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Lawyer, philosophy professor and 作者 Sterling Harwood appears as defense attorney for an obviously guilty & doomed client: US president Joe Biden. Harwood emailed me to tell me that he thinks Joe Biden is doing a good job, offering to make the case in public: “See, now’s the time to trot out Dr. Harwood, the Ivy League punching bag, to try to defend Biden at his lowest point. What a show or segment of a show it would make! Fireworks will fly!”

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• 类别: 思想 •标签: 拜登 
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  1. Anon[267]• 免责声明 说:

    A valiant effort to make Kamala and Karine look intelligent by showing yourself to be an utter fool.

    The ginger mouth of sauron could not have done a better job.

  2. Biden IS doing a good job. If there is anything that drives me nuts it’s when some political pundit, usually a Republican says that the Democrats are in “trouble”. The Democrats are NOT in trouble. They are doing exactly what they intend (as intention) to do and are succeeding. The rest of the nation is in trouble, because the so called opposition party, the corrupt Rino Republicans are not resisting. Remember, “resist” was the first thing on the tongues of the Democrats when Trump won in 2016. And resist they did—-an absurd and treasonous Russian Collusion lie, a never ending barrage of dumb questions of the gottcha typet at Trump’s press conferences and two utterly absurd and treasonous impeachments by Pelosi and the gang, followed by a steal of the 2020 election. They were not going to trust voting any longer. Even now they don’t, as they keep cheating in primaries. There is now so much evidence of this that it’s incredible that they keep lying in the face of it, even blaming the state of the country on Trump, racism, white supremacy, Republicans taking away voting rights from certain people, ad infinitum. Any American who can’t see this is being willfully blind, plain evil or simply gaining something out of it all.

  3. bwuce wee 说:

    biden doing a good job:
    1. making a fool of himself
    2. making the US a laughing stock
    3. ruining the country- perhaps irrepairably
    4. cashing in on his position
    5. running coverups for his perverted corrupt son
    6. fronting for obama
    7. orchestrating mass shootings
    8. instituting collective punishment- which is a war crime
    9, bankrupting small businesses
    10 . destroying the midlle class
    i could go on, and on, and on but you get the idea, nothing he will ever do will ever be GOOD

  4. grimace 说:

    But what does Sterling Holloway have to say??? “Oh, bother.”

  5. Sounds suspiciously like Sterling Harwood has a “Hard Wood” for Brandon… either that or he’s a blithering idiot…. probably BOTH!

  6. I agree, Joe Biden is doing a great job. The only people who dislike him are old, angry white men.

  7. Anonymous[245]• 免责声明 说:


    A good job of 什么?



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