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Over the past half-century, I have been engaged in research, lectured and worked with social movements and leftist governments in Latin America. I interviewed US officials and think tanks in Washington and New York. I have written scores of books, hundreds of professional articles and presented numerous papers at professional meetings.

In the course, of my activity I have discovered that many academics are frequently engage in what government officials dub ‘de-briefing’! Academics meet and discuss their field-work, data collection, research finding, observations and personal contacts over lunch at the Embassy with US government officials or in Washington with State Department officials.

US government officials look forward to these ‘debriefings”; the academic provided useful access to information which they otherwise could not obtain from paid, intelligence agents or local collaborators.

不是所有的 academic informants are very well placed or competent investigators. However, 许多 提供有用的见解和信息,尤其是关于真正或潜在的反帝国主义对手的左翼运动、政党和领导人。

美国帝国的建立者无论是从事政治活动还是军事活动都依赖于信息,尤其是关于支持谁和颠覆谁的信息; 谁应该得到外交支持,谁应该得到财政和军事资源。

De-briefed academics identify ‘moderate’ and ‘radical’ adversaries, as well as personal and political vulnerabilities. Officials frequently exploit health problems or family needs to ‘turn’ leftists into imperial stool pigeons.

美国官员对学术看门人特别感兴趣 排除 “反帝国主义”批评家、活动家、政治家和政府官员。

At times, US State Department officials claim to be sympathetic ‘progressives’who oppose ‘Neanderthals’ in their institution, in order to elicit inside information from leftist academic informants.


Academic participates in debriefing frequently do not publicize their reporting to the government. Most likely they share their reports with other academic informers. All claim they are merely sharing research and diffusing information for ‘science’ and to further ‘humane values’.






US officials fund academic research on militant trade unions , agrarian social movements , feminist and ethnic minorities engaged in class struggle ,and anti-imperialist activists and leaders, as they all serve as targets for imperial repression.

The officials are also keen on academic reports on so-called ‘moderate’ collaborators who can be funded, advised and recruited to defend the empire , undermine the class struggle and split movements.


When US officials have a difficult time understanding the intricacies and consequences of ideological debates and factional divisions within leftist parties or regimes, ex-leftist academic informers, who collect documents and interviews , provide detailed explanations and provide officials with a political roadmap to exploit and exacerbate divisions and to guide repressive policies, which undermine adversaries engaged in anti-imperialist and class struggle.

The State Department works hand and glove with research centers and foundations in promoting journals which eschew all mention of imperialism and ruling class exploitation; they promote ‘special issues’ on ‘class-less’ identity politics, post-modern theorizing and ethnic-racial conflicts and conciliation.

In a study of the two leading political science and sociological journals over a period of fifty year they published less than .01% on class struggle and US imperialism

Academic informants have never reported on US government links to narco-political rulers.

Academic informants do not research widespread long term Israeli collaboration with death squads in Colombia, Guatemala, Argentina and El Salvador, in cases because of their loyalties to Tel Aviv and in most cases because the State Department is not interested in debriefings which expose their allies and their joint complicity.

Academic Informants: What do they want and what do they get?

Academic informers engage in debriefing for various reasons. A few do so simply because they share the politics and ideology of the empire builders and feel it is their ‘duty’ to serve.

The great majority are established academics with ties to research centers who inform because it fattens their CV– which helps secure grants, prestigious appointments and awards.

Progressive academics who collaborates have a Janus face approach; they speak at Leftist public conferences , especially to students and in private they report to the State Department.

Many academics believe they can influence and change government policy. They seek to impress self-identified ‘progressive’ officials with their inside knowledge on how to ‘turn’ Latin critics into moderate collaborators. They invent innocuous academic categories and concepts to attract graduate students to further collaboration with imperial colleagues.


Former leftist academic informers are frequenly cited by the mass media as a reliable and knowledgeable ‘expert’ in order to slander anti-imperialist governments, academics and critics.


智利的学术线人帮助美国大使馆确定了在皮诺切特独裁统治期间被移交给秘密警察 (DINA) 的社区武装分子。



In Colombia, US academic informers were active in providing reports on rural insurgent movements which led to massive repression. Academic collaborators provided detailed reports to the embassy in Venezuela on the grass roots movements and political divisions among Chavista government and military officials with command of troops.


Academic reports on regime ‘violence’ and ‘authoritarianism’ served as propaganda fodder for the State Department to impose economic sanctions , impoverishing people, to foment a coup.US academic collaboraters enlisted their latin colleagues to sign petitions urging rightwing regimes in the region to boycott Venezuela.

When academic informers are confronted with the destructive consequences of imperial advances they argue that it was not their ‘intention’; that it was not their State Department contacts who carried out the regressive policies.The more cynical claim that the government was going to do their dirty work regardless of the debriefing.


What is clear in virtually all know experiences is that academic informers’ ‘de-briefings strengthened the empire-builders and complemented the deadly work of the paid professional operatives of the CIA, DEA and the National Security Agency.

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  1. Anonymous [AKA "Chhipa"] 说:

    It’s not just academics, either. Come back from a stint with any international NGO or commercial project and they’ll be on you like flies on ordure (unless they’ve already packed it with NOCs.) And if they can’t debrief you they will take a stab at elicitation. That’s a matter of feigning interest in one thing to find out about something else – typically, as you write, who’s who, who they can suborn or undermine.

    The questions won’t necessarily come from the sort of featureless spook you would expect. High-profile people with a plausible interest in your work will run and snitch to CIA. They’re not ashamed to do it, it makes them feel like big shots. It’s a tribute to immersive CIA propaganda. People who pin their identity on their brains fall for Zero-Dark-Thirty bullshit too. Among the institutional intelligentsia, CIA has pretty much effaced the exhaustively-documented history of their criminal enterprise.

    If you can’t beat em, join em. We can all rat out the CIA rats. There’s Wikileaks’ spyfiles, Project PM and related Pursuance Projects. Shmooze with foreign intel guys, when you’re abroad. You can learn a lot, they live by give and take – and unlike CIA, they’re on your side.

  2. m___ 说:

    The whole of the middle-class, academics, “journalists”, the justice-system, the bulging sphere of politicians, anything media, are engineered by education, more often now then earlier by generational ties, by ethic-loyalties, by superficial manner of survival, by lack of physical courage, to suck up rather then to oppose and criticise, knowing very well, that any systemic theory that includes Nature, the masses and the cause of expanding masses of humanity cannot be addressed. It detract from their base, short-term interests. If IQ is stateless(ethically), that should be the best of proofs.

    The main reason they are invited to share some sparks with the power elites is probably that the power elites are grounded in cold sweat incertainty once in a while.

    The first and formost example, the magnanimous Chomsky for decades. Now gard! could be toppled by Jordan Peterson in revenue! Best hair does matter. Amy is a good name to invite the Michaels to the mainstream. Small fry, some Nomi’s anyone?

    The matter is not that academics should try to convince the human blob to anything above the complexity of a light-bulb. But incentivate the elites(wallets, not cognizance) to steer away from the nihilistic attitudes in their very own interests. The de facto chosen ones should be forgiven, a dark suit, grooming onselve for the media, being driven around in blinded cars, jetting through the poluted lower biosphere, takes up all of their energy.

    Why do the Western elites of today look so plump, being groomed for looks would not matter much, judged from their policies.

  3. “Academic informants are especially useful in providing personal and political information on Latin American leftwing intellectuals, academics, journalists, writers and critics which allows US officials to isolate, slander and boycott anti-imperialists, as well as those intellectuals who can be recruited and seduced with foundation grants and invitations to the Kennedy Center at Harvard.”

    This sounds like something from circa 1968.



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