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Writing in Novaya Gazeta, Andrei Vladimirovich Kolesnikov argues that the branding of the opinion pollster Levada Center as a "foreign agent" marks Russia's return to the bad old days of Lysenkoism. Levada Center is being destroyed with Stalinist methods. Sociological data is dope for the present-day vlast. She looks at sociological reports just like a... 阅读更多
In an interview with Kommersant's Ksenia Turkova, the director of the Levada Center Lev Gudkov argues that opinion polling isn't a political activity - and as such, that his organization is not a "foreign agent." The opinion polling agency Levada Center may cease to exist. The sociologists have received a warning from the Prosecutor's office,... 阅读更多
Grigory Yavlinsky, head of the liberal Yabloko party and political old-timer, argues in a Vedomosti editorial that the Kremlin's crackdown on NGOs is not only ethically wrong but ultimately self-crippling. Unfortunately, the Russian nomenklatura has an exceedingly poor understanding of why we need independent public organizations, and the meaning of citizen control and social feedbacks.... 阅读更多
The latest US-Russia.org Expert Discussion Panel focuses on whether Russia was correct to expel USAID on the grounds that it interfered in domestic Russian politics to an acceptable degree. Here is my contribution: I have no connection to USAID, or indeed to any American NGO operating in Russia or anywhere else. I do not pretend... 阅读更多
阿纳托利·卡林(Anatoly Karlin)
关于阿纳托利·卡林(Anatoly Karlin)

我是SF湾区的博客,思想家和商人。 我来自俄罗斯,在英国待了很多年,然后在加州大学伯克利分校学习。

我的信条之一是意识形态趋于糟透了。 因此,我不愿意在自己身上贴标签。 就是说,如果真的有必要,我想“自由保守的新反应主义者”就足够亲密了。