博客浏览保罗·克雷格·罗伯茨(Paul Craig Roberts)档案
塔克·卡尔森(Tucker Carlson)提供了窃取2020年总统大选的广泛的民主党投票欺诈的完整证据



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Tucker Carlson is the ONLY honest media figure in the United States. No wonder the presstitutes want him arrested. I am concerned that the criminal Hillary DNC will have him assassinated. You are simply not permitted to tell the truth in the United States. To tell the truth in the American media is a capital offense.

This had to be posted on Parler because Twitter, FaceBook, and YouTube will not permit the Fox News report on Vote Theft to be posted. What more evidence do you need that there is a conspiracy to steal the presidential election from Trump? If the treasonous and criminal Democrats get away with their coup against democracy, the United States is finished as a country. No Trump voter will ever again think of the US as his/her country.


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