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more and more Hispanics moving towards the right, many analysts said the results of the Democrat primary in Texas’s 28th congressional district would be prophetic. The incumbent is light-skinned Hispanic Henry Cuellar, the most conservative Democrat in Congress. The challenger is Jessica Cisneros, a more progressive and less white millennial.

亨利·库埃拉(Henry Cuellar)
亨利·库埃拉(Henry Cuellar)

The two faced off in 2020, and Rep. Cuellar won by 3.5 points. On Tuesday night, Rep. Cuellar declared victory with 99 percent of precincts reporting and a lead of 177 votes. Miss Cisneros has not conceded, and there may be some kind of lawsuit or recount in the coming days. The district is 78.5 percent Hispanic, 15 percent white, 4 percent black, 1.5 percent Asian, and 1 percent American Indian. In 2016, Hillary Clinton won it by 20 points. In 2020, Joe Biden won it by five. Regardless of who wins this close race, south Texas continues to show that Hispanics, though not reliably Republican, are not the loyal progressives many liberal analysts predicted they would always be. Even if Miss Cisneros wins, Rep. Cuellar could probably run as an independent in the general election and win. Indeed, there are enough Hispanics in Texas that with the right leader, they could launch a centrist party that, through an appeal to ethnic solidarity and political moderation, would be competitive in local races.

In Alabama, the Republican fight to nominate a candidate for the Senate (incumbent Richard Shelby is retiring) will go to a runoff between the top two candidates on June 21, after nobody won over 50 percent of the vote.

候选人投票分享 投票数
凯蒂·布里特44.7 percent288,745
莫·布鲁克斯29.1 percent188,139
Mike Durant23.3 percent150,529
杰克·谢弗1.2 percent7,451
Karla M. Dupriest0.9 percent5,818
莉莉·博迪0.8 percent4,883

Mo Brooks, a former Congressman, is one of very few politicians willing to stand up for whites. In 2014, he flatly stated that Democrats “are waging a war on whites and I find that repugnant.”


Mr. Brooks was the early favorite to win the nomination, but then in March, Donald Trump rescinded his endorsement because Mr. Brooks noted the legal impossibility of overturning the results of the 2020 election and asked Republicans to “put that behind you” and “look forward.” Mrs. Britt has a clear advantage in the runoff — she won 45 percent of the vote in the first round — while Mr. Brooks won only 29 percent. However, Mr. Brooks could conceivably win if Mr. Trump does not endorse Mrs. Britt, and Mike Durant, who placed third on Tuesday, endorses Mr. Brooks. If that happens, Mr. Brooks would then almost certainly go on to win the general election and become the Senate’s most pro-white voice in decades. Mrs. Britt, meanwhile, is a more standard issue Republican. Her website has a section about the “national debt crisis” and the section on healthcare opens with the line, “First, we must repeal and replace Obamacare.”

Tuesday brought good news to the America First movement, with embattled Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene winning her renomination 69.5 percent to 17 percent, meaning she isn’t going anywhere; her district is solidly Republican. However, 尼尔·库玛(Neil Kumar) - who explicitly opposes the Great Replacement — was defeated in his attempt to unseat Congressman Steve Womack, a generic Republican, in Arkansas’ 3rd district. Mr. Womack won 79 percent of the vote, to Mr. Kumar’s 21 percent.

American politics continues to be a muddled mix of good and bad news.

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