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The fabulously rich often develop appetites for foods whose cost far exceeds what ordinary folk can possibly imagine–$295个汉堡包 and $1782 slices of pie.

Many of today’s professional athletes, particularly in football and basketball (slightly less in baseball) likewise possess an extravagant appetite. This super-expensive gourmet item is the Goose whose golden eggs enrich these jocks. Now, thanks to their seemingly irrepressible hostility to American values and traditions, they are determined to kill and eat the Goose, perhaps by taking a knee on its neck. Ironically, these rich athletes seem unaware that those they denounce for a litany of race-related sins fund their extraordinary incomes. Do millionaire woke athletes believe that watching the NBA or NFL is so genetically hard-wired that the American public is terminally hooked?

Following the NBA or NFL is not an addiction. Eating the Goose may soon be replaced by jobs at Walmart and dining at McDonalds.

Prior to World War II professional basketball and football barely existed as spectator sports. Americans flocked to boxing and horse racing, not the 迪凯特·斯泰利斯(Decatur Staleys), the forerunner of the NFL Chicago Bears. Public attention is fickle, and today’s Super Bowl mania may eventually be forgotten like when 120,557 fans packed Sesquicentennial Stadium in Philadelphia to watch the 1926 Dempsey-Tunney heavy-weight championship fight.

To understand today’s extraordinary salaries and why this affluence is hardly eternal, consider sports prior to TV. In a nutshell, it is TV revenue, directly and indirectly, that has generated these salaries and allows Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors to earn $40,281,758 while even mediocre player earn $10 million. Correctly understood, Curry is a TV star who just happens to play basketball,

大卫·哈尔伯斯坦(David Halberstam) Breaks of the Game recounts how TV revenue creates this enormous wealth. Basically, prior to TV, teams depended entirely on “the gate”–tickets, hotdogs and beer, souvenirs, and the like and player salaries were totally constrained by gate revenues. A star demanding a huge bonus would be turned down by the owner with “there’s no money” since there were only so many seats to be sold. The ticket or beer price might be boosted slightly to cover a star’s wage demands, but market forces constrained salaries and so players were paid poorly (many, fact, had off-season jobs).

Broadcast revenue changed everything for player income. You might be able to sell 4000 tickets on a good night, but the radio and TV audience could exceed a hundred times that number, so the trick, then, was converting a growing media audience into cash, a portion which would go to players. Player salaries were now freed from arena revenue.

Changes in technology were critical but moved slowly. AM radio hardly helped while early black and white TV was better but lacked modern pizzazz to attract millions (and TV ownership was still limited). Local professional basketball also had to compete with other local sports programing, As a youngster in the New York City area during the mid-1950s I occasionally watched the New York Knickerbockers professional basketball on a 16” TV but slow-moving Knick games vied with telecasts of roller derby, college basketball, boxing, horse racing and staged wrestling. Professional football did not exist on TV even in America’s largest city.

Technological advances changed everything, and the NBA and NFL now offer enormous razzle-dazzle entertainment, sophisticated world-wide merchandizing, and the fan base is in the tens of millions. Technology also created a national audience for sports so even those without professional teams in their cities can become avid NFL or NBA fans—millions more eyeballs. Today’s NFL generates some $ 14十亿美元的收入 (more than 182 million people watched an NFL game during 2019). The Goose has grown obese and the eggs huge so even a tiny sliver of this action generates Stephen Curry’s $40 million paycheck.

Alas, a healthy Goose need not be forever. I once owned a small retail business and personally bought professional basketball and football spots. I thus received closely guarded proprietary audience profiles showing that not all eyeballs are equally valuable, and if you want poorly educated women viewers, they come dirt cheap. Upscale middle-aged males, however, are the great prize since they only selectively watch TV, particularly sports, and enjoy ample discretionary incomes. Critically, to reach them, you buy expensive NFL and NBA commercials. Ever wonder why you see boring, low-rated golf on TV but not the more popular bowling? Golf fans buy Cadillacs; bowlers favor cheap beer, and car companies will pay dearly for the hard-to-reach former.

NBA, NFL, and MLB executives know this truth and realize TV revenue will drop if this relatively small audience departed. It exaggerates only slightly to say that these affluent males (and many women, too) are turned off by games marked by brawls and trash talk. No wonder that league executives are cracking down on both on and off-field behavior that gives the game a “bad imagine” and for many fans, the current mania of BLM everywhere, game boycotts, and outlandish (and inaccurate) accusations about American racism will have consequences, It hardly helps when LeBron James tweets says that he’s terrified of living in America (James’ 2019-20 salary is $37,436,858). Even more troublesome is how the quest for social justice is becoming a celebration of convicted felons as “heroes.” If TV ratings drop, huge salaries will likewise decline.


This audience decline is now happening. A 2020 哈里斯民意调查 报道 “福布斯” found that 39% of NBA fans reported that they were watching fewer games due to “politics” Recent viewership of the NBA play-offs is down about 20% compared to last year’s numbers, and for the first time in sixteen years, a play-off game was not broadcast on TV. The particularly “woke” LA Lakers have seen especially large drops in viewership. “体育画报” has speculated that the NBA’s $24 billion TV contract will be trimmed when it is up for renewal in 2025. Tellingly, the “white” NASCAR out-drew a play-off game featuring super-star LeBron James. In 2019 NFL TV ratings fell when players refused to stand for the national anthem and the TV ratings of the NFL’s season opener were 下降12.3% compared to the past year. Tellingly, that game was played on a field lined with the words “end racism” and the fans booed when the players from both teams joined hands in a show of solidarity against social injustice.

There may also be a “Plan B” to resolve the current “image problems” —avoid troublemakers ostensibly for reasons other than their anti-white views. The NBA now has some 108 players born overseas, a group probably disinclined to mix sports and radical racial politics. The NFL, of course, lacks this option but it has recently stepped up its policy of expelling players with legal problems (especially domestic violence) and it is conceivable that punishments will disproportionately target those outspoken on race. In any case, professional athletes generally have short careers, and today’s vocal protestors will soon be gone without anybody having to push them out the door for their views.

Most importantly, the Goose is protected by a Pretorian Guard–team owners, league and TV executives and hundreds more whose rich livelihood spends on high TV ratings—and these nonplayers decide who makes the team and who goes home to Walmart. That this guard currently acquiesces with the calls for social justice, painting BLM on arena floors and all the rest is not a sign of their deep ideological commitment. These owners and executives (nearly all of whom are white) know firsthand that these athletes have short attention spans and are easily seduced by trendy slogans. Better to ride out the crisis that attempt to reason with these multi-millionaires.

Moreover, obvious super-stars aside, who gets to be a rich jock depends on countless murky qualities besides raw talent: intelligence, self-discipline, attitude and willingness to take orders (“coachable”). Conceivably, highly vocal activists will fail on some of these standards and there is no recourse for those who fail to make the team. Even those who initially survive the cut are with scant exception, expendable and the Pretorian Guard will not coddle troublemakers who needlessly alienate fans. Today’s outspoken racial justice jocks are “the help” and do not hire themselves let alone create rival leagues. If players keep up the protests and boycotts, TV revenue will fall and rest assured, dozens of other talented but less vocal athletes are standing by to replace them. Smarter professional athletes will soon discover that its best to leave the Goose alone.

A postscript. When trying to grasp the social justice mania among professional athletes, especially black jocks, recall that for decades the common complaint was that schools exploited them, earning millions off their skills while paying them (at least officially) zero. Particularly galling in this exploitation was the shoddy education they received: “A’s for no-show courses, altered transcripts to ensure eligibility, paying tutors to write their papers and similar chicanery. The upshot were often semi-literate “graduates” overwhelmed by complicated issues. Hundreds of future professional athletes never even came close to earning a degree—一劳永逸.

These educationally deficient youngsters are now being taken seriously when pontificating on race-related tribulations that befuddle real experts. More than a few cannot even offer cogent arguments let alone explain terms like “systemic racism” and, to compound this folly, nobody dare challenges these millionaires as a college teacher might demand in a writing assignment. The intellectual diplomatic immunity that protected them in college has, apparently, been extended and, no doubt, this absence of intellectual challenge is hardly even noticed by recipients since it has existed for decades. The principle, “I speak therefore I know” is now sacred.

Who would ever have believed that America would now be educated on race relations by athletes who could not write a coherent essay on the topic even if their lives depended on it? A whole new meaning to the dumbing down of American education.

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  1. 那么美国体育迷们是否已经接受了从现在开始NFL和NBA的所有球员都愿意为之歌唱的条件呢?

  2. TG 说:


    但是,我想指出的是,这个国家的精英机构相互交织在一起,并且越来越不受市场需求的影响。 因此,如果银行进行不良投资,就会获得纾困。 公司在好时机进行债务驱动的股票回购狂潮,然后没有现金来度过低迷时期–当然,它可以得到纾困。

    BLM等在很大程度上对有钱人很有用,使他们能够与阶级进行分而治之。 如果职业体育在支持这种宣传策略上损失了一点收入,那又如何呢? 这些损失可以由其他行业的其他收入流弥补,或者如果失败,则可以由纳税人资助的更多救助计划来弥补。


    • 回复: @Wally
  3. anon[286]• 免责声明 说:

    Sportsball偷窥狂是为酷儿而设; 真正的运动员居住在树林中。 作为 托马斯·杰斐逊 说:“强壮的身体会使头脑坚强。 至于运动的种类,我建议您使用枪支。 虽然这可以使身体适度运动,但可以使您大胆,进取和独立。 球类游戏 and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be the constant companion of your walks.” Even a simple cane fishing pole beats Biden’ your time with agger.

    • 谢谢: RichardTaylor
    • 回复: @Getaclue
    , @VinnyVette
    , @Amon
  4. fnn 说:

    You should have brought up the China Question, the Chinese have been big NBA fans for about 30 years.

    • 回复: @Socrates
  5. Alden 说:

    只要有白人,白人讨厌黑人的百万富翁运动员将继续使他们的年薪达到30万。 许多主人是犹太人。 电视网络由犹太人拥有和运营。

    一切都不会改变。 如果犹太人队和电视网络拥有者告诉黑人运动员跪下并支持BLM,我不会感到惊讶。

    • 回复: @anon
  6. Getaclue 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    真的,人们正在醒来-支付高昂的金钱来支持“运动员”,使数以百万计的人抛球,这些人基本上比智障人士高出几分,而基于肤色而讨厌您的人并不是最聪明的举动吗? 逾期未交-让他们在洗车场或其他地方上班...过度付钱的黑痴对付给使他们成为百万富翁的白痴产生仇恨-他们彼此应得的……在地狱中……我们其余的人都对你们两个都感到厌恶。

  7. Getaclue 说:

    只有虚弱的,笨拙的“白人”才想坐下来观看近智障的怪物黑人到处乱撞并扔球,黑人讨厌自己的白驴子并要他们死-这真是可悲的……希望所有这些BLM都讨厌YT运动破产了—想象一下“白人”体育人士是否这样做了? 黑人会疯狂地大怒,烧毁体育场,迷迷糊糊的白人只是坐在那里,希望有人能殴打他们的妻子或他们…。–实际上,我相信您必须是某种壁橱同性恋/同性恋YT才能成为这些弱智黑人”这些天来的运动员/运动,真是太可悲了-说服我我错了吗?…。

  8. anon[260]• 免责声明 说:

    整个职业运动世界都是由犹太人经营的。 它超越了犹太人的团队所有者和犹太人经营的电视网络。 几乎所有的特工都是犹太人。 许多运动员被犹太会计师骗走了数百万美元。 职业体育是失业黑人的简单出路。 这些百万富翁愚蠢的家伙是犹太人的金矿。

    它确实会问这个球拍能持续多久的问题。 电视和有线电视网络不再像以前那样吸引眼球。 体育是他们唯一能赚钱的节目,这就是为什么他们愿意掏出大笔钱,但是他们越来越多地在互联网上失去广告收入,所以他们现在正试图从康卡斯特(Comcast)这样的有线电视提供商那里榨钱。 但是随着线切割的速度加快,因此康卡斯特也担心它们的生存。 机票价格越来越昂贵,以至于越来越依赖公司为员工和客户购买机票。

    与观看专业体育比赛相比,现在大多数年轻人在玩视频游戏,观看YouTube剪辑或社交媒体上花费的时间更多。 如今,由于脑震荡,大多数妈妈不希望自己的儿子踢足球,甚至不打篮球。 尤其是,许多人只是在玩游戏才能进入大学。 足球。 如果不是为了整体入场,那么体育参与将大大减少。


    • 同意: Emily, anarchyst, Aristotle
    • 回复: @VinnyVette
  9. frankie p 说:

    美国病了。 不要告诉我,您不认识鄙视这种“屈膝”套路和BLM叙事的白人男性,但是他们仍然看着黑人角斗士并喜欢“穆罕默德·伊格尔斯”。
    俄罗斯和伊朗说对了。 摔跤是男人的运动。 您见过伊朗摔跤迷吗? 他们是惊人的。 他们还感谢其他国家的明星。 乔丹·伯劳斯(Jordan Burroughs),也许是这个时代最杰出的美国黑人摔跤手,吸引了众多伊朗球迷。 在自由式摔跤比赛中观看俄罗斯国民与观看国际比赛一样出色。 美国仍然有很强的摔跤传统,其中大多数是白人,具有传统的基督教价值观。 还有希望。 如果我们从小就开始搏击自由泳和希腊罗马式比赛,美国将成为强国。 实际上,我们一直专注于民俗风格,因此精英NCAA D1精英很难过渡到自由风格。

  10. 从我的博客:

    Apr 22, 2017 – Pro Gaming May Soon Eclipse Pro Sports

    “Playing computer games is more than a pastime for some younger people. It’s a career. A study by Unibet sheds new light on the phenomenon of eSports, as competitive gaming is called. Did you know that the League of Legends (multiplayer online battle arena/MOBA) final drew in more viewers than the last game of the 2016 NBA Finals (36 million vs 31 million)? Or that the total eSports prize pool exceeds $93 million?”

    I agree with this article based on my children’s interests. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/pro-gaming-may-soon-eclipse-sports-including-basketball-and-baseball-2017-04-22

    How can watching millionaires run about on a TV screen be of interest, compared to something one can actually play at home. Anyone can become a pro gamer, even in a wheelchair, whereas 99.99% of Americans are too small or slow by age six to have any hope at professional sports.

    • 不同意: Stonehands
    • 谢谢: Biff
    • 回复: @neutral
    , @Stonehands
  11. @Getaclue

    “Let them go work at the Car Wash…”


    “Now, repeat after me, Dontavious: ‘Will that be large fries with your Big Mac today?’ ”

    • 哈哈: InnerCynic, Realist
    • 回复: @Diversity Heretic
    , @Clyde
    , @Truth
  12. anonymous[145]• 免责声明 说:

    Also white conservatives in NBA management who alienate their Chinese fan base by poking them in the eye with encouragement of unrest in China.

    • 同意: Biff
  13. VinnyVette 说:

    美国人将不惜一切代价制止流血事件。 他们不会为争取自己的公民自由,工作,社会结构而感到不便,绝对没有,这令人作呕!
    卡珀尼克(Kapernick)膝伤开始的那一刻,我就完成了体育运动,甚至在此之前,贫民窟文化的不断增加和对乳腺癌的认识持续了一个月之久。 我不会浪费我的时间和金钱,去听任何有关政治的事情。 人们享受体育运动的部分原因是逃避了所有这些运动和日常生活的束缚。

  14. VinnyVette 说:

    Jackass! Sports played with the ball are too violent and hard on the body? You’re also a pussy!

    • 哈哈: Z-man
  15. VinnyVette 说:

    Who’s stopping the kids from playing sports for fun now? I think kids now a days are simply too lazy and unhealthily addicted to anything on a screen. Yet we have commenter Carlton Meyer above advocating that everyone just become a pro gamer and spend more time sitting around on their unhealthy fat asses!

    • 回复: @Biff
    , @Anon
  16. TKK 说:

    When the NFL Honchos and their sheep audience embraced and absolved the Demon serial dog torturer and killer Michael Vick- I wished rectal cancer on them and their mothers.

    • 同意: RVBlake, acementhead
  17. TKK 说:

    One of the weirdest & cringe worthy spectacles is watching male and female adults act like freaks when they encounter “athletes”.

    讨好动物,讨人喜欢的行为,乞求穴居人的自拍照和亲笔签名,而穴居人则对它们不屑一顾并加以对待。 轻视他们。

    此外,体育效忠是公司的效忠。 如果我迷失了方向,尖叫着大喊,为孟山都弄了个纹身(我讨厌纹身)怎么办? 卡夫? 科勒?


    • 回复: @Tony Schnee
  18. USA1943 说:

    Most/almost all of America’s Top Wrestlers went to College in the USA, meaning they are a Product of a System that creates WOKE, Social Justice Warriors who despise White Males, even if they are White themselves(Especially if they are Straight), are strongly against toxic masculinity Etc, Cornell University (Where 4 time NCAA Champion Kyle Dake came from) even had safe spaces to go and cry after Trump won the 2016 Elections, Some of the schools in the MidWest might have Wrestlers who have traditional values and I am sure many coaches value things like hard work as coaches are from a different era I heard Tom Brands has traditional values), but most wrestlers today especially at IVY League schools I am sure are more interested in the right of transsexuals having the right to use whatever bathroom they want, then they are of becoming a better wrestler or winning an NCAA Title, I am sure most Wrestlers Today would NOT want statues of Wrestlers like Danny Hodge, Dan Gable or Cael Sanderson as they see them as Hetero Normative and non marginalized, Today’s Wrestlers would rather destroy the Patriarchy then destroy their opponent as they would see destroying their opponent as too similar to the colonizers who dominated the weaker indigineous peoples.


    • 回复: @Frankie P
  19. Gapeseed 说:


    • 同意: Bro43rd, Clyde, Johnny Smoggins, bruce county, Charlemagne
    • 回复: @G J T
    , @Wake up
    , @Marty T
  20. 就NBA而言,一厢情愿的想法,他们不再需要白人。 NBA拥有中国,我相信布鲁克林篮网队(中国人)明年将在上海进行8场或9场主场比赛。 如果撒克逊人醒来,联盟其他国家也会效仿。 我怀疑让他们留在这里的唯一一件事就是有利的税率和对人才的接近度。 尽管如此,中果还是有很多被淘汰的前球员。 他们喜欢住在西部地区,那里有稳定的乌克兰妓女。


    • 回复: @anon
    , @Ruckus
    , @MBlanc46
  21. Yes they will kill the golden egg laying goose. Get Woke, Go Broke.

  22. Sulu 说:


    这! 只需用犹太人一词代替白色就可以了。

    Sports is truly the refuge of the terminally stupid. Whites paying to watch a bunch of low I.Q. monkeys throw a ball around is one of the biggest cons of our age. It’s almost up there with religion as a refuge for the mentally challenged. None of these Jig ball players would give their fans the sweat off their balls. If you are a White fan the most you can expect from them would be for them to fuck your daughter if she is young and cute.

    To hell with these million dollar niggers! Don’t buy the tickets. Don’t pay for it on cable. They hate White people’s guts. Take away their money and let them take a knee at McDonald’s.

    After an arm full of tattoos one of the easiest ways to spot a dumbass is to find out if they are a sports fan. In college we used to call them “jock strap sniffers.” Dumbjock should be one word.


    • 同意: AndrewR, Katrinka, europeasant
    • 回复: @Sulu
    , @Clyde
    , @RadicalCenter
  23. Sulu 说:

    Correction: I should have said just substitute the word Jew for the second word white. Sorry.


  24. Simpiwe 说:

    UNZ有多少贡献者或响应者不是白人? 我猜很少,因此,这种评论通常偏向于非白人对他们所做的许多愚蠢和怪异的事情,对他们面临的挑衅或公开的不道德行为的反应。
    Let’s look at why not-whites, whether in South Africa or the USA, do not seem to have the same ‘achievements’ our white counterparts have.
    One of most important foundations of life, the family unit, was destroyed. Conditions in the bantustans were conducive to the destruction of that family unit. Fathers, young men were forced to seek employment (or starve) on the gold mines. Education for the masses was non-existent as for every $10 spent on a white child, $4 was spent on a ‘coloured’/Asian child and $1 spent on a black child. Fathers living in hostels have to sent some of their meagre earnings to sustain their family ‘back home’ and invariably found himself another girlfriend/wife to support. Illegitimate children resulted.
    The hopeless humiliation a black father must have felt when a 19-year old white policeman humiliates him in front of his family; the utter disgust the black son must have felt towards his father for not being ‘a man’?
    白人通过枪管获得了大片土地(在RSA和美国)。 这些钱属于那些拥有房地产和其他财富表现形式的人。 奴隶制在美国已于70年前被废止; 种族隔离在26年前在RSA中被废除,但权力仍然存在于那些经过数百年剥削以巩固其物质地位的人中。
    These jocks are a tiny sliver of wealthy sportsmen and it will not last long but even some wealthy sportsmen’s concerns are raised when they see systemic deprivations and injustices being doled out to people ‘like them’?
    哪些非暴力替代方法可以显示出他们的同情和团结? 是否像我们所有人一样谴责暴力,社会弊病扩散,不道德行为等,但是我们是否曾经以同样的热情平等地谴责造成这种后果的运送者和祖先? 不是。

  25. 任何观看这种臭味的白人都必须对着镜子好看。

    每次他们跪下或穿上上面印有一些低龄者的名字的衣服时,都应鼓励他们将其数周的收入捐献给良好的事业。 失败的话,把他们送到利比里亚。 离岸约20英里。

    • 同意: RadicalCenter
  26. Dumbo 说:

    I am not a big fan of spectators sports. I get its appeal, but not the excessive passion that it creates in some people, some ready to kill or beat others for “their team” – as if “their team” cared in any way about them or saw them as anything else than an idiot to fleece.

    In particular, I never liked and never understood the popularity of “football” (which should be called something else, perhaps “American rugby”, to differentiate it from real British football). Even football, i.e. soccer, which I used to watch every now and then years ago, lost most of its appeal when it started to be Africanized.

    But perhaps the elite miscalculates. Boxing lost its attraction for most (white) people when there were no more white people fighting. Who wants to watch only blacks, indistinguishable from one another, pummelling each other? You need someone you can identify with. The same for soccer in Europe, who wants to cheer for a “French” African team, the game is losing its appeal among middle-class whites as it africanizes, it becomes only a very low-class thing.

    Cycling, figure skating and most winter sports are still mostly white (and Asian), so there’s that.

    • 回复: @John Pepple
    , @fnn
    , @SimpleSong
  27. robwin 说:

    体育和玩游戏的人的兴高采烈是黑人成为美国英雄的主要原因。 令人遗憾的是,它的文化领袖和仲裁员确实是一个可悲的发展。

  28. SIMP simp 说:

    There are videos on social media of women playing the NFL theme on their phones and their men running to the TV like Pavlov’s dogs hearing the dinner bell.

  29. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [又名“ C. Fhandrich博士”] 说:

    Who needs this cr-p? It’s not worth it. In fact, the state of the American male might actually improve if grown men stop wearing jersey’s with the names of other grown men on the back of them…! PATHETIC…

    • 同意: Kolya Krassotkin
  30. neutral 说:
    @Carlton Meyer

    No accident that the jews have been pushing hard to impose censorship, and other anti white ideologies in the gaming world recently.

  31. gotmituns 说:

    Sure they’ll kill the goose that lays the golden egg. They’re darkies, aren’t they?

  32. Renoman 说:

    I stopped watching when this BS started and I won’t be watching until it stops.

  33. Amon 说:

    Spoken like a true pussy who can only feel manly when he kills a defenseless animal from a 100 yards away.

    Time in the woods also gives plenty of time to queer men who wants to get touchy feely without anyone around to witness it.

    • 哈哈: AndrewR
  34. G J T 说:

    There will be no coming back from this for the pro sports leagues. By the time the owners realize what a grave mistake they’ve made, it’ll be too late.

    Against my better judgment, knowing full well that the Jew-owned bread and circuses distracted white men and harnessed their tribal instincts into something Jew-approved, I continued to watch all four major sports for years. That ended permanently after the Fentanyl Floyd fiasco and the absolutely ruthless anti-white rhetoric that has followed in its wake. I am finished, for good, and I am watching their ratings crash and burn with joy.

    • 同意: Sulu
  35. I think that this BLM/taking a knee(grow) posturing is just a minor intersectional fad with what is being pushed into people’s minds outside of sports. By what logic the owners allowed this to happen is mysterious. Do they think that Antifa is their fan base?

    Regardless, the real demise of sports will come with the snowflake revolution, cohorts that are alien to physical pursuits, discipline (training), having the ‘t’ levels required for healthy competition with a added dollop of not being able to quit staring at small screens.

    Add in a diet of junk food, mommies that push ‘specialness’ but don’t want their precious spawn getting hurt or even being competitive which would be a symptom of toxic masculinity (whatever that is) and an emasculated father (in intact homes) who is too beat up by life to toss a ball around with someone who even then wouldn’t put his device down.

    This cohort will kill professional sports in two ways, eventually not provide the next generations of athletes as well as not watch the product in any whichever way it is presented on outmoded media. We don’t even have to consider going to a live game at this point because as the author points out the advertising revenue is the lifeline.

    That sports team owners couldn’t see this even pre-Covid is astounding. I think that even NFL franchises would be worth less by at least a billion dollars on average now assuming that one could even find a greater fool.

    In my immediate area there are several major golf courses that would have been conceived and built about 20 years ago. They have been near empty and offering ridiculous inducements for at least 15 years. The owners may be forgiven for not reading the generational tea leaves in this instance but the demise of golf is surely a canary in the sports coalmine. Too much money required, too much outdoors, too little excitement. Pure anachronism.

    I suppose that professional sports, like empires emerge, grow, peak, degenerate and then die out. Different ones at different rates.


    • 回复: @dearieme
  36. G J T 说:

    Yep. I held on a little bit longer with them, hoping they’d know what’s good for them. They didn’t, and now they will suffer the worst of any of them.

    Good riddance to all of it. You’re not going to replace us, rub it in our faces, and then on top of it all expect me to pay for it.

  37. Black professional athletes need some serious redlining for their own good. Restrict what they can buy, invest most of their net salaries in trusts to support them after their sports careers, and pay them enough of an allowance for basic living expenses but nothing else. Like what happened with the original practice of redlining, you have to force blacks to live frugally.

  38. Anonymous[661]• 免责声明 说:

    On a local level sports doesn’t seem to exist anymore. I realized at one point that I’d spent the entire summer driving through my city and surrounding suburbs, past any number of neighborhood baseball fields, basketball courts and tennis courts, and they were always completely empty. Even more bizarre, my summer flew by without seeing one single kid outside riding a bicycle! I suspect kids have all been taken over by their computer screens. Invasion of the Body Snatchers indeed.

    I think everyone is profoundly tired of being talked down to by celebutards, illiterate athletes, bubble-headed actresses and the never-ending line of odiously smug Jews (Streisand, Reiner, Midler, etc).

    My suggestion: turn off everything and read a good book.

    • 同意: Sulu
  39. @Kolya Krassotkin

    “Now, repeat after me, Dontavious: ‘Will that be large fries with your Big Mac today?’ “

    After he spit in both.

  40. Wake up 说:

    Is it true that NFL/NBA/MLB ratings are down? If the answer is Yes; then these Owners & Athletes better beware, alienating your customers is never a good business model. Personally I will no longer support professional sports, they need us, we don’t need them.

  41. Clyde 说:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    “Now, repeat after me, Dontavious: ‘Will that be large fries with your Big Mac today?’ “

    I never heard that name before. So I looked Dontavious up under bing images and sure enough I got loads of black aff-a-leets. All I know is the NFL-NBA get zero money from me since I cut out cable TV a few years ago. I never see it mentioned, but are the NFL-NBA players collecting their full salaries this year with the shortened Covid19 season?

  42. Wake up 说:

    I totally agree. When the NHL postponed games to support BLM, I never watched another game. The league should have ignored the Social Justice Warriors and the NHL would have gained respect & more fans.

    • 回复: @G J T
  43. anonymous[400]• 免责声明 说:

    Should have gone extinct a long time ago. Instead of knowing all the stats all these beer-bellied guys should have put down the remote and gone out to do something themselves. My team of roided-up blacks can beat yours; who cares? Now might be a good time to set ourselves free of this stupidity.

  44. Clyde 说:

    They hate White people’s guts. Take away their money and let them take a knee at McDonald’s.
    After an arm full of tattoos one of the easiest ways to spot a dumbass is to find out if they are a sports fan. In college we used to call them “jock strap sniffers.” Dumbjock should be one word.

    Agree on tattoos. Even worse is when a good looking white woman gets tattooed all over. I think most tattoos are gotten when the person (victim) is high, inebriated or both.

    • 谢谢: Sulu
  45. The fate of sportsball is a common topic over at the Z-man blog. My best guess is that the antics of black players will reduce revenues, but not enough to make a difference. The Boomers are just too addicted to watching sportsball and that generation will have to pass on until there’s even the possibility of change.

    • 回复: @europeasant
    , @Corvinus
  46. Stonehands 说:
    @Carlton Meyer

    Carlton, you’re usually a rational commenter!?

    Sports for kids isn’t about becoming or watching/ envying millionaire spoiled stars.

    It’s simply about being in the fresh air and sunshine with peers and activating vital hormones through shared practice and improved athleticism- running, jumping; also burning off other noisome hormones!

    • 同意: Fred777
    • 回复: @gotmituns
    , @Biff
  47. @frankie p


    • 回复: @Frankie P
  48. May professional sports cease to exist…yeah!

  49. @Simpiwe

    Simpiwe takes us out behind the woodshed, and inadvertently reveals black logic along the way.


    See? Blacks pulled it off for four or five years, ergo they’re qualified to govern. Even though it all falls apart in devastating fashion shortly thereafter.


    So while I’m assuming control of the government, I’m also going to stop fixing the roads, inspecting the meat, investigating corruption. Voila, surplus! Which is also why it all falls apart in devastating fashion shortly thereafter.

    Let’s look at why not-whites, whether in South Africa or the USA, do not seem to have the same ‘achievements’ our white counterparts have.

    1) Racism in employment
    2) Racism in education
    3) Mistresses are expensive (no really, read it for yourself)
    4) Racism in very young (19) cops
    5) Racism in real estate “through the barrel of a gun”

    Slavery was abolished some 70 years ago in USA

    So, 1950 then?

    but the power still resides in those who have had centuries of exploitation to consolidate their material positions.

    6) Historical racism. Y’all were mean to us in 1592, so where’s my reparations?


    I dunno, let’s ask Thomas Sowell or Larry Elder or Jason Whitlock or Clarence Thomas.

    哪些非暴力替代方法可以显示出他们的同情和团结? 是否像我们所有人一样谴责暴力,社会弊病扩散,不道德行为等,但是我们是否曾经以同样的热情平等地谴责造成这种后果的运送者和祖先? 不是。

    Seems like Simpiwe is losing control of his narrative a l’il bit by this point (a 15-minute attention span is a tough cross to bear), but I think he’s saying George Floyd hasn’t been sufficiently sanctified yet.

    Okay, here’s a counter-question: courtesy of website heyjackass.com, can you give me even ONE name of the 512 murdered, or the 2491 wounded, just this year, and just in Chicago? Almost all of them black. The 4000 black victims in 2020 make a farce of the NINE blacks killed by the police in 2019 (seven of whom were violently resisting arrest).

    Wake me when black people get their shit together. I’m lookin’ at you, Simpiwe.

    • 谢谢: RadicalCenter
  50. gotmituns 说:

    Sir, I have to disagree with you. The young people don’t do much outdoors. If they like “sports” at all, it’s “esports.” Something they can do at home without going outdoors. Of course, there are exceptions, but there are always a few exceptions.

  51. Recent viewership of the NBA play-offs is down about 20% compared to last year’s numbers,

    Not much to really celebrate with this number.

    I cannot understand how any self-respecting white person would turn on the television station to be lectured at by black athletes celebrating BLM. The number of white people watching the NBA or the NFL at this time should be rapidly approaching ZERO.

    Black criminality is the problem, not white racism directed at the peaceful black people who everyone knows are model citizens wherever they live. How can one stomach such hypocrisy from the very group of people committing all the crime?

    Whites are by and large fools, hence easily manipulated and controlled and incapable of standing on principle.

    They get insulted and insulted and humiliated and keep coming back for more. It does not require a profile in courage to turn off the damn television set and strike your own blow for integrity.

    How any white person at this point in time could watch an NFL football game or NBA basketball game is beyond my powers of comprehension. If baseball is supporting this bullshit then it should be boycotted as well.

    BLM is an abomination and any organization supporting it should be boycotted, even if it means finding something more meaningful to do on the weekend than watching endless football and basketball games.

    • 回复: @AndrewR
  52. Frankie P 说:

    您的最后一段看起来似乎在讽刺,但是帖子其余部分的语气是严肃的。 您的帖子内容非常不准确,很显然您对NCAA D1摔角一无所知。 并非美国的所有大学都将常春藤叙事推向常春藤盟校和EIWA(康奈尔会议)学校的程度。 此外,常春藤联盟的学校在NCAA D1摔角比赛中名列前茅。 康奈尔队有一些令人印象深刻的球队,但他们并没有敲入前十名的大门,普林斯顿或UPenn(唯一的其他体面的常春藤盟队)也不是。

    “中西部的某些学校可能会有具有传统价值观的摔跤手”。这句话,您是认真的吗? D1 NCAA顶级球队是哪些? 你还不知道吗宾夕法尼亚州,爱荷华州,俄亥俄州,内布拉斯加州,密苏里州,密歇根州,亚利桑那州,北卡罗来纳州,威斯康星州,北卡罗来纳州,利哈伊州,皮特州。 这是可悲的土地。 此外,摔跤的价值是传统价值:努力工作,训练有素,运动精神,忠诚度,团队合作,英才。 你听说过高层人物讲话吗? 过去五年中的一些著名人物:凯尔·斯奈德(K​​yle Snyder),波尼克尔(Bo Nickal),杰森·诺尔夫(Jason Nolf),所有为上帝奉献一切的基督徒。 和教练:是的,汤姆·布兰德斯(Tom Brands)具有传统价值观,凯尔·桑德森(Cael Sanderson),汤姆·瑞恩(Tom Ryan),约翰·史密斯(John Smith)和几乎所有顶级教练都一样。 同样,没有传统价值观,您就不会在这项运动中取得成功。 现在让我们提及一个事实,即这些人将自己的生命投入到一项无法使他们致富的运动上。 顶尖球员继续担任教练,就像PSU的桑德森一样,他的薪水可能不错,但只占职业球手薪水的一小部分。 而且他们不会错过。 那就是使他们成为谁和他们是什么的原因。


    • 回复: @USA1943
    , @Marty T
  53. @Simpiwe

    The athletes can just incorporate themselves in Delaware and then offshore their money. Taxes are for folks like you and me, not NBA aristocrats.

  54. @Clyde

    She’s doing young white men a favor. Hopefully they all become ‘living easels’ so intelligent white men graduate from these smoothbrained whores and to real (northeast Asian) women.

    • 回复: @Anonymous
  55. G J T 说:
    @Wake up

    When the NHL postponed games to support BLM, I never watched another game.

    Exactly when I threw in the towel. It’s mind-boggling that they would make such a terrible business decision with a golden opportunity in front of them. That was their chance to attract the interest of probably millions of NFL/NBA/MLB refugees who’d never really gotten into hockey.

    • 回复: @AndrewR
  56. dearieme 说:
    @Timur The Lame

    There was a spell, late 19th century perhaps, when rowing was a popular spectator sport, at least in Britain and Australia. I suppose it attracted plenty of betting. I can’t imagine that there was any effective way of charging the spectators.

  57. Biff 说:

    卡尔顿·迈耶(Carlton Meyer)高于提倡

    他没有提倡该死的事情。 他正在尝试教育,我们看到了这项工作对您有多好(不是)。

    • 回复: @VinnyVette
  58. Anonymous[728]• 免责声明 说:

    . . . the NBA and NFL now offer enormous razzle-dazzle entertainment . . . 什么?

    根据一项研究 “华尔街日报”, confirmed by others, the average NFL game has a little over 11 minutes of live action during the 1-hour game and 3-hour telecast. The rest is the 20 commercial breaks with 10 commercials each, endless sideline shots of coaches grimacing, replays, and yet more advertising coming from the millionaire good ol’ boys providing the jackass, crackerbarrel commentary–and all to watch white-hating negroes in Spandex run around for 11 minutes.

    The brainwashing of America’s white men is so great they view watching this crap as a measure of their manhood. The typical fan cannot process the fact that he sits in front of a giant-screen TV for 3 hours, maybe twice on Sundays, to jump up and down over barely 11 minutes of the nearly robot-like moves necessary for the blacks on the field to execute like trained apes. Let’s also add the grinning mockery of the (mainly) Jewish owners who pay white cheerleaders along the sidelines to simulate orgasm whenever some black runs away or catches others on the field. Hooray for white women ritualistically choosing black athletes with an IQ of 85 over the white men in their lives who’re so boring they think manliness is all about duty, honor, and loyalty to their women.

    The NBA might be worse with a 3-hour telecast for a 48-minute game. I used to watch but decades ago began noticing that blacks were given a free pass to palm the ball, turn it over, take any number of steps per bounce, do traveling jump stops, set moving blocks or barge under the boards so long as the one on the receiving end was white, and take up to 3-1/2 steps on a layup, which, in the latter case, the metropolitan soy boys in the stands get on their feet to cheer since they have no concept of sport other than choosing soccer to conceal their unmanly inadequacy on the playing field.

    Some here have criticized the suggestion of others to get the hell outdoors and do something with your family and friends and skip slurping beer like it was a baby bottle and you were an infantilized function of Jewish manipulation. Those who object are obviously the ones wearing a LeBron jersey to bed at night and need to go slurp a Lite beer while they’re getting off watching white-hating blacks. The disgracefully homoerotic submission to black male agressiveness such that white men praise rather than chase white-hating, malignant blacks out of town is sadly reflected in the homoerotic submission we see on the part of metrosexual cops when black rioters back them down like the soy boys so many have become from watching “professional sports” in their free time. No amount of materialism can overcome or conceal this level of spiritual rot among America’s white men.

    • 同意: Katrinka, europeasant, Alden
    • 谢谢: G J T
  59. Biff 说:

    It’s simply about being in the fresh air and sunshine with peers and activating vital hormones through shared practice and improved athleticism- running, jumping; also burning off other noisome hormones!

    Well, that’s all fine and good, but is that what today’s youth are into? Do a little research like Carlton and get back to us?

  60. Anon7 说:

    I ignored professional basketball and football for a long time, but was lured back by the amazing technology of wide-screen TVs (you can actually see the puck in hockey – a big innovation from my early days watching Hockey Night in Canada in the Sixties) and the Skycams in football.

    The Leftists who insist that sports is political will kill the whole thing for a while. The rich investor owners will ride it out; they’re used to fat years and lean.

    Just turn it off for a couple of years. See if they fix the sports you like.

  61. Tom Verso 说:

    Team owners, like media owners, are nearly all Jewish

    You seem to think that “team owners and executives” are passive onlookers to the ‘social justice’ movement and not the driving force of team images and player’s behavior.


    “These owners and executives (nearly all of whom are white) know firsthand that these athletes have short attention spans and are easily seduced by trendy slogans. Better to ride out the crisis that attempt to reason with these multi-millionaires.”

    “Owners and executive” are “riding out the crisis”. They are passive on lookers?

    But you ignore the fact that owners and executives are part of the same socio-economic class as the news media owners and executives that are driving the mass protest with virtual 24/7 coverage and sensational one-sided reporting, and corporate owners who support the mass protest.

    In short, it is the mega Billionaire owners not the Millionaire players who create the sports image. And, it is reasonable to conclude that the Billionaire team owners and the Billionaire media owners and Billionaire corporate owners all have a common social agenda.

    You note: “Owners and executives are nearly all white.”

    But, you omit that they are also nearly all Jewish.

    And, has been amply documented in these Unz pages, the Jewish Billionaire owners of sport teams and mass media and other corporations all have a common social agenda that they are more than willing to spend enormous income or forgone revenue to support the Jewish social agenda.

    The broader sociological question about the current cultural upheaval being experience in America: why are mega-billionars (sports, media, corporations, etc) so hell bent on changing American culture.

    What we are experiencing is not about the mass media reporting ‘social justice’. Rather it is a top to bottom change in current and historical culture.

    In short, America is Not, as you write, “being educated on race relations by athletes who could not write a coherent essay on the topic even if their lives depended on it?”

    America is being educated by the very rich and literate people who measure their income in three figure billions; many of whom have dual citizenship (de facto if not de jure).

    • 同意: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • 回复: @Anonymous
  62. Rich 说:

    I know I’ll never watch the NFL, NBA or MLB again. Not that I was ever a rabid fan, but I played a lot of sports when I was younger and still paid attention to the games. That started to end back when the owners began pushing out White athletes in order to push their agenda. The funny thing is, my kids, who were all athletes, never cared to watch pro sports. We’d go to a few mets games every summer, but that was about it. The younger generation, at least in my experience, were never that interested in watching sports. The goose is dead, they’re sucking the marrow out of the bones now. How low can viewership go before it’s just not worth it to play anymore?

  63. Socrates 说:

    Since Nike, Adidas, etc move their factories to their Chinese sweat shops.

  64. @Getaclue

    47% of NBA viewership are currently boomers watching on terrestrial TV compared to mil’s lousy market share of 21%. That would imply the millennials aren’t the snowflakes we expected, I suppose. Sportsball watching seems to be a particular phenomena of the Trump voter class and the ChiComs.

    • 回复: @Hacienda
    , @Charlemagne
  65. Arnieus 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    体育是娱乐。 当它不再是娱乐性的时,我便不再是有兴趣的。 如果他们抗议黑人犯罪的大流行,我会支持他们。 勒布朗得到了他,但年轻的球员可能不得不向向他们敞开大门的人们表明自己的苏醒。

  66. Observator 说:

    跪着没有威胁。 跪着通常是尊重的标志。 柯林·卡佩尼克(Colin Kaepernick)著名地跪着一个含蓄的含义,这提醒我们,要实现法律所赋予的平等保护的崇高理想还有很长的路要走。

    科学告诉我们,只要我们的大脑发现与常规,社会规范和团体倾向的背离,我们的杏仁核就会激活。 我们想知道正在发生什么以及为什么。 我们的最初反应是非常需要了解偏差是否对我们或我们的团队构成威胁。 行为实验发现,高权能的人(例如,总统或多数成员)更容易误解非语言行为,因为他们认为自己在社会等级制度中处于非言行之下。 拥有力量的经历使人们在阅读陌生人脸上的痛苦时不太准确。 在许多临床研究中已经发现了这种移情缺陷。

    因此,我们不应该惊讶于许多白人误解了“屈膝”的含义,而没有看到屈膝所固有的尊重,关注甚至脆弱性。 不幸的是,也有一些白人希望看到黑人被警察吓到而被剥夺政治权利。 黑人,无论多么尊敬,提出这些问题的任何努力都会激起那些从情感上或物质上受益于美国种族等级制的人的愤怒。

    • 巨魔: Charlemagne
  67. @Dumbo

    There’s Eastern European soccer. The other day I watched a game between Hungary and Russia, and every player was white. Unfortunately, I rarely have access to such games.

  68. I don’t think the owners or advertisers care about having actual fans. Its all about blowing smoke up the rears of blacks, inflating their delusional egos, and subsequently weaponizing them.

  69. 也许还有一个“计划B”来解决当前的“图像问题”,从表面上避免制造麻烦的人是出于反白人观点以外的原因。 NBA现在有大约108名海外球员出生,这可能不愿意将体育运动和激进的种族政治混为一谈。 NFL当然没有这种选择,但是最近它已经加强了驱逐有法律问题(尤其是家庭暴力)的球员的政策,可以想象的是,处罚将不成比例地针对那些在比赛中直言不讳的人。 无论如何,专业运动员的职业生涯通常都很短,而如今的声乐抗议者很快就会消失,而无需任何人将他们推到门外以征求他们的意见。

    最重要的是,鹅受到Pretorian Guard的保护-团队所有者,联赛和电视节目主管以及数百名其丰富的生活费用都花在电视收视率上的高管–这些不参与其中的人决定了谁来组建该团队以及谁回家去沃尔玛。 这位警卫目前默认要求社会公正,在竞技场地板上涂BLM以及其他所有东西,这并不表示他们有深厚的意识形态承诺。 这些所有者和高管(几乎所有人都是白人)直接知道这些运动员的注意力跨度很短,很容易被时髦的口号所吸引。 更好地度过试图与这些千万富翁一起推理的危机。

    So the “white” Jews and the oligarchs will see to it that uppity Black millionaires with “short attention spans” stay in their place or their Judeo massa is going to send them back to Walmart?

    You megalomaniac Jews really do believe that your insider access to the Fed makes you God, don’t you Weissberg? But the Fed’s success and attendant dollar hegemony are only a function of the health of the American economy, and a dysfunctional, Jewish-infected America means a dysfunctional, Jewish-infected Fed, which means dollar hegemony is increasingly a thing of the past.

    换句话说,自鸣得意的犹太人已经杀死了金鹅,而愚蠢,自大的Golem American Blacks只是在以其制造者的形象行事。


    • 回复: @AnalogMan
  70. AndrewR 说:
    @frankie p


  71. Truth 说:
    @Kolya Krassotkin

    “Now, repeat after me, Dontavious: ‘Will that be large fries with your Big Mac today?’

    The problem with these doomsday scenarios, Old Sport, is that the logical outcome fora white man with no particular skill, such as yourself, is on the french fry cooker next to them.

    • 哈哈: Kolya Krassotkin
    • 巨魔: Charlemagne
  72. 任何在这些小男孩游戏上花一分钱的美国成年人都是傻瓜。 同上,在电视上观看它们。 我们可以在一夜之间结束这些小丑的职业。 拒绝吧。 您可以不踢足球而生活,并且您可以确定地狱可以生活,而无需看一堆遗传怪胎追逐圆球。 只需将其关闭即可。

    • 同意: acementhead
  73. AndrewR 说:
    @G J T


    • 回复: @Niebelheim
    , @G J T
  74. ken 说:

    看上面的图片; 每位发表政治言论的硬汉运动员都需要用毛巾缓和他那脆弱而脆弱的膝盖。 什么猫

    • 回复: @Alfa158
    , @Bill Cobb
  75. anarchyst 说:


    Emptying the stadiums (playpens) was a master move that may just end up in destroying professional sports.


    From the Negro Felon League to the Negro Basketball Association to college sports, and yes, even NASCAR, let’s hope that they all go bankrupt.

    Yes, it was sad to see NASCAR go over to “the dark side” with the prohibition on the display of Confederate flags and the elevation of the crybaby black driver to that of racial spokesman.

    The players can get jobs as valets or dishwashers, more fitting and suitable professions for them…than making millions to play childrens’ games while complaining about how “unfair” life is treating them.

    Hopefully, more white males will realize that professional sports watching is a mind-numbing waste of time.

    I cringe when I hear my fellow whites show off their ability to spout off statistics of their favorite “negro ball” players and teams while not giving a damn about things that truly matter in life.

    • 同意: The Wild Geese Howard
  76. Sub-100 IQ overpaid field hands lecturing the public on race relations is the stuff of Tom Wolfe-style satire. Unfortunately, satire no longer “closes on Saturday night” (as the playwright George S. Kaufman once quipped) since it is no longer permissible, having been deemed too subversive by Our Betters.

  77. 演唱“小鸡习惯”的曲调(XNUMX月,XNUMX月):





    • 回复: @Truth
  78. Anon[260]• 免责声明 说:

    Have you had kids who try to play a sport in the last decade or two? Everything is so well organized, often by over invested adults. Even kindergarteners have to sell coffee mugs and other things to help support their little sports leagues. By third grade the advanced kids are playing select soccer/baseball which takes them out of state to compete. Parents are spending big bucks to send their kids to sports camps in the summer to improve their skills. I know of parents who do nothing but chauffeur their kids from competition to competition all summer. More kids are now having career ending injuries before they even start high school.

    I agree that it’s far better for kids to play sports than to sit on the couch web surfing. But the way kids’ sports are organized these days and the intense pressure that comes with it due to college admissions/pro sports potential are counterproductive. By third grade those who are not “gifted” in sports are already feeling the heat and ready to drop out. Kids’ sports are now a mostly upper middle class endeavour with far too much adult involvement. Schools should open their grounds for sports as after school activities, let the kids organize themselves, run around and play for fun.

  79. @Simpiwe

    Do condemn violence, proliferation of social ills, amorality etc., like we all certainly do but do we ever condemn in equal measure the purveyors, the progenitors which resulted in the effect, with the same vehemence? Not.

    The elites are the ones who are the problem. Without them, blacks and whites in this country would generally do fine. Elites, however, made a big mistake when they took over back in the 1960s. They made it clear that they wouldn’t tolerate racism, which was good, but they also made it clear that they weren’t going to criticize blacks for anything they did. And that was bad because you want to be able to criticize people when they are self-destructive. Our elites have glorified black criminality – Black Lives Matter should really be called Black Criminality Matters – while saying nothing against the “acting white” syndrome that forces blacks to refrain from trying to do well in school. Some tough love is needed here, but our elites won’t use it. And so when they see that blacks don’t usually get high-status jobs, they insist that there is some hidden racism at work, when anyone can see that it’s simply because they don’t value working hard in school. If elites weren’t around, this is what ordinary people would tell any blacks who complained. End of discussion. Likewise, if elites weren’t around, ordinary people would tell any blacks worried about the killing of George Floyd that he was a criminal and that they shouldn’t care. End of discussion. As for sports, the athletes who complain about how racist America is are living proof that it isn’t racist. Plus, there are plenty of foreign blacks who want to come here, so if elites weren’t around, those blacks who complained about racism in America would be reminded of these facts. End of discussion. Instead our elites butt in and give their crazy explanations about “systemic racism.” And since they control the Megaphone, through their dominance of the media and our schools, that is what both blacks and whites hear. Ordinary people have different and more sensible opinions, but they don’t have access to the Megaphone, and so stupidity reigns.

    One last thing: it was 155 years ago that slavery was abolished here, not 70.

  80. Katrinka 说:

    I’ll take a knee at the foot of the cross. I don’t buy into what these people are selling. The black athlete has it too easy. How many give away their large fortunes to help others? Probably very, very few. Taking a knee is a very empty gesture unless it is followed up with action.

  81. Hacienda 说:
    @Supply and Demand

    Sportsball watching seems to be a particular phenomena of the Trump voter class and the ChiComs.

    Not really. But basketball is a modality that has been taken over by tall black men. And TV viewership is almost half black. Basketball is THE sport of black empowerment. And weird as it is, we are living on planet Earth, after all.

  82. @gotmituns

    The only reason many of them don’t do anything outdoors is because old fools like you don’t encourage them to do so!

    I’m a young person, by the way.

    • 同意: Stonehands
  83. @Biff

    Well, that’s all fine and good, but is that what today’s youth are into?

    I’m a youth. I’m into hunting and fishing. I love hiking above all. What about you?

  84. AndrewR 说:

    Boycotts aren’t always possible. I went to pay my power bill last week and near the top of the page it said “Black Lives Matter”

    Being a public utility, obviously I cannot boycott them, especially living in suburban Michigan. I called up the customer service and let the company have it. The guy said I was not the first person to complain and that he hadn’t thought about the public utility aspect. This isn’t like McDonald’s taking the knee, annoying as that is.

    • 回复: @InnerCynic
    , @lavoisier
  85. @AndrewR

    That’s a good cope to make you feel better about your inability or unwillingness to participate in the great but incredibly difficult sport of kings, wrestling.

  86. Anonymous[728]• 免责声明 说:
    @Tom Verso

    Very well said, but the Jewish agenda isn’t merely changing America’s culture. As E. Michael Jones and Kevin MacDonald recently argue with facts, organized Jewry is engaged in a war of extermination against the white race. The evidence includes, not least, 600 Jewish organizations issuing a public manifesto in support of BLM and Antifa’s riots, arson, looting, insurrection, and stomping whites into puddles of blood in the streets. And some say all whites need is a wake-up call?

  87. 叹。 Amerika是verloren。 漫长的征途是在很早以前就开始的,其中包括体育和其他娱乐活动的干扰。 在我的A / O以及整个这个腐败,梅毒的国家中,仍然有太多的Sheeple,Normies和Cucks,这些人崇拜这些纹身,无知的Watsi强奸犯和暴徒。 我觉得这真令人恶心。
    三十多年前,《体育画报》刊登了一篇文章,介绍了由于在玩公路游戏时产生的勾引,全国各地有混蛋孩子的体育明星。 拉里·伯德(Larry Bird)是其中一位提到的球员-白人。 不知道这些try会导致多少次怀孕是由于谋杀未出生的无辜孩子而结束的。
    门肯(HL Mencken)曾经写道:“没人能低估美国人民的才智。” 请记住,这是在将近100年前写的。 因此,长征继续走向灭亡的最终道路。 在这一点上,像我这样的老人可以做的就是继续为不可避免的事情做准备,并为冲击做好准备。 出于许多充分的理由,这个国家应受到巨大的神圣封印。 Bleib ubrig。

    • 同意: The Wild Geese Howard
  88. gsjackson 说:

    It’s not just that they’ve allowed sports, which are about the closest thing we have to actual meritocracies, to become infested with politics, they (meaning primarily the corporate media), have completely emasculated our elite athletes, supposed symbols of virility. The athletes are now nothing but frightened little germaphobes and useful idiots in the service of political agitators trying to throw the country into chaos in advance of the election. And anybody with half a brain knows they are functioning solely as useful idiots.

  89. neutral 说:

    You seriously believe anyone with any hint of independent thought believes that nonsense you wrote? It is very clear what this is about, like any deluded SJW you project your own sheepish compliance to your nigger gods and pretend that it is those that reject this as the ones going against the societal norms.

  90. @Diversity Heretic

    “Boomers are just too addicted to watching sportsball and that generation will have to pass on until there’s even the possibility of change”

    I don’t know what kind of boomer you’re talking about. I lift weights, go to the rifle range and try to keep in shape. There are quite a few of those out there.
    I’ve never been to a professional football game, never been to a professional basketball game and have never spent a nickel on sport shirts or caps. If they advertise for a beer then I will not buy that beer.
    我意识到我们大多数人都是社交动物,并且对畜群的本能做出反应,我们已经被体育业务营销人员所利用。 一旦他们停止将白人建立自己的协会定为非法,那么白人将摆脱其精神束缚。
    最终将发生内战。 不是我一生,而是不久之后。

    • 同意: anarchyst
    • 回复: @Truth
    , @Whitewolf
  91. Rex Little 说:
    @frankie p

    如果我们从小就开始搏击自由泳和希腊罗马式比赛,美国将成为强国。 实际上,我们一直专注于民俗风格,因此精英NCAA D1精英很难过渡到自由泳。

    As it is, there probably isn’t one American in a hundred who even knows that freestyle, Greco-Roman and folkstyle are wrestling terms, much less what the differences are.

  92. Wally 说:

    “Useful idiots” indeed.

    智商低的勒布朗·詹姆斯·斯塔默斯被问到他声称正在阅读的黑皮书时: https://bigleaguepolitics.com/video-low-iq-lebron-james-stammers-after-being-asked-about-black-power-book-he-claims-to-be-reading/


  93. Tickets to pro sports are expensive. If I want to spend money to watch people who are paid to be on their knees, I will tune in to Pornhub. It is a lot less expensive, and there’s not much difference between the performers.

  94. everybody absolute everybody that entertained himself by looking a game ,a game that non of the participant are from the city they play ,against a team that again non of the participant are from the city ,state and sometime even a country for which they are playing is an teen ager that never grow up not matter the money they have.

  95. 让这三个职业体育联盟中的所有有薪运动员向世界捐款,这是他们向白人慈善组织捐款的全部款项,这笔款项是用来向慈善机构捐款的。 我的意思是,当6个gorillion黑人正遭受白人特权时,如果他们利用肮脏的污秽享受生活,他们将如何与自己生活在一起?



  96. Thomasina 说:

    I follow one player – Messi. Unbelievable natural talent. Superb balance, ball control, vision, passing, scoring, dribbling – everything – and all from the smallest player on the team!

    Artist. Genius.

    • 哈哈: Katrinka
  97. Petermx 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    If things keep going as they have been for the past 6 months then eventually whites will “take the gloves off” as the saying goes and these players and the many Jewish owners of the teams will take it in their wallets. These athletes will learn that the only reason they are wealthy is because they live in a wealthy white country (now perhaps only nominally) and their athletic talents would leave them dirt poor in their native Africa. They are extremely privileged in ways most whites (including cops) can only dream of. If it gets to that point, and it could happen, then the US will have much bigger problems to worry about, like a full blown race war. I am not saying this will happen but there are constant attacks against whites that are never reported in the national media outlets and 90% of the people never hear about them, but people see what is happening in their own geographical areas.

    In Louisville, Kentucky recently 2 militias, one white, the other black, both heavily armed and only miles apart marched. The commentary is biased against whites and in favor of blacks but if you listen to what the blacks say and the whites say, the white militiamen are reserved and the blacks (and their white supporters) say they are here to fight and people will die. Eventually the biased white hating media will be ignored by whites and they will organize to defend themselves and then we could have a race war. Right now blacks kill whites like it’s nothing and the lying Jewish media has the blacks convinced they are the victims. It is reminiscent of the media that drove the world into WW II.


  98. InnerCynic 说:

    I was at the local grocery store yesterday and saw so many fat, tatted, and altogether fugly broads that it made my head spin. From head to toe, front to back, these specimens were depressingly ugly and the tats added nothing to them. When I was young it was a rare thing…. Now? As common as the rampant stupidity we’re plagued with

    • 回复: @Alden
  99. InnerCynic 说:

    if one were to take the knee at McDonald’s one would think it was about the systemically bad food.

    • 回复: @Anonymous
  100. Niebelheim 说:

    I would assume the entire entertainment industry knows that dressing up propaganda as entertainment leaves some of the buyers of entertainment dissatisfied. Have you been to a movie lately where there isn’t some politically correct message crammed down your throat? TV, the same. MSM, same. The string pullers accept these short term losses to keep the younger people on message and weaken the resistance they fear more than a few empty seats in the sports bars.

    • 同意: AndrewR
  101. anon[191]• 免责声明 说:

    It would be great if anything good comes out of Covid, it deals the death blow to the NBA, NFL, and other politically correct nonsense sports. There will be many suicides committed by white jock sniffers that can no longer satiate their homoerotic needs by watching Lebron Chamberlain and Kobe James jump up and down on the court or other groids bumping and grinding each other on the Football field. It would be hard for the typical weak, effeminate, beer guzzling, American white male sports fan to get turned on to the alternative sports dominated by athletic white males because their brains have been indoctrinated into thinking that black man big, black man strong, black man superior in every way and my ancestors discriminated against him, therefore I must throw myself down on the ground and beg for forgiveness while getting turned on by his big muscles.

    • 哈哈: AndrewR
  102. Alden 说:

    你们住在哪里,看到那么多刺青的白人妇女? 可能是南方,如果有燃煤的地方。 。 我一年中住在洛杉矶,一部分在湾区,过去50年来我几乎从未见过刺青的白人。


    • 回复: @Realist
    , @Truth
    , @Dumbo
  103. Anonymous[257]• 免责声明 说:
    @Supply and Demand


    • 回复: @Johnny Smoggins
  104. Whitewolf 说:


    One can only hope they do. Personally I’d like to see today’s “musicians” destroy themselves in similar fashion. The sportsball players at least do have talent in their chosen field which is a lot more than you can say about most “musicians” in the last decade or two. I recently scanned a top 40 list of “music” and couldn’t even find one song worth downloading for free let alone paying for.

    • 同意: Thomasina
  105. @Supply and Demand

    ” That would imply the millennials aren’t the snowflakes we expected, I suppose.”
    I’m a boomer and will tell you I thank God for the millennials and Zoomers in my circle. They give a fuck about the future, unlike most my boomer peers.

  106. Alden 说:

    如果您不介意我的问题,那么您看到了这么多纹身的女人,那么您住在哪儿以及在哪家商店购物? 我很好奇,因为我看到很少有纹身的人。

    • 回复: @InnerCynic
  107. Realist 说:

    剧情简介。 没什么比黑人的白人粉丝更糟糕的了 名人.

  108. Realist 说:



  109. Realist 说:
    @frankie p


    Fox News的Jesse Watters是一个……智商低的人。

  110. fnn 说:

    这些天,有很多来自前苏联集团国家的东欧拳击手。 这种趋势始于冷战结束。

    • 回复: @USA1943
  111. G J T 说:

    不,很明显,事实并非如此。 但是,NHL并没有像NFL和NBA那样拥有那么多奢侈的东西来流连忘返。 从字面上看,这完全可以做到。 在这种情况下,您期望常识占上风。

    • 回复: @AndrewR
  112. 我的孩子根本都不喜欢Sportsball。 我认为Z世代不会观看体育比赛。

  113. Truth 说:

    最终将发生内战。 不是我一生,而是不久之后。


    • 同意: Johnny Smoggins
  114. Truth 说:
    @the one they call Desanex


    我下次将其复制并粘贴到互联网上时,有人说; “好吧,任何人都可以制作说唱音乐。”

  115. Curmudgeon 说:

    在怀特向乔·斯洛沃和他的前任曼德拉的前任总理纳尔逊(St. Nelson)炸毁5个发电站的罪魁祸首之前,您似乎无视全球制裁杀死南非经济的一点点。


  116. Truth 说:



    • 巨魔: GeneralRipper
  117. Dumbo 说:

    您必须生活在一个上流社会的地区。 这些天(甚至那时……)只有上流社会的人没有纹身。即使在欧洲国家,德国,意大利,西班牙,纹身也已成为瘟疫,如今大多数年轻人都在纹身。 在美国,在洛杉矶,几乎每个人都有纹身。 不确定在郊区少一些。 首先,它只保留给水手和罪犯使用,然后它曾经是下层阶级的标志或妓女(“踩踏邮票”),但被中产阶级所采用,每个人都必须拥有它们。 糟透了,简直糟透了。

    • 同意: GeneralRipper, Niebelheim
    • 回复: @Da's Reich
  118. AndrewR 说:
    @G J T

    周一,珍妮丝·卡斯特(je voussuggèredereconsidérercette)提出意见荒谬。

    NHL所有者将设置为任一种方式。 球员,也许不是,但我不在乎。 我没有反对曲棍球的行为,但是,正如魏斯伯格先生清楚地解释的那样,通过田径运动来获得极致财富的时代是短暂的,它的结局不会让我感到难过。

    显然,存在着构成个人触角的总体政治和金融上层建筑。 您为什么认为NASCAR陷于困境? 纳斯卡。 纳斯卡。 纳斯卡。 显然,这种权力并不能使人们对牛的想法一无所知。 坦率地说,为什么要这么做? 我们被原子化和柔软化。

    但是,不,NHL所有者显然没有像您暗示的那样愚蠢。 他们知道很少有人知道甚至无法想象的事情。 我们仍处于新自由主义的新生阶段。

    • 回复: @AndrewR
  119. anon[191]• 免责声明 说:
    @Supply and Demand

    计划将中国人变成NBA球迷和黑人崇拜者。 随之而来的是雄心勃勃,她们的女人将变成黑人,寻找像美国那样的妓女。 不幸的是,中国人仍然认为美国是“酷”的,根本没有看到美国的本来面目,它是一个空无一人的,没有僵尸的无壳贝壳。 中国人需要建立自己的篮球队而没有外国人,并且需要保持外国投资。 然而,这将永远不会发生,因为中国的精英们像世界其他国家一样崇尚金钱。

  120. AndrewR 说:

    补充一点:大多数白人职业运动员将为体育界以外的社会提供更好的服务。 许多黑人也会。

  121. 罗y的尴尬文章。 底线……。电视提供金钱,只有富裕的观看者才是重要的,臭小子正在关闭他们,他们的薪水可能会下降。

  122. Whitewolf 说:


    想要种族灭绝白人的人将永远不会有任何时候让白人合法地组织为白人。 不受敌人束缚的白人将组织起来,无论敌人允许什么。

  123. Shaman911 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    好粗糙! 但是真正的体育迷根本不会观看。 他们将与孩子们一起运动,同时教他们有关“失败的意识形态”的知识。

  124. Alfa158 说:

    关于职业运动员的问题是,即使在职业中期的年纪轻轻的时候,他们就已经受到了身体上的伤害。 物理学就是物理学,通过这些跳跃和奔跑来加速一个100公斤以上的身体所需的力以及方向的突然变化给一切施加了巨大的压力。 这些人在比赛前,职业生涯中和职业生涯后以及比赛后的冰毒浴,手术后的冰浴和手术中使用类固醇和止痛药。.我想跪在硬地板上对他们来说比大多数胖男孩球迷要痛苦得多。

    • 同意: Da's Reich
  125. IronForge 说:


  126. Shaman911 说:

    好照片。 Labron的手指上有24号,因此他不会忘记衬衫上的数字。
    这些家伙都是共济会。 他们都跪在白色毛巾上的极好的象征意义被折叠成漂亮的正方形。

  127. Bill Cobb 说:

    那些膝盖很有价值。 如果他们是我的,我也会抚养他们。

  128. @Simpiwe



  129. @Anonymous


    从理论上讲是的,但是白人妇女在很大程度上由于女权主义而变得完全不适合做妻子和母亲。 但是,这并不是全部损失,如果您曾经想尝试肛门或三人组,我想您可以和一只白色小鸡联系起来。 供需是对的,如果一个年轻的白人认真对待婚姻和子女,他应该找到一名东亚或西班牙裔妇女。

    在整个夏天,随着BLM暴动,我们了解到白人妇女 真的 喜欢黑人。 我说他们天生就很适合。

    • 回复: @Hacienda
    , @Sulu
    , @Dumbo
  130. @Observator


    当Burn Loot谋杀恐怖分子奉命执行警察,用冷血枪杀白人母亲并用多吨SUV穿过密歇根大道店面轻柔地捣毁Air Jordans时,很难看到有人会质疑白人如何为白人铺平道路在天使般的黑色尸体上方繁衍生息。

  131. 奥巴马出来并镇压这次罢工的事实,对于我们这些打算从不断恶化的经济状况中获利的人来说,是令人鼓舞的。

    这表明,虚假的美国政治体系的两翼都将偏向于资本而不是劳动力,而留置权的购买者和执行者则无所畏惧。 罢工是利用劳力获得让步,现在被两个主要政党都认为是“坏事”。

    犹豫不决的犹太教徒信奉“既不是借款人也不是债权人”的格言,这当然不比那些相信“避免外国纠缠”或出于自由而换取安全的信念的犹太人大。 饼干中顺从倾向的另一个影响是“跟上琼斯的步伐”,因此对薪水下降的反应是借钱来缩小差距并保持白人中产阶级的外表,而不是罢工和其他形式的劳动行动。

    显然,今年的选举是两位右翼候选人之间的较量。 每个人的实际工作方式都是正确的一面-经济学。 双方将继续对工人进行合谋。 共和党人将在这里依靠意识形态,而民主党人将继续用觉醒代替劳动价值,用种族战争代替阶级战争。

    对于那些通过寻找和实施削弱裘德饼干系统的技术而忙碌起来的贵族战士,未来几年应该为小规模经营者提供充足的机会,通过自己养活他们来攻击高利贷系统的裘德饼干支持者。药物。 那将是这场危机中的关键机会。

    此外,进入高利贷领域将使您与Chaim叔叔竞争。 这类似于从后面接近他,用一只手轻拍他的肩膀,然后越过另一只,从他的盘子上偷走一些碎肉。

    最终,诸如安全专业人员之类的关键群体将受到财务压力的损害。 很久以前创建的用于解决此问题的现有程序可能无法完成当前任务。

  132. 我相信体育百万富翁是个玩笑。 如果他们想煽动政治,就应该竞选政治职务。 取而代之的是,它们从体育“平台”上消失了,体育“平台”是由拥有各种政治信仰的粉丝所支付的。 与一些“新闻记者”一样,体育运动的拥有者们也在投降并宣传他们在政治上正确的废话。 他们应该坚持追逐小球和进攻球。

    • 回复: @gotmituns
  133. Anonymous[728]• 免责声明 说:

    跪下麦当劳不是一个坏主意,但在祈祷中不要生病。 在销售类似食品的工业这种肮脏业务中的经验法则是,每个“餐馆”中几乎都可以保证拥有 不能 使用厕所后洗手的都是员工。 订购之前,请先看一下他们指甲下的东西,然后您会转身走出门。

    还有大量的研究表明,饮料分配机,冰和桌面上的便便细菌比马桶里的水多。 正如一项研究开玩笑说的那样,如果您担心不会出现腹泻或其他肠道疾病,请扔掉它们为您服务的饮料,并用马桶里的水装满纸杯,因为它可能会减少粪便细菌。


    • 回复: @InnerCynic
  134. Hacienda 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    因此,亚洲人应将白人视为性难民。 黑人应该同样对待白人妇女。 这是否意味着白人将最终从地球上愉快地被彻底消灭? 如果是这样,我作为亚洲男性将为这一值得的事业牺牲。

    • 回复: @Supply and Demand
  135. Sulu 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    我的一位朋友曾经说过,黑人和白人妇女相处得如此之好是因为他们有一些共同点。 他们俩都认为白人欠他们一些东西。


  136. Rooster9 说:

    “跟随NBA或NFL并不是沉迷”……我在这一点上与作者不同意。 我有一些朋友会看这两个联赛,即使球员出来并公开表示他们讨厌球迷并希望他们的家人死了……他们已经说了这么多。

    对于从未看过体育比赛且没有朋友看过体育比赛的人们来说,即使这些球员公开声明对美国及其球迷的仇恨……似乎仍然会有人在观看,这似乎很奇怪。 但是,对于从未尝试过使用海洛因或让其上瘾的朋友/家人的人来说,如此强烈的上瘾似乎也很奇怪。

    在这个国家,对许多人来说,体育运动是阿片类药物,而对于这些人来说,宗教已被体育运动所取代。 这就像要求一个激进的伊斯兰主义者谴责他们的信仰……不会发生。

    不仅您仍然会感到被戴绿帽子的白人仍在观看体育比赛,而且您还拥有大量的黑人和西班牙裔球迷,他们积极地认可运动员的话; 他们是他们的英雄,在新美国将他们视为偶像。


  137. Dansidea 说:


    • 回复: @c matt
  138. @Hacienda

    30年前在中国流产女儿是时尚。 我岳父在女儿面前公开表示,出于荣誉原因,他认为这是对的。 在我看来,这可能是一些满族的紧缩政策(蓝色和黄色的旗帜,哈尔卡斯在过去的好日子里有牺牲儿童的仪式),或者是对公平性别的一种严重贬值。 我很高兴利用这种市场效率低下的情况。 我爱我的妻子,并没有在吉林结为性难民,那里有更好的气候环境。 无论哪种方式,我都很高兴抓住他的女儿,他的哈帕孙女将继承他的采矿业。 我怀疑那是因为他从她淡褐色的眼睛中踢了出来。

    人们去他们在性方面有利的地方。 我妻子的表弟5年前嫁给了一位乌克兰的阿拉伯妇女,因此亚洲男人也可以获得一些遗传多样性。 放松。

    • 回复: @Hacienda
  139. 球队老板是“白人”吗?



  140. 史蒂夫鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)在保罗·乔治(Kawhi)主持的新闻发布会上的《 FIRED UP》

    • 回复: @acementhead
  141. Truth 说:


    您70岁的老人确实与世隔绝,Old Sport。

    • 回复: @Ruckus
    , @Negrolphin Pool
  142. Hacienda 说:
    @Supply and Demand

    是的。 在哈帕斯号上。 至少不反对他们。


    你做你的事。 我去做这就是我的信条。 白人民族主义者的独裁,自欺欺人和社会愚蠢 unz.com。 反转总是很有趣。

  143. gotmituns 说:
    @Stephen J. Gray

    这与政治无关,与种族仇恨无关。 种族就是一切。

  144. Ruckus 说: • 您的网站

    真相令人痛心,不是小矮人吗? 中国人通常没有创造力-难怪他们会被说唱大声笑。 还是他们被吸引的无聊的唯物主义?

    • 回复: @Truth
  145. USA1943 说:
    @Frankie P

    当我参加1年代的俄克拉荷马州立大学和加州州立大学贝克斯菲尔德分校时,我对NCAA第1980部摔跤有所了解,实际上,您提到的教练中有1名是队友(我不是先发球员),他在摔跤一个现在成为男人的摔跤手我去那年的NCAA决赛中的政治人物吉姆·乔丹(Jim Jordan),我知道你提到的这些人是谁,我知道谁是迈伦·罗德里克(Myron Roderick),我知道谁是上竹优次郎(Yojiro Uetake),我知道是汤姆·切斯布罗(Tom Chesbro),肯特·星期一(Kentn Monday)和迈克·皮茨(Mike Sheets) ,埃德·加拉格尔(Ed Gallagher),李·罗伊·史密斯(Lee Roy Smith),乔·西伊(Joe Seay)等。 我试图从最左边的废话中开个玩笑,我不知道为什么有人接受它,例如我在教室里在电视上看到一个男人,因为说男人和女人之间存在差异而应得到回应。 DUH的学院,我不知道为什么这些极左的老师不会被学生开除。如果我有办法,所有教授反美主义的老师都会被解雇,历史教学应该以一种给予学生的方式给予我以美国的伟大和骄傲的历史感到自豪,我相信所有这些事情,包括努力/努力工作,英才统治等,在我看来,这一切都是常识,对学生,特别是对教授/老师的地狱是胡说八道不仅被教导,而且被普遍接受了? 有时我会用这样的笑话评论来嘲笑它,但是大多数时候它困扰着我无尽,我希望我们能回到对上帝和乡村的热爱以及盲目的精英阶层,这可能太悲观了,但是我看到美国解体成为世界第三大国,我刚满3岁,这真是令人难以置信。美国一生中,美国的衰败程度令人震惊,赫克政治家和首席执行官现在经常屈服于一个在其使命网站首页上列出的团体声明“毁灭家庭”和“毁灭警察/摧毁警察,显然是共产主义目标”(从未工作过)对我而言,RNC最强大的时刻是古巴移民男子说“左派”听起来像是“家族”对我来说,他正好知道菲德尔·卡斯特罗(Fidel Castro)57年何时成为CUBA共产主义者的年龄,我担心尤其是在我们的年轻人中间,许多人愚蠢至极,无法将这个国家投票加入共产主义。但认真的是什么地狱发生了吗? 为什么最左派废话不只是被视为疯子?

    • 同意: frankie p
  146. c matt 说:


    我已经很久没看电视了,但是那时我一直都是个休闲爱好者。 但是,我永远不会低估现代美国文化的空虚以及用无意义的娱乐来填充它的必要性。 毕竟,娱乐业是一万亿美元的产业。

  147. c matt 说:

    好吧,检验该理论的唯一方法是使他们的薪水来自所有者的财富。 但是随着电视收入和商品销售,我觉得在所有者感到压力之前还有很长的路要走。 现在,如果您能以某种方式使抗议对中国不利,那么至少NBA球员会st之以鼻。

  148. Larry 说:



  149. USA1943 说:

    东欧的拳击手一直在那儿例如1950年代的拉斯洛·帕普(Laszlo Papp),他们很长一段时间都不被允许成为职业球员,许多最优秀的拳击手仍然不允许。

    • 回复: @frankie p
  150. @Sulu


    而且,孩子和父母都可以成为NHL / AHL和其他职业曲棍球联盟的粉丝,而无需崇拜Magic Negro(目前)。

  151. @Simpiwe

    “不合法的孩子'结果'”? 很好地使用被动语态。 男人在离开时应该能够控制自己,或者如果他们不能或不会避免作弊,至少应该使用避孕方法。 动物。

  152. Truth 说:


  153. Dr. Charles Fhandrich [又名“ C. Fhandrich博士”] 说:


  154. frankie p 说:

    洛马琴科在奥运会上获得了两枚金牌。 如今,白人拳击手占主导地位,其中许多人来自前苏联街区国家。 他们具有惊人的基本技能,并经过大量业余比赛的磨练。 他们是令人高兴的观看节目:洛马琴科,贝特比耶夫,根纳季·戈洛夫金。 我什至将井上直也放入这个小组,不是作为一个前苏联国家,而是一个有着许多业余战斗和令人难以置信的基本技能的拳击手。 COVID摔角的消失使我把目光投向了拳击,我很高兴看到这些拳击手及其出色表现。 贝特比耶夫的力量令人难以置信。 GGG,也许现在已经过了他的鼎盛时期,也具有不可思议的力量。 井上是一位超级激动人心的战斗机,如果您想观看一年一度的战斗,请观看2019年以来井上和多奈尔之间的全部战斗。您可以正确地说,其中许多战斗机在很长一段时间内都保持业余状态,但是在他们之后成为专业人士,他们会占据主导地位,并能够在短时间内赚到很多钱。 我什至没有提到另一位出色的白人战士泰森·弗瑞(Tyson Fury)。

    • 同意: Da's Reich
  155. @TKK

    科勒徽标的纹身? 你可能在那有个主意,我爱我的科勒水龙头,大声笑。

  156. @Morton's toes

    史蒂夫·鲍尔默(Steve Ballmer)在Kawhi出演,

    猴子男孩早就应该得到一些新材料了。 第一次都不好。

  157. gh,这很可悲。

    Saban教练参加了在Tuscaloosa举行的BLM游行,我被击碎了。 我希望他被(严重地)误导了,但是如果这会是那样的话,如果我每个星期六都将自己置于这胡说八道的话,我将是该死的。

    这是可悲的看到正在使用这么多的运动员,就像回到了1968年时,哈里·爱德华兹压力黑人运动员谁是奥运会在墨西哥城(召回汤米·史密斯,约翰·卡洛斯和黑色拳击手套)。 1968年初,一些黑人田径运动员因参加白人田径比赛而受到死亡威胁。 我们不知道现在正在施加什么样的同伴压力,但它一定是压倒性的。

  158. Corvinus 说:
    @Diversity Heretic


    现实情况是,MEN喜欢娱乐,包括专业体育活动,尤其是青少年和20多岁的娱乐活动。 因此,不会,态度不会发生剧烈的变化,以至于NBA,NFL,美国职棒大联盟,NHL和职业足球将破产,更不用说变得无关紧要了。

    • 回复: @VinnyVette
    , @GeneralRipper
  159. SimpleSong 说:

    现在,比起我小时候,泰森·弗瑞(Tyson Fury)和弗拉基米尔·克里琴科(Wladimir Klitschko),足够重的拳击比赛比我小时候更白了……

  160. 谁能相信美国现在将受到运动员的种族关系教育,即使他们的生活依赖于该话题,他们也无法撰写连贯的论文?

    不用担心。 英语已被宣布为种族主义者,许多大学将不再提供英语。 由于英语几乎是商业和贸易的通用语言,因此即将毕业的应届毕业生将在就业市场上无所适从。 除非我们所有人都改变并学习讲瓦坎达语。 福利可以支付学生贷款吗? 现在有一些热衷作家的话题。

  161. MBlanc46 说:
    @Supply and Demand

    对他们很好。 愿门在出门时不会在后人身上打死他们。

  162. Frankie P 说:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    像我一样,像一个真正的宾夕法尼亚州人一样说话! 我知道,当您沉迷于宾夕法尼亚州的民间摔跤传统时,很难适应自由泳。 宾夕法尼亚州拥有世界上最好的民间摔角比赛,从小伙子们到初中和高中摔跤都是其中的一环,并了解好时镇(Hershey)的“大舞会”的含义,然后了解凯尔及其持续的王朝PSU,很难过渡到自由泳。 我知道,我的侄子是PIAA AAA国家奖得主。 不过,我确实做了过渡,并且我欣赏自由式摔跤是一种比民俗风格纯净的摔跤形式。

    我很高兴魔术师也能像Zain,Nolf和Bo一样过渡。 Nittany狮摔跤俱乐部拥有众多潜在的国际奖牌获得者,其中包括曾经是PSU计划的敌人的Kyle Snyder。

  163. Anonymous[862]• 免责声明 说:

    人们为什么要责怪体育运动? 正是由于黑人运动员表现出对国家的不尊重,才使他们赚了上百万。 我爱运动。 特别是棒球和曲棍球。 甚至篮球也是一项伟大的运动。 足球也一样。 哎呀,运动很适合玩和看。 但是在政治上正确和BLM意识形态没有地位。


  164. AnalogMan 说:


    这是真的! 如果您不相信它,那就看看瓦卡达吧!

    我来自南非(喜欢这个介词适用于SA!)。 我说你充满了 马西帕.

  165. @Truth

    中国Mac在普通亚洲年轻人中甚至不受欢迎吗? 他是您可能会发现的那个组中最疯狂的异常值。

    如果他的行为得以实现,至少亚洲人可以放心,他们不会因为进入Riker's Island而受到歧视。

    • 回复: @Truth
  166. AnalogMan 说:
    @Chris Moore

    不幸的是,他们并不依赖美联储。 他们还拥有英格兰银行,德意志银行以及几乎地球上每个其他国家的中央银行。

  167. VinnyVette 说:

    Biff放弃,你是一个巨魔,你知道我知道。 您可能会保留收到的大多数拖钓按钮的Unz记录。
    “ Biff” lmfao

  168. VinnyVette 说:

    另一个“ CCC” Corvinus经典评论。
    显然,男人是如此喜欢娱乐,他们愿意花钱,浪费时间被贫民窟的朋克和他们的食客们弄丢和bit子。 如果是这样,他们根本不是“男人”。 猜猜你也不是。

    • 同意: RadicalCenter
    • 回复: @Corvinus
  169. Dumbo 说:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    哈哈。 好吧,不是亚洲女性的最大粉丝,但是成为一个欧亚混血儿比混血儿更好,所以就是这样。

    白人妇女并不真正喜欢黑人,但许多人只是愚蠢的,对未来时间的定位很少(就像黑人一样),因此他们无法判断。 这就是为什么以前是她的父母为他们选择或至少为他们筛选选项的原因。


  170. 尽管我对任何运动都不是最不感兴趣,尤其是对棒球,篮球,高尔夫和美国“”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“”,“,”,“”,“,”,“在这篇文章中非常重要的遗漏。 关于美利坚合众国的帝国主义国家现在利用这些体育作为广告机会这一事实,不言而喻。 您是否认为华盛顿的战争罪犯将有机会向可能招募到的大量新兵宣传军国主义? 当然不是。

    • 回复: @anarchyst
  171. Truth 说:
    @Negrolphin Pool

    你必须问一个亚洲人那个问题。 他是所谓的“地下”说唱歌手,这意味着他没有重要的唱片交易,而且我相信他已经30岁左右了,所以我看不到他得到任何唱片,但是他在说唱迷中绝对受欢迎。


  172. anarchyst 说:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    实际上,国防部 COUNTRY 各个体育组织都有时间进行半场表演。
    黑人重罪联盟黑人篮球协会 两者都向美国纳税人收取许可,以允许他们进行这些军事招募展示。

  173. 2020年最有趣的体育故事几乎没有腿。


    一切都被宽恕了。 用致命武器袭击。 企图谋杀。 任何。 他从未因犯罪而受到起诉,因此我想我们所有人都可以使用我们选择的名词。 想想我会带着致命的武器来攻击。

  174. @Ruckus

    我住在那儿,我同意你的看法。 每天看到它。

    综上所述,这不会阻止他们观看,消费和享受NBA。 我内心讨厌非法语国家的白人加拿大人,但我仍然很喜欢NHL。 享受的一部分是看着他们彼此击败,尽管这似乎已经被ne灭了。

  175. InnerCynic 说:


  176. InnerCynic 说:

    从技术上讲,我不是在这里“住”,德克萨斯州的敖德萨,但时不时地冒险走入各个地区,通常是在天黑后,大多数疯子都溜进了他们的隐窝。 不管存储在哪儿……在这种情况下都是HEB,因为它们无处不在!

  177. A123 说:



    • 哈哈: Biff
  178. @Corvinus

    现实情况是,MEN喜欢娱乐,包括专业体育活动,尤其是青少年和20多岁的娱乐活动。 因此,不会,态度不会发生剧烈的变化,以至于NBA,NFL,美国职棒大联盟,NHL和职业足球将破产,更不用说变得无关紧要了。



    犹太人手中的任何机构都会自动对白人文明产生毒害。 职业体育也不例外。


    • 回复: @Corvinus
  179. Corvinus 说:


    它是阳刚之气的化身。 这显然是正常的。 这不是犹太人的阴谋。


  180. Corvinus 说:

    现实是今天的体育运动是健康而正常的。 您对男性气概有一个奇怪的描述。

  181. 事实是,无论政治意识形态如何,当今体育对美国男人都很重要。



    它是阳刚之气的化身。 这显然是正常的。

    再次,你在夸大其词。 专业观众的体育运动是最近才出现的现象,当然,没有什么比“男性化的人格化”更亲密的了。



    • 同意: Kolya Krassotkin, acementhead
    • 回复: @Truth
    , @AndrewR
    , @GeneralRipper
  182. 这不是犹太人的阴谋。

    犹太人寻求控制白人文明的所有关键方面。 娱乐,艺术,文学,音乐…体育…duh





    • 回复: @He F hi u gf ff
  183. 这是“男性化的人格化”,你该死的他妈的左派douchebag。



  184. @AndrewR


  185. Truth 说:



    • 回复: @GeneralRipper
  186. 白人运动员必须站稳脚跟才能与黑人队友相处,甚至像JJ Watt一样可怕的人。 我希望他因与“兄弟”站在自己的人民身边而得到适当的奖励。

    • 回复: @USA1943
  187. @GeneralRipper


  188. @Getaclue



    • 回复: @Truth
  189. @Truth


    嗯... ???



    • 哈哈: Truth
    • 回复: @Truth
    , @Petermx
  190. USA1943 说:
    @He F hi u gf ff

    不,他们没有,我已经与我的黑人同事讨论了很多有关BLM的目标将如何不成比例地伤害到黑人,破坏核家庭,毁谤/废除警察,空监狱,共产主义,BLM绝大多数显示为罪犯的情况,虽然孩子们一无是处被枪杀,包括婴儿在婴儿床上睡觉等。许多人同意我的观点,有些人则不同意,但彼此之间仍然很礼貌,有些人告诉我他们完全同意我的观点,但害怕大声说出来,赫歇尔·沃克(Herschel Walker)和其他几人都对此表示反对。

  191. Petermx 说:

    至少一个球员是基于天赋的,所以这是可以赚到的。 黑人男性模特是社会工程学的一部分,人们被灌输接受黑人作为英俊。 我并不是说有些人不是,但在1968年之前,电视上几乎没有黑人,而且大多数人都不认为黑人英俊,黑人女性也不美丽。 也有漂亮的黑人妇女,但大多数人在1970年之前就不会说过。这些变化自然导致了黑人与白人之间的种族歧视,以至于许多人不断在电视上看到混血儿夫妇变得很烦人。 此外,在许多电影和电视中,黑人通常被男性化,聪明且对白人女性有吸引力,而白人则被视为冷酷或失败者。

    我经常看到这里的专家(我确信至少具有高中文凭)告诉读者,这些不存在的阴谋没有阴谋,也没有犹太人参与。 为了教育犹太人大量参与阴谋,我在上面提到的内容开始阅读 http://www.theoccidentalobserver,net。 你真的可以学到一些东西。 许多作家都是PHD的作者,也是各自领域的专家。 大多数人使用化名,因为犹太人已经表达了他们的意见,值得几个世纪前“欺骗”他们的所作所为,因此,对于前景不正确的PHD来说,几乎不可能被大学聘用。

  192. Reg Cæsar 说:

    在第二次世界大战之前,几乎没有职业篮球和足球作为观众的运动。 美国人热衷于拳击和赛马,而不是NFL芝加哥熊队的先驱迪凯特·史塔利(Decatur Staleys)。

    几年以来,在费城进行的单次陆军/海军比赛将使全市的NFL救生衣和老鹰队的整个赛季都落后。 当时足球是大事,只是不专业。

  193. Da's Reich 说:







  194. AndrewR 说:


    “一次粘在电视上几天,玩“幻想运动”,并通过半弱智的黑猴子过着替代生活,这是非常正常的。 这也是非常不健康的。

  195. @Truth

    抱歉,我没有点击“ worldstarnignog”链接。

    但是你继续玩得开心。 您似乎真的很喜欢这些东西。

    • 回复: @Truth
  196. Truth 说:


  197. 联盟遇到了多个问题。 他们不仅关闭了传统观众。 替代观众没有买账。千禧一代拥有如此多的“点播”选项,他们不必像看电视那样等待游戏或观看游戏。 此外,像许多大型公司一样,大型职业联赛试图进入不断增长的西班牙裔市场,但在他们不想谈论的类别中,他们的投资回报率很小。 薪资上限将在缩小,请注意从2021年开始在NFL自由球员市场上哭泣的婴儿。

  198. AceDeuce 说:


    塞缪尔·约翰逊(Samuel Johnson)的一句话:


    Ace Deuce得出的上述推论:


    • 同意: GeneralRipper
  199. 特权黑人为他们较不幸的族裔群体喝水。 我想知道富裕的白人是否会为自己的人民做同样的事情?

  200. @GeneralRipper

    吉米·伯爵(Jimmie Earl)的家人。


  201. Marty T 说:

    是的,NHL犹豫不决,但最终他们还是选择了取消强奸犯的比赛。 反白人媒体和企业的压力太大了。


  202. Marty T 说:
    @Frankie P

    我曾将大学摔跤理解为一项保守运动,但几个月前发生的一件事件令人震惊。 某公司的一名员工参与了摔跤装备的发布,该员工发布在公司的Facebook页面上。 他发布了有关BLM的准确信息。 这个异端是如此令人震惊,以至该男子不得不离开公司。 更糟糕的是,一堆大学摔角明星在社交媒体上发布了消息–震惊于BLM的真相,甚至在某些情况下甚至与公司脱离关系。




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