华盛顿是错误的再度 - 库尔德人加入阿萨德保卫叙利亚



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特朗普总统上周在推特上说:“现在是我们摆脱这些荒谬无休止的战争的时候了”,并补充说美国将退出叙利亚,华盛顿陷入了恐慌。 突然之间,共和党人,民主党人,媒体,智囊团和战争工业都被发现,并迅速成为“库尔德人”的专家,我们被告知是一个无知的总统特朗普将其“杀害”了他们的盟友。


Interventionists will do anything to prevent US troops from ever coming home, and their favorite tactic is promoting “mission creep.” As President Trump Tweeted, we were told in 2014 by President Obama that the US military would go into Syria for just 30 days to save the Yazidi minority that they claimed were threatened. Then that mission crept into “we must fight ISIS” and so the US military continued to illegally occupy and bomb Syria for five more years.

Even though it was the Syrian army with its Russian and Iranian allies that did the bulk of the fighting against al-Qaeda and ISIS in Syria, President Trump took credit and called for the troops to come home. But when the military comes home, the military-industrial-Congressional-media complex loses its cash cow, so a new rationale had to be invented.

The latest “mission creep” was that we had to stay in Syria to save our “allies” the Kurds. All of a sudden our military presence in Syria was not about fighting terrorism but rather about putting US troops between our NATO ally Turkey and our proxy fighting force, the Kurds. Do they really want us to believe that it is “pro-American” for our troops to fight and die refereeing a long-standing dispute between the Turks and Kurds?

It was a colossally dumb idea to train and arm the Kurds in Syria in the first place, but after spending billions backing what turned out to be al-Qaeda affiliates in Syria to overthrow the Assad government, Washington found that the Kurds were the only willing boots remaining on the ground. While their interest in fighting ISIS was limited, they were happy to use Washington’s muscle in pursuit of their long-term goal of carving out a part of Syria (and eventually Turkey) for themselves.

We can never leave because there will be a slaughter, Washington claimed (and the media faithfully repeated). But once again, the politicians, the mainstream media, and the Beltway “experts” have been proven wrong. They never understand that sending US troops into another country without the proper authority is not a stabilizing factor, but a de-stabilizing factor. I have argued that were the US to leave Syria (and the rest of the Middle East) the countries of the region would find a way to solve their own problems.



Now “our Kurdish allies” are fighting alongside the army of Syrian President Assad – who we are still told by US officials “must go.” Washington doesn’t understand that our intervention only makes matters worse. The best way to help the Kurds and everyone else in the region is to just come home.

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  1. Nailed it, as usual, Dr. Paul!
    It is time to roll back empire.

    • 同意: J. Gutierrez, Mr. Grey
  2. One way or the other Kurds have to be disarmed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • 回复: @RoatanBill
    , @Rabbitnexus
  3. jsinton 说:

    No more use of the flimsy AUMF to justify optional wars. Make those bass turds in Congress put their names on it if they want to make wars.

  4. RoatanBill 说:

    You have it exactly backwards. Everyone should be armed. No need for police and armies if everyone is the police and the army.

    • 回复: @Ilyana_Rozumova
  5. cynic 说:

    此前有报道称,美军向库尔德人移交了大量精美昂贵的重型武器。 现在,作为叙利亚政府与库尔德人达成协议的一部分,它们将被转交给阿拉伯叙利亚军队。 哎呀,谢谢你早早送来的圣诞礼物,华盛顿! 没有西方专家看到这一点。

  6. Hossein 说:

    Once again the kurdish leadership committed a grave mistake selling their people and loyalty to the western and Zionist powers. The horrific reluts of such mistake are quite obvious now.
    In the 70,s they allied themselves with the rotten persian Shah against iraq that had offered them limited autonomy including being able to study in their native language and running local administarions. Mind you that neither in Iran nor in Turkey the Kurds are not officially recognized as Kurds and that in particular is enforced in Iran were forced persianzation of Kurds and other ethnic minorities is official policy.
    They still have a chance to reverse such stupid policy by siding with the Syrians and Iraqis and live in peace and harmony in those countries that have always offered them autonomy and respect.

    The sworn enemies of the Kurds are none but the persian theocratic regime that butchered the Kurds right after the revolution and the new ottoman Erdogan regime that wants to annihilate them.
    It is time for Kurdish leadership to make and follow a wise policy rather than selling their loyalties to those who want to use , abuse and then abandoning them to wolfish Mullas and the new wanna be ottoman emperor.

  7. Kurds Join Assad

    Umm…So…We need to bomb the Kurds now?

    • 哈哈: Ilyana_Rozumova
  8. Beb 说:



    • 回复: @Richard P
  9. @RoatanBill

    I did mean heavy weapons and armored vehicles.

  10. RoatanBill 说:

    Since I and everyone else paid for ALL the weapons in the country, we are entitled to them.

    I also meant heavy weapons and all manner of military gear. The population as a whole should be equipped to fend off threats of all kinds. Specifically, for every day threats, we should be in a position to dispatch the routine predatory criminal element in the society at the time they make themselves known.

  11. for every day threats, we should be in a position to dispatch the routine predatory criminal element in the society at the time they make themselves known.

    Not our problem. We don’t need more enemies.

    Spend my tax dollars here repairing our infrastructure and increasing our prosperity.
    Let the people in the ME deal with the problems of the ME. Our involvement has only worsened the problem and left them worse off than when we arrived “to help”.

  12. @Ilyana_Rozumova

    In the Middle East? I don’t think any sensible people would want to be without arms. The Kurds will hand over any heavier weaponry to the SAA that will be a condition.

  13. What is completely lost in all the noise is that this does not involve all Kurds or even all Syrian Kurds. In fact the Kurds we’re talking about here are from Turkey and they crossed the border and settled in Syria in the 80s when they were fighting against the Turkish government. They’ve been allowed to live there in Syria since without being molested however as soon as Uncle Shmuel came calling they were ready to stab Assad and Syria in the back and that is why the Syrian government , Russia and others aren’t as sympathetic as we might otherwise be. Syrians want control of all their land so they’ll come and they will protect the Kurds if they decide to be Syrians again and respect the government and nation which gives them home and shelter. I’d say they won’t be too quick to escalate with Turkey for now, Putin seems to have the Turks on something of a leash if nobody else does and a few weeks of softening up as punishment for the back stabbing and opening the doors to the USA is probably seen as in order. I’d think Assad’s main priority now would be to consolidate as much liberated territory as possible as the various invaders get out of the way.

    The USA as such is no longer relevant. They’ve only been a fairly impotent spoiler for quite some time anyway, they were in no position to realise any of their dreams with a small force, no air superiority and the mess they’d created for themselves, Syria, the Kurds and Turkey with their stupid choice to use these Kurds as they have done before as their disposable shock troops. The USA has nothing to offer, nothing to say and truly nothing to gain from hanging around like a stale bottle of beer. Russia is undoubtedly the power broker here and clearly their statesmanship is on a whole other level to the thuggish clown circus which is Washington. I do not doubt Putin will unravel this with the minimum of damage and death to all concerned, the best outcome for everyone possible under the circumstances and the least lost of face for everyone as well. With the US out of the way and not wreaking havoc surreptitiously when they cannot do it openly we may get the opportunity to be treated to some truly masterful, old fashioned diplomacy.

    Still it is far from time to count your money because the game is still in play. The USA may have abandoned the hapless Kurds but they have not left the oilfields they’re squatting on yet.

  14. US is only there in northeast Syria because that’s where the oil is. The Zionists control the Fed, the media and the deep state. The corporations are in bed with them. The Zionist CIA deep state and Obama created the Arab spring as a springboard to invade both Libya and Syria.
    Still Trump should have consulted the globalist UN t and said I’m bringing home U.S. troops soon. He should have said “It’s in your hands UN to bring in some UN peacekeeping troops at the Turkish border”. I give you 3 months. But that’s how chaotic Trump rolls.

  15. nymom 说:

    I agree…leave those people alone and they will settle it themselves…

    We cannot be the world’s policeman.



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