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美国对叙利亚的政权更迭政策是一场灾难。 超过 200,000 人丧生,整个国家沦为废墟,至少部分原因是奥巴马总统认定“阿萨德失去了合法性”。 6,000英里外的国家的总统怎么有权决定另一位领导人是否上任? 如果伊朗的鲁哈尼认为奥巴马在未经指控或审判的情况下用无人机杀死了许多美国公民而失去了合法性怎么办? 我们会接受吗?

正如美国中央司令部司令劳埃德·奥斯汀将军上个月作证的那样,美国至少三年来训练叛军推翻叙利亚政府的努力已经产生了“四五个”在叙利亚训练和审查的“温和派”。 为此目的拨出的 500 亿美元已经消失。

对于未能推翻阿萨德和“贬低和摧毁”伊斯兰国的新保守主义解决方案是增加轰炸并领导对叙利亚的地面入侵。 与阿萨德作战并与他的敌人作战的令人困惑的政策似乎并没有打扰新保守主义者。 他们希望我们忘记他们最近在利比亚和伊拉克的失败,并再次尝试同样失败的策略。

但上周发生了一件戏剧性的事情。 俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔·普京在联合国发表讲话,批评美国与一群极端分子——基地组织及其盟友——合作攻击伊斯兰国和阿萨德的政策。 “你现在知道你做了什么吗?” 普京问道。

普京在联合国发表讲话后不久,他请求并获得俄罗斯议会的授权,可以在叙利亚使用武力,以响应叙利亚政府对反叛分子的援助请求。 俄罗斯战斗机和轰炸机几乎立即开始在叙利亚上空飞行。 在不到一周的俄罗斯轰炸中,伊斯兰国和基地组织的附属机构似乎都受到了相当大的破坏——其中一些被美国视为盟友,实际上是由中央情报局训练的。

为俄罗斯在叙利亚的军事行动欢呼可能很诱人,因为 ISIS 似乎终于遭受了相当大的损失。 新闻报道表明,在俄罗斯袭击后,他们的队伍中有大量逃兵。 突然之间,一旦阿萨德被推翻,伊斯兰国似乎不可避免地接管了叙利亚,而俄罗斯人在场的可能性似乎要小得多。

但我不能为炸弹欢呼,无论是俄罗斯炸弹还是美国炸弹,还是法国或英国炸弹。 我不相信由外国干预该地区制造的恐怖组织将通过更多的外国干预该地区而得到解决。 炸弹代表政策的彻底失败。 它们破坏了一个国家的经济和基础设施。

我希望美国人民最终会要求他们的政府结束其试图改变任何不服从华盛顿要求的政权的破坏性政策。 我希望国会足够尊重我们的宪法,要求总统在攻击外国之前寻求宣战。 我希望布什总统和他的新保守主义顾问从未决定推翻叙利亚政府。 我希望奥巴马总统解雇了那些将他从一个愚蠢的干预转向另一个的新保守主义者。 我希望中央情报局没有训练叛军与叙利亚的基地组织并肩作战。 我希望我们能拒绝战争贩子的尖锐呼喊。 我希望美国媒体不仅仅是美国政府的宣传部门。

我对俄罗斯正在轰炸叙利亚并不感到兴奋。 我希望没有人轰炸叙利亚。

(从重新发布 罗恩·保罗学院 经作者或代表的许可)
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  1. “I wish nobody was bombing Syria.”

    Amen Brother.

  2. So now that the U.S. and its allies have made a mess of Syria, costing many lives and making so many homeless, what is to be done? Do we just pretend that it never happened and let Syria become a failed terrorist state with even more suffering for those left behind?

    It seems to me that the only hope for good Syrians is for Putin to bomb the hell out of all the terrorist groups and bring back stability for Syria.

    I don’t like bombs being dropped either, but in this case someone has to restore order out of chaos.

  3. I understand terrorism was basically non-existant in Hiroshima after it was bombed.

  4. Priss Factor [又名“普里斯工厂”] 说:

    “I am not thrilled that Russia is bombing Syria. I wish nobody was bombing Syria.”

    Theoretically and ideally, Paul is right.

    But Syria has been messed up so badly that it needs some degree of external help to stop the lunatics from taking over.

    It’s like Paul was wrong about Iraq. He was right that Iraq should not have been invaded.
    But once it was messed up, the problems couldn’t be fixed merely by US pulling out.
    Paul said IF US pulls out, the problems would end. They didn’t.

    Same in Syria. It’s been messed up so badly by US, Israel, and Saudi Arabia that it now needs some responsible foreign help to stabilize again.

    Can Russia do it? We don’t know, but Russia is doing the right thing by fighting the nutjob enemies of Assad.

    • 回复: @jtgw
  5. Yes, bombing has a long history of stabilizing things. Why there’s Yemen, Iraq, Libya, just to name some of the more stabilized nations after bombing!

  6. jtgw 说:
    @Priss Factor

    The real point is that it’s none of our business. The whole premise that it’s our government’s job to solve everyone’s problems is false.

    • 回复: @Priss Factor
  7. Priss Factor [又名“普里斯工厂”] 说: • 您的网站

    True, but when US made it America’s business, America has some responsibility to fix what it broke.

    But as it stands, US has no desire to fix what it broke since it wants a weakened Assad.

    The only power that is willing to strengthen Assad and help him is Russia.

    Russia is taking a huge gamble, and Putin better watch out.

    But it is doing a responsible thing.

    • 回复: @jtgw
  8. jtgw 说:
    @Priss Factor

    Well if Russia cleans up our mess we should be grateful, I suppose, though since in general intervention never works out as well as you hope, I wouldn’t be surprised if Putin ends up failing to achieve all his objectives, too. Remember Afghanistan, Graveyard of Empires?

    I think the responsible thing, if you make Syria uninhabitable for Syrians, is to let Syrians move to the US. That’ll maybe force Americans to confront the real consequences of their foreign policy.

    • 回复: @Priss Factor
  9. Priss Factor [又名“普里斯工厂”] 说:

    Keep in mind Russia would have succeeded in Afghanistan if not for US and Pakistani intervention.

    So, what happens in Syria will depend less on Russia than other nations.

    If it’s just a case of Russia and Assad fighting the rebels, Assad will win.

    But if US, Saudis, and Israel continue to funnel massive aid to rebels, then Russia can get bogged down.

    Of course, Jewish-controlled US wants that, and that is why Putin needs to be careful.

    • 回复: @Minnesota Mary
  10. @Priss Factor

    Agreed. Those four or five U.S. trained rebels are a real threat to Putin. LOL!



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