: they fixed it.

  151. Passing By 说:

    Seriously? Much the same can be said of Germany then. Heck, following the logic, much the same can be said of Greece.
    As for Marx, in truth, lack of history has nothing to do with it, he slated Scots, Bretons, Basques and Serbs for extermination b/c they had an uncanny resilience against assimilation which led him to infer that they were too established, which made them natural enemies of international socialism / cosmopolitism and globalism today.
    Which btw makes me really wonder how any Scot, Breton, Basque or Serb can be a marxist.

  152. @Odyssey

    1. Wikipedia is convenient, certainly not perfect*, so if you have a problem with encyclopedias, then you are dealing with MYTH instead of real history. That is correct, you are talking mythology, which is FICTION.. However, encyclopedias are considered, and universally recognized, as AUTHORITIES! Meaning what they print has been vetted by experts. So when someone posts something from a dictionary or an encyclopedia, that is considered factual evidence- and is often used in legal proceedings as well as scientific papers. So when I refute your rantings with such evidence, it trumps anything that comes out of your mouth, because you are no expert, nor did you ever bother to cite any credible references!!!
    2. So there were no ‘Serbian people at the beginning of time’. And the Serbian people did not ever go to India* (where did they get the million horses need to travel with their huge armies to conquer their way across 6, 000 km from Europe to India? The Aryans were horsemen and such herds can only be formed in steppe regions), nor did they have anything at all to do with Indian religion. No religious scholars in India claim their religion or texts trace back to Serbia!
    3. You are, to use the time honored term, a CRACKPOT. And nothing that you spew has any relevancy to science or history. You are again refuted, loser.
    4. And further, there is a population of gypsies in modern Serbia- a country which has only existed for a few years, and those gypsies trace back to ancient India. So I suggest that your Serfs, er Serbs, have merely stolen their language from the gypsies! After all one man’s OPINION is a good as another. So you imagine that the Serbs are the world’s first people, and I imagine that they are ignorant illiterate thieves that were so low that they had to steal their culture from gypsies. You want to deal in imaginings instead of facts- so back at you, faggot.

    * Wikipedia is self-editied- why don’t you try inserting your mythology onto the Serbian page and see what happens! OH yeah, do tell us how that turns out!

    And you failed yo prove your linguistic credentials. nor have you established the origin of the serbian language!

    • 回复: @Odyssey
  153. ED SKI 说:
    @Passing By

    Serbia ceased to be an official ‘country’ many times when it was conquered and absorbed into various empires- including the Soviet Union. You cannot ignore historical fact, but if you are stupid, you can deny an truth.

    • 回复: @Passing By
  154. @started when

    Baby boomer does not mean white people. America, the melting pot, went into the second World War with soldiers: american indian, negro, filipino, asian american, italian, irish, latino, hawaiian- you name it they were all american soldiers. Even japanese-american soldiers! After that war, they came home and made baby boomers. All those ethnic groups and cultures made their own babies. Even if there were only white people in America, they would still be made up of ethnic groups and factions, religious groups, as well as regional groups who were the antithesis of each other. So the idea that boomers are one group of homogenous people who all think and act alike is extreme over-generalization to the point of outright absurdity! You are a fool.

  155. Passing By 说:
    @ED SKI

    Serbia ceased to be an official ‘country’ many times when it was conquered and absorbed into various empires- including the Soviet Union

    There’s no arguing with that level of cretinous ignorance.

    • 回复: @Dave Wightman
  156. ED SKI 说:
    @War for Blair Mountain

    Since you are apprently living in an echo chamber where you repeat your drunken rants to yourself every few minutes, forgetting that you said the exact same thing moments before, I will explain a little bit about tradition and culture to you. Agrarian peoples all over northern europe planted crops in the spring and harvested in late summer. After the harvest they had what is known as Harvest Home, or County Fairs. People were engaged for work during this agrarian cycle and when it came to an end, they received their pay and began the search for new employment. At these festivals, they congregated with other laborers, men and women from around the region. They met women who had been released form their employment, they caroused (ever hear of ‘roll in the hay’? Probably not, since you cannot find your prick with both hands and a flashlight!), as well as seraching for a job, they searched for a mate. Short term or long term, whatever they could get, as employment for each person may take them to a different farm or different county after the festival. Now we have workers on holiday, with pay and boooze aplenty meeting women and partying for days with music and dancing. Sounds a lot like Woodstock Rock Festival, doesn’t it? EXACTLY. Working class people getting together at the end of the farming season partying and hooking up. These type of activities went on for centuries- even millenia in northern europe. So you pretend that baby boomers invented it? Were you hatched from a turnip? And don’t forget- woodstock occured on yazgur’s farm at the end of the harvest. Lo and behold, a harvest home on a farm in upstate New York just like their european ancestors before them for thousands of years! That is called TRADITION.

  157. sb 说:
    @Oscar Peterson

    I’d say that Canada has been drifting towards the US since it dropped Sterling as their currency and brought in the Canadian Dollar .
    Which occurred in 1858

  158. @Passing By

    Personally, I never heard of Serbia till the Bosnian war in the 90s. If it had been a country, I would have heard of it. I own maps, I own a globe. The country on the maps was called ‘Yugoslavia’. There were republics in Yugoslavia, and Serbia was one of many. Exactly like the Republic of Texas was once a country until ot became part of the USA. No one calls Texas a country, so what’s good for the goose, is good for the gander. So Serbia was not a country, not an independent country again, until after these Bosnian wars and the breakup of Yugoslavia. Just precisely like the Donetsk People’s Republic was part of Ukraine, no one called Donetsk a country, and Serbia was exactly the same. You merely saying something out loud does not make it true. you are acting like Yugoslavia never existed. That is called denial. You are acting like Serbia was never a slave state to the USSR. You are in denial.

    A simple google serach reveals your error:

    “The Republic of Serbia (Serbo-Croatian: Република Србија / Republika Srbija) was a constituent state of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia between 1992 and 2003 and the State Union of Serbia and Montenegro from 2003 to 2006.”

    “In 2003, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was reconstituted and re-named as a State Union of Serbia and Montenegro. This union effectively ended following Montenegro’s formal declaration of independence on 3 June 2006 and Serbia’s on 5 June 2006.”

    So now we are going to get an influx of Slavic morons claiming that Donetsk is the origin of the slavic races and it’s language was the language of Adam and Eve, which by the way, was what the Swedish people said when their country converted to chrsitianity 1,000 years ago!

  159. @Anon001

    So basically, you are a conspiracy theorist! You claim every credible scientific and historical source that doesn’t agree with your mythology(and not one does!) is a plot to discredit the greatness of the Ancient Serbian Empire?!!??! That is one giant tin-foil hat you got on your swollen head!

  160. Passing By 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    You obviously aren’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, you obviously aren’t of the open-minded kind, you obviously are of the “exceptionalist” kind, and you obviously are of the exceptionally uncultured kind. I have made several comments on this side already that describe people like you who see the world through projections rather than for what it is and who reject whatever doesn’t fit in their projections. I don’t feel like repeating myself. Let’s agree to ignore each other in the future.

  161. My toy soldier army generals are suggesting a rapid push, from the south, up through the open country BEHIND Slavyansk and Kramatorsk. Then “knock” on the backdoors. Bazooka guy is especially enthusiastic about this strategy.

  162. Odyssey 说:
    @Dave Wightman

    You are a more serious case than I was thinking initially. I don’t know how you got here; I was assuming that only those who have IQ greater than the size of their shoes are accepted. You probably came when Open RU Day was, or you maybe sneaked in during the Happy hour. I should have known immediately after you did not have any idea about Harvard’s Reich’s archaeology lab discovery of I2, 10K old, in Lepenski Vir/Vinca. And, I was asking about Rg Veda, you’ve never heard of. At least, I now better understand your cousin George Dubya. Maybe, this is just an impact of the local climate. Who knows.

  163. @Realist

    it was obvious he has terrible mental issues and probably a low IQ. How was he able to plan and carry out this attack?

    He propped a freaking ladder up onto a building, climbed up and fired a gun his daddy sponsored for him down on the crowds below. No significant IQ required. (It always mystifies me how gun nuts and conspiracy theorists overestimate how difficult it is to fire a gun. Sure, efficient handling, using a gun safely, maintaining it properly, etc. requires some intelligence. Just figuring out how the damn thing points and shoots, not so much. Untrained black teenagers do it everyday)

  164. Realist 说:

    No significant IQ required. (It always mystifies me how gun nuts and conspiracy theorists overestimate how difficult it is to fire a gun.

    I’ll leave it to you as the expert on what can be done with No significant IQ required

    Crimo managed to, propped a freaking ladder up onto a building, climbed up …undetected. Then climbed down and left the scene dressed as a woman…undetected.

    There are numerous instances where evidence suggests the FBI has been involved in the instigation of mass shootings and other crimes.

    Just figuring out how the damn thing points and shoots, not so much. Untrained black teenagers do it everyday.

    Yet most of them are never caught…and many of those that are caught are never punished.

    You didn’t address the money issue.

    • 回复: @Punch Brother Punch
  165. @Dave Wightman

    Serbia did exist as a state in the Middle Ages before it was taken over by the Ottoman Empire.

  166. @Janus

    Good clarification. The irony in his posted stats are that Ukraine was very close to Russia in all those stats. I don’t gamble but if I did I would bet that Ukraine has not improved in those stats the way Russia has in the past 15 to 20 years.

  167. @Realist

    Crimo managed to, propped a freaking ladder up onto a building, climbed up …未发现. Then climbed down and left the scene dressed as a woman…未被发现。

    Honestly, try it some time. Go prop up a ladder against a building and see if anyone cares. As long as you’re not ostentatiously weird, they’ll assume you have a valid reason for doing so.

    And if you live in a large urban environment, where crossdressers are occasionally seen, you mind your business and keep walking when you see one. Right or wrong, that’s how it is.

    there is something wrong there, white people do not have black hair.

    Really? There are no white people with black hair?!!

    You didn’t address the money issue.

    As for the Uvalde shooter, he had a job working the night shift at a Wendy’s. If you don’t pay for rent and food (I don’t know if he had a car), you can save up a considerable amount of money. I did it myself working as a dishwasher, newspaper delivery boy and data entry clerk throughout high school.

    • 回复: @Realist
  168. Realist 说:
    @Punch Brother Punch

    As long as you’re not ostentatiously weird, they’ll assume you have a valid reason for doing so.

    I’ll leave the concept of ostentatiously weird to an expert like you.

    Really? There are no white people with black hair?!!

    Black is found mostly in Asia and Africa…it is rare in White people.

    I did it myself working as a dishwasher, newspaper delivery boy and data entry clerk throughout high school.

    Which of those jobs do you still have?

    • 回复: @Punch Brother Punch
  169. @Realist

    Black hair can be found among Celtic peoples (“the Black Irish”) as well as Mediterranean and Eastern European populations.

    Looks like Ron Unz sussed you out. You really are an “elderly Jewish crank,” aren’t you? Is that where your hostility comes from? Are you mad because your Tribe got pushed out of Chicago by all the bleeks and Mehi-cans? That the Windy City glory days of Saul Bellow, Allan Bloom and the University of Chicago econ department are no more?

    • 巨魔: Realist


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