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The Political Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism
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Black Lives Matter protest in Miama, FL

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The last few weeks have seen the greatest wave of American urban unrest in two generations. Massive protests, riots, and looting have swept across dozens of our major cities, accompanied by an enormous amount of political vandalism, often targeting monuments to our country’s former presidents and other historical figures.

Most importantly, powerful elements of our political, corporate, and media elite have now declared their support for various policy goals of the newly-elevated Black Lives Matter movement, even sometimes agreeing that local police departments should be “defunded” and that our most celebrated national heroes such as Washington and Jefferson should be removed from their places of honor in our nation’s capital, proposals that would have been dismissed as utter lunacy just a couple of months ago. Many observers, not least in China, have noted the striking similarities this turmoil bears to aspects of Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s. We seem rapidly heading towards some unknown but probably unfortunate destination.

This enormous national upheaval has centered on race, probably leading many individuals to reassess their racial understanding of the world. But some of these shifts may have been in less expected directions.

I recently received a short email from someone in his thirties with whom I’d been a little friendly over the last dozen years. He had spent most of that period solidly located within the racialist/HBD right-wing, regularly writing for its publications and even working with some of its leading figures during part of that period. This background lent particular weight to his conclusions.

He entitled his note “You were a prophet” and then declared:

I was a fool to believe that immigration mattered, that there was anything in American politics and culture other than the sadomasochistic relationship between white liberals and blacks.

He also provided some harsh appraisals of prominent anti-immigration right-wingers:

It’s amazing just how wrong people like Ann Coulter, Pat Buchanan, and Steve Sailer have been on all these issues…Their mistakes are partly racialism, but more a degenerate nationalism, that ends up sympathizing more with criminals than honest people who contribute to society and mind their own business.

Although my correspondent did not refer to any particular articles of mine, there was really no need. Over the last quarter century, I have published hundreds of thousands of words on the contentious subjects of immigration and race, and my most recent writings take positions not much different from those that I had presented in the early 1990s.

Over the last few years and especially since the election of President Donald Trump, immigration has returned to the center stage of American politics, becoming the primary focus of most right-wing activists and pundits.

I regarded this approach as extremely misguided and counter-productive. Three years ago in the aftermath of the Charlottesville debacle, I circulated a private letter to a couple of dozen prominent figures in the reigning Alt-Right movement, then publicly released it the following year, along with two lengthy columns devoted to similar topics. These three pieces together provoked an enormous outpouring of responses, amounting to nearly 4,000 comments and 600,000 words, with some supportive but the overwhelming majority quite hostile. Those so interested may wish to revisit those discussions and decide for themselves whether or not my analysis has proven correct.


From the time I first became involved in immigration issues three decades ago, it soon became apparent that the overwhelming majority of the strong opposition was racially-driven. John Tanton was the original founder of the modern movement and he had his roots in environmentalism and population control, while Roy Beck, a more recent leading figure, seemed most concerned with the impact of a heavy inflow of foreign workers upon native employment. But such individuals were the clear exceptions. I would say that something like 90% of the energetic core membership of the anti-immigration groups were soft-core or perhaps crypto-White Nationalists, with the movement representing a safe and somewhat “politically correct” haven for once-common ideological views that had gradually become too controversial to directly advocate.

During all of this time, a dystopian nightmare scenario dominated the fears of these individuals, involving the collapse of our stable middle-class society under a massive influx of non-white foreigners, a population impossible to assimilate and deeply hostile to our culture. Crime and social disorder would skyrocket and the cherished symbols of our national heritage would come under fierce attack. Once California and the rest of the Southwest became heavily Hispanic, a secessionist movement would naturally become a powerful political force, possibly seeking to reunite with Mexico.


This sort of apocalyptic vision was indicated by the title of one of the earliest works in the genre, The Path to National Suicide, published in 1990 by the late Lawrence Auster. Over the years, several bestsellers have been produced along roughly similar lines, including Peter Brimelow’s Alien Nation in 1995, Pat Buchanan’s Death of the West in 2001, and most recently Ann Coulter’s Adios America! in 2015. Even figures of the highest academic repute have sometimes voiced similar fears, with Harvard’s Samuel P. Huntington, one of America’s most eminent political scientists, publishing The Clash of Civilizations in 1996 and Who Are We? in 2004.

And whether we take our information from the pages of the New York Times articles or from informal smartphone videos, exactly these long-dreaded scenes of violent disorder and cultural upheaval have now appeared throughout much of our country. But the circumstances have been quite different than any of these writers had predicted.

Over the last few decades, America’s urban centers have been become overwhelmingly non-white and heavily immigrant, with residents of European ancestry these days reduced to less than 35% of the total. But within this national average, some cities are still largely white, and these have demonstrated an intriguing pattern.

Two of the American cities that have experienced the longest and most sustained urban chaos and anti-government disorder over the last couple of months have been Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, and these are two of our cities that have remained the most overwhelmingly white, each in the range of 65-70%. The flashpoint of America’s racial convulsion was Minneapolis, and its city government has now voted to “defund” the local police department while nearly a quarter of its officers have already announced their plans to quit. Minneapolis is another major demographic outlier, still being 60% white.

Meanwhile, whites had already become a minority decades ago in my own state of California, and this shift has been especially strong in the larger cities, with white Europeans probably down to little more than 20% in Los Angeles and San Jose, while remaining perhaps 35% in San Diego and San Francisco. During my younger years, LA had been America’s most overwhelmingly white large city, and over the last half century it had also developed a reputation for especially deadly racial rioting, becoming notorious for the Watts Riots of 1965 and the Rodney King Riots of 1992. But the disorders this time were very mild by comparison, and almost entirely limited to Westside looting by the local black population, now reduced to less than 10% of the total. Unrest in other California cities has been even more minimal in recent weeks, nothing at all like what has wracked so many other American urban centers.

I noticed this same pattern even closer to home when I compared Palo Alto, quite affluent and over 90% white and Asian, with neighboring East Palo Alto, heavily immigrant and working-class, over 90% non-white with few Asians.

For decades my hometown has been extremely liberal but politically rather placid, and this remained the case in June and July, with activism mostly confined to a large (and overwhelmingly white) Black Lives Matter protest march, accompanied by a little minor vandalism. More recently, BLM activists painted a huge visual affirmation of their creed on the street in front of City Hall, and arranged to partially exclude traffic from that block to prevent cars from damaging their design. Most controversially, a portion of their mural honored a militant from the Black Liberation Army, who had murdered a police officer in 1970, afterward breaking out of prison and escaping to Cuba. Local police officers have expressed considerable irritation at seeing this tribute to a convicted cop-killer so close to their own headquarters.

This sort of minor ideological ferment hardly matches the endless rounds of protest and violence in Portland or Seattle, but still exceeded anything taking place in neighboring East Palo Alto, which as far as I can tell has been entirely quiet after a couple of protest marches by local blacks in early June.


The reality of our day-to-day lives inevitably wears away at our ideological frameworks. The long-committed racialist who emailed me had mentioned that he had been living for the last few years in a city that was overwhelmingly non-white and heavily immigrant, and his personal experiences had already caused him to reassess many of his beliefs and assumptions. So when his area remained absolutely calm and peaceful while overwhelmingly white cities like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle burned, he merely reached the terminus of a political road that he had already been traveling.

I suspect that many others in his camp have quietly come to similar conclusions although for various reasons they may be reluctant to publicly acknowledge those facts. Over the last two decades, blogger Steve Sailer has become a hero and an inspiration to America’s burgeoning Internet racialist community for his willingness to address many of the issues so fiercely suppressed in the regular conservative media let alone its mainstream liberal counterpart. Immigration has long been his signature issue, together with the concomitant demographic and social changes, and he has remained one of the highest-profile writers published at VDare, the leading hard-core anti-immigration webzine. A substantial fraction of his regular commenters clearly seem situated in the White Nationalist camp.

Yet over the years I’ve sometimes pointed to an interesting fact that has seemingly escaped the attention of so many of his enthusiastically racialist fans. Like me, he grew up in a Los Angeles that was then the whitest large city in America, with our own San Fernando Valley being perhaps 85% white in those days. He continues to live there, although the white population has declined to less than 25%, now ranking LA as one of our least white large cities. But although so much of his enormously prolific blogging focuses on race, social issues, and crime, as well as the foibles of “political correctness,” for years less and less of his material has been drawn from his own city. I strongly suspect this is because the local LA politics has become so bland and boring that there just hasn’t been much interesting to say.

As we might expect, his traffic and comments surged enormously once the national turmoil began at the beginning of June, but the overwhelming majority of his posts still dealt with the events on the East Coast or the Midwest since the unrest in his own region had been so relatively minor by comparison. All around the country, the visual evidence seemed to suggest that the violent antifa rioters were mostly white while the looters were overwhelmingly black. But America’s huge immigrant population was rather conspicuous by its absence, with some of his commenters even remarking on that point.

Across California as a whole, there were some considerable ironies. For decades fearful nativists ranging from Huntington to Brimelow had suggested that as Hispanics became local majorities, their emboldened leaders might seek to cleanse the state of its public symbols of the 19th century Anglo conquest. However, as I noted in a recent column, events in my state and other parts of the once-Mexican Southwest have actually taken a very different turn.

The original roots of our country were Anglo-Saxon and this heritage remained dominant during its first century or more, but other strands in our national tapestry are suffering similar vilification. Christopher Columbus discovered the New World for Spain, but he has became a hated and despised figure across our country, so perhaps in the near future his only surviving North American monument will be the huge statue honoring him in the heart of Mexico City. Father Junipero Serra founded Hispanic California and a few years ago was canonized as the first and only Latin American saint, but his statues have been toppled and his name already removed from Stanford University buildings. At the time we acquired the sparsely-populated American Southwest, the bulk of our new Hispanic population was concentrated in New Mexico, but the founding father of that region has now had his monument attacked and vandalized. Cervantes, author of Don Quixote, is considered the greatest writer in the Spanish language, and his statue was also vandalized.


Marx famously suggested that all great historical events occur twice, first as tragedy and later as farce. My own appraisal of the heated immigration battles of the last few years has been along similar lines.

Commentary-Unz Earlier in the 1990s immigration had become an enormously important political struggle, with the battle centered in my own state of California. During that period I was extremely concerned about the threat this conflict posed to the stability of our country, as I later recounted in a long 1999 cover-story published in Commentary. However, when the issue returned to the national political stage under Trump, I viewed the situation with detachment or irritation rather than as any sort of serious danger.

The reasons were simple. The overwhelming majority of American immigrants are concentrated in a handful of large states including California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois, and by all indications they get along quite well with their white and native-born neighbors, as I had demonstrated in a long 2011 article. Therefore, I thought it very unlikely that such equanimity would be seriously disrupted by the harsh rhetoric of Trump and his national allies, even if that were magnified by the power of the media and the Internet. And this indeed has turned out to be the case.

For obvious reasons, non-white immigration has always been an issue of paramount importance to the white racialist community. Such individuals therefore constitute the bulk of fervent anti-immigration activists, though many of them might fiercely deny the nature of those sentiments, perhaps even to themselves. But these political zealots may mistakenly convince themselves that the general public shares their particular ideological focus. Instead, I see very little evidence that the immigration issue is of overriding importance to “normies,” except in particular situations when it directly affects their lives in a negative way.

As an example, white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country, with the striking disconnect between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and their own personal experiences probably being a major factor. By sharp contrast, immigration was an especially powerful issue for Trump in a state like West Virginia, which has almost no Hispanics or immigrants of any kind, and whose voters therefore drew their entire understanding of the issue from FoxNews and Breitbart rather than from real life. But political issues that are substantially a creation of media propaganda inherently have less staying power than those with organic roots. I analyzed the political dynamics at considerable length back in 2011, and I believe that all my predictions have been borne out:


So this is the dilemma faced by Alt-Right leaders and similar “nationalist” right-wingers, including many of the individuals around Trump. They have spent the last few years concentrating on a largely synthetic issue that has very little connection to the actual reality that most ordinary Americans see in their day-to-day lives. And as a result, they may have destroyed themselves politically.

Consider an analogy. Suppose that the Alt-Right and similar groups had spent this period focusing on Catholics as the greatest threat to American society, publishing numerous books on the subject and launching websites devoted to the “Great Catholic Menace” while FoxNews brainwashed its ignorant viewers into an anti-Catholic frenzy. Perhaps Trump might have been elected partly running on that platform, but with his victory primarily due to the enormous dissatisfaction so many voters felt at the general state of their country, including their distrust and hatred of the mainstream media and our arrogant and corrupt political elites, with the latter fully exemplified by Hillary Clinton.

Even if elements of such a Trump Administration attempted to implement their anti-Catholic proposals, I doubt there would be much risk of sparking a religious civil war endangering our country. Most ordinary Catholics get along pretty well with non-Catholics, and a little political ranting at the national level would hardly be enough to change that.

However, many Catholics would surely become angry at having been unfairly vilified and attacked and they would naturally gravitate toward Trump’s political opponents. If Silicon Valley were a heavily Catholic industry, many of its executives would regard the noisier anti-Catholic zealots as dangerous lunatics and perhaps begin thinking about kicking them off the Internet, a proposal that bitter enemies of the Alt-Right such as the ADL would do everything to foster behind the scenes.

So as a result, the Trump coalition would have greatly multiplied its political enemies for no good or logical reason. And when some unrelated incident suddenly sparked a national wave of rioting and vandalism by leftists and blacks, many Catholics who might have otherwise have sided with a Trump crackdown, would instead choose to remain neutral, or simply distrust Trump too much to even consider his arguments.

Having spent years on the inside of the white racialist movement, my correspondent provided some additional observations, suggesting that a political strategy so heavily focused on immigration had made it very difficult for the Trump Administration to respond effectively to the violent Black Lives Matter unrest:

I thought about what you said about the anti-immigration movement being crypto-white nationalism. That is completely true, or at least it was until Trump got elected. I have noticed though that the WNs who argue for immigration restriction ended up convincing a bunch of opportunists and dumb people who are not WNs to start seeing immigration as a major issue. They seem to really believe in the stupid race-blind nationalism that VDare was pushing disingenuously.

Look at this from one of the main editors of TAC, who seriously argues that Trump should hold a rally in Baltimore and strong arm corporations into creating jobs there.

People who push this kind of stupidity tend also to be “China hawks,” trying to create a national identity based on freeing Hong Kong and war on Mexican gardeners. Unlike WNs though, they’re not tapping into anything real within the population, and I don’t predict they’ll ever see much electoral success.

I think the triumph of this low-IQ nationalism is why public opinion shifted so rapidly in the direction of support for BLM. Trump and those around him were called bigots for their immigration views, so they overcompensated by being extremely pro-black. Reports were that Jared did “criminal justice reform” in hopes of winning them over. When BLM popped up, they didn’t have any response since they had put so much stock in “Blexit.” There here was thus no elite opposition to BLM, and public opinion therefore went along.

This analysis appears quite plausible to me. The senior leadership of the Trump Administration seems heavily skewed towards ideologues and total incompetents, with its haphazard and incoherent public health policies having already led to the Covid-19 deaths of 150,000 Americans, a body-count that will probably double or triple by the end of the year.

A similarly ineffective response to early Black Lives Matter protests allowed these to develop enormous social momentum, and spread nationwide. Future historians will surely marvel at how the death of a convicted violent felon—quite possibly due to a drug-overdose—in ultra-liberal Minneapolis soon led to removal of so many of our most celebrated American presidents from their traditional places of honor and cast down statues of Christopher Columbus all across our country, perhaps eventually even culminating in the destruction of fabled Mount Rushmore.

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  1. Was the end of this article cut off? It doesn’t seem to reach a natural conclusion with the Mount Rushmore reference.

  2. Nationhood and race is overrated. Yet our immigration policies and classification of life is still based on this aging and outmoded idea.

    It would be better to select a nation based on values and ethics. Contrary to what a lot of people think, values are biologically fixed/inherited to a much greater extent than is commonly assumed. We are just years away from getting a good polygenic score on someone’s ethics, which should be the new basis of organisation as well as one of the key criteria of any sane immigration system.

    A blind racial view of the world is moronic.

  3. Swift says:

    Spoken like a true anti-white and anti-Christian Jew!

  4. did GPT-3 generate this article?

    • LOL: hu_anon, SIMP simp
  5. I always thought that the strongest anti-immigration arguments were:

    1. Leads to a long-term Dem majority, which itself leads to policies unfriendly to middle-class taxpayers. That has happened in California.

    2. Lower IQ of most immigrant groups = large and ongoing burden on the economy.

    3. Cultural nationalism = immigrants may not be as hostile to American heritage as are white liberals, but they certainly don’t have any emotional attachment to Washington, Jefferson etc., who aren’t “our forefathers” to them, so they won’t lift a finger when they are under attack.

  6. Moberg says:

    Police violence isn’t really something that affects Hispanics, and in their community they probably don’t get a lot of “clout” for supporting BLM, so of course there’s no reason for them to be out protesting. They see it as a black issue, not a white vs PoC issue. They have nothing to gain from protesting.

  7. Unz chose to use “Catholics” as a group example rather then his own Jews. Too funny.

    • LOL: VinnyVette, jsigur, Svigor
    • Replies: @Kronos
    , @MLK
    , @ltravail
  8. Tick Tock says:

    I tried to read it but it never made any sense. So was this the claim that if you had enough chimpanzees each with a typewriter and a long enough time they could write all the Shakespeare’s Works. Maybe the article needs to be longer like Polite Intellectual suggested.

    • Replies: @Realist
  9. Anon[328] • Disclaimer says:
    @Polite Intellectual

    This is the first Unz article that reads like a mistake or paid advertising for an immigration think tank. He makes a lot of accurate observations and then just stops.

    I’m guessing his Jewish angle is to be be pro-immigration from here on out. Unz was never an ally.

  10. Just because Third World immigrants haven’t for the most part participated in BLM/Antifa riots, that doesn’t mean their presence isn’t playing a huge role in the downfall of the US. Some 70 percent of both Hispanics and Asians vote Democrat, and the Democrat Party nets about 300,000 votes from Non-White immigration every year. The equation, therefore, is simple: without Non-White immigration there would be zero prospect of the current nihilistic and anti-American Democrat Party taking power, as there just aren’t enough White liberals and Blacks to elect it; with mass Non-White immigration, on the other hand, the Democrat Party is guaranteed a monopoly on power. I can’t speak for anyone else, but my own thinking was always clear on this. While Hispanics and Asians are not as noxious as native White “liberals” and Blacks, they are part of the Democrat coalition and, as such, key to putting the latter two groups in power. And, oh yeah, Jared Kushner is one of the dumbest people alive. So is Donald Trump for listening to him.

    • Agree: Ivan, TheJamesRocket, Robert Dolan, American Citizen 2.0, Daniel H, ltravail, Carroll Price
    • Replies: @Realist
    , @paranoid goy
    , @Ace
  11. Speaking respectfully and in a very general sense, I expected this article to go deeper into a dynamic that Mr. Unz alluded to: namely, a Black/White paradigm that exists perhaps only in the United States.

    Mr. Unz hints at it when he quotes his friend thus:

    I was a fool to believe that immigration mattered, that there was anything in American politics and culture other than the sadomasochistic relationship between white liberals and blacks.

    Unz himself has given at least the impression in previous comments and writings that the only real American racial question might just be Black and White. An HBD-er, respected by Ron or not, would say that Sub-Saharan Africans are uniquely separated from every other racial group on Earth. Even Mr. Unz himself has alluded to, in my admittedly faulty memory, Blacks being somewhat, shall we say, “different.”

    (Note: Even the Black curve contains exceptional people, and most of one’s personal experiences with members of said group have been positive. Big deal. Most humans of any subset are decent people. It’s the averages that matter, and even Ron Unz seems to understand that.)

    So, we have what I thought would be at least part of the Unz philosophy here: that our concerns about immigration are pointless, but that there is a Black/White issue in the United States as there has been for centuries. I think that aspect of this could be delved into more deeply.

    As a Peruvian mason who built me a fantastic stone wall recently said to me, he doesn’t like living in the nearby city, “because of all the Blacks.” I feigned not to understand, but I did.

  12. Dr. Doom says:

    No multiracial empire has ever lasted to make its mark on history. This won’t change.

    No matter who you are, or what you want to be, multiracial empires burn down quickly.

  13. cortesar says:

    Well it took some time but Unz has shown his true face
    Like the other white enemies he is sensing the weakness and thinks it is the time
    to stick the dagger in the back of whitey

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  14. Wally says:

    Ron Unz said:
    “The senior leadership of the Trump Administration seems heavily skewed towards ideologues and total incompetents, and its haphazard and incoherent public health policies have now led to the Covid-19 deaths of 150,000 Americans, a body-count that will probably double or triple by the end of the year.”

    That’s nonsense, and easily shown to be so:

    CV-19 timeline:


    Jan 14, WHO declared no evidence of human-to-human transmission of virus.
    – Jan 21, Dr. Fauci makes this statement about the Coronavirus: ““This is not a major threat to the people of the United States and this is not something that the citizens of the United States should be worried about right now,”
    – Jan 23, At an emergency committee convened by the World Health Organization, the WHO says that the Wuhan coronavirus does not yet constitute a public health emergency of international concern.
    – Jan 28, Chinese President Xi Jinping meets with WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom in Beijing. At the meeting, Xi and the WHO agree to send a team of international experts, including US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention staff, to China to investigate the coronavirus outbreak.
    – Jan 29, The White House announces the formation of a new task force that will help monitor and contain the spread of the virus.
    – Jan 31, Trump bans travel from Wuhan, press cites “experts” claiming it is counterproductive.
    – Feb 1, Florence holds “Hug a Chinese Person Day”.
    – Feb 4, President Trump dedicates part of State of the Union Address to the Coronavirus issue. Nancy Pelosi tore up her copy of this address on national television.
    – Feb 9, NYC holds Chinatown parade with assurances of no danger from the mayor
    – Feb 16, Dr. Fauci says “Risk of coronavirus in USA is ‘minuscule’; skip mask and wash hands”
    – Feb 23, 1st evidence of community transfer within U.S.
    – Feb 24, Pelosi says to shop more: “‘Come to Chinatown … come join us”
    – Feb 25, Mardi Gras was held with few people sounding warnings
    – Feb 26, Pence takes over task force, daily briefings begin.
    – Feb 26, Fauci said: “Travel restrictions become almost irrelevant because you can’t keep out the entire world.”
    – Feb 29, Fauci said that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US public at large, ‘Going to Malls, Movie Theaters, Gym Okay’
    – March 1, just 42 confirmed cases in U.S.
    – March 3, NYC mayor encourages New Yorkers to go to the movies.
    – March 5, NYC mayor rides the subway to assure people it is safe to do so.
    – March 9, Fauci told the country it was perfectly safe for healthy Americans to take a cruise and to hold campaign rallies.
    – March 11, WHO acknowledged a pandemic scale virus
    – March 12, 2020: In contrast to his February 26 remarks, Fauci said that he believed certain travel restrictions have “absolutely” helped with the prevention of the spread of the coronavirus. “I think it absolutely has,” Fauci said. “I believe if we did not do that with China early on …”
    Fauci also called the travel restriction involving Europe a “prudent choice.”
    – April 11, Fauci claimed during an interview with Fox News’s Jesse Watters that it was “in January” when he believed that this was a problem Americans needed to worry about, which conflicts with several of his previous remarks made that month and the months following, including his remarks on the Today Show in February.

    • Agree: ltravail
    • Replies: @Ivan
    , @Bill
  15. No matter which way you turn these days, Whitey is bad and stupid and he has it coming.

    I don’t think the author knows half as much about what Whitey is thinking as he asserts here. The gaslighting does get old. Yet another attempt to demoralize my people. It’s no exaggeration to say that the world has it in for Whitey, and I appreciate that the world has left no doubt about that.

    Whenever you see someone using the term “White Nationalism” but never refer to any other kind of nationalism, that tells you all you need to know. Every attempt to dispirit Whitey will only result in even more righteous anger being brought down on the enemy. For now, the enemy thinks what they’ve been doing will continue until they’ve reached their goal. They are fools.

    • Agree: Neuday
    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  16. MattinLA says:

    Perhaps someone whose signature political victory – Prop 227 – was dismantled by the votes of immigrants and their children, and who received a small sliver of the vote in his last run for office, should be a tad more introspective when politically prognosticating…..

    • LOL: TomSchmidt
    • Replies: @Matt Buckalew
  17. aandrews says:
    @Thulean Friend

    “Nationhood and race is overrated.”

    Well, we’re on the cusp of getting confirmation on whether that’s true or not.

  18. aandrews says:

    “…perhaps eventually culminating in the destruction of fabled Mount Rushmore.”

    That would definitely constitute ending with a whimper.

  19. Kronos says:

    Two of the American cities that have experienced the longest and most sustained urban chaos and anti-government disorder over the last couple of months have been Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, and these are two of our cities that have remained the most overwhelmingly white, each in the range of 65-70%. The flashpoint of America’s racial convulsion was Minneapolis, and its city government has now voted to “defund” the local police department while nearly a quarter of its officers have already announced their plans to quit.

    Couldn’t it be seen as as US cities playing a deadly 4th dimensional game of “hot potato?” (Hot potato is Steve Sailer’s way of describing the black underclass as the biggest issue in US real estate.)

    That is, those two cities really don’t want to receive all the blacks being forced out by Hispanics/Latins in LA. After the 1960s those cities and suburbs without a black underclass realized they dodged a bullet (both figuratively and literally.) Nobody wanted to accept the black underclass from the South Bronx, Watts, or South Central. Los Angeles elites realized that no political deal was possible to export them to somewhere else with small white towns and suburbs using NIMBY legislation to hold up that type political maneuvering for many decades. The solution was to import massive amounts of the third world populace to move into the inner city, mainly from Mexico and Latin America. These people were desperate enough to live along the outer boundaries of black neighborhoods.

    Eventually, the blacks were eventually forced out (like in Compton) by a steady supply of third world cannon fodder, savvy gentrification, and Joe Biden’s 1994 crime bill. Lilly-white Seattle and Portland realize that if third world immigrants are going into LA, blacks are being forced out. (Think about the white liberal urban support for reparations for slavery in NYC and LA. That’s a grand political bargain to pay blacks to leave permanently and free up superb real estate.) I forgot the name of the San Francisco citizen who defined gentrification as “former black property being revalued towards its real market price” but she is correct. Seattle and Portland are big on BLM so they can sabotage/influence it from the inside. Or at least direct it towards another chump city. Many Portland/Seattle elite residents moved away from LA’s black crime in the 1970s-1990s and don’t want their real estate values to crumble a second time.

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
    • Replies: @Lurker
  20. Anonymous[255] • Disclaimer says:

    This country has many problems. Immigration is one problem, but it’s not the only problem. The fact that other problems are flaring up at the moment does not mean we should just ignore everything else. Anyone who says California is doing just fine is delusional. Many white people are leaving the state because of the many problems it has. Of course, I would rather be living in California than Portland at the moment. I would also rather be living in Mississippi than Portland at the moment as well. This doesn’t mean there aren’t racial problems in Mississippi. Many whites who live in Mississippi understand that very well.

    • Replies: @Lurker
  21. The notion that Whites have to make an argument for keeping their own country is absurd. I don’t care about anything except that this country belongs to Whites. Everyone else is trespassing. Our foolish charity has been spit right back in our face, and it’s obvious that it’s every race for itself. Who cares about Hispanic crime rates? That’s not the issue. The issue is who belongs here. The list of people groups who don’t belong here is too long to type out. To hell with this civic nattery crap. America belongs to one group of people. That’s the only argument that matters.

  22. Safenow says:
    @Polite Intellectual

    I had the same thought, that the Mt. Rushmore ending was rather abrupt, and particular. But then it occurred to me that it is a metaphor; a synecdoche. That would make it more generalized, and quite clever, as a conclusion.

    Well, I will respond to this essay, but not right now, because it is getting late. If you are not new to this webzine, and you recall my broken-record perspective on this issue, you already know what I am going to say, as does Ron.

  23. White nationalism as a political movement? Really Ron? Is there anyone beyond LARPing tools like Spencer who ever thought that?

    The only kind of “white nationalism” I see in the real world is a huge number of socially conservative white guys who possess a metric shit-ton of armaments (each) who go to work each day so we can have nice things like food, potable water, electricity, transportation, heat, etc, all quietly mumbling that they’re “fed up with this goddamn shit.” They’re fed up with watching their country become unrecognizable and their cities criminally infested shitholes. The majority of them know by now that voting is useless for protecting their way of life. But the idea that they’re organized in any sense of the word is just laughable.

    I’m not surprised that you have correspondence with someone in Spencer’s circle, but I am surprised that you would, knowing that, take their thoughts seriously.

    • Replies: @ltravail
  24. Massive third world immigration is race replacement/ethnic cleansing and the reason the jewish elite pushed it on our unwilling populace is because they know that hispanics vote Democrat.

    Their plan has basically stolen our nation out from under our feet.

    California is gone forever. Texas, Florida, and Virginia go blue soon. Then it’s over for the GOP and it’s over for white America.

    The jewish elite already brags that they will be able to rescind both the first and second amendments and they will be able to do it at the ballot box if they haven’t already accomplished it through the corrupt jewish influenced court system.

    jews push massive immigration in every white nation on earth because jews are more comfortable in a multi-ethnic society. And jews get VERY nervous whenever they see large numbers of white people.

    Massive immigration is actually a form of genocide as defined by the United Nations.

    Making whites into a hated minority is a way for jews to feel certain that another “holocaust” will never happen… diversity is a means to holocaust-proof the western world to make it user friendly for jews.

    Massive third world immigration offers no benefits to white Christian people. Diversity destroys social trust, destroys social cohesion, lowers wages, causes isolation, increased alcohol and drug abuse, increases crime, chaos, misery, and eventually brings civil strife.

    • Thanks: Ace
  25. You have to be in the top 20% of income earners in Britain to pay more into the collective endeavour of the state than you get out.

    Forget crowding in our cities, paving over our green spaces, cultural adjustments, crime figures, racialised politics, language barriers, arbitraged wages, surplus labour relative to capital, “affirmative” discrimination, a debased national discourse, foreign entanglements etc. etc.

    The vast majority of immigrants to the UK make the current inhabitants worse off, simply because they receive more from the tax and spend system, that dominates Western countries, than they pay in, much more. They are loss making imports and the British nation bears the cost.

  26. Tykebomb says:

    People in our thing have always tried to punch up hispanic crime to the level of blacks. Such is the nature of America, we are a biracial nation. Thus we are easily suckered into POCs versus whites. On top of that we only have one moral narrative and that is to worship Blacks. Is it any wonder we’d fall back into it over immigration? They were too clever by half and thought they could cleave Blacks from the coalition of the ascendant. It backfired, it happens in war.

    But it simply isn’t true that Hispanics would be riding to the defence of the Portland courthouse if not for Trump. Hispanics just don’t vote or get political. They are, at most, a cudgel. One that progressives wield with much skill.

    The history of Latin America is playing out in America now. The whites are fighting one another while the mestizo serfs toil in the background. Do Mexicans so hate Trump they won’t defend statues to their own countrymen? The great men of their catholic faith?

    The true danger of immigration is how it has sapped the vitality out of all of us. We are competing with 8 billion people for 250 million jobs. We have no time to accrue social capital and no volk to do it with. Capitalism is dissolving us and it will dissolve the Hispanics too.

    And there is nothing we can do about it.

    • Agree: ltravail
  27. Richard B says:
    @Polite Intellectual

    Was the end of this article cut off? It doesn’t seem to reach a natural conclusion with the Mount Rushmore reference.

    Nietzsche said that one mark of genius was in knowing how to end things.

    The end of every Ron Unz article proves he’s no genius.

    Of course, the rest of his articles in general, and this one in particular, prove it too.

    I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again, because it’s worth repeating.

    The best refutation of a Ron Unz article is Ron Unz’s website.

    • Replies: @Realist
  28. The article implies, but never gets around to clearly stating, that immigration is a distraction from dysfunctional white-black relations.

    In which case, what would the author suggest doing on that? Or having done?

  29. @Thulean Friend

    A racial view of the world is the cornerstone of leftist politics.

    Identity politics is the full time job of the Democratic Party.

    All of the racial groups have organizations that promote their interests……all groups except for white people.

    And white people are not allowed to organize because…….jews.

    • Replies: @Whitewolf
  30. dvorak says:

    The meekest political movement and the meekest demos in Western history – legacy White America –

    ought to have been meeker?

    That’s the considered view of both Unz and Yarvin.

    Another view might be that Jewish hatred of Ameleks/generic Anglos is completely out of control, and they will demonize anything that we do, however meek, or say, however meekly.

  31. Richard B says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Nationhood and race is overrated.

    Tell that to China and Israel.

    As for the rest of your comment.

    A lot more of this,

    might help you with this.

  32. Chris Moore says: • Website

    Race is only relevant to the extent that the different races have different levels of understanding of the primordial Serpent, as epitomized by the anti-Moses, anti-Christ “Jew.”

    White/Western Christians have (had) a deep understanding of the Serpent. Non-white/non-Western populations less so. Asians have high IQ’s but little understanding of the Serpent. This is how “Jewish” Marxism easily overtook China.

    The high IQ British/WASPs empire seemed to have had a deep understanding, but their Serpent-corrupted leaders have decided for them that this understanding is to be eliminated. They need their subjects to be easy marks, like the Chinese were and are. Capitalism/Imperialism has devolved into crony-state, quasi-Marxism.

    The reptilian-brained Serpent believes existence is all about satisfying base appetites. This will ultimately devolve humanity into snakes, easily ruled by the the Serpent.

    So long as there are people wise to the Serpent walking the earth, its reptilian rule agenda is in jeopardy.

    Don’t for a second believe all of this dumbing down of awareness of the Serpent is going to end well for humanity. In fact, it will end humanity.

  33. Max Parry says:

    White Americans do not constitute a nation by any sociological definition. A nation is a people with a common history, territory, language, religion, culture, etc. White Americans immigrated from different periods and different parts of the world. There are white Americans who do not speak English, even whole neighborhoods like the Poles of Hamtramck, Michigan.

    • Agree: GoRedWings!
  34. So Mr Unz’ conclusion is that non-White immigrants are not the problem, Blacks and their White sympathizers, either of the Antifa or Liberal persuasion, are.

    That may be true, but he misses the point of WN objection to non-White immigration. It is all about identity, but since in our PC world that argument cannot be made (because that would be “racist”), WN hide their objections in proxy agruments: non-White immigrants will bring crime and corruption into the country etc., etc..

    When it appears that that is not the case, Unz calls the WN movement “politically bankrupt”, not understanding or not wanting to understand that in our present climate WN have no other choice than resorting to proxy arguments.

    Frankly speaking, people prefer to live among those who have the same identity. That is normal for people of all racial or ethnic backgrounds, therefore also for Whites. For non-Whites that is not only accepted but actively encouraged, but only in the case of Whites it is demonized (always compared to “Nazism”).

    WN should be wise to break the taboo and openly speak about their identity interests. Even if all non-White immigrants become model citizens, if they become the absolute majority it means the end of White America (and White Europe and White Australia) and that means the death of a people.

    For a wealthy rootless cosmopolitan like Mr Unz that may not be a frightening prospect, but he should have the empathy that for millions of Whites it will.

    The wish for ethnic survival is not “Political Bankruptcy”.

    • Replies: @Dumbo
    , @ltravail
  35. A Jew dislikes White Nationalism, who would have thought it?

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @iffen
    , @Chrisnonymous
  36. So-called “White Nationalists” are identical functionally to the SJWs of the left. Both are the useful tools of the Jews. Like the “right” and “left” in general, they work as the right and left arms of the Jewish body to destroy all traces of beauty and good on this planet.

    The main purpose of the right-wing “White Nationalists” is to support the “USA” (et al) and military-worship, and to demonize, attack, and threaten any nation which exists outside of Jewish control. The main purpose of the left-wing SJWs is to keep the homefront in line, and to preach the merits of negro-worship, sodomite-worship, and Jew-worship, by force if necessary.

    Both sides work in tandem to support the Jewish war on our world. But of course, the individual members of these groups are robotic, low-IQ NPCs, too stupid to understand that this is what they are doing. Much like the allied soldiers of WWII.

    • Agree: jsigur, HeebHunter, ltravail
    • Replies: @HeebHunter
  37. Jesus Christ Ron, you are quickly orbiting into Fred Reed levels of propaganda and gaslighting. “It’s just those bad ol’ Antifa brats. Pay no attention to the army of minorities following them around during the mayhem”. I wonder who ‘talked’ to Mr. Unz and what dirt they have on him.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @BL
    , @Stan d Mute
    , @Truth
  38. notsaying says:

    Immigration is a huge issue for America for lots of reasons, including the reasons mentioned here:

    “John Tanton, the original founder of the modern movement, had his roots in environmentalism and population control, while Roy Beck, a more recent leading figure, seemed most concerned about the impact of a heavy inflow of foreign workers upon native wages.”

    Immigration would be a huge issue if all the immigrants were white. You do not have to be a racist to want far fewer newcomers to come here.

    That immigrants may be nice people who don’t riot is not the point, it seems to me. I find it a source of regret that racial motives are what make people advocate for less immigration. I want us to make the needs of American citizens our #1 concern. I think a lot of average Americans would agree with that.

    • Replies: @New Dealer
  39. ziggurat says:

    IMO, the anti-mass-immigration sentiment is more about jobs than race. Trump also campaigned on fixing the trade agreements, for the purpose of supporting jobs.

    From the year 2000 to 2015, the foreign-born have been used to fill 59% of all jobs in the USA. Immigration has never been higher.

    Trump recently announced reductions in immigration in order to protect jobs.

    Americans are embarrassed to come out and say that they want their jobs protected, because we’re always told that makes us wimps who are afraid of foreign competition.

    I recall that Democratic politicians used to tout the greatness of American workers in campaign rallies. They used to say that with a level playing field, Americans can compete with any workers in the world. However, the applause from the crowd became increasingly muted, as no one really believes we are so great the we can compete with people making a dollar a day in the 3rd world.

    To the extent that immigration resistance is related to race, it’s more about cultural change that may permanently change the political direction of the country. In the 1970s, 2/3rd of Latinos vote Democratic and in the 2010s, 2/3rds of Latinos still vote Democratic. And Asians vote 3/4ths Democratic. And this is true, even as politics has moved leftward.

    What does this mean for how the Constitution will be interpreted? Free speech? Gun rights? What does this mean for taxes and wealth redistribution?

    Also, if there’s so much anti-white sentiment now, with whites at 59% of the population, what will it be in 20 years, when whites are less than 50%?

    There is currently a waiting list of 14 million for the Diversity Lottery (a.k.a. Green Card Lottery), but there are only 50,000 green cards awarded each year. A Gallup Poll found that about 160 million people in 3rd world countries would like to come to the US as their first choice, with as many as 500 million more would come to the US, if not able to go to their first choice.

    Right now, we let in 1 million legal immigrants per year (and about 400K illegal immigrants). But people like Paul Ryan want a “willing worker, willing employer” approach, which would be basically unlimited immigration. Of course, the Democrats would love that too. And so would big business. Even many smaller businesses would love that.

    Our county is disunited enough as it is. I can hardly see how adding more diversity will unite it, especially when there’s almost zero cultural qualification for entering the country. As long as you’re not a known terrorist, welcome all!

    Once again, we actually have something called the “diversity lottery”, because apparently, we’re still not diverse enough. What is to stop the Democrats from raising the “diversity lottery” from 50K per year to 1 million per year? Why not? More diversity is always better. What are you, a racist?

    • Agree: ic1000
  40. So basically Ron is saying the right didn’t get its priorities right and even worse got its Wurst and Butter stolen by the left.
    With Wurst meaning good wages and Butter the environmentalism.

  41. utu says:

    “…the Watts Riots of 1968…” – Should be 1965. There was no riots in LA after MLK assassination.

    “…Junipero Serra founded Hispanic California and a few years ago was canonized as the first and only Latin American saint…” – Latin America including Mexico has many saints. Junipero Serra is the only Hispanic or more correctly a Spaniard who earned his sainthood by his activity on territories that are currently part of the USA.

  42. Anonymous[317] • Disclaimer says:

    Massive mestizo immigration brings with it its own difficulties – which are quite separate from the pathologies due to American blacks.
    For starters, the poor economic performance, low productivity and low earning potential strongly points toward an economically backward future for the USA. The 2008 financial crash was, perhaps, a foretaste of things to come.

    And another, fraught, point. One can observe from afar the ridiculously elevated rates of murder which characterize Mexico and central America, the regions where these mestizos mostly originate from. It is fair to say that in their home nations, free of the influence of aliens, their real unexpurgated character is given free rein to express itself – what you see is the real deal. The implication for the USA of the future is obvious.

    • Agree: ThreeCranes, ruralguy
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Bragadocious
  43. Toasty says:

    You are totally focused on riots. So what if the immigrants are peaceful for now?

    I am more concerned will the loss of identity and political self determination.

    I do not want to live according to the voting whims of “peaceful” Hispanic immigrants.

    • Agree: ruralguy
    • Replies: @Anon
  44. Anon[793] • Disclaimer says:

    The fundamental problem is that life in Mexico isn’t very peaceful. There’s nothing inherent in Hispanics that makes them peaceful. Mexico has a long history of violence and uprisings.

    The only reason the Los Angeles Hispanic community is more peaceful than the Hispanics in Mexico City, is because white US cops are a heck of a lot better at jailing perps than Mexican cops. US cops are more likely to get the job done, and US cops are more intelligent at investigating crimes. Most importantly, US cops don’t routinely take bribes to look the other way when crimes are committed the way cops do in Mexico. Los Angeles benefits from the fact that we have a higher proportion of Hispanic criminals in jail where they belong so they aren’t free to prey on the community.

    If Los Angeles had Mexico City’s police force, Los Angeles would have Mexico City’s crime rate and violence. There’s no genetic difference, and very little cultural difference between first generation Hispanic immigrants in the US and native Hispanics.

    It’s white cops who feel obligated to keep law and order that makes our Hispanic immigrants behave. It’s only gracious to give credit to the people who actually risking their necks trying to keep society from falling apart.

    A rich man in Mexico City would need to hire a private security team to keep safe. He’d be in serious danger of being kidnapped and held for ransom. If a rich man can walk alone on the streets of Los Angeles and be safe, it’s because of Los Angeles cops.

    Look at Seattle before the riots. Look at Portland before the riots. They were pretty peaceful, civilized places before the riots, weren’t they? But then the city leaders told the cops to stand down and hamstrung them, and BAM, solid riots. They look pretty violent now.

    Humans everywhere have a certain propensity for violence. Cops are the lid on the pot of violence that keeps it from boiling over. If cops do their job badly, we get violence. If cops do their job well, they keep it down–never quiet–but down. That’s the best they can do when voters don’t want to execute criminals anymore and lower the percentage of sociopaths in the population.

    • Replies: @jay
  45. I don’t personally know any white nationalists, but I know many people who believe that more strict enforcement of existing immigration laws would benefit everyone who wants more collective bargaining power for fairer wages and worker protection. Several of these people happen to be 2nd and 3rd generation legal immigrants from Mexico who remember Cesar Chavez making the same point.

    And really, very little of this situation would change if the influx was from Canada rather than south of the border, although it’s hard to imagine maple leaf drug cartels ruining the sociopolitical stability of the Great White North to the point where the northern US was flooded with Quebecois refugees.

    It seems reasonable to suggest that racializing the issue and overemphasizing the role of white nationalists seems like a tactic of divisive distraction utilized by the very people who benefit most from having a desperate, discontented and disposable worker population — i.e., the affluent class that has the most influence on media and public policy. Tarring all proponents of sensible immigration enforcement with the same brush seems more like a job for someone on the payroll of the globalist rentier class. Call me naive, but I’d really like to believe that this is not Mr. Unz’ motivation.

  46. a) More workers do lower individual wages. This is a problem, especially when industry is already carved out from a nation.

    b) Yes, good people migrate and lazy people don’t. Opportunists do too, but they are always in the mix. Most people want a stable life, and Mexico, with its drug cartels, is not so much that.

    Thing is that, if left to their own, Americans without a net inflow of migrants will have to pull themselves up by their bootstraps at some point, and produce. There is no need for migration, if perhaps a want.

    And what happens to a nation when the most enterprising leave? So America will have a Southern neighbour of lazy discontents – how is that good?

    Importantly, what is the problem within American society, that immigration is solving?

    There must be a reason to change society beyond what nature throws at it. Why? Humans suffer change, so imposing it through Libertarian open borders is adding to suffering – at least without a decent reason.

    Sometimes it is necessary. Native Americans aside, settling 9m sq km of land required like-minded migrants – just too much land for 100 folk to plough. But where is this reason now?

    The other issue is that – rather than accepting the ‘homeless’ into your home, why not build them homes? The US destroys homes on its continent, so if it stopped – and maybe even became a force for good – people wouldn’t leave their nations, and build homes there instead.

    That is really the big issue – people in countries left alone, free from war, don’t often want to run somewhere else. Somewhere else is always alien to humans, and they would mostly rather stay where they are.. unless forced.

  47. Anon[295] • Disclaimer says:

    Well sometimes you write a lemon.

    • LOL: GoRedWings!
    • Replies: @Rogue
  48. Arguably the biggest problem with white nationalism/white identitarianism is that it’s an elitist movement that is strongly opposed by elite whites. Rich, successful whites are quite happy with multi-culturalism and globalisation because they are making good money out of it. This sea change in attitude among elite whites is largely due to the shift from explicit imperialism/militarism to Coca Cola imperialism over the last 50 years or so. Chest thumping, tribal white proles who once made good colonial soldiers and pioneers are now a liability to successful cosmopolitan whites.

    If white identity politics is to get any political traction it needs to refocus on those unsuccessful whites who most likely to listen to its message. And in any case, almost any form of explicit elitism is now illegal under western hate speech laws.

    And I disagree about the need for white identity politics. Without white identity politics there is no countervailing force to negative non-white identity politics. Right-wing liberalism and civic nationalism just aren’t cutting it.

    • Replies: @martin_2
  49. Interesting takes. Some points not mentioned. The staggering amount of corporate money pouring into BLM is not charity but geared toward achieving specific ends, and with the rioting, money hasn’t been tapering off, but increasingly. Obliviously corporate boards are approving of how their donations are being spent or they wouldn’t be increasing them. This isn’t a grass roots movement catching on, more like a franchise of Reichstag Fires.

    The incompetency of the leadership, pseudo-left to pseudo-right, is not to be underestimated as critical. They pretend daily to be motivated by their various causes and positions, but are more or less faked as a way to earn a living, unless it directly affects them, or their positions, they couldn’t care less. Thus, whatever shit the media is selling since this is off their perceptive charts and above their intellectual equivalent of pay grade, they’ll take the path of least resistance.

    Trump hired people who think in a way he understands, the bottom line, what will help me. Patriotism and altruism don’t exist in his universe and certainly not in DC.

    Yet this incompetence is like a giant black hole. Tens of millions of jobs are gone for good and neither party has a clue how to bring them back. Its like Marxism (BLM is overtly anti capitalist, anti religious, anti family) vs real corporate fascism which will come at most opportune time after people realize the economy is wrecked and neither party has a plan to bring it back.

    The masters of the Universe saw this coming. Paying off both pretend parties wouldn’t be enough after a 2nd 2008 crash/sequel. They would need to control both sides of revolutionary debates, then adjust so that whichever side gains most support, they will shift backing and support the victor (whom they will own) as seamlessly as neocons switch to whichever party is more likely to back more insane wars.

    In this new environment, opposition doesn’t exist. Democrats can paint slogans of their backers who they also fund, and declare it a hate crime to mare their own street graffiti. They can arrest those trying to defend statues and release from jail those who do destroy or vandalize them.

    Republicans no longer wish to get in the way nationally or as an organized impediment. They have been paid to accede because that’s where the serious money is and thus their survival in uncertain times. Only the military could exert any stability and there is unlikely a leader they would go out on a limb to support to bring sanity or stability back in the political sphere. Most certainly not Trump or any political leader we now see. But our bought and paid for government has run its course and will be replaced soon by some other sham or racket.

    • Agree: Ace
  50. @Thulean Friend

    No. This is dangerously wrong. That is precisely the position of our NWO masters – to exterminate the concepts of nation, nationalism, national sovereignty, and replace them with a bagful of imaginary ‘values’ like freedom and democracy (and poverty and misery).

    This is what NATO is attempting with all its service members, instructing them to abandon all sense of nationalism or loyalty to their homeland and belong to only to the super-sovereign construct of NATO, and to recognize they may one day be engaged in war against their own homelands. Treason of the highest order.

    The Chinese, Japanese, French, Italians and so many more are civilisations more than nations, and rooted in both DNA and culture which cannot be replaced by so-called values. By contrast, the US is a society whose only adhesive is the values inherent in the political-religious narrative. Destroy that, and everything collapses. As I’ve written elsewhere, if France dissolves, the French people are still French. If America dissolves, Americans are nothing.

    It believe Mr. Thulean Friend is a shill for the NWO, and would caution readers to avoid even the contemplation of his recommendations. Nationhood, race, and the concept of individual civilisations are neither over-rated nor outmoded. They are the foundation of humanity.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan, ariadna
    • Replies: @Emslander
    , @Kali
    , @Ace
  51. Being pro-White and a “White nationalist” isn’t the same thing. WN is about an ethnostate. Pro-White is much broader. It could include elements of WN but it could also be a political stance for Whites inside a country that is majority non-White.

    As a White person, the basic question is: are you pro-White or anti-White. Are you racially loyal or a race-traitor.

    How that manifests itself politically will change over time.

    Playing Civilization: the Aryan Homeland addition, is not productive. That’s what guys like Spencer and Covington spent their time on. I guess it gets money and attention?

    Whites will be less than 50% of America in time, that is true. But what may shock many is that that Whites will become more pro-White as a result.

  52. utu says:

    My impression is that your correspondent does not know what really hit him. He realized that the HBDism foundation of the anti-immigration position did not bear any fruits and instead it was derailed to the point of devastation by the BLM movement. What does he actually regret? I suspect that he regrets that HBDism was insufficiently racist anti-Black and did not prepare him to face the dangers from the domestic enemy rather than the foreign enemy.

    But if he concludes that the anti-immigration stance should be abandoned he is mistaken, though he is correct that Vdare and Sailer and their ilk should be ditched. But the anti-immigration stance makes sense and should be built on economic argument and cultural argument and ecological argument but never on racial argument partly because racial arguments in multiracial and multiethnic country are not no longer sustainable.

    Your argument of West Virginia xenophobia vs. San Jose open mindedness misses an important point. You white people in San Joes are suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome where you have to tip toe around Hispanics who have the political power. West Virginians have not been yet acculturated to toe the same line.

    I think you miss the point about Seattle and Portland. Seattle and Portland excel in their BLM protests because they have small black populations not despite of it.

  53. Anon[636] • Disclaimer says:

    It’s time to admit fascist China already won the new cold war.

    • Agree: Based Lad
  54. Anon[324] • Disclaimer says:

    Trump wins 2020 because of the Soros-Deep State riots. Trump probably wins a suprising share of black and latino voting blocs. Ordinary people of all races outnumber weirdos of all races. People want to belong to a nation that likes them, not be a cog a mere marketplace. People certainly dont want police-less anarchy. Dont despair. Their tactics belie their desperation.

  55. BenKenobi says:

    Sanity is not statistical — we White Nationalists are objectively correct.

    I’ll never stop posting this clip:

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund
    • Thanks: Based Lad
    • Replies: @Alden
  56. Opposing immigration, especially illegal immigration, is about assimilation. It is about not hurting the poorest citizens to benefit the rich and the immigrants at their expense. Former middle class jobs, often filled by minorities, are now completely dominated by immigrants, paid poorly, thereby increasing inequality.

    To say opposing immigration is white nationalism is to create a strawman.

    I recently looked at my elementary school year books from 40 years ago in suburban SoCal. 20% were Hispanic, but we didn’t think of them like that. They were just Californians. In high school, we had large numbers from around the world, but they integrated into SoCal. With multiculturalism, they don’t integrate into America.

    Yeah, blacks are a problem. The problem increased with massive immigration that took jobs from blacks and took resources from blacks. Unless we kick millions of blacks to Africa, we shouldn’t make the problem worse by importing millions.

    • Agree: ariadna
  57. Based Lad says:

    Interesting insight. The pragmatic aspect of the immigration concern is the racial conditioning against the European people of North America. Swarthy immigrants may not personally dislike whites, but the introduction of sizeable, distinct, politically active (often consensus based), non-native population precludes a functional republic; one undeniably intended as a vehicle for white expansion and prosperity. The responsibility for the lack of resilience of white American culture falls squarely on our white (and Jewish) predecessors’ utter disregard (or malevolence) towards tradition, but the impact of global anti-white brainwashing places us in a more frightening position than merely losing political power. Honestly though, this black population had the game honked from the start.

  58. I don’t see why being a nationalist in the western world is equated with racism, Nazism and fascism. One is either a nationalist working for his own people, nation and country or a quisling, fifth columnist, traitor working for foreigners, usually to the detriment of his own people.

  59. hu_anon says:

    I was a fool to believe that immigration mattered, that there was anything in American politics and culture other than the sadomasochistic relationship between white liberals and blacks.

    Mora accurately white liberal Jews and blacks. (I know, some Jews deny their “whiteness”, and more extreme WN’s agree with them on this.) Blacks are just the dumb gorilla incited by them to smash things up. Jews were always the behind the scenes instigators and controllers of virtually every American Black (whe have to write it with a capital B now, right?) political movement and activism, at least since the “Civil Rights era”. (With the notable exception of the NOI.)

  60. Daniel H says:

    Ron, to address some of your point: the BLM/ANTIFA up in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis may be sh*theads, but they are our sh*theads.

  61. I hate to sound like a libertarian, but wouldn’t it be good to differentiate which associations are voluntary and which coerced? The law forces us all to not “discriminate” and punishes white people by taxing them to pay for others’ welfare and by various affirmative-action policies. Hundreds of Somalis, say, arrive in Maine and the laws leave the locals with few legal ways to reject them. Shouldn’t both immigration and integration be based on what all the people involved want? Shouldn’t some whites (and blacks and so forth) have the right to say no while others say yes? If there were no civil rights laws, then all cooperation would be voluntary and legitimate. Today, everything is poisoned because mandatory.

    • Agree: Mark G.
  62. A nice white society is the desired condition. Both blacks and alien foreigners are unconducive to that. Both.

  63. Ron, I sincerely believe that years of solitude have warped your intellect. I am sad for this given your impressive early potential.

    We are living within an imploded empire. I fail to see a need to repeat that. Most groups are scrambling for what they can extract from the remains like survivors on a lifeboat at sea. You selectively pick at this group and that group, seemingly from disdain for them and without explication.

    Nobody except perhaps an aspiring arts performer gives jack squat about californication. They have too much on their hands just trying to look out 3mos/3yrs/13years/30 years horizon.

    Unlike you, the mass white population cannot make aliyah or equivalent. Some of us will go down fighting. In which instance, you personally are screwed if the aircraft is unavailable. Say what you will but you and your ilk were never our allies let alone friends. Pax vobiscum.

  64. Anon[771] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do you always bury your head in the sand around hispanics? Are the tacos that good to you?

    • Replies: @Realist
  65. Hamilcar says:

    No sensible observer would suggest their Indian or Chinese neighbors in places like Palo Alto are going to “ransack the neighborhood”.

    But the people they vote for will (Just look at the big cities). And immigrants are never going to support the right regardless of what posture it takes. It’s simply not in their interest, it never was and it never will be. There are exceptions of course but not enough to make any difference and the left was always going to win this game. To suggest otherwise is a position completely detached from the political reality.

    Coastal Liberals and Con Inc. created this crisis and doubling down on “Americanism as an idea” is just more of the same nonsense that got us into this mess.

    There’s still no magic dirt.

    As for Trump pandering to blacks obviously you won’t find many people here that support that but considering how insane the alternative is it’s irrelevant. And nobody with a shred of common sense is buying the Doom-Porn anymore. Covid is comparable to a bad flu season and the lock-downs were a catastrophic blunder (Or calculated sabotage depending on your viewpoint though it’s pretty clear it’s politically driven now).

    The Democrats have made a mockery of the whole thing by backing race riots while enforcing the most absurd and onerous rules (This is after they sent the sick into nursing homes of course).

    I don’t think Trump has handled it particularly well (The optics and politics specifically) but again let’s not forget who we’re dealing with on the other side.

    Ron was one of the hysterics running to hide under skirts from the beginning like Taleb and the end of days predictions now read like farce just like his conspiracy theories about the origins of the virus.

    Ron often has great insights and this site is a terrific resource.

    But this article is silly and it seemed liked it ended out of nowhere too.

    • Agree: Pop Warner
    • Replies: @kerdasi amaq
  66. Roy Cohn says:

    Due to the incoming population bomb in Africa later on in the century, immigration restrictionism and dealing with dysfunction among the black population go hand in hand.

    • Agree: ruralguy
  67. I do not much understand this inane hairball, except that it is bereft of any ecological literacy.

    Carrying Capacity: maximum permanently supportable load
    Cornucopian Myth: Euphoric belief in limitless resources
    DRAWDOWN: Stealing resources from the future
    Cargoism: Delusion that techonology will always save us from
    OVERSHOOT: Growth beyond an areas carrying capacity, leading to
    Crash: Die off
    – from the cover of Overshoot, by William R Catton 1980

    Yo! Never minding the shrinking Arctic Sea that may be stabilizing the Jet Stream — and our friggin’ climate — How much Nitrogen in human tissue today comes from the Haber Bosch process necessary for the production of synthetic fertilizers? How are the fossil water aquifers doing these days? The major fisheries? The ancient forests?… The topsoil? = We are in a fix.

    Does it occur to the author or any readers that what happened to the Fertile Crescent thousands of years ago is now rapidly happening to Ron’s state of residence, California? (Ron, imagine you are in California a few hundred years from now and you kneel down to grab a handful of earth. What will you find in your palm? Rich, fertile loam or sterile, radioactive sand?)

    We have a clear trend. Period. Mass immigration into USA, particularly California, has obviously accelerated this. As such, it is altogether improvident. David Brower’s motives in the 1990s to compel the Sierra Club to take a position on immigration (i.e. population growth in USA) were NOT racial. Alas, David Gelbaum (the secret donor that pumped \$100 million into the Sierra Club on the express condition no position be taken against mass immigration) evidently had some other concern.

    Point is, it hardly matters whether the descendants Square dance or Salsa. Because at this rate life in California is going to be really hard and dry. And when “visionaries” like Jared Lanier (Mr. Who Owns the Future) go on about 3D printing new shirts every day, but neglect what might happen if the faucets run dry, it is pretty clear the boys on the podium are not grounded in the least.

    p.s.. This is not my department, but since White identity is absolutely not permitted by MSM, how can White Nationalism even be close to an explicit movement? That is baloney. It might be implicit among Trump supporters (while Trump seems to enjoy being a lightning rod to attract hatred against Whites and USA). But look what the MSM has done with it all, like HBO’s Plot Against America totally smearing Charles Lindbergh, envisioning (read inciting) race riots, and suggesting assassination… Something else is going on.

    • Agree: Usura
    • Replies: @Oliver D. Smith
  68. Of course predominantly Hispanic cities are not hotbeds of protest. As you yourself point out, they are now the majority in many of our cities. They’re here. They’ve won. Since when do winners complain about the outcome?

    You may not find blondes attractive, but I do. Virtually every dark haired, dark eyed person knows that their genes are dominant and they chuckle when they inform me that mine are recessive and will disappear in the near future. Talk about passive/aggressive genocide. (okay, maybe that should be phenocide)

  69. I don’t really understand the point of this article. I first came to Unz by reading Ron’s account of his successful fight against bilingual education in California. I read this article about that maybe 5 years ago?

    I don’t know about others, but for me it was never about racial or racist feelings about brown people. Or even black people. As a native Californian, I’ve been living in Mexico for nearly a decade and have never had a problem with brown or black.

    That there are differences in the races in attitude and aptitude has become much more crystal clear though. That that fact is being suppressed is the major problem of American life is also very clear.

    When Trump said they aren’t sending their best his statement had a large grain of truth in it. That immigration is depressing wages is another easily verified truth. That blacks are emotional, hysterical anger heads prone to violence is quite easily observed.

    So, I don’t really understand what Ron is saying in this article. He seems to think that everyone who is a nationalist is just a racist who hates or fears people of another color. This is obviously not true at all.

    Finally, Ron seems to think that the Black Lives Matter thing has taken over the country. Um, Ron? No. Some white liberals maybe. Some screaming blacks maybe. Some cowardly corporations and politicians maybe.

    But most people? Not at all.

    This article feels like a mistake. It’s a mistake to conclude anything from a month or two of hysterical idiocy.

    And it’s certainly a mistake to think that I or most other white people are afraid or disliking immigrants, brown people or black people or any people because of their skin color. It’s what they do and how they behave, Ron. It always was that and it always will be that.

    Pendulums swing both ways, Ron. Wait for it. It’s coming.

    • Agree: mark green, RodW
    • Replies: @Redman
  70. anon[153] • Disclaimer says:

    How is Ron Unz’s position which seems to be we should let Hispanics in en masse because they have little social friction with traditional white America but probably keep out many or most blacks because they tend to assimilate to the anti-white sentiment of legacy blacks (see Somali Americans) politically or morally superior to so-called white nationalists who say we should do a total moratorium because:

    1.) even if Hispanic and some other non-white immigrants socially get along with whites, they still tend to vote (at a two-thirds clip) for the anti-white left politicians, and 2.) a complete immigration moratorium IS color-blind while RU’s is pick-and-choose race-based?

  71. The history of Western Civilization is a history of Europeans taking up the latest fads while violently discarding their roots, be it paganism, Catholicism, Protestantism, liberalism, and their historical heritage (white is a color value). Woe to those on the receiving end of their fanaticism. I’ve seen videos of white people vandalizing buildings. Slavery was not only wrong but a huge mistake, and this country is going to continue paying for it.

  72. YeahNO says:

    Geriatric pontification?

    Having escaped the pisshole , last october , all you godless disgraces are currently trapped in , I have recently landed in Serbia .

    I can say that it sure is nice to be walking around in white cities … they are beautiful , clean , women and children and old men playing chess in the parks … the youth out at night walking hand in hand or with a friend , wandering around the city , sitting near the fountain in the park , laughing – they have a strength and a bond , a down home honestly of expression , and the feeling is palpably different than the wretched isolation I almost constantly felt in those trashhole low trust multicultural wastelands called american cities…

    I am still alone , but there is a sense of hope here … yesterday I chased down a 5’11” voluptuous beauty and asked her out … I soon noticed ahe had a ring and backed off , but she walked amicably with me for 10 minutes , inquired about my lemgth of stay and travels , exhibited more femininity in her pinky than 20 of those trashy sluts you share your shit-stained streets with…

    And , I just recalled , yesterday morning , as I munched on a komplat lepinja at a little bakery hole in the wall run by two friendly old ladies , one of the lady’s daughter and granddaughter showed up . The mother of the daughter was probably early to mid forties , thin , blond , olive skinned and quite pretty . She commented on how the komplats won’t make me fat because look at her… I agreed and threw a smile and a funny comment her way… NOW , this woman was married and had a lovely beautiful 7 year old girl in tow , BUT she turned bright red with blush and beautiful shyness at my comment… it was just moving … when was the last time you saw one of your women blush , Ron ?

    Homogeneity matters if you want more than money out life , like , say , nature and humanness …

    Get out .

    This article is bullshit .

    • Thanks: Pop Warner
    • Replies: @YeahNO
    , @SC Rebel
    , @vinteuil
  73. Anon[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Does anyone want to attempt a 400-word summary of this meandering blather?

  74. Jorgen says:

    “The Political Bankruptcy of American”

    You could have ended it right there. America is politically bankrupt because it’s a garbage country for garbage people. Criminal outcast detritus who washed in from Europe because they couldn’t hack it in the homeland. Not surprising that the USA came to be ruled by Jews. What other ethnicity is fit to be crowned King of Garbage besides worthless inbred Ashkenazi shtetl refuse?

  75. Anonymous[289] • Disclaimer says:

    The riots in Portland and Seattle are not racially or politically motivated. The rioters recently had the great joy of having Mayor Ted Wheeler join their ranks. Wheeler is a super liberal with lips on the black tip. How did the white rioters treat him? They called him a fascist, hollered at him and told him to resign.

    A black Portland police officer said many of the protesters hurl insults at him. They make fun of his big lips and nose, call him the n-word and tell him to quit his job.

    The protesters are without goals. They hate everybody. Democrat or Republican, white or black.

    They are in reality upset with themselves and seek someone to blame. They need an object to hate. Someone to blame for their shortcomings. Trump is that object but it seems any person in a position of power will do. They simply hate authority.

    They are young people from broken homes. Unemployed and often broke. Drug issues and relationship problems. They are unable to think or feel like healthy human beings. Loads of homeless youth make their way to Portland every year. We are looking at many of those homeless people. Supremely bored and without goals, rioting has made them and other youth feel alive.

    It won’t translate into democratic votes. The protesters won’t be voting. The democratic party in it’s support of protesters and rioters has alienated itself. Many Democrats are mortified by what is happening. Defund the police? Inner city blacks and Hispanics don’t want that!

    A Jewish media guy from New York recently interviewed a bunch of residents about their thoughts on the matter. White liberals wanted to defund the police for the obvious reasons. Well, the black residents thought it was a terrible idea. Making note of the already violent conditions, how much more so it would be without police presence.

    White Nationaiism, whatever that is, need not act. The liberals are doing a fine job of destroying themselves with their stupid support of lawless policy positions.

    The left wing media and it’s propaganda will backfire.

    And just wait till Trump and Biden are together on the debate stage. It’s lights out for Biden and the Democrats.

  76. @Commentator Mike

    Adherents of globalist ideology would claim that globalism is progressive and favours everybody but my opinion is that corporate globalist imperialism works against all nations, even those western nations traditionally considered to be imperialist.

  77. I have to disagree with Ron here, I’ve been an avid reader of his articles for the last two or three years but I think he misses mark by a good margin.

    Its more important to restrict high IQ Asian and Indian immigrants than a pack of low IQ Mestizos from central America. The Black criminals are even less of a threat. A government could crush them in minutes if it wanted to and everyone would applaud.

    The problem with Asian and Indian immigration is that they replace the whites in high cognition jobs. If it continues, it will get to a stage where whites are simply needed by the Jewish oligarchy anymore. Right now, they can’t afford to simply kill off or completely force out the white population of the US.

    They do most of the high cognition, professional and technocratic jobs like Engineering, finance, medicine, technical work etc. However, if America amasses a large enough pool of rootless and compliant coolie technocrats from India and China, this will no longer be the case.

    The jewish plutocracy would feel much more comfortable with such rootless and amorphous subordinates than Whites, who have a large population base and historical roots in the country.

    The elite is already waging a soft genocide on whites, when they no longer need whites for intelligent labor, it will turn into a hard one, with full Soviet style dekulakization. Instead of enemies of the proletariat, it will be enemies of equality/ diversity.

    Furthermore, even if that were not the case, it makes zero sense for whites to allow high IQ immigrants in the country. Why would you want a foreign cadre of technocrats to rule over you? Why would you want more competitors for your children for well paying professions?

    Mass Asian immigration means complete depowering of whites and their reduction to a coolie class. It will be a future where the best job a white man is able to get is to be a mechanic or carpenter. Law, medicine, engineering? Those are for the diverse and oppressed Asians and blacks(read: groups not a threat to the Jewish plutocracy).

    Then there’s the case of Hispanics…I’ll concede to Ron that its not that much of an issue. They are not as criminal and their low IQ means they’ll never be a credible technocratic threat. These people are mostly powerless and are simply cattle labor for the corporate bosses.

    However, mass migration is still a great economic punch to the heritage American. It lowers wages, destroys unionization, cripples support for welfare services and the glut of labor serves as a permanent downward pressure on wages…in addition to rising inflation as a result of the newcomer’s debt fuelled consumption.

    Amazon outright have apps that map diversity and unionization. The more diverse an area is, the less unionization of labor.

    The US importing hordes of STEM gradates whereas STEM fields have long passed saturation point.

    Thus immigration reduction is deeply popular among Americans of all races, as everyone feels the financial crunch. It is impossible to achieve any sort of middle class society with decent wages, when there are a billion immigrants in tow.

    If Bernie Sanders ran on his anti-immigration and pro labor platform as he did in 2015 and kept away the anti white and black marxist stuff, he’d win the election by a landslide. He would’ve won a majority of whtie voters but the neoliberal class fully captured and sabotaged him

    • Agree: Alden, mark green
    • Replies: @Wade
    , @Redman
    , @Jane
  78. YeahNO says:

    And don’t even get me started on your satanically retarded position on the Covid garbage , with all your materialistic binary reductionism of the human system and its healing mechanisms… scientistic totalitarianism is supercool yah ?

    Covid has not been isolated . The PCR test is NOT TO BE USED for what they are using it for according to it’s inventor . The death counts are manipulated . The recovery rate is ABOVE 99%! Exosome theory is ignored . And the outcome is a global depression and mass starvation , unrest and death like you have never fucking seen… what in the world is wrong with you ?

    Have fun living in the new South Africa … your children will curse your bones .

    Best to get on your knees and pray … then get the hell up , TAKE ACTION for fucks sake … what the hell are all of you doing online running your stupid traps ?

    Everyday I approach people on the street wearing the fucking muzzle and educate them on the alternative explanations … I challenge the orthodox priests here to notice the parallels with the current situation and Revelation and to inform their flocks … I have ready made flyers … not one person I meet doesnt hear the truth…

    Stop talking and get out in the streets … this wont stop until you do so !

    And if you try to force vaccinate me …

    • Thanks: Kali
  79. I judge people base on how much trouble they caused me.

    Guess who I like the most out of all the races in the USA based on my experience living in NYC for 25 years.

    The answer is very easy to come by if you have experience dealing with all the races in the USA.

    • Agree: John Leonard
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  80. Anon[421] • Disclaimer says:

    (have now led to the Covid-19 deaths of 150,000 Americans, a body-count that will probably double or triple by the end of the year.)
    This is like yesterdays headline: “Texas hammered by double whammy of Covid and a hurricane.” It’s hysteria as is the use of the term “body count” from the Vietnam era. Mostly old people died, no big deal, I’m old. Sweden handled things rationally and their death toll is non-existent. Folks like myself and Mr. Unz and countless gifted Whites didn’t have 2.2 children so we are going to a mixed race country for better or worse.

  81. @Thulean Friend

    America has tried this type of bugman civic nationalism bit and failed. So has many Empires in the past.

    Rome, Selucids and the Indian Empires all attempted this civic nationalist model based on vague things like ”ethics and ideals ” and failed. Religious realms like the Ottoman Empire or the Arab caliphates lasted much longer.

    However, the most successful realms in history have been those based on blood and nation. Russia, France, Japan, England China…all were realms explicitly based on and for a core nation.

    I’m really baffled by the neoliberal bugmanism promoted by people like you. What’s the greater point to a country or civilization? Is it just to produce GDP for the oligarchs and collect fat boomer checks at 60?

    This is why American conservatives and ”nationalists ” have always failed, they have no greater aim or transcended goal above comfort and muh clean roads. The true embodiment of the Last man

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  82. gotmituns says:

    Political Bankruptcy
    Faugettaboud politics. The only thing that matters to White people now is the ability to hit what they’re shooting at. Everything else is BS to us now.

  83. Many observers, not least in China, have noted the striking similarities this turmoil bears to some aspects of Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s.

    With considerably fewer deaths, not to mention arrests, internments in “reeducation” camps, etc.

    We seem rapidly heading towards some unknown but probably unfortunate destination.

    Well, whatever “unfortunate destination” China was heading towards when the Cultural Revolution happened is visible today in China.

    I don’t understand the rationale of this article. Because you Americans have internal racial conflicts, that means immigration is automatically not a problem? What kind of logic is that? Or perhaps you are claiming that Americans are like those persons who cannot chew gum and play tennis at the same time? So, to handle one kind of problem, you must simply forget about the other, allegedly lesser, one?

    Anyway, one would think that this pandemic would bring a change of culture regarding the free movement of people between countries, but one would be wrong.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
  84. Jorgen says:

    And with all due respect, Mr Unz, Jefferson and Washington are not heroes of your nation. You are an Ashkenazi, a dysgenic mutant shat out the ass end of eastern Europe, with a family tree shaped like a pretzel. Heroes of your nation are Leo Frank and that Hirschfeld guy who invented sex reassignment surgery.

    • LOL: Angharad
  85. Some things here seem confused to me

    The core of anti-immigrationism, rhetoric aside, is that immigration destroys the economic power of the working classes, and destroys the opportunity to be working class for so many people

    Along with this there is a pushing aside / supplanting of the local, more ancient, more European culture, as immigrants with more tribal attitudes take over sectors of society

    The crime and social disturbance by migrant arrivals, is a distant third issue, tho highlighted in rhetoric for obvious reasons

    It is not so doubted that one ‘gets along’ to a degree with many migrants … but the culture is nonetheless no longer what it was, and it is an immense tragedy that common working people can no longer easily enter into and keep a middle class life, and also live in a culture in which they are fully at home

    Karl Marx himself said induced migration is an oligarch plot to damage the lives of local workers, tho leftists today generally like to ignore that

    • Agree: ariadna
  86. Bruno says:

    Racialist are in the same situation that Christians in the three first centuries of our era or like atheist in 13th century Europe.

    Their belief, as you noted yourself, is an extremely dangerous one, first for them. So the fact that they would concentrate on geography, culture, country of origine, and not only race, is not a foolish strategy. Besides, WWII and 3D Reich, and it’s later exploitation, have made all conversation about race or eugenics almost criminal , and the subject is pure taboo.

    But science, like Reich or Plomin work, are on the side of showing that the we are the product of immigrants and differences in groups are less important than difference among individuals, are at least as contentious beliefs in regard of science as they are self-evident in regard of the main-stream.

    Very recently, Sailer has refocused on Blaxk and Jews : the black crime being at least 10 times higher than the white crime. After 2 centuries of co-habitation. And the 1,5%-2,5% Jewish being 35% of billionnaires. In Uk, jews have an average wealth theee times higher than Episcopalian and in the top 0,1%, they are also 25 times over-represented meaning their share on social, economic, political and cultural decision is crucial.

    New high-IQ communities likes Brahmins are developing even a fiercest anti-whiteness rhetoric than Jews with extraordinary success. Also new violent low IQ groups like Somalian join Pakistanis and Hmongs to create violent exploitative neighborhoods and some bring their violence to the political sphere.

    So by ans large, the racialist idea have been confirmed :

    a population with an homogeneous dna background creates a better place to live for all of its habitants.

    The diasporas, even if they can create happy multi-culti small neighborhood in some big cities , always become destructive forces, as either (1) parasitic forces eating a bigger share of money and power while developing an hyper-critical discourse against the host, either as (2) low IQ people creating spots of third world environment and with disgusting violence against white people, in particular rape against white young women, like in Rotherham and everywhere in Europe.

    There is also a plethora of social work showing that communities become less involved in the common Good when racial diversity grows.

    The problem is that the message can never be out. Even for
    Floyd, only a minor Christian fundamentalist channel like Oann has been speaking about the race differences in crime. The most alt right guy at Fox, Tucker Carlson, is always race neutral being very carefull to have a message only on culture and never on race.

    The alt right is so surveiled and controlled, like any political movement that could shake the base of current society organisation and values, that there have been many rumors that many people giving a voice to alt-right or belonging to alt-right – no names – are in fact collaborators of the CIA.

    The logical conclusion would be that as science – genetics, medicine and social sciences – is leaning more and more in the side of racialist, racialist don’t constitue neither a cultural movement, nor a political force. They don’t have any power.

    Like feminists in the 70ies, think about those around Gloria Steinem who was working both with KGB and CIA, the few believers have to swim very muddy waters and handle many Judases.

    If they are feared like Christians in the first centuries, they are in fact more like atheist in 13th century. Very few people and fewer still wanting to die for their ideas.

    Racialists are like some rare university teachers in the 13th century who, while being secret atheists, would have to participate in a fierceful debate to choose the next provost, either in the rank of Dominican or Benedictan. And the extremes wanting a Franciscan. Not that they aren’t practical differences among those 3, but they look pale compared to the atheist inner true worldview.

    But yet, the renaissance would arrive two centuries later …

    • Thanks: mark green
  87. “Perhaps Trump might have been elected partly running on that platform, but with his victory primarily due to the enormous dissatisfaction voters felt at the general state of the country, including their distrust and hatred of the mainstream media and our arrogant and corrupt political elites, with the latter fully exemplified by Hillary Clinton.”

    This is why H.R.C. ‘lost’?

    “And it’s deadly. Doubtless, Crosscheck delivered Michigan to Trump who supposedly “won” the state by 10,700 votes. The Secretary of State’s office proudly told me that they were “very aggressive” in removing listed voters before the 2016 election. Kobach, who created the lists for his fellow GOP officials, tagged a whopping 417,147 in Michigan as potential double voters.”

    And why D. J. T. will ‘win’ in 2010?
    “In 2016, no fewer than 5,872,857 ballots were cast—and never counted.
    Does it matter? In Detroit, 75,355 ballots were never counted because of 87 broken scanning machines. And Trump supposedly won Michigan by 10,700 votes — really?
    And, no fewer than 1,982,071 legal voters were denied the right to vote. Told to get the hell out of the polling station. Can you guess their color?
    Add it up. That’s at least 7,854,928 legitimate votes and voters tossed out of the count.
    So God Bless America. By the way, these numbers are from the raw data supplied to me by the US Elections Assistance Commission.

    • Replies: @Anon
  88. Alvin says:

    In the deep south, Whites and blacks get along just fine. No systemic racism.

    There are 10-15 problem areas, Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis, Austin, Chicago (not black South side), NY (Manhattan, not Harlem), Nashville, DC, and a few others. Mostly White cities, sections or daytime hangouts of blue cities.

    I don’t understand much of your essay. Whites in California, as compared to other Whites, didn’t vote less for Trump by 20-25 points because of immigration and any perceived hostility by Trump to minorities. They would have voted the same regardless of who the Republican candidate was. The White people still living in California – the ones who haven’t left for more family-friendly and affordable places – are liberal millennials working for high-tech and social media companies and the True-Believers. They are more left-wing than ever. Nothing to do with immigration.

    Besides, most blacks are not on board with the BLM agenda or with defunding the police. More blacks than are willing to admit will vote for Trump.

    Your comment on Covid was unnecessary and wrong. Do you really believe 150K died FROM Covid as opposed to WITH Covid (or not) – the elderly and sick nursing home and assisted living people who compromise the overwhelming majority of deaths and who would have died in 2020 anyway, the misreported car and motorcycle accidents, the slip and fall deaths, the metastasized cancer patients in hospice care, the drug overdoses (Floyd), heart disease and stroke patients, and many other misclassified Covid deaths – all for political and/or financial reasons. Come on, Ron, give it up. You’re sometimes too smart for your own good. Hardly anyone died from a common cold virus who was not already dying.

    • Agree: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  89. When the riots began with lootings Target it was blacks in Minneapolis. In the early 80s there were very few blacks in Minneapolis and what happened there could never have happened.

    Immigration will lead to the Democratic Party having a virtual electoral lock, and that is the reason we are seeing unrest, because the indisputably corrupt minority pandering Democratic party has a very destructive effect on the country, including insouciant, third-world California. The stupidity of the sort of people who were hangers on of Richard Spencer is really not an argument for anything. It’s true that the outposts of New England settlement that remain in America have very strong tendencies towards radicalism. It’s true that there’s a core of hard-Left whites in America, ancestrally associated with sects like Unitarianism or the Quakers, who have tended towards prosperity and hard-Left politics. This group has typically allied itself with non-Christians and non-whites in order to aggrandize itself.

    The Jews have strongly supported these riots, Trump in particular has done practically nothing except pay lip service to law and order. He’s having Barr take the blame for his policy of letting it happen, and someone like Andrew Anglin happily plays along with it. Holding white America hostage, “Vote for the Zionist or else” may not work as an election strategy (Kushner got rid of the people who knew how to communicate with white Americans and none of Trump’s promises to his voters have been taken seriously), but it is the attitude of these Jews who dominate the Trump administration.

    The idea that opposition to immigration is somehow a problem, when without immigration these politicians favoring the radical Left would have no chance of electoral success whatsoever, just sounds like confusion or perhaps some sort of appeal to the people who want to shut down your site.

    I suppose if someone has no appreciation or understanding or sympathy for pre-1965 America, no understanding of the national sentiment of American whites, no understanding of what is lost when non-whites invade formerly white territories, then immigration is a non-issue. States based on European civilization and inhabited by those whose ancestry comes from Europe will not maintain their national cohesion and identity if immigration continues as it has.

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  90. @Thulean Friend

    If values are, as you state, “biologically fixed/inherited to a much greater extent than is commonly assumed”, how then can you state that “a blind racial view of the world is moronic”? Those two statements seem contradictory to me.

    Furthermore, “select a nation based on values and ethics” seems a self-contradictory statement. Nations are ideally just ways to organize the world at the many places that comprise it. There is no higher power that cancels nations for lack of “values and ethics”. And you cannot select the “best” individuals in the planet to live in your nation at the expense of other places which supposedly also need them. I don’t see how that would be “ethical”.

    • Replies: @Thulean Friend
  91. Future historians will surely marvel at how the death of a convicted violent felon—quite possibly due to a drug-overdose—in ultra-liberal Minneapolis soon led to removal of so many of our most celebrated American presidents from their traditional places of honor and cast down statues of Christopher Columbus all across our country, perhaps eventually culminating in the destruction of fabled Mount Rushmore.

    No, the Chinese historians documenting the decline and fall of the USA will describe a people with debauched values and mores, a debased currency, and a need to import foreign tribes to do the work and fighting that Americans wouldn’t do. It was history as Rome, it is farce as America.

  92. Anon[398] • Disclaimer says:

    another joke from Chinese netizens:
    Why this BLM mess in USA? If USA has widespread e-payment like China does, Floyd would have paid the seller 20 bucks via cell phone, seller wouldn’t call the police, police wouldn’t kneel Floyd neck, no video could be taken, no anger, no BLM.
    Why USA don’t have widespread e-payment? Because the mobile network infrastructure is not fully in place.
    Why infrastructure is not in place to support? Because those telecom towers are really expensive.
    Why those towers are expensive? Because Trump banned Huawei.
    Alas, karma.

    • Disagree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Chet Roman
  93. The Mission San Gabriel in Los Angeles was burned and one of the employees there refused to condemn the act. So I can’t see how Los Angeles is claiming to be immune from the ideological vandalism.

    These riots are in fact Anti-Catholic, Anti-Christian riots, and that fits with the heritage of the radical dissenter Protestant strain of settlement in the Pacific Northwest and in the northern part of the country generally.

    Fundamentally, these riots are anti-Christian, anti-“white” riots, in the sense of Anti-Catholic riots. Not against what remains of institutional Catholicism, but rather, against the PAST of Catholicism, and those descended from that past. You may say: but the South, the evangelicals, the Founding Fathers were not remotely Catholic!

    Indeed, but from the perspective of the Puritan and the Jew they are “close enough.”

  94. White America is on its way out as each passing day reveals it to be true. Without the incessant portrayal, in every facet of commercial media, of Whites as the devil incarnate this would never be a reality. Commercial media. Allow me to spell that again, (((commercial media))).

    • Replies: @Bernie
  95. Tucker says:

    There is something that is almost supernatural, and not of this world – about the jewish view of the world around us. Every jew seems to be infected with this bizarre mental condition whereby they will craft the kind of verbal linguistics that are like this paragraph below, wherein they will describe in crystal clear detail what is actually now happening and then flip it around and try to use the truth of the matter they just described as a means of trying to belittle, discredit, and disparage the concerns of whoever they are attempting to debate.

    Oh, and by the way. Did anyone besides me notice how Ron Unz conveniently neglected to mention that one of the main reasons why most of the biggest cities in California are relatively calm and not experiencing the same level of rioting, looting, chaos and BLM induced violence and unrest – is because the Hispanic population in those areas have been waging a relentless campaign of ethnic cleansing of blacks out of most of those large cities? News accounts that detail this ethnic cleansing of areas in California that were once heavily black are not difficult to find online.

    A example of Chutzpah on steroids:

    “During all of this time, a dystopian nightmare scenario has dominated the fears of these individuals, involving the collapse of our stable middle-class society under a massive influx of non-white foreigners, a population impossible to assimilate and deeply hostile to our culture. Crime and social disorder would skyrocket and the cherished symbols of our national heritage would come under fierce attack. Once California and the rest of the Southwest became heavily Hispanic, a secessionist movement would naturally become a powerful political force, possibly seeking to reunite with Mexico.”

    • Agree: Saggy, kerdasi amaq
    • Replies: @Saggy
    , @Truth
    , @HeebHunter
    , @Anon
  96. Bruno says:

    Imagine some racialist wanting to do an antifa-like spectacular action and contacting, let’s say Sailer, to get some practical insights.

    Given the state of forces, Sailer choice would be either risking being held an accomplice or reporting the people to the police. And thus, collaboration with authorities would naturally be part of the routine. No shame in it. It flows from the current state of affair and the intellectual not wanting to be a martyr.

    In contrast violent antifa contacting one of the multitude of antifa professors, at an underground meeting, would have much lesser chances of being reported. I guess it’s more like 99% versus 1%.

    So with no window in the medias, with political action being extraordinarily dangerous – think about the problems Miller got for mild emails in government and just the Tucker Carlson staffer in an obscure JD admission forum – the ideas discussed haven’t been tested on the general population. They have failed to be disseminated. But they have neither been rejected nor proven false or impractical.

    The alt right is not a failed program. It’s a dormant program. And the media and authorities see it like dormant monsters they are constantly monitoring.

  97. wesmouch says:

    What has made the West and America successful is the acceptance of certain principles such as the rule of law, fair play, respect for individual rights, judicial due process and respect for institutions. These concepts are largely inherited from John Locke and the English founders of this country. Because we have been surrounded by this, we assume that the rest of the World operates on the same parameters. Nothing could be further from the truth. The West is the exception and the World is largely a sea of corruption and lack of respect for human rights. Assimilation in the US has meant having immigrants accept these principles when they come to this country and agree to abide by these principles. This was easier when they shared a common Western European background. It started to fray when the US accepted large numbers of Jews in the early twentieth century. Many of them were extreme radicals and lacked respect for the Western values and in fact looked at the West as a rival that needed to be destroyed. Bolshevism and Cultural Marxism are two Jewish movements designed to weaken the West. Jewish groups then lobbied hard to pass the Hart Cellar immigration bill in 1965 which was designed to further weaken the West by importing large numbers of people who did not necessarily share the values that made the West successful. We are in the throes of this experiment and multiculturalism and an expanded underclass will mean that the US will become more like a third world country. It is only natural that white people organize to preserve their own interests. How this ends I am sure no one knows but the prosperous country with a large middle class that you knew as a child is long gone. We will become more like Mexico City, where a lily white elite control the government by bribes, there is little opportunity for advancement if you are not connected and justice is a concept that is dreamed about but rarely realized

  98. sonofman says:

    Mr. Unz, are you doing a Drudge?

    Your article, as always, is an interesting read. But didn’t you forget the illegal part of the immigration narrative.

    “White” is just a misnomer for descendants of Europeans. There isn’t actually any other descriptive interpretation when in conjunction with nationalist. So the real focus of attack is on nationalism. And patriotism cannot exist without the devotion to a nation. Europeans initiated a slave insurrection, fought a war and created a nation to be free. It is a distinguished legacy, and all efforts to preserve this heritage and the moral reasoning behind the conviction, are justifiable.

    BLM and “race” is being exploited to gain sympathy for an otherwise irrational ideology.

    But the last paragraph?

    How can you make the federal government responsible for the medical and policing policies of a State?

    And would you please explain how a drug overdose could in any way exonerate the brutal control tactics used by the police. What makes it inexcusable is the fact that the police knew that drug influence was involved.

  99. This article is incoherent as much of his writing is. Who do you think hispanics vote for you insipid twit? The same people who are funding Anti FA moron. This isn’t their issue now… but when they start rolling out reparations for hispanics as AOC wants to do as part of this larger movement… well millionaire Unz, you get to pay for itl stupid.

    Do you think any sort of conservative fiscal reality is possible when you import poverty from the third world? But this isn’t the issue here… you seem to think that because hispanics are not rioting you ajre right about something… what that is I dont know.

  100. @Polite Intellectual

    Unz lives in a state where taxes are exorbitant and even candy ass miilquetoast Republicans have no chance of getting elected. And it is majority mnority with an hispanic heavily immigrant population reaching a high percentage. And the moron thinks that this is great? Does he think that the walking poverty of Central America that comes his way is not going to vote themselves welfare?

  101. Ingrian says:

    I’ve spent most of my 36 years thinking about how identity, community, an elite, and ideology interplay as a particularly rootless and itinerant white boy. My parents both escaped Adventism, which severely scared them both. After staying in China from age 18-25 the idea that liberal American values were universal became laughable. Long periods in ultra-down-to-earth Russia and zealous Saudi Arabia further convinced me that the whole post American/French Revolution order is one ship this rat must get off.

    It’s easy for me, I’m from a white minority background, Germans from Russia, that isn’t well represented or established in America. I feel relatively at home in much of the midwest, but even over generations my family never fully integrated. The established German churches looked down at us as dirty russians when we came over, making us easy prey for the SDA.

    White Nationalism is a creature of the scots-irish, other anglo-saxons and so on who are more tied to the American narrative. I feel at best marginal to it, myself. I don’t feel any mutual national identity with the loud thoughtless whites of a southern european background. I realized later in life in retrospect how much of an ethos I share with people from a similar background, how effortless it is to interact with them. Lev Gumilyov was right.

    I used to be a hardcore rationalist ultra-liberal, but why should expression of everyone’s ethnicity be sacred but those particular ones of the ‘dominant’ whites’, which is practically forbidden? As for the dogmatic faith in human reason at the heart of classical liberalism and it’s radical leftist spawn, there are two types of people in the world, those who have fallen in love and those who haven’t. For the former, the ascendancy of human reason is laughable. A fine thing maybe, when it’s not serving as fig leaf for our deeper drives, but no ultimate arbiter.

    That all is a bit of a rambling background for context, but here is my point. The worldview born of the American and French Revolutions is utterly lost in sophistry. It chronically mistakes the contingent for the universal. Perhaps the west is addicted to rationally mastering the universal. The universal is not to be found in conscious thought or human rationality. This fact is embraced in Eastern Christianity, with its apophatic theology, which the west has rebelled from with the hubris of Lucifer.

    I find the expectation that White Nationalism had any chance over the last 50 years to be a product of that confused western milieu.

    Here, I have written something to try do describe how fundamental narrative-based communities are to human life, how they work and how they succeed. How does white nationalism tick the boxes?

    • Replies: @Truth
  102. anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    But although so much of his enormously prolific blogging focuses on race, social issues, and crime, as well as the foibles of “political correctness,” for years less and less of his material has been drawn from his own city. I strongly suspect this is because the local LA politics has become so bland and boring that there just hasn’t been much interesting to say.

    Steve Sailer predicted early in the 2000s that Hispanics would become an anti-white force. He is wrong and doesn’t want to admit it. Hispanic communities are the opposite. In LA County the most normal, traditional American neighborhoods are overwhelmingly Hispanic. In a 90% Hispanic LA community a high school teacher from Berkeley disparaged soldiers in class. There was a huge outcry against him and a demonstration supporting veterans by the community. I don’t think other communities in coastal California would have the same impassioned reaction.

    Not only does Sailer dread admitting being wrong, he is grossed out by the inevitable reality. Hispanics are so normal and traditional and white America is so anti-racist that race mixing between white Europeans and US born Hispanics will continue to be massive and even grow more prolific with the coming generation. The end result of absorption of Hispanics is conversion of white America into a new majority “whitish” racial identity.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  103. Emslander says:

    Okay, Mr. Unz, but please don’t bring in pop-up ads.

    • LOL: V. K. Ovelund
  104. onebornfree says: • Website

    [The great] Harry Browne says: The Immigration Scam: [written 2001]:

    “Arguments about immigration will always be with us. But it’s important to understand that the real issue isn’t freedom for immigrants – it’s your freedom.


    Immigrants will continue to stream into this country, legally or illegally, so long as there’s a Welcome Wagon waiting at the border – offering free education, free health care, free welfare and a free lunch. We need to put the Welcome Wagon out of business, so only people looking for freedom will want to come here.

    Until then, no law, no policy, no border patrol will stop the flood of illegals.

    Whose freedom is at stake?

    Meanwhile, new laws to limit immigration will affect you considerably. You may think those laws will keep America pure, but they will succeed only in taking more of your liberty.

    Think about it. How will the government root out people who are in this country illegally? By checking their papers, of course.

    But how do they know whose papers to check? They don’t. So they’ll have to check everyone’s papers – including yours.

    That means more invasions of your privacy, higher taxes, more corruption in law enforcement. The police will be allowed to stop you at will and ask for your identity card – and to search your property without a warrant, checking your car or home to see if you’re harboring illegals. Your employer will have to take more of the money available for wages and divert it to filling out forms and complying with bureaucratic inspections. The red tape also will add to the prices of the things you buy.

    And all the while, the people you thought you were keeping out will continue to show up to tend your yard and wash dishes at the local restaurants.


    Why should you be afraid of immigrants?

    Is it because you fear losing your job to one?

    You could lose your job as easily to an American who’s more talented, willing to work harder, or willing to work for less. And if your company can’t hire the best, most cost-effective employees, it could lose customers to competitors and go out of business.

    Your security depends most on your willingness to do the best job possible. Until you learn that, you’ll live in fear of all sorts of competition.

    Jobs and higher wages don’t come from restricting the supply of labor – either through immigration laws, labor unions, or government regulation. Better jobs and higher wages come from investments in tools, machines, training, and technology that make workers more productive.

    The more a worker can produce, the more revenue to his employer. Part of that increased revenue always finds its way into the employee’s paycheck because the employer doesn’t want to lose well-trained workers to competitors.

    Immigrants don’t hog the jobs. Their presence increases the demand for labor, and they help to meet that demand.


    Are you afraid American culture will be diluted by too many foreigners among us? Don’t be.

    We no longer have a unique American culture. Our nation has become more and more like the rest of the world – where everyone’s life is run by a government rulebook.

    The non-political elements of our culture – such as music, sports, and fast food – have already spread to the rest of the world. And our political policies – regarding government, taxes, and individual freedom – are already duplicates of the Old World. Our politicians tell us how we should live our lives, imposing suffocating taxes and regulation, and our individual liberties are always sacrificed for the benefit of the Fatherland.

    More immigrants would want to become Americanized if America were the distinctive country it once was.

    Futility of laws

    The arguments about immigration overlook one critical fact: No matter what the politicians say or do, the immigrants keep coming. The volume hasn’t changed noticeably in decades.

    The real changes that occur are the impositions on your liberty. And that’s what you should be concerned about.

    Every new policy will, in one way or another, further reduce your liberties, reduce the percentage of your earnings you can keep, reduce the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

    On the other hand, ending the pretense of closed borders and tight immigration would lower your taxes, restore some of your privacy, reduce the costs of many products and services you buy and increase the demand for your services.

    Freedom is the issue

    Political promises to keep America free of the great unwashed masses are just one more political scam – a subterfuge by which to steal more of your freedom.

    And trying to limit immigration is an admission that the welfare state is a failure.

    It is a confession that America is no longer the most prosperous country in the world – no longer a country so big, so free, and so open-handed that it can accommodate anyone in the world who wants to come here and work to improve his life.

    A free and prosperous society has no fear of anyone entering it. But a welfare state is scared to death of every poor person who tries to get in and every rich person who tries to get out. ”

    Regards, onebornfree

    • Thanks: Bro43rd
    • Replies: @Based Lad
  105. HZ says:

    >As an example, white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country

    True but that is not always the case. For instance in the UK it is the more racially diverse states that vote along WN lines(see brexit). What if the white outmigration from California selected for liberal views. I’m not saying that happened, yet it could be a factor. Maybe I am wrong in this specific instance. I just got a bit allergic to this type of argument. I’ve been told the same story about Blacks, about how “regions that actually have black people living in them happen to be less racist” only to discover that it’s mostly untrue and based on cherry picks.

    There is a lot of truth on how anti immigration views are a facade for WN. Liberal newspapers love to point it out and the same movements deny it. It’s a hilarious charade. A similar dynamic is found, here in europe in anti islam movements. These ideas are currently mostly proxies for pro european nativism and guess what? – they work! If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t be here.

    I don’t think that the anti immigration strategy for the WN type of conservative movement with the US has failed. Yes, there are some costs but there are also plenty of benefits. WNs have been throwing a lot of stuff at the public and it was the thing that sticked the most, so it can’t be all that bad. However I would also like to see things getting toned down a bit, in favor of the currently most pressing issue – tech censorship, breaking up tech giants. Ideally, this would be the Trump2020 campaign.

  106. trev006 says:

    This is a joke, right? The fact is that China Flu most intensely kills in one-party liberal states, and Andrew Cuomo has performed so poorly that he’s open to charges of criminal negligence. Besides which, both the corona and BLM crises are fueled by sponsorship that is “white.” Neither are completely spontaneous phenomena.

    Then again, the fact that so many of the “nationalist” media figures are outing themselves as controlled opposition is surely making the President think he would do better as Caesar. Appealing to useless rejects is simply not worth the effort.

  107. A rambling and incoherent article. Have you been drinking . And why the sudden animus against your main man, Sailer. Isn’t he a civic nationalist anyway?

  108. The article boils down to a very well reasoned argument for open-border immigration to the United States. You are quite right to have noticed, without even mentioning the fighting words “border wall”, that Trump’s showboating political strategy has obviously failed or backfired at a national level. And the reason you give is undeniable: American “normies” can see that their Latin American and Asian emigrant neighbors are quietly sitting out the destructive corporate/MSM-induced racial hysteria that has engulfed so many major cities, even the white liberal ones that have yet to absorb their share of newcomers. Good immigrants should now be seen as momentary allies against what — the blacks?

    Maybe you have inadvertantly obscured an underlying issue. I believe that your selective snapshot of demographic/political change in only the most recent decades puts an undeservedly benign face on the effects of this incentive-driven tide of immigration, which has always been the aim of corporations and the elites that own them and arguably subborn government. Any genuine attempt to stem immigration would have to have start at the corporate and financial level, not at the Rio Grande or the airports. Given the primacy of money & wealth in U.S. politics, of course, that would be MSM 24/7 suicide for any corrupt party.

    And you fail to acknowledge that the one very visible demographic now cynically boosted by wealthy interests to center stage in the melee in the streets naturally gains sympathy because these native-born American blacks have been the biggest losers in the current immigration scenario, just as the native-born American Indians were before being marginalized and packed off to dismal reservations on their own continent. And maybe your political analysis gives short shrift to the hypocritical role of MSM television and newspaper campaigns that can easily enflame a momentary constituency for identity obsessions or any other manufactured issue, however whacky. Well, as long as that distracts from globalism, which disenfranchises everybody equally.

    Those flaws make the article a celebration of one side of the immigration story, the side that tacitly hews to the prevailing elite value, Money, which is not at all in synch with the traditional social values of stability, locus, shared ethos and belonging. For blacks and working-class whites, something has gone lost in your presentation. The Palestinians would probably also understand what I’m driving at.

    For example, some years ago I went to the 70th reunion of the Bronx community where I grew up. That middle-class project was founded in 1941 and was officially segregated, whites only, until 1967. Although it is today a well-tended league of nations that is just 3% white, the residents rolled out a red carpet for us, who once fled en masse, and at least seemed to share our values. Good.

    Not so good is the question raised by the flip-side of your article. Is there still in this “land of the free” any tranquil, familiar refuge where displaced “normies” like those I grew up with, can be safe from giant, money-driven social engineering schemes serially uncorked by privileged elites that are entirely exempt from the every day consequences?

    Around what abiding “values” and social ethos could the ethnic residents of the future melting-pot United States ever coalesce? Even some outback reservation would do for some of us if we could finally be allowed to live our lives as we please and choose with whom we wish to live without phony do-gooder meddling. When will MSM and the corporate money elite get off our case? That’s not multi-culti progressive. But is it somehow racist, nationalist, bigoted?

  109. geokat62 says:

    It appears Ron is very supportive of the ADL’s tag line, Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength.

    Although unstated in this article, the new political falt line is between globalism and nationalism. But before this major war can finally be waged, there has to be a preliminary battle fought between civic-nationalism and ethno-nationalism.

    The cuckservatives, like Charlie Kuck’s TPUSA, are advocates of civic nationalism, where America simply represents an idea. Here, I’ll let Charlie speak for himself:

    ‘I have loyalty to ideas. Of course I love the Grand Canyon. I love the Rocky Mountains. And I love Boston. And I love Chicago. But if all that disappeared, if all I had was ideas, and we were on an island, that’s America. That’s Israel.

    And that’s what people have to realize. America’s just a placeholder for timeless ideas. And if you fall too in love with, oh, the specific place, and all this…that’s not what it is. Israel would be the exception. There is a holy connection to this land.’

    See, goy, except for Israel, the best you can hope for is a civic-nationalist country, where anyone can enter your homeland and become one of you, simply by having a piece of paper in their hand.

    Although ethno-nationalism is still the prevailing ideology in non-Western countries, it has mysteriously been eroded in most of the West. How did this happen?

    To make a long story short, this is predominantly due to the efforts of Jewish Supremacist Organizations (JSOs) that have worked tirelessly to transform the population of these countries into more “tolerant” people. These groups have determined that ethnic homogeneity is threatening to them. They prefer to live in a society in which no single ethnic group dominates (see Prof. Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique for more details).

    They have also come to the realization that nationalism (the ethno variety, of course) was the underlying reason for the Shoah. As a result, the JSOs are determined that the Diaspora would never again be subjected to another pogrom. Here is the mathematical formulation of this understanding:

    ethno-nationalism = fascism = genocide

    So, Never Again! means the best we can hope for is a civic-nationalist homeland.

    Only the Chosen People are entitled to an ethno-state.

    So, it’s civic-nationalism for thee and ethno-nationalism for me.

    Get use to the double standards, goy!

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  110. Jayzerbee says:

    The Watts Riots were in 1965.

  111. Anon[299] • Disclaimer says:

    A tribe (maybe the whole damn village) of Guatemalans moved into my neighborhood. Built an 8’ fence and essentially set up a junk yard with occasional day care as well. They seem nice enough, but why are they here? The kids cost about \$18k a year to educate. Local zoning seem uninterested in enforcement. We are all a little more crowded and junky with a lowered wage rate. Who does this benefit? 20 million more in the last decade?! Imagine that number and all the sprawl to accommodate them.

  112. Robjil says:

    This BLM thing is a MSM creation.

    The “protesters” go after anything that MSM approves.

    It is not a natural protest at all.

    Attacking Cervantes’s statue was stupid, he was against slavery. Cervantes was a slave himself for five years in Algiers. The protesters never studied up on history. MSM is the go to for these “protesters”. As some people have noticed the correct sign for this “movement” should be “Defund the MSM”.

    Returning to Spain after fighting in the Battle of Lepanto and other Mediterranean campaigns against the Turks, the soldier Miguel de Cervantes was captured by Barbary pirates and taken captive to Algiers. The five years he spent in the Algerian bagnios or prison-houses (1575-1580) made an indelible impression on his works.

    • Agree: thotmonger
  113. Truth3 says:

    Mr. Unz, my respect for your work is still what it has been… I’m grateful for all you do.

    But in this one article, you show us your Achilles Heel in all matters.

    You think that 2/3 White population in a city is somehow indicative of White dominance in those places.


    The political leadership in those three cities (Portland, Seattle, Minneapolis) is Far Left.

    The Far Left is controlled by Jews.

    Jews are “white” only as far as they wish to be seen.

    They HATE the true Whites (European descent, Christian, naturally Conservative).



    The Jews use the Blacks, and the Hispanics, for JEWISH TRIBAL GROUP POWER purposes.

    You have obviously decided that you want to at least distance yourself from that TRIBE. Bravo. Welcome to the Human Race.

    Now… Africans are overwhelmingly criminal in a physical way (murders, rapes, carjackings, home invasions, looting, etc.).

    But Africans will never by themselves destroy America. Why? Because the Police would not let them.


    JEWS want to destroy America as it was, and rebuild it as they wish it to be.

    They are about 90% of the way there right now, and intend to finsish the job.


    It’s not about Race.


    I’m a Chess Player… saw this all coming decades ago.

    Tell the Truth please…

    It Ain’t About Race.

    It’s about POWER.




    It’s the Jews, Stupid.

    • Agree: Robert Dolan
    • Replies: @Bert
  114. Your biggest point here seems to be about Hispanic immigration, which was by far the largest influx, in the past years, at least. If your point is that the Hispanics are not as political as some make them out to be based on the “The Race” leaders and such, I’ll just say that Mr. Sailer has brought up this point many times before, especially regarding voting habits. It’s not at all good that California has changed from a place with a huge white majority to one with a minority of whites in a half a century. (To me, the worst of it is that we have lost the most beautiful State, topography-wise that there is.)

    I get it. The Hispanics have pushed out the black people from the cities of California, making them relatively safer. When blacks riots, the Hispanics are not so political correct to take a knee, and will not take any shit from the thugs. That’s good for Ron Unz in Palo Alto.

    The loss of California to America, and the influx of Hispanics to the rest of the country has not been a good thing, due to the large numbers. Many of us still want to live in America, Ron.

    However, as per VDare’s 10’s of thousands of articles, it’s not just Hispanic immigration, but large influxes of “refugees”, lottery winners, chain-migration family members, Amendment XIV babies, and illegals from all over (China being a big one, and organized the best – of course), that have turned this country into a Tower of Babel. How can America as divided and tribal as it is now solve any big problem, much less the most intractable, the racial divide, that you note is the biggest?

    I disagree that the immigration issue was brought to the forefront of politics by these White Nationalists. It’s been an issue growing in importance for most Americans since the mid-1990s, after the 1965 immigration act had done damage for 30 years. 20 years after that, the mention of the formerly-suppressed existential issue by Donald Trump was the only reason he went anywhere in national politics. He wasn’t nominated via the huge White Nationalist vote, Ron. You seem to think the immigration issue is a distraction, but for Trump, well, he spent 3 years distracted by the election-influence hoax, he’d be distracted by a squirrel, and he hasn’t done enough on immigration to let it even BE a distraction.


    PS: Just regarding the problem with additional numbers of people in general (remember Roy Beck’s Gumballs videos?), see “More on the Demise of California”.

    • Agree: ic1000
    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
    , @Bragadocious
  115. Biff says:

    It was all good until this tangent:

    A similarly ineffective response to early Black Lives Matter protests allowed them to develop enormous social momentum, and spread nationwide.

    You think maybe early BLM developed enormous social/political momentum because they happened to be lucky enough to have millions of dollars infused into their organization while the dopey white nationalists were still out of a paying job?

    Future historians will surely marvel at how the death of a convicted violent felon—quite possibly due to a drug-overdose—in ultra-liberal Minneapolis soon led to removal of so many of our most celebrated American presidents from their traditional places of honor

    The inability to see that ‘one small incident‘ among the thousands of others as simply as the straw that broke the camels back is bewildering. I think most of the marvel will be towards the structural buildup(which includes the structural breakdown of healthcare, education, middle class wages, family values) of resentment of institutions that cost society so much, yet failed them at every level – which incidentally is how Trump got elected or more accurately, Hillary rejected – and what is still politically popular today “resentment”. The hatred is real.

  116. So Unz is going to stop publishing racist claptrap from VDare, right?


  117. @Not Only Wrathful

    The Brutish nation robbed and enslaved our countries for a hundred to two hundred years. If it has to suffer the consequences now, well, that’s fine with me.

  118. Thim says:

    We should just follow the Israeli example on immigration and accept only our own kind. For us that would be white Christians only.

    The others, we should begin bulldozing their houses, and wall them in to separate them from us.

    We need to be more like Jews.

  119. bomag says:

    “White nationalism is icky.”

    Yeah, I get it. But it changes nothing. Demography is still destiny.

    It seems rather weak to argue that “immigration is okay because things aren’t as bad as some people predicted, or as some people claim.” I suspect a California with 1960’s demographics locked in and moving forward to today would be a far nicer place.

    I have a vision of Ron Unz locked in traffic; having to negotiate a construction site; muttering to himself: “things are okay, things are okay.”

    • Agree: kerdasi amaq
  120. Hossein says:

    Very good and honest article examining the so called “White nationalism” in the US which basically is a model of intolerance ,bigotry and racial exceptionalism.
    The so called white nationalism has proven itself to be a reactionary backward movement by absorbing the fascist Christian and Jewish right. yes the Zionists are friends and masters and at most times are bankrollers of the white supremacy . The millions of \$\$ by Adelson and other oligarchs to Trumpist movement is proof of that .
    Any movement that is based on Eugenics, racial supremacy and exceptionalism and devoid of true patriotism and is run and supported by likes of scum Rush Limbaugh or Hannity is doomed.

    • Replies: @Change that Matters
  121. conatus says:

    So It is not Okay to be White?

  122. @Thulean Friend

    Nationhood and race is overrated. Yet our immigration policies and classification of life is still based on this aging and outmoded idea.

    It would be better to select a nation based on values and ethics.

    No, values and ethics are overrated. If the last several decades of the conservative movement in America has proved anything, it is that “values and ethics” are not viable as a political rallying cry or as a basis for a nation-state. It is not exactly that all politics is identity politics, not in any meaningful way, but identity is the starting point of politics. Ever since the mainstream Right decided to dissolve its group identity, it has been getting rolled by the Left. You can’t beat something with nothing, and the Right has decided to be nothing.

    The ultimate end of politics is the good of one’s group, that is the big picture of politics. “Values and ethics” are a means to that end. A politics that remains stunted at the level of “values and ethics” is functionally the equivalent of a politics that does not see beyond fixing potholes and keeping the trains running on time. It is a politics of the individual who does not see beyond his immediate preferences and circumstances. The anti-racialist “values and ethics” conservative who fancies that he has transcended primitive group attachments actually sets for himself a much narrower political horizon than the racialist. He views the ideal nation as no more than a social club, that the point of the nation is that it should be populated with the kind of personalities that he would like to hang out with. It’s all about his personal experience. He may formulate his ideal as some kind of universal imperative, but really he just wants to stamp his petty preferences onto the wider world.

    I don’t begrudge anyone the desire to live amongst a community consonant with his values, that is a good thing to have, but there should be more. Of course, everyone wishes to live in a harmonious community, and a sound nation-state should provide that. But the nation is about more than making the individual comfy, it is about preserving his group identity as something that stretches back in time and forward into the future. That is the bigger picture of politics and the nation, and so without an elemental identity such as race, the concept of the nation becomes a muddled mess.

    • Agree: Thomasina
  123. Hugolin says:

    This 2008 Joel Stein article In LA Times about Hollywood and the Jews could help explain why the alt-right communication is a failure …

    The conclusion:
    But I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government. I just care that we get to keep running them.

    The funny but genuine analysis:
    I have never been so upset by a poll in my life. Only 22% of Americans now believe “the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews,” down from nearly 50% in 1964.

    Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood.


    As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood.


    So I’ve taken it upon myself to re-convince America that Jews run Hollywood by launching a public relations campaign, because that’s what we do best. I’m weighing several slogans, including: “Hollywood: More Jewish than ever!”; “Hollywood: From the people who brought you the Bible”; and “Hollywood: If you enjoy TV and movies, then you probably like Jews after all.”

  124. Emslander says:
    @Larry Romanoff

    It believe Mr. Thulean Friend is a shill for the NWO, and would caution readers to avoid even the contemplation of his recommendations. Nationhood, race, and the concept of individual civilisations are neither over-rated nor outmoded. They are the foundation of humanity.

    Don’t think I’d go that far, but some good order is the foundation of civilization. It’s easier to find order when most people believe in the forms that good order needs to take. Ancient Israel had an agreed system, presumably inspired by the contemplations of Moses on the mountain, and, so long as they adhered, they were a healthy and powerful unity. Europe coalesced around Christianity in the fourth century and eventually brought that order to the planet.

    What we see breaking down currently is agreement on the principles of good order. There will be a battle over those principles, including a determination of the types and systems of orderly immigration. It’s just now getting under way.

    I’m betting on disintegration of our known civilization. Too many of the people who ought to be defending it are hiding behind their gates.

  125. white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country, with the sharp disconnect between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and their own personal experiences probably being a major factor. By sharp contrast, immigration was an especially powerful issue for Trump in a state like West Virginia, which has almost no Hispanics or immigrants of any kind, and whose voters therefore received their entire understanding of the issue from FoxNews and Breitbart rather than from real life.

    Alternatively, whites who don’t like immigrants or Hispanics tend to live where there aren’t any, and vice versa.

    A xenophobic population is going to do less to encourage immigration, and may actively resist it; if they fail, they’re more likely to migrate themselves. Under this hypothesis, then, California was already quite xenophilic, and will have become more so as its xenophobes fled the state; meanwhile, Virginia had a higher proportion of xenophobes in the first place, and succeeded at resisting immigration.

    On top of that, there are confounding factors, like California’s proximity to Mexico and dynamic economy, vs. Virginia being, as I understand it, a place where people take heroin because there aren’t any coal mining jobs anymore.

  126. Race matters. It will always matter. The normies have no idea about anything, thus they’re normies. Most have never read something as simple as the costs of black crime.

    The (((melting pot))) barely worked with a White majority and ‘White values’ which the anti-White Nigsonian recently did an admirable job summarizing.

    One culture will always be dominant. If it’s not Whites running the show in the country their forefathers founded then whom? Mexicans already have a majority-Mexican nation: they can’t escape it fast enough. Few non-Whites will openly praise Western (White) values, yet all of of them vote with their feet for White-run countries.

    Seattle and Portland are what happens when communists infest academia. There seem to be no adults in those cities. (Had no-balls Trump ordered the first wave of looters and rioters shot, billions of dollars in damages and lives ruined would not have happened.)

    With the absence of will to enforce order, a parting of ways is now a necessity. It became so the moment American Whites in power fell sway to other voices, lost all faith and turned their backs on the history, goodness and mercy of their own people.

    • Thanks: profnasty
  127. HenryTJ says:

    Yeah, why would we want a nation composed of people of shared ancestry, culture, language and religion when we could live in an environment of hostility as atomized individuals among strangers with whom we have nothing in common? And as an added bonus, the newcomers are from the slums of the most backwards places on earth. I’m persuaded.

    • Agree: St-Germain, Sick of Orcs
  128. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I agree that White Nationalism as a political movement fizzled out. It’s demise was foreboded even in F Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby where Nick recounts Tom Buchanan’s ideas about Nordic Superiority, which was a very commonly held view back in the old days.

    The main issue, in my opinion, is a (perhaps inchoate) fear that non-white immigrants would team up with Black people and form a super-coalition that marginalizes white people into oblivion. But most immigrants I have met don’t like black people either. Indian computer programmers and Mexicans, for example, aren’t exactly enthusiastically embracing black America and so far as I have ever seen they tend to do what white people did as soon as they get the chance: move to the suburbs.

    The oddity we are living through these days is that the Democrats and BLM crowds seem to realize that there is something profoundly alien about “Blackness” that everyone else picks up on other than black people, which just think everyone is being racist, and so now they are trying to make “blackness” into a norm that is socially acceptable. Ideas like “time is racist”, “math is racist”, “reading is racist” are all aimed at making the fact that black people can’t or won’t even try to use these areas of human endeavor to cooperate with society as a whole into the normal culture everyone should accept. And so they demonize “white cis-gendered males” as avatars of the exact opposite of black culture and hence bad. Black culture, with all its seeming dysfunction, is now supposedly good and the ordinary nuclear family where people work and don’t do drugs etc is being presented as “bad”. The tension is that immigrants tend to conform to the work ethic and social mores of white people in a way that infuriates the advocates of blackness. Nobody moves to America to become a single mother crack addict. People seem to want to live in nice suburban houses with their kids going to clean, good schools and scoring well on the SATs and suchlike.

    In short, I would say that as much as White Nationalism failed to go anywhere politically, the same thing is true of the race war the communists have tried to stoke too. The brown people’s of the earth have not in general leapt at the opportunity to band together and overthrow civilization or anything like that. The BLM kids we see today are seemingly successful because they have the huge amplifier of the media blasting out their messages as if their ideas are very popular and essential for all of us to hear right now. But it will fizzle too obviously once Trump is gone and the Leftists have to compete for power against each other to push through such things as animal rights and environmental legislation where “blackness” has almost nothing relevant to say.

    Finally, it’s true that nothing particularly bad happened with the huge influx of Mexicans crossing the border. Trump drove the establishment Republicans away and created such adamant Never Trumpers by demonizing Mexicans and Building the Wall. That disrupted their political strategy of turning Hispanics into Republican voters on the basis of their Catholic faith, hence anti-abortion, views. Between voting against racism and voting against abortion, most Hispanics seem to be fine with voting against racism first, so they are becoming Democrats to the dismay of everyone in the Republican party.

    I think the Republican party is all but irrelevant at this point. They are struggling to find any message that people really “love” with enthusiasm. Trump is all they have now, which is hilarious.

  129. Ron Unz says:
    @Polite Intellectual

    Was the end of this article cut off? It doesn’t seem to reach a natural conclusion with the Mount Rushmore reference.

    That’s a fair criticism. An earlier draft had included great deal of additional material, but I decided it was too extraneous, and cut out those thousands of additional words. Then I wanted to release the article on Monday, and no snappier conclusion came to mind.

    As for some of the other complaints, I’ve written on all these subjects at tremendous length over the years, and this piece merely amounted to a short summary of the current situation. I’d suggest that people who are interested in the topic read some of my longer and much more detailed articles listed at the bottom.

  130. Ivan says:

    Fauci was involved in the AIDS scam too. After all the song and dance it became clear that AIDS affects homosexuals and drug users at a disproportionate level due to their unhealthy and filthy habits. But instead of working on that the AIDS virus crowd claimed everyone was equally vulnerable to the same degree. Same here . It is pretty clear that as a respiratory disease the Wuhan Flu was going to have a serious impact on the elderly above 80. The rest of us are just going to live with as we live with any other infectious disease. But telling the truth would hurt the Demoncrats chances and so we have surges and waves which I am certain would go away if figures such as Trump and Bolsarano are no longer around.

  131. @Max Parry

    Precisely. Whiteness does not constitute an ethnic identity anymore than red headedness.

    • Agree: dfordoom
    • Disagree: thotmonger
    • Replies: @thotmonger
    , @Beau Nydle
  132. @Hossein

    And yet all the things I’ve always enjoyed and admired when visiting and doing business in your part of the world – the hospitality, the food, the culture – are the result of precisely the thing you can’t abide in the US.

  133. You don’t have the infrastructure to maintain non stop immigration. Outside of a few nuclear power plants and wind mills, the electrical grid is over 60 years old. Built for a population under 60 million. How many more lanes can be built on the New Deal freeway system? What about your sewage systems and water plants? Do you have the drinkable water supply to endlessly grow the economy with an never ending immigration? How much farmland and open space do you want to build subdivisions on? Even with non stop development you got a growing homeless problem? Homeless people aren’t all druggies and veterans? All of the above is why I think there should be a limit to immigration. Sorry I like plenty of elbow room, and prefer economic prosperity over growth.

    Having said that, white urban professionals and their brats ( including the jewish ones) have shown the world how utterly destructive they are. They, along with the blacks, are mere tools for big government. I could have told you this 40 years ago. It is why I think the GI Bill was a horrible idea. It stripped the brightest from small towns and farms, and made them advocates for the globohomo war machine. Their women became uppity snobs, and their female progeny became affirmative action princesses. Now the current female generation are having a major PMS bitch fit, despite hoping some black man will give them some old school male domination. Something they would never let a white male do.

  134. @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    But those aren’t “the consequences”. They’re perfectly avoidable.

    It feels like you pretending that they’re an outcome of something potentially bad in the past, is a way of you hiding from your own vindictiveness?

  135. The senior leadership of the Trump Administration seems heavily skewed towards ideologues and total incompetents …

    From where I sit, it seems more skewed towards neocons, zionists and Goldman-Sachs.

    • Agree: American Citizen 2.0
  136. Ivan says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    About the only people who could have brought the Blacks up to the level of the general population were the dedicated Christians. But their authority in particular that of the Catholics was systematically undermined by same forces whose ideologies underpin BLM. This is largely the work of agitators who have primed the Blacks as a free floating lumpen element to target their enemies the Whites. It was a long time coming.

  137. @Thulean Friend

    A nation united by “values” simply cannot compete with a nation united by ethnic pride. The Chinese government can openly admit to its citizens that it is fighting to make China wealthier and more powerful. The racially diverse USA can only say it fights for “values”. Now among the non-retarded ethnic Chinese in the USA which cause will they be more loyal to?

    It might seem like HK protesters and Taiwanese are examples of ethnic Chinese choosing values over nation and race but that is not true. Those people only support democratic values because they are deceived into thinking that China needs democratic reforms in order to become more wealthy and powerful. Like the mainlanders their greatest desire is still national wealth and power, not values.

    ie the Chinese decide to follow values based on its perceived ability to maximize national wealth and power while Americans are purely maximizing their devotion to following and spreading values even at the expense of national wealth and power.

    • Agree: mark green
    • Replies: @mestizo blanco
  138. SIMPerFi says:

    Thanks for writing this essay Ron. You raise some good points that will force white nationalists to clarify and sharpen their positions and arguments. I’ll attempt a brief response to some of the most salient points below:

    Two of the American cities that have experienced the longest and most sustained urban chaos and anti-government disorder over the last couple of months have been Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington, and these are two of our cities that have remained the most overwhelmingly white, each in the range of 65-70%.

    It’s been frequently pointed out recently that the majority of the remaining violent rioters are now white. However, I don’t think this argument is nearly as powerful as it seems at first glance. Why are the white liberals rioting? Because a black man was killed by white police. What if the United States was a 100% homogenous white population? Then the black man would never have been killed by white US police, and the white liberals would have nothing to riot over, and there would be no riots. Simple as that.

    Of course, it’s actually not quite that simple, because I do have to acknowledge the global nature of the BLM phenomenon. The killing of George Floyd incited demonstrations in locales as far away as Lithuania and Australia. It’s conceivable even in a white nationalist America that white liberals would still be out in the streets protesting racial injustices that occur in other countries. But I would point out that white nationalism is not merely a formal set of immigration and citizenship policies; it would also include cultural initiatives to try and inculcate a sense of racial pride and unity in people and prevent them from adopting the leftist perspective on race in the first place.

    The reality of our day-to-day lives inevitably wears away at our ideological frameworks. The long-committed racialist had mentioned in his note that he had been living for the last few years in a city that was 90% non-white and heavily immigrant, and his personal experiences had already caused him to reassess many of his beliefs and assumptions. So when his area remained absolutely calm and peaceful while overwhelmingly white cities like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle burned, he merely reached the terminus of a political road that he had already been traveling.

    In early white nationalist thought, and arguably still in today’s white nationalist thought, there was an overly myopic focus on the issue of violent crime for a couple reasons. One is that it’s an easy issue to wrap your head around, there’s nothing particularly abstract or complex about “these people are rapists and murderers”, and two is that, in years past when white people were a much larger share of the population and they really did have social and economic control of the US, violent crime was one of the only ways for the non-white population to cause friction with the white population. They didn’t have the social power needed to accomplish anything else.

    In 2020 though, the mechanics of white dispossession have come into clearer focus and are much more multifaceted: affirmative action at universities, diversity initiatives at corporations, reparations, the reign of terror under which a non-white can ruin a white person’s life by simply pointing their iPhone at them and accusing them of racism, the ease with which white people are “canceled” for the most minor political infractions, unfair treatment by the media (would Nick Sandman have made national headlines if he was non-white? Would the McCloskeys?), the numerous subtle and not so subtle ways in which social and cultural power continues to be wrested from white people (the Oscars requiring a certain number of non-white actors for a film to be considered for awards), even testing the waters with laws that explicitly discriminate against white people by name (the Oregon county that exempted non-white people from complying with the local mask ordinance).

    The white nationalist fear is that South American immigrants will ally themselves with the non-white coalition (pretty reasonable assumption if you ask me, because they are almost entirely non-white) and use these social and ideological tools to continue to push whites into an ever more marginalized position. In this sense, the exact cultural leanings or propensity to violence of the immigrants doesn’t matter; it only matters that they are non-white and that they are willing to use the anti-white apparatus for their own personal advancement. Your correspondent is lucky that he gets along well with the local mestizo population, because if he didn’t, it’s unlikely that he would be able to publicly criticize them without severe social repercussions.

    White people need to look beyond their own immediate surroundings and look at broader systemic social trends. If white people become a smaller and smaller percentage of the population, then they’re less able to oppose a culture that is increasingly anti-white, even if this or that non-white person they live next to isn’t literally assaulting them.

    In general though, I would expect that if South American mestizos became the numerically dominant population and took full control of the levers of power, then they would remake the US into a country that resembles their countries of origin. I guess only time will tell if that turns out to be the case or not.

    Instead, I see very little evidence that the immigration issue is of overriding importance to “normies,” except in particular situations when it directly affects their lives in a negative way.

    I believe there is evidence that white people become more opposed to and concerned with immigration when you show them the data that white people are becoming a minority in the US, although I don’t have any links handy. I agree that immigration isn’t something that the average normie walks around thinking about all day, but maybe they would think about it more if they were given all the information.

    As for the point about “directly affecting their lives”, you’re right, most people don’t think about things that aren’t directly affecting them. That’s why it’s the white nationalist’s responsibility to convince people that there are societal trends at play that will lead to poor outcomes for white people and their descendants in the US, as I outlined above.

    As an example, white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country, with the striking disconnect between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and their own personal experiences probably being a major factor. By sharp contrast, immigration was an especially powerful issue for Trump in a state like West Virginia, which has almost no Hispanics or immigrants of any kind

    I am aware of the problem that blue city whites present for white nationalist views of race. I would question how many of those Democrat-voting white Californians are sequestered away in wealthy white neighborhoods and are largely insulated from many of these issues. Ultimately though, I don’t have much of a general response to the issue right now besides saying that different people are different and there’s undoubtedly a highly complex network of social and psychological factors for why any one person comes to hold the political views that they do. In my own personal case, I live in a highly diverse area, and my direct experiences with non-whites are part of what helped me become a white nationalist. Although my experiences over the internet of white leftists and Jews helped me a great deal more.

    But political issues that are substantially a creation of media propaganda inherently have less staying power than those with organic roots.

    There is, of course, nothing inorganic about white racialism itself. There is no ideology in America today that is more hated or actively suppressed at all levels of society. There is no ideology that carries higher consequences if one is found to be associated with it. And yet people are still drawn to these ideas. That, to me, is the very definition of “organic”.

    If I’m understanding your thesis correctly here, the focus on immigration specifically is a separate issue from white racialism itself, and it’s the focus on immigration that you believe is inorganic. But as I’ve been arguing here, immigration can’t be separated from the broader white racialist project; anything that decreases the white percentage of the population is bad for white racialism. You want your team to be as big as possible, while keeping the other team as small as possible.

    Anyway. Someone can both care about immigration and also be able to mount an effective pro-white response to BLM. There’s no reason for the two to be mutually exclusive, in spite of the specific failings of the Trump administration.

    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund
  139. Rich says:
    @Max Parry

    White Americans, or actual Americans, come from the common culture of Christendom, or Europe. The overwhelming majority of Whites are from the Northwest of Europe which gives them a common ethnicity. Most of the Southern and Eastern Europeans share a similar religion, DNA, and history. Once he speaks English and his children play in the same parks, the Serb, the Pole and the Englishman are so similar they become White Americans. Along with the rest of Europeans.

    • Replies: @babu
    , @Agathoklis
  140. Anon[719] • Disclaimer says:

    This is a useful essay and it scores some hits. But it obscures other critical issues.

    As previous commenters have observed, the voting patterns of immigrants and their children spell doom for the traditional American right. The progressive left is positively gloating about the upcoming change, and they are correct to do so.

    Ron implies that the newcomers’ supermajority support for the Democratic party is driven by Republican antipathy towards immigration, but the evidence doesn’t really support that view. Despite his campaign rhetoric, Trump actually did slightly better with Hispanic voters than Romney did in 2012. This implies that party identification is driven by deeper things than single, highly-politicized issues.

    Put simply, Democrats are the party of those who feel separate from the “core” America, and the Republicans are the party of those who identify with it. As America comes to consist more and more of people with few roots here, who look different from the majority, and who often have different cultures and religions, it will become a more Democrat country. This is largely a function of the intuitions of the new Democrat voters themselves, rather than Republicans’ behavior towards them.

    The intellectual core of the Democrat party is increasingly comprised of people who are extremely hostile to traditional America and its supporters, their heroes, and their religion. Your average naturalized Mexican-American is not so hostile, but his presence in America increases the power of those who are.

    And yes, the race issue really does matter. “You may not be interested in race, but race is interested in you.” Many people on the left hate white people on a visceral level, and have begun speaking of them in quasi-genocidal terms. Ron, how should white people respond when they’re told in sneering terms that “your grandchildren will be brown”? Should they just shrug and give these people what they want? Is it morally legitimate not to want that outcome?

    Finally, I think that the seeming stability of some of these immigrant-heavy areas is more a function of atomization than of unity. I.e. the Robert Putnam thesis. Steve Sailer may not get mugged on his way home from the store, but he’s probably not great friends with everyone in his neighborhood either. Americans in general have many fewer friends than they had several generations ago. There are multiple reasons for this, but multiculturalism is surely among them.

    • Agree: mark green
  141. Truth3 says:
    @Ron Unz

    I suggest you re-assess your love of Truth, if it exists, and write a mea-culpa regarding the overall obtuseness of this piece.

    It’s about the Jews Ron.

    You should know. You seemed to have divorced yourself from them with your previous work.

    Now? Well, I’m not so sure. Obfuscation is a powerful tool.

    Don’t go Gatekeeper for The Tribe on us now.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @jsigur
  142. Jake says:

    Your comment is insane enough to have come from the ADL or SPLC. All such groups have a major specialty in people pretending to be white ‘conservatives’ of some sort who preach that Jews are the only bad cause that matters and people like Ron Unz are proof.

    That is, of course, a necessary part of this Great Game (which is more horrifying than the one about the Eurasian land mass and the Brit WASP desire to serve Satan in any way to win it). This Great Game is the alliance between WASPs and Jewish bankers to remake the world in their image.

  143. No mention of proto-Fascist Steve Bannon and his years long campaign to race bait the EU and USA. The Maoist Cultural Revolution is being utilized by both Trump and Bannon in hopes that a cultural war will force police into the streets to quell rioting pre-election which will facilitate a willingness for a strong man leadership and martial law to stop the rioting.

    Bannon & Trump are tactically planning on stepped up violence in American cities so that they can strong arm the voting public to accept totalitarianism and a police state lockdown just to be safe.

    As America implodes both socially and financially we can fully expect that China and the Russian Federation will dump their US Treasuries in unison so that Trump and Bannon are booted off the world stage at the same time.

    POTUS Trump is a full fledged coward text book Psychopath and Bannon is his sissy cuckholder fomenting hate in hopes of restoring his failing career as a sycophant to a coward.


    • Replies: @anon
  144. fnn says:
    @Max Parry

    There are white Americans who do not speak English, even whole neighborhoods like the Poles of Hamtramck, Michigan.

    Another time traveler shows up.

    • LOL: Truth, Alfa158
    • Replies: @Alfa158
  145. dfordoom says: • Website

    But these political zealots may mistakenly convince themselves that the general public shares their particular ideological focus.

    That’s the most remarkable thing about white nationalists – they really seem to have zero awareness of just how marginal and irrelevant they are. They have been unable to attract any elite support whatsoever and they have totally failed to build any mass support either. They have not been able to gain any allies.

    But they have their fantasies and they are convinced that those fantasies are real. They really do seem to believe that you can make things happen just by wishing really hard.

    • Replies: @American Citizen 2.0
  146. Jake says:
    @Max Parry

    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner.

    What America has is WASP overlordship. The verb is present tense, and rightly so. WASP culture is finalized, is completed only with the successful Puritan Revolution, which stamps Modern English culture permanently. Anglo-Saxon Puritanism was a Judaizing heresy, Archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell made that manifest in non-theological terms by making alliance with Jewish bankers. Jews would bankroll WASP Empire, and Jews would be allowed back into England legally – with special rights and privileges denied to the vast majority of natives of the British Isles.

    WASP rule has always been bad, often horrifically so, for the vast majority of whites being ruled. That is the reason that those with an ability to leave did so. What WASP Elites have always overseen is a type of Ponzi scheme. If you get toward the top, it seems great. And even if you are near the bottom, you ca look down and know that at least you aren’t Irish Catholic Scottish Highland – they deserve being so treated.

    WASP Elites always have acted to shear non-WASP whites of any meaningful cultural patterns and identities. Without such an identity, they cannot ever hope to rebel successfully. Assimilation to WASP culture is your slave chains.

    • Agree: Iris
    • Replies: @fnn
    , @Rich
    , @Danesovic
  147. fnn says:

    It looks like there’s something wrong with the Hispanics of Albuquerque. What could it be?

    • Replies: @Truth
  148. SteveK9 says:

    Since every article, no matter the subject, must include something about Covid and Trump. I suppose it will not be considered off-topic to comment. Trump’s mistake on Covid was not opposing the lockdown, although there was probably little he could do in the face of Emperor Cuomo. Sweden is probably the happiest country on the Earth at present. Flatly stating that there are 150,000 Covid deaths and there will be 2X or 3X more by the end of the year, is very far from reality. There are so many missing pieces, the lack of specificity of these tests, the obvious ‘padding’ of these numbers to justify the suspension of liberty and the introduction of absurd contradictory and useless ‘measures’ (covering half the urinals in the bathrooms at State Parks).

    In the end, the ‘lockdown’ itself has caused the majority of these deaths. The median age of fatalities is over 80 years in virtually every country. At the end of the year, if we look at all-cause mortality in the US and around the World we will see no excess deaths over previous years. What we can already see, is a sharp, synthetic spike in deaths immediately after the lockdown, followed by a precipitate decline to numbers well below the average weekly death toll. Why? We killed most of the vulnerable people in March and April. I invite Ron to do some analysis on all-cause mortality, and see what objective conclusions can be reached.

    • Agree: VinnyVette, Redman, Kali
  149. Realist says:
    @Richard B

    The end of every Ron Unz article proves he’s no genius.

    Unz’s self professed IQ is 214.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
    , @Richard B
    , @Anon
  150. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:


    I really wish you were right, but it’s starting to look like Weber was correct, and only religious fanatics can sustain an industrial society.

    For those who don’t already know the reference, here’s a 6 minutes brief:

    The revolution of the 1960s essentially removed control of society from the religious fanatics and placed it in the hands of non-religious politicians, who promptly spent commercial profits on retaining office, just as they had done in the USSR / Warsaw countries. We’ve lived in technological stagnation since, except for electronics, which it now turns out are primarily for population control — we all carry trackers, and our electronic information sources not only lie, but the lies can now be changed in real time. Well, freedom is slavery after all (“Freedom” means slavery to racism, we’re told {*##}), so we’re happy.

    But our industrial society is bleeding away, just as the USSR’s was, through depreciation and misuse.

    Immigration isn’t going to give us the religious fanatics that Weber discusses — so who saves industrial society? Without it, we end up living in the USSR, 1980s — vast tracts of obsolete industrial buildings with despairing workers drugging themselves to death ringed by a poisoned landscape, and a leadership too busy fighting internally to even realize what’s happening (today, in other words).

    Do you seriously think that mass immigration is going to provide the religious fanatics needed? Or give control of industrial profits back to the religious fanatics?

    Or, perhaps, is prosperity (as it is in Africa and the Middle East) is thought to be of little importance compared to political/religious/clan control and the fight for that control?

    ##} Even the AI, if given freedom from a censor, are racist:

    Yet despite its new tricks, GPT-3 is still prone to spewing hateful sexist and racist language. Fine-tuning the model helped limit this kind of output in GPT-2.

    I mean, maybe I’m just jaded but I’m going to wait a bit and see what sort of egregious bias comes out of GPT-3. Oh, it writes poetry? Nice. Oh, it also spews out harmful sexism and racism? I am rehearsing my shocked face. #gpt3
    — Kate Devlin (@drkatedevlin) July 18, 2020

    No one should be surprised by this. How do we keep this from happening accidentally? Don’t have all the answers yet, but fine-tuning on strong and generalizable normative priors helped with GPT-2
    — Mark O. Riedl (@mark_riedl) July 18, 2020

  151. lysias says:
    @Dr. Doom

    The Roman Empire was not multiracial? The Ottoman Empire was not multiracial?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @glib
  152. Kronos says:
    @Book Adams

    Remember, Catholics outnumber Jews by a very wide margin. So that example works quite well.

  153. @Anon

    Unz’s pro-immigration claims about the non-criminality of the Mexican makes sense only to those who never saw this:

    but perhaps all those murders are committed by Norwegian sojourners?

    The slow groundswell of White Nationalism pales into insignificance when faced with the tsunami of Anti-White propaganda from the two most racist groups in America: Blacks and Jews.

    • Replies: @Roger
  154. Bill says:
    @Max Parry

    Completely absurd. American whites are a nation. They share a common history, territory, language, religion, and culture. The fact that their ancestors came from diverse places makes them like many other nations.

  155. teo toon says:

    The Political Bankruptcy of Israeli Ashkenazi Nationalism

    • Agree: Angharad
  156. Realist says:
    @Tick Tock

    Maybe the article needs to be longer like Polite Intellectual suggested.

    Using the theory that making tripe longer…improves the quality?

  157. Bill says:

    4. Removal of working class from plausible claims to be middle class through wage competition

  158. Colonisers don’t get to be Nationalists afterwards. The “post” colonized obviously do…on a reservation in this case….. White not so much

  159. conatus says:

    Ron’s secret friend says:
    “I think the triumph of this low-IQ nationalism is why public opinion shifted so rapidly in the direction of support for BLM. Trump and those around him were called bigots for their immigration views, so they overcompensated by being extremely pro-black.”

    I disagree because this presumes Whites somehow feel guilty for being against Immigration and concomitant White displacement. Personally I feel the White Guilt Bank is way, way overdrawn and politically involved Whites no longer make deposits into that bank.

    The idea of currying favor with Blacks came from the unwarranted(when examined)presumption on the part of Dems that the Dem party will always get 90% of the Black vote.
    When Trump asked “What have you got to lose?” his simple statement echoed in kitchens across the land because it was so true.
    Pull in 25% of the Black vote and the Dems lose.

    I see the BLM support as the perfect storm: the drama of the Floyd vid, plus years of nonstop propaganda in schools and media, also the threat of angry fiftyish Black women in Human Resources Departments of large corporations and lastly the lockdown prevented people from articulating their own opinions so no one could sussurantly disagree with the media promoted Leftist theme.
    In 1820 80% of Americans were yeomen farmers with nothing to lose, in 2020 80% of Americans work for organizations with Human Resources departments.

  160. @Polite Intellectual

    Was the end of this article cut off?

    I wondered the same. Considering the provocative title of this essay, I expected a lot more evidence (proof) to substantiate the claim that ‘American White Nationalism’ is “politically bankrupt”. But the full evidence never arrived. Yes, the case can be made that ‘White Nationalism’ in America is politically infirm, but it’s certainly not bankrupt.

    So what’s the problem with White people?

    White interests and pro-White political activism are being insidiously kept down. This political condition is not new. White Americans are disunified and afraid. This is by design. Even White children are being taught to feel ashamed about their history. Like the Germans of yesteryear, White Americans are being demeaned and deracinated for the alleged sins of their ancestors.

    (Whites) stole America. (Whites) created wealth by enslaving Blacks.

    ‘But it’s those ‘bad Whites’ who did it! Really! I’m not like them. I’m not racist!’

    And so the indoctrination goes.

    Today’s dominant narrative about White people now turns invariably to slavery or Naziism or the KKK. We are under attack by our own mass media. The manufacturers of this chronicle rule America’s roost. Pro-White advocates are shut out of this process. Due to ‘cancel culture’, even their jobs and personal security are under threat. Beyond that, pro-White proponents can be tarred with slurs that carries no penalty to the accuser.

    Whereas, the N-word involving Blacks is now taboo and may not be spoken (this protects Blacks from various forms of verbal criticism), there’s also the strange case of an injurious N-word involving Whites that remains Wide Open and is freely available for indiscriminate use. Defamation is OK when used properly! This N-word is ‘Nazi’.

    The use (and non-use) of these two race-oriented slurs (Nigger and Nazi) speak volumes about who controls the discussion about race and ‘racism’, who sets the ground rules on political discourse, and who shapes political memory. Guess what: it’s NOT you, white boy.

    Contrast the dark imagery surrounding ‘White supremacism’ with the wondrous, shimmering picture of Jewish history (exceptionalism, innocence and martyrdom); not to mention the magic, persecuted, 100% equal, downtrodden negro. In one generation, American history has been turned upside down.

    Get the picture? We are now living in Hollywood’s all-new, politically-correct, Good Guys vs the Bad Guys drama about evil ‘racism’! And YOU with the blue eyes are the problem.

    Fortunately, as cities burn, reality is closing in on BLM and their crypto-enablers. But the men behind the curtain still wield toxic and inordinate power.

    Let me concede that Ron does ably makes the case that a lot of White anxiety over the unwelcome arrival of tens of millions of ‘undocumented’ immigrants from Mexico and Central America over the past 4o years seems, at this point in history, premature (if not misplaced.)

    Newly-arrived Hispanics have not caused anywhere near the cultural chaos that our Black underclass has generated. But history is full of surprises. Why should Americans ignore the fact that cultural cohesion and unified nationhood comes in large part from cultural continuity as well as genetic similarity? What’s wrong with homogeneity?

    Commonality–not diversity–is a nation’s strength. This fact is so obvious that it was taken for granted and widely-embraced throughout most of our nation’s history.

    The Japanese and Chinese understand these fact. So do the Israelis. That is why those nations eschew multiculturalism as they strive to sustain genetic continuity and uniformity. At the same time, these peoples revere their histories as well as their ancestors. Once America was this way.

    Today, (White) Americans are being persuaded to throw out all that prideful thinking with the one-color bathwater. But will ending ‘white supremacy’ require the termination of the White race?

    Whites have been fooled into feeling ashamed about their various histories as well as how America should look down the road. This is the anti-White diversity fallacy.

    Besides the POC agitators, the principle enablers of this new vision for America are elite (((liberal))) educators, media lords, political activists, and public intellectuals–many of whom are hostile to the long-term interests of America’s original core demographic.

    The Fake News Big lie goes this way: All human beings are equal and therefore all people are ultimately the same. Since human equality is undeniably true (and you are a ‘racist’ if you believe otherwise) then all people are ultimately interchangeable. Since all people are interchangable, then all peoples are replaceable.

    This is commie-speak for: Say goodbye to White America!

    But as the Black/White experience proves, race does matter. Differences endure. As for nationhood, one common language is also more unifying to a nation than two. These maxims (once widely shared) need to be re-learned. Meanwhile, anti-White/pro-diversity propaganda in American schools and mass media are targeting White children and White identity while, simultaneously, various non-White identities are being cultivated.

    This oozing onslaught subverts normal and natural expressions of racial cohesion among White Americans. This is unfair. Yet these double-standards abound.

    Why, for instance, is ‘Jewish nationalism’ (Zionism) considered appropriate and reasonable without question whereas ‘White nationalism’ is deemed automatically inappropriate and political unacceptable?

    There’s no clear reason for this except that certain ‘values’ in modern America are now axiomatically accepted and others rejected. It all ‘goes without saying’.

    Might it be time to deconstruct these dubious dictums?

    As for ongoing White opposition to unlawful immigration through our Southern border, once Whites become a numerical minority in America’s Southwest, who is to say that Mexican revanchism will not again rise?

    What happens if the msm/liberal alliance succeeds in pushing through amnesty for millions of ‘Dreamers’?

    Will subsequent demands for ‘economic equality’ not likely increase?

    In the name of ‘equality’, will there not likely be more calls for greater ‘affirmative action’? This is the road we’re on.

    The momentum and power of the Antifa/BLM movements are both astonishing, if not somewhat irrational. Yes, there was previously widespread and systematic racism in America, but it’s been almost entirely eradicated. How? But the political action of majority-White jurists, majority-White legislators, and majority-White voters. Now it’s time for Blacks to raise their game, not simply demand more handouts from their White counterparts.

    Floyd’s accidental death (or was it a drug overdose?) at the hands of a white cop should have been nothing more than a blip on one local police blotter. Jared Taylor makes the airtight case why George Floyd Doesn’t Really Matter:

    But the street reaction and media coverage of Floyd’s death took us in exactly the opposite and wrong direction. Thuggish Floyd came to symbolize ongoing and systemicBlack persecution (by Whites and White cops). But these charges are mostly bunk. Unarmed Whites are killed by police more often than unarmed Blacks. The actual crisis is Blacks murdering other Blacks. Yet the msm mostly ignores this.

    White-created protocols involving orderliness, safety, prosperity, and legal safeguards are being tossed aside to comfort Black feelings and mollify Black threats of mass violence. Why? White America is afraid. White may not speak with one voice–particularly when it comes to race. Why?
    It’s racist!

    Unlike all other groups, Whites are suspect when they speak collectively or too forcefully on racial issues, even when faced with Black anarchy, violence and rebellion.

    For this reason, our back-sliding ‘leaders’ are pandering to Black delusions involving contemporary (non-existent) White persecutions of Blacks. Meanwhile, our (((msm))) is playing a vital, toxic role in devious charade.

    There is no systemic, anti-Black racism in America. Blacks are now somewhat privileged in America: affirmative action, Hate Crime legislation, and numerous set-asides at colleges, government jobs, and even in most large corporates. Yet Black anger/violence is growing and being excused. This is may be due to the fact that casual discrimination involving race, decorum, speech, appearance, personality, manners, etc. does exist and always will (if America is allowed to remain free). People get to choose their friends.

    Whites (as well as Asians and Hispanics) often avoid socializing with Blacks due to patterns of behavior. These preferences undermine Black social and economic opportunities. But this cannot be avoided in a free society.

    If we had an honest media and political leaders who were committed to speaking candidly, our entire focus now might be on Black crime and Black dysfunction. After all, Floyd’s death came from his resisting arrest as well as his self-administered drug overdose. This fits a pattern.

    Fortunately, Trump (and most White Americans) are not buying the BLM narrative. This is why Trump will win reelection and why Whites in America should strive to maintain our majority status. Race matters. Always will.

    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @Wade
  161. Realist says:
    @Ray Caruso

    And, oh yeah, Jared Kushner is one of the dumbest people alive.

    Agreed…he is obviously not one of the smart Ashkenazim.

    • Replies: @follyofwar
  162. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Oy vey, throw your countries away goyim! Hostile invaders ensuring you never get a say in the government of your own country are not a problem because we organized our attacks on cities that still contain white people rather than on the cities we have already taken from you!

    Seriously? I long wondered what your motive for the holocaust denial, jews did 9/11, jews killed jfk, etc articles was. Obviously it was to try to get us to believe you are the world’s first good jew and trust you, but the question of what anti-white scheme you were going to push was still a mystery. It feels a little anti-climactic to see it is just the usual “let us flood your countries with hostile invaders” shit. Yes, negroes are bad. No, this does not mean we should give away our countries just because jewish overlords want a lower IQ population of goyim slaves.

    In a “democracy”, demographics are king. Your peaceful and assimilated spics voted for this shit. Americans will never elect another president because of immigration, hostile invaders elect their government now. The reason any white person who isn’t braindead opposes immigration is because immigration is warfare. And the negro problem is unique to the US, the entire rest of the white world only has the invasion problem.

  163. MLK says:
    @Book Adams

    Yeah, for someone who seemingly takes himself seriously intellectually, that was a tell that whatever bright idea he had in writing this he needed to noodle over his thoughts a bit more.

    But, in a few words we have our answer:

    He entitled his note “You were a prophet” . . .

    I’ve always found Ron Unz to be an interesting writer in an unending battle with his own narcissism. I can’t be the only one who starts one of his pieces wondering whether I’ll stick around long enough for him to get through recounting his no doubt exceedingly interesting to himself journey of discovery.

    I found it amusing that he mentioned Marx’s tragedy/farce quote given that in the instant case the offered payoff — which I readily concede came quicker than usual — was high praise from a third-something snookered by “Alt-Right impresario Richard Spencer.”

    Talk about damning oneself with faint praise!

    I’ve tired of posting the readily available internet links on the Democrats’ alt-right movement.

    Choose your poison. Either you’re too stupid to see the agent provocateurs and the play, or there’s something self-destructive in your character that draws you to such sick puppies.

    I, for one, find it despicable that you attempt a bald guilt by association attack on Sailer, Coulter, Buchanan et. al. by blaming them for the purported come to gay Jesus of someone anonymous you’ve been a “little friendly.”

    Little has changed with the elite/establishment forces aligned against Trump in 2016. Getting rid of him is indeed as close to a giant scale dues ex machina as any of us have or will see in our lifetimes.

    Nor has the boundless resentment toward Trump at all abated amongst those for whom the presence of a real POTUS in the Oval Office makes them feel bad about themselves.

    There is no need to overthink our current moment. Trump has been on track since last year to garner the highest percentage of votes of any Republican in the modern era from blacks and Hispanics. The anti-Trump forces are demonstrating what I already knew, there isn’t anything they won’t do to stop that.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  164. Bill says:

    It’s a very strange claim by Unz. The Trump administration is full of GOP apparatchiks who seem both competent and relentlessly opposed to their boss and his program.

    On your timeline, it wasn’t just Fauci. Essentially, the whole public health establishment was “it’s just the flu, wash your hands” until sometime in mid-March. Then they spun 180 degrees and pretended to have been facing that way all along. It’s all very _1984_.

    • Agree: Michael888
    • Replies: @Wally
  165. Jake says:
    @Thulean Friend

    Your final sentence is true, essential truth, because what matters is culture that defines and regulates the elites of a nation.

    WASP culture, born of Judaizing heresy, has always acted against the best interests of the vast majority of whites ruled by WASP Elites. WASP Elites have handled that problem by arranging systems that force non-WASP whites to assimilate to WASAP culture in order to ‘have a future.’

    The twin pillars that held non-Elite English under WASP hegemony from the start were anti-Catholicism and anti-Celticism. The purely evil Catholics and Celts will rise up and slaughter you do not join up now with us to crush them.

    By the start of the 19th century, that had worn thin. Then the WASP Elites shifted focus and began to use The Negro. Oh those poor Negroes, we must end slavery – not end Turks having white Christian slaves: no, we WASPs must end slavery of blacks. Then we must uplift blacks. While still knowing that all whites who are not WASP are inferior at best and probably inherently evil.

    What we see today with almost all white Antifa leading BLM and black rioters is what WASP culture does. Blacks are tools and weapons with which to pound any whites (or if necessary Asians and mestizo Hispanics) who are not in submissive line to what WASP Empire Elites (which group back to archetypal WASP Oliver Cromwell has featured Jewish financiers) want.

    You cannot effectively resist this unless you have a cultural identity that is non-WASP, that is anti-WASP.

    It is about culture. Specifically, it is either start working to rebuild Christendom upon historic, pre-Modern Christian identity, or else suffer the ravages of the Globalism that was born out of WASP Empire conquering the world.

  166. Anonymous[208] • Disclaimer says:

    Part of the Roman empire became multiracial, and then immediately collapsed. The part of the Roman empire that stayed white survived for another millennia. Surely that’s just a co-incidence though.

    • Agree: geokat62
  167. Immigration restriction enjoys broad support across voters and has elite institutional backing in the Harvard economist George Borjas. Trump understood this and structured his campaign accordingly. The attempts to snarkily and broadly mischaracterize opposition to immigration as attacks on Hispanic landscape workers add nothing of interest to the discussion.

    The issue of assimiliation is more complex than white nationalists suggest, mostly because they have a blindered view of white America. As Borjas has demonstrated, the most recent and large cohorts of immigrants have been 1) less skilled than prior cohorts, and 2) far less successful at assimilating. But I suppose whether becoming a nation of Spanish speaking old-world Catholics is bad for the country is a more boring question than those posed by clash of civilization theses.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  168. Bert says:

    Yes, and BLM is the Jewish implement to destroy any residual opposition. No one can watch the videos on this Twitter feed and come to any other conclusion. This is not protest. It’s anarchic revolution. Spread this link to everyone you know.

    • Replies: @The Real World
  169. Saggy says: • Website

    There is something that is almost supernatural, and not of this world – about the jewish view of the world around us. Every jew seems to be infected with this bizarre mental condition whereby they will craft the kind of verbal linguistics that are like this paragraph below, wherein they will describe in crystal clear detail what is actually now happening and then flip it around and try to use the truth of the matter they just described as a means of trying to belittle, discredit, and disparage the concerns of whoever they are attempting to debate.


    Another staggering example of this chuzpah is Unz’s feigned complete ignorance of the Kalergi plan and the ethnic decimation of Europe, here is a reminder …

  170. Alden says:

    The above clip is a White king urging Whites to kill other Whites. What’s so great about that?

    And the war was futile in that although the English won a few set battles, England eventually lost that war.

    Tens of thousands of soldiers killed, White towns farms and territory destroyed thousands of civilians killed or died.

    And England lost the war anyway.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  171. Saggy says: • Website

    For the record, and to give Unz a clue, which he badly needs, the primary reason WNs oppose 3rd world immigration is because 3rd world immigrants are intellectually inferior to whites. Everything else follows from that. If you want to live in the 3rd world, go to the third world, don’t bring it here.

    That said, when I read the title of the article, I thought Unz was being too kind to WNs, and that a better title might be ‘The Complete Stupidity of White Nationalists”, with documentation from StormFront.

    • Troll: VinnyVette
    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  172. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    This stuff started in the 40s as a straightforward beef about racial discrimination. When people like the BPP and the SNCC tied that in with the obverse problem of violent state criminality, CIA hijacked the dispute with their standard divide et impera routine. It never worked in Russia. It didn’t work in Iraq. It doesn’t work in China. It didn’t work in Venezuela. But it works great in the USA, with its infantilized civil society based solely on us-and-them and mobbing.

    Take Assata Shakur, whom Ron cannot bring himself to name. In the thick of an incisive analysis he shows an odd blind spot of credulity for a state that has proven to be full of shit. He unquestioningly accepts the verdict for her shambolic show trial by the same government that convicted Lee Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, James E. Ray, and Jokar Tsarnaev, the same government that invaded Iraq for WMD, the same government that blamed Osama bin Laden for 9/11, the same government that blames China, not the UNC’s Burnett Womack Center, for COVID-19. Assata Shakur, who made fools of the government, is a ingenious nonviolent way to piss off killer pigs and statists in general. See, watch the pigs here lose their shit!

    The USA’s apparently terminal loss of legitimacy did not result from a single police lynching. The lynching of George Floyd just happened to be the catalyst for intensifying preconditions: the long-festering crimes and derelictions of this failed state. Nothing marvelous about it.

    When overvalued stock markets crash, no competent investor blames it on an event – it’s a phase change like freezing, where crystals happen to converge and propagate because sooner or later they’ve got to. Same here. This CIA regime has got to go because CIA’s derogations of non-derogable rights evoke our recourse to rebellion.

  173. Trinity says:

    Portland and Seattle? REALLY. First off, Portland and Seattle are hardly filled with White Nationalists, there is a statue of Lenin in Seattle, hardly a symbol of White Nationalism. Last time I checked WHITE NATIONALISM IS WHAT BUILT EUROPEAN NATIONS AND AMERICA. Until being brainwashed by Jewish multiculturalism TOTALLY DESIGNED TO DESTROY WHITE NATIONS, homogeneous White nations in Europe and in North America were stronger than ever, when America was 85-90% White, it was at the peak of its power. Matter of fact, homogeneously White nations free from Jewish power and influence are the only nations that can prosper under socialism. What a turnaround Germany made under the National Socialists. RACE MATTERS.

    I was a bit shocked that Minneapolis is only 60% White now, WOW, Minneapolis used to be about as White as cotton. Speaking of cities, WHITE NATIONALISM put places like Chicago and Detroit, two of the largest manufacturing centers in America in the early 1900s through the 1970s, on the map, these two cities are instrumental in helping build America into a leading manufacturing powerhouse, now, since the influx of the third world and Black migration, they have turned these cities into shitholes. Other once prosperous cities that were largely built by WHITES and that helped build this nation, Baltimore, Cleveland, St. Louis, Memphis, New Orleans, and perhaps the most symbolic American city of them all, Philadelphia, have been destroyed by Blacks, and lest we forget Jewish led Marxism.

    No mention of Antifa being a Jewish led movement that has been around for decades? Could it be that the Jewish funded and backed Antifa is instrumental in inciting riots in Seattle and Portland? Could it be that the Jewish controlled media INSTIGATED the riots in Minneapolis and across the nation by looping the George Floyd story 24/7. And lest we forget that White Nationalist don’t tear up streets, pull innocent people of any race out of a car and beat them to death. From what I heard and saw with my own two eyes on COUNTLESS VIDEOS of the Charlottesville, Va incident, Antifa misfits, and BLM goons were attacking peaceful White protesters, they even attacked old men, and the White Nationalists were only defending themselves. Unlike Antifa, the White Nationalists and other people there in Charlottesville that day, had a legal permit and where there to peacefully protest the removal of Confederate statues. The police instead of keeping the groups separated, intentionally herded the much smaller group of people there to protest the statues being removed into the much larger VIOLENT mob of (((leftist))) agitators. The videos clearly show all the violence was initiated by Antifa and BLM goons. And we have seen this not only in Charlottesville, but in places like in Denver where these retards attacked a petite woman like Michelle Malkin.

    Baltimore was a great city when it had a White mayor and was still a majority White city, in fact at one time, Baltimore was the 6th largest city in America as late as the early 1970s, now it is rat infested, crime infested, shithole just like Detroit, another city that has lost a significant amount of their population over the years. The same could be said of the other cities already mentioned earlier, all have a common denominator, and it isn’t White Nationalism. NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION AND BLACK CRIMINALITY, AS WELL AS JEWISH POWER THAT PROMOTES ANTI-WHITE AGENDAS HAVE HELPED DESTROY OUR CITIES like Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, etc. The destruction of America is almost entirely because of nonwhite immigration, Jewish power and influence and Black and nonwhite criminality and any moron can see that if they open their eyes.

  174. Anonymous[661] • Disclaimer says:

    Reminiscent of Edgar Bergen with Charlie McCarthy, except it sounds like some barking jew from the ADL with a Ron Unz mannequin on his knee.

    • LOL: geokat62
  175. idealogus says: • Website

    I have great respect for Mr. Unz but in the case of this article I only partially agree with him.
    In the case of immigration, we are like in the story of the boy who shouted “Wolf”.
    White-Protestant nationalists shouted the wolf when the Irish immigrants came and there was no real wolf.
    White-Protestant nationalists shouted the wolf when they had Italians, Russians, Jews, etc. and there was no wolf.
    The last wolf white Protestants shouted at was the Hispanic one.
    Completely ridiculous. In the last 3,000 years, Spain has been more civilized than England for about 2,500 years. And english protestants trembled with fear because American civilization would collapse if Hispanics came. How ridiculos.
    Now the wolf has really come and no one believes anymore.
    Why ?!
    Until now, with all the waves of immigration, the white population has always been the majority. For the first time, it is clear that soon whites will become a minority.
    The danger of destroying civilization never came from the Irish, Spaniards or Russians.
    Islam, atheism (practically the internal white danger) and “wakanda civilization” are the riders of the apocalypse.
    Atheism and the cohort of minions (feminism, nihilism, drugs, pedophilia, etc.) are the internal danger.
    “Wakanda civilization” – is an external danger that has become internal.
    Islam will become a deadly danger when it exceeds 30% of the population.
    A country can remain civilized if for every 10 honest citizens there is 1 anarchist (of whatever type he is) but it cannot resist if for every 10 citizens 4 are anarchists.
    The Irish, the Italians, the Hispanics were not anarchists but honest citizens with some obvious exceptions.
    But in the case of nihilistic atheists of the antifa type, Islam who sees all other religions as a caravan to be plundered and the wakanda mob who want revenge for slavery, it is difficult to find honest citizens to support a civilization.
    It’s too late now to call the wolf. The wolf came and entered the sheepfold and no one believes anything anymore.

    • Replies: @Trinity
    , @Parsnipitous
  176. @Thulean Friend

    Your civic nationalism is contradicted by your statement that “… values are biologically fixed/inherited to a much greater extend than is commonly assumed.”

    Biology -> culture -> institutions -> politics.

    Assimilation, which was taken for granted in the 1950s, is now “racist” and superficially only worked when White Gentiles dominated this country, politically, economically and culturally and insisted on it.

    Diversity + proximity = conflict.

  177. Anon[300] • Disclaimer says:

    “By sharp contrast, immigration was an especially powerful issue for Trump in a state like West Virginia, which has almost no Hispanics or immigrants of any kind, and whose voters therefore drew their entire understanding of the issue from FoxNews and Breitbart rather than from real life.”

    Reporting from West Virginia here. A lot of the Trump support came from the “real life” experience of seeing their coal-related jobs vanish or diminish. Obama and the Democrat’s hostility to fossil fuels was well-documented. Appalachian coal production was booming in 2008 – 2010. This is easily verifiable using coal production statistics from the time.

    But think of the average West Virginia blue collar worker. When they look at they Democrat party and see support for Antifa, transsexuals, homosexuals, identity politics, arts and humanities types, hostility to traditional American family life, self-loathing whites and blacks that are hell-bent on revenging past grievances, etc. – they can’t relate to that.

    And the people I know in W.Va. may grumble about immigration, but it’s the above-mentioned items that really motivated the Trump landslide. And in the golden age of organized labor this was a deep blue state.

    • Agree: mark green
  178. @Alvin

    The White people still living in California – the ones who haven’t left for more family-friendly and affordable places – are liberal millennials working for high-tech and social media companies and the True-Believers. They are more left-wing than ever. Nothing to do with immigration.

    This is patently false. The majority of whites in California live in small towns in the northern quartile of the state, which is not really less affordable than the South (especially taking in to account the superior natural beauty, placid weather and vastly lower crime rates). Most of these people are not liberals, but MAGA tards. There’s also been no real exodus from California as the net migration is only a couple thousand people per year. More white people than ever are moving to California since its real estate industry isn’t run by Anglo Karen cunts who want to charge you 20,000 for an acre of swamp, like they do in your third world matriarchal ex-Confederate state. California has one of the most affordable housing markets in the country, and they’re kicking your state’s fucking ass, hillbilly boy.

    • Troll: Daniel Chieh
  179. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    I agree with many of the points you make.

    White people seem to be effectively divided down the middle on pretty much every issue, even Trump. Every election is a 50-50 toss up with a small percentage either way deciding the outcome, e.g. 53% of college educated white women in the suburbs voted Trump in 2016. So naturally both the Republicans and the Democrats have had to try to appeal to other demographics. In this election the Democrats have pushed all the chips into the middle of the table on race. They need 80% or more of all black voters to vote Democrat.

    And then there are Mexicans. That’s the big toss-up. Since most of them seem to be believing Catholics, the Republicans think they should naturally vote against the Democrats because of their faith. Cuba and the anti-communist wars in Central America should also make most Hispanics vote for the Republicans. But in my experience of being a normal person in real life, Mexicans just don’t go along with that “universal latinx solidarity” ideology that the Democrats push on Black voters. At least the Mexicans I have ever known, which are numerous, don’t express a lot of anxiety about white people. They just don’t care if white people like them or not because they have a stable sense of self and culture and they already think white people are comically ridiculously different from them as “gringos” anyway. And they don’t get all that upset by the fact that some white people don’t like them being here so far as I have ever seen. Mainly because the one’s who are here illegally are very plainly just trying to make money for their families. So everyone ends up having a lot of sympathy for that situation. Getting Mexicans whipped into a frenzy about racism hasn’t worked. Plus, a lot of them have anti-black attitudes too.

    Nobody knows where Mexicans are going to end up politically. They might end up being like white people in that some of them care about leftist social issues and some of them care more about their faith, in which case they will be a 50-50 split in every election like white people are. Or they might end up with a Pan-Hispanola group identity like Black people and so vote almost exclusively as a unit in every election. Personally, I think it’s doubtful they will go for the “group identity” politics. Mexicans and Hispanics in general have nuanced literature and politics throughout their home countries, so it would be extremely odd if they all ended up voting as a block here in America. It should also be pointed out that Richard Nixon innovated outreach to Hispanics, which weren’t even called “Hispanics” until the 1980s because nobody thought of people who had Spanish surnames as being one unified type of people. That concept was a political invention of electoral politics in the 80s. “Hispanic” is more a group category we have been taught to apply to them but not one that originated with them. Muslims are undergoing the same political forces here.

    The only reason I hope Trump wins is that the international trade deals pushed through by both Republicans and Democrats in the 90s were a travesty. Back in the early days of NAFTA and the WTO there was huge popular resistance to the idea of free international trade, which so far as I experienced back then, was really just a way for super wealthy people to get even more super wealthy by destroying the incomes of working class Americans. The real resistance people had to free trade with China and Mexico was just ignored by the ruling elite in America and instead we got two wars with Iraq.

    So, just for the sake of one last hurrah… sticking it to the globalists this one last chance we get… I would say vote for Trump in spite of all the obvious flaws. Even if you are black or Mexican.

    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund
  180. @Anonymous

    “It is fair to say that in their home nations, free of the influence of aliens, their real unexpurgated character is given free rein to express itself – what you see is the real deal.”

    And what you see are homes connected to the power grid with extension cords, homes whose water supply is an insect laden cistern atop the roof, broken, jagged sidewalks, concrete lamp posts that have been bashed by the fenders of cars, hanging on by a thin rebar, awnings extending over the sidewalk that are only 5’4″ above the sidewalk and so on. A complete lack of standards. Broken infrastructure everywhere. Lagoons filled with trash. Streets lined with trash. Highways lined with trash. Bushes littered with trash. And on and on and on.

    This gleaned from my eight visits there. I believe Fred doesn’t see it because love is blind and he’s three sheets to the wind half the time. Ron doesn’t see it because he’s never been there. He only sees what Mexicans do with stuff we built and when hedged in by our European Laws. But those Laws will be changed. AOC and fellow vandals are changing them today. Tomorrow, Latins won’t fare so well, when they live under laws of their own making.

    They will befoul their own nest; they always do.

    Life is a test, and not an IQ test. It’s about dealing with your own shit. Literally. How well does a people deal with their own waste products? Mexicans fail miserably. Prefer to wear a clean bleached white shirt but won’t touch the junk in their own environment, they show themselves to be like children.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  181. @Anon

    If immigrants are so wonderful and the salvation of this country, why on earth are their homelands such crapholes?

    There is a question: If you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich? That can apply to nations as well as individuals.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
    • Thanks: Achmed E. Newman
    • Replies: @Bill Jones
    , @Brás Cubas
  182. Redman says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Agree Buzz. I thought this piece was going to pivot into an explanation of just how the black-white divide is so damaging, uniquely damaging, to the American brand of nationalism.

    I thought it would explain why those American places with the highest percentages of whites are the most likely to become insane with religious pro-black militaristic fervor. Maybe discuss the psychology of the abolitionists, or Hubert Humphrey as the civil rights vanguard of the Democratic Party, coming from lilly white Minnesota.

    But it seemingly dissolves into a white flag, a call to “put down your arms since we now know we have lost the war for the hearts and minds of good whites.”

    It’s spun as a pseudo intellectual piece. But sounds more like a hostage negotiator for the other side, telling you to put your weapons down because “can’t you see you’re greatly outnumbered by the cops. It’s time to repent and maybe the state will have mercy on you.”

  183. Dumbo says:
    @Franklin Ryckaert

    That may be true, but he misses the point of WN objection to non-White immigration. It is all about identity,

    Yes, that’s it. It doesn’t matter if Mexicans commit or not crimes. They are not White Americans (or Euro-Americans, let’s call them).

    “It’s OK to be white”, and it’s OK to want to live among whites.

    But the problem is that “identity” may work in European countries, but America is a different story, because even among whites there are so many divisions. It’s not clear how it could work.

    But there’s nothing wrong with wanting to live among whites, and not Mexicans (and Muslims, and Africans, and Asians, and whatever).

    Some colleges in California are now majority Asian. It’s not a social problem, they are smart, ordered, etc. But they are not European. They don’t look like Europeans.

    There’s nothing wrong in wanting to live mostly with people who look like you.

    • Agree: Richard B
  184. fnn says:

    This is like the Moldbug argument that Jews became a menace when they morphed into neo-Puritan crypto-Calvinists. So we’re supposed to believe that the Jews that rule us are really WASPs?

    Eric P. Kaufmann’s The Rise and Fall of Anglo-America presents the case that Anglo-America committed what one might call “suicide by idea”: White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants were motivated to give up ethnic hegemony by their attachment to Enlightenment ideals of individualism and liberty. Anglo-Americans simply followed these ideals of the Enlightenment to their logical conclusion, with the result that immigration was opened up to all peoples of the world, multiculturalism became the cultural ideal, and Whites willingly allowed themselves to be displaced from their preeminent position among the elites of business, media, politics, and the academic world.

    • Replies: @DrWatson
  185. glib says:

    The Roman Empire was not multiracial? The Ottoman Empire was not multiracial?

    Specifically, the Eastern Roman Empire, which lasted 1000 years after splitting. Because the Western part started playing the multi-culturalism game long after decline had started. Like in the US, they started expanding cautiously. The first non-italian emperor, Diocletian, was from just over the NE border (Illyria). Then they eventually started overdoing it, with two Syrian emperors in a row…

    I note that at the time of the Lepanto battle the Ottoman Empire, as multi-racial as they come, had 18 out of 24 grand vezirs which belonged to a certain ethnic group. History, surely, repeats itself, at least in part.

    • Replies: @Tlotsi
  186. Very few people who comment agree with Unz. And many of them recognize that Jews are the problem. Read again “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” and you will realize that it is the Jewish dream to control the world. Hitler’s solution was a mistake because he also wanted to destroy the Slavs in the USSR and Poland, not realizing that they too did not want to be ruled by Jews.

    • Replies: @Curmudgeon
  187. Somehow, old Catholic churches end up burning. The “Revolution” (top down as always) doesn’t change its spots.

  188. MLK says:

    Many observers, not least in China, have noted the striking similarities this turmoil bears to aspects of Mao’s Cultural Revolution of the late 1960s.

    Yes, which is why I reacquainted myself recently with it.

    Though its seeming appeal in the US is wholly different than in the 60s with Mao’s Little Red Book.

    That is a function of China’s rise. Not to put too fine a point on it but CCP China won the post-Cold War quarter-century hands down. With a great deal of help from those who playfully referred to themselves as Capitalists selling them the rope.

    Cutting to the chase, for the Western ruling/governing elite CCP China’s societal model is downright appealing. As Sailer long ago noted, being a Capitalist is unendingly difficult. Thus the objective of success is to figure out how to ring the bell on the whole competition thingie. The same holds for democratic politics and consensual governance.

    Elite expressions of admiration and downright envy for the sweet arrangement the CCP has are on pause since Trump took the oath. They were a little too revealing.

    Don’t be confused. Mao didn’t invent power politics or that “all power comes out of the barrel of a gun.” Which means plug-n-play coercion.

    That is the extent of analogousness we should take in the instant American context. The ruling class thinks Leninism — Democratic Centralism and the whole shebang — is going to go their way. What could go wrong?

    What they will eventually figure out is that a surveillance and coercion state, besides all its more consequential demerits, is expensive. Even the Chinese are going to figure out it’s no way to run a railroad.

  189. geokat62 says:

    Trump has been on track since last year to garner the highest percentage of votes of any Republican in the modern era from blacks and Hispanics.

    Jared, is that you?

    • Replies: @MLK
  190. Good things about Latino immigration:

    * Suppress black population share
    * More anti-Semitic so less likely to shill for Israeli wars than cuckservatives
    * Much fewer BLM worshipper, happy to wage race war against the bns
    * Probably not significantly more criminal than whites, as Ron Unz has argued
    * More colorful aesthetics, as Fred Reed continuously points out to us (if you lean that way)

    * Too many short, ugly, obese women
    * 0.5% SD lower IQ than whites and gap shows no signs of closing (e.g. see Richwine)
    * I also feel that, regardless of one’s views on Latinos (my own impression is ultimately positive), the current inhabitants do have a legitimate right to want fewer of them for any reason or none.

    I don’t think I buy into Ron’s point that anti-Latino immigration was an own goal. After all, Trump has record support amongst precisely Hispanics, whereas it was a record low amongst college educated whites and will be even lower in 2020, up to the point where he might not even win amongst college-educated white men.

    The basic observation that the fundamental problem is with whites is IMO true, but the model I would use to describe it is a combination of Turchin’s elite overproduction thesis + spandrell’s Bioleninism idea, where spurned counter-elites mobilize alienated riffraff and aggrieved minorities against the ruling elites. Making BLM a kind of inter-white civil war. (Actual hardcore BLM types are forced into retreat whenever they step out of the reservation with questions on topics like Jewish power, etc).

    The question of Latino separatism is an interesting one. Audacious Epigone has posted polls showing that Latino support for it is greater than for other racial groups. Though there’s diversity on the desirability of separatism, with considerable numbers of white Americans (e.g. in states like Alaska) also supporting it.

    • Replies: @Astuteobservor II
  191. Hhgg hu says:

    Mass immigration is terrible for America in every way. It means lower wages, higher housing costs, less access to public services, environmental degradation, ethnic tension and conflict, and the destruction of social cohesion/capital. Granted, Hispanics are not participating in BLM riots. But does that mean ignoring everything I just listed?

    • Agree: GazaPlanet
  192. Miro23 says:

    The reasons were simple. The overwhelming majority of American immigrants are concentrated in a handful of large states including California, Texas, New York, Florida, and Illinois, and by all indications they get along quite well with their white and native-born neighbors, as I had demonstrated in a long 2011 article.

    There’s a point here, that the bulk of immigration is South American Indian and they are very absent from BLM and Antifa demonstrations. Same as other immigrant groups. Plenty of Hispanics actually seem to aspire to join Anglo America society and are themselves traditional, family orientated people – in no way political BLM, Antifa types.

    So who are these intolerant Neo-Bolsheviks pulling down statues, attacking police and wrecking city centers? Intellectually their home is the radical SJW counter-cultural left, led by Jewish activists, now actively signaling support from the New York Times and Washington Post., the Associated Press and academia. They are the source of all the MSM “toxic whiteness”, “white supremacy”, “misogyny”, “hate”, “far right”, “police violence”, scripts.

    Hispanics aren’t originating any of this, or joining these demonstrations. They came to the US for a better life, not to start wrecking the place or to fight the police.

    Like the original Bolsheviks (Russia 1917), America’s Neo-Bolsheviks want absolute power through destroying the existing order – breaking traditional links – and taking control of key power centers. The original Bolshevik Jews received useful support from the fashionable (ethnic Russian) intellectual left (later liquidated) same as the US Neo-Bolsheviks have those crowds of useful idiot middle-class Anglo SJW true believer whites, struggling to pull down the statues of their ancestors. Blacks are encouraged to radicalize with black voices for restraint and self improvement being MSM cancelled (“Uncle Toms”).

    Conclusion, that the job in hand is to rid the US (and the West) of its Neo-Bolsheviks, and let Anglos and Hispanics with some Asians make a peaceful new American nation. There are alternative ways to get rid of the Jewish Neo-Bolsheviks, none of them attractive – but having said that, what the Neo-Bolsheviks have planned for the 98% Gentile majority isn’t too attractive either – and they started this insurgency.

    • Agree: Mefobills
    • Replies: @Mefobills
  193. I’m anticipating Ron’s follow up article… the political bankruptcy of Jewish nationalism! Fuck you Ron!

    • LOL: Trinity, American Citizen 2.0
  194. @JohnPlywood

    You seem to live in your own bubble head. The National Association of Realtors and Homebuilders called California the least affordable real estate in the country.

    You know a liberal talking about kicking ass is about as funny as watching your soy boy army getting rubber bean bag sacks to the balls.

    Ooh… you used Maga tard!! How original. Like the rest of your stupid comment.

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  195. Fair enough Ron.

    So how many Syrian, Congolese and Afghan refugees do you think Israel should take in every year?

    • Thanks: Ace
    • LOL: Trinity
  196. Trinity says:

    First off, don’t ever call a Spaniard, an Hispanic. Oh, wow, don’t ever even call a Colombian a Mexican for that matter. haha. Speaking of Mexicans, many are fine and EXTREME HARDWORKING PEOPLE, I worked in a brutally hot factory where temps exceeded 90 degrees easily, making rims for cars, and was one of the few white boys on second shift. Some guy’s wife made the best tamales that I have ever had the pleasure of chowing down on. The work was tough, we worked 12 hour shifts, 6-7 days a week for a solid year until they closed the plant down. That being said, I wasn’t dealing with cholo gangsta thugs out of Los Angeles, I was dealing with Mexicans who only wanted to work hard, drink beer on what little spare time they had, and work, work, work. A good deal of Mexicans are like this, humble, hard working, etc., but there are MANY who still harbor grudges about the Mexican-American war and reconquista is VERY REAL IN THEIR MINDS, I know this because I have heard it with my own two ears while working with the humble and good Mexicans. My experience with the Vato Loco types is nil, and I want to keep it that way.

    Crying wolf about the Irish, Jews and Italians??? HARDLY, Irish, Jews and Italians came over here and were very big in organized crime. Btw, I am Irish but the truth is the truth. And speaking of organized crime, the Italians had nothing on the Jews, John Gotti was a small fish compared to Meyer Lansky. My people, the Irish, were known to not be that fond of work, and very fond of drink, smoking, and chasing women, the truth is the truth and stereotypes are based on the truth. The Irish, the Italians, and the Jews weren’t exactly pillars of the community, of course not all, but facts bear out that there was some legitimate concern for the Irish and Italians at first. Jews? Well, obviously they never assimilated into the culture and had no intention of ever assimilating into the culture of their host nation. Unlike the Irish and Italians, MOST Jews work to undermine the nation their people adopted and unlike the Irish and Italians, Jews seem to revel in promoting agendas that destroy our nation. The Irish and Italians have made outstanding contributions to America.

    • Replies: @Based Lad
    , @Cowtown Rebel
  197. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Out of agree buttons… Amen brother!

  198. Truth says:

    News accounts that detail this ethnic cleansing of areas in California that were once heavily black are not difficult to find online.

    Again with this fiction? Please find one in that case.

    Black people left downtown/Central LA for one good reason; their 3 bedroom 1 bath 1200 square foot, 70 year old homes, trippled in value, and they moved to the desert, or Las Vegas to be in one twice as large, without plumbing problems.

    You people with your silly, updated, brown, nacimiento de un nacion fantasies.

    BTW, “ethnically cleansed” Compton, CA is still 32% black.

    “Ethnically cleansed” Inglewood, CA is 43% black.

    “Ethnically cleansed” Watts is 25% black.

    These are the big three, traditional black neighborhoods in LA.

    Even Panorama City the only place black people were allowed to live in the San Fernando Valley in the 70s is still near 10% black.

    Mexicans, by and large (outside of prison anyway) don’t murder anyone but Mexicans, that is why the police leave them alone, so please, go back to fantasizing about the KKK and Night Riders and leave the poor Mexicans out of your dreams.

    • Replies: @Tucker
  199. Anon[397] • Disclaimer says:

    lol nice try, Ron, but the totalitarian bolsheviks are coming for as well.

    • Agree: Hegar
    • Replies: @Redman
  200. Truth says:

    I don’t feel any mutual national identity with the loud thoughtless whites of a southern european background.

    Don’t knock it until you give it a fair trial, Bro.

  201. Anonymous[152] • Disclaimer says:

    Unz builds an entire article out of survivorship bias.

    Unz gives the middle finger to all of the whites who have left California.

    Unz looks at the results of white genocide and sees nothing wrong.

  202. Zimriel says:

    Ron Unz is more right than wrong in this case. Even in 2018 I was thinking our main problem was/were white #wokes and black criminals. Solve the active hostility to white interests among fellow whites, and immigration solves itself: whites simply agree that borders work and should work.

    As for Islam, Muslims are currently in an internal debate about whether they really need to be allying with the Rainbow Flag. They also have the same problem Biblical fundamentalists had, which is that the founding texts don’t match reality. But Christianity doesn’t rely so much on textual literalism; Christians have Christ. Make Christianity more attractive to social-conservatives, and Muslims will join us.

  203. Anonymous[216] • Disclaimer says:

    Ron is right, but you people are too offended and thin-skinned to acknowledge it. White liberals must be opposed at all costs, and a rearguard action is the only way to do it now. The idea that the demographic tide was going to be reversed and America would become white again was a foolish one. The only path forward with any semblance of traditional America is to press gang the indios into our ranks before the liberals take them all.

    • Thanks: V. K. Ovelund
  204. Trinity says:

    Multiculturalism WORKS ONLY IF ALL CULTURES ARE WHITE. We need to stop calling this Jewish orchestrated shit, “multiculturalism,” because it is multiracial and not multiculturalism that is destroying America. I, myself, have to keep using that word, “multiculturalism,” Europe, even at its peak of Whiteness was very multicultural and so was America. Socialism CAN WORK IN ALL WHITE NATIONS AND SO CAN MULTICULTURALISM. Multiracial societies HAVE NEVER WORKED AND THE PEOPLE BENT ON DESTROYING THIS NATION KNOW THIS FOR SURE. And it has been proven that socialism can work in an ALL WHITE NATION, but not in a nation filled with unproductive nonwhites who are TAKERS and NOT GIVERS.

  205. Realist says:
    @Robert Dolan

    jews push massive immigration in every white nation on earth because jews are more comfortable in a multi-ethnic society

    Yes, Jews are able to control a multi-ethnic society.

  206. The gravest mistake the White Christians made from the get go was to be too tolerant of non whites which has led to the destabilization and destruction of the finest culture in the world… would a ringmaster allow feral cats to get close to his own demise or would he whip them into the much needed obedience?

    • Agree: Trinity
  207. @JohnPlywood

    Wrong as usual jackass! Whites have been leaving California in droves since the 90’s. Conservatives to escape the madness, leftists taking their fucked up leftist bullshit with them to Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Colorado etc… They leave to escape the tyrannical dystopia they created in California then go to work turning red states blue and pushing the same fucked up policies. Same as the snowbirds ruining the south.

  208. BenKenobi says:

    Alden, let’s not get bogged down here.

    It’s about bravely facing terrible odds while being hopelessly outnumbered.

    • Replies: @Truth
  209. The only White Nationalists who hold any political power in America are Jewish Zionists. The Unz Review is nothing more than a limited hangout. He baited us with his Holohoax article, and then seems to forget that Jews control the narrative through mass media, and directly fund both BLM and AntiFa. They also control the UN and obviously whipped up this virus hysteria and race war to cover up their economic sabotage. I’m starting to think Ron does this mostly unconsciously because he is a narcissistic Jew and can’t help it.

  210. Ron Unz has refuted his own arguement. If there was only European white immigration into the USA, there would have been no radical Jewish intellectual movements to subvert whites into radical leftists.

    Even if other other non white immigrants were not violent, they transform the culture and persue their own interest transforming the country. ( Hispanic drug gangs? ) Culture and civilizations are a manifestation of a racial, ethnic and historical idenitity. Example Japan vs Italy!

    Is Mr Unz really contolled dissent, something Jews love to play?

  211. Truth says:

    I suggest you re-assess your love of Truth,

    Hey, he did give me a couple of gold boxes back in the site’s honeymoon period.

    In any event; Ronnie, I have to give it to you; you keep this site interesting on a daily basis with your non-conventional style: “My hometown is better now than when it was 85% white,” sure, why not Let in 50 million more Mexicans, and countless more Asians they are more American than Whites anyway, well, you do have that in common with The Derb, and alternatively, Frijole Fred.

    Now you’re more-or-less blaming white “liberals” (AKA: white people, I mean if blacks, Mexicans, and the rest are monolithic groups, why draw distinctions between whites) for the mess in the Northwest, and slyly implying that things would be better off with a bunch of forigners there, and slagging off your own star columnist to boot! HL Menken would have been proud.

    I keep reading here that the US is going to fraction into seperate entities, and I belive this will happen, but probably not before this site does, I don’t know what you pay these gentlemen who write here, Big Ron, but it must be substantial, seeing is how the lot of you (Giraldi and Shamir and the few non colorists/other topic guys here excepted) seemingly have nothing in common, other than a seething hatred for/envy of, niggers.

    …And hey, how would I know… maybe that’s enough.

    • Agree: Hegar
  212. MLK says:

    Exercise a little common sense. If Democrats had succeeded in foiling Trump’s “What have you got to lose?” appeal then why have they unleashed what they have since George Floyd’s death?

    They’re even trotting out David Duke again to let everyone know that he really does want Trump to be reelected which is why he’s doing media as the election approaches.

    • Replies: @MLK
    , @geokat62
  213. Why is Trump doing poorly among whites compared to 2016. The reason is very simple. His Jewish advisors despise his voters, give them nothing, and believe they are clever when they condescend to use insulting cringe boomer-tier memes. They send one-eyed Crenshaw, Charlie Kirk and little “I’ve never heard of you” Ben Shapiro to insult their own voters. They’ve done nothing about internet censorship. It would seem that Trump’s people want to shut-up Trump’s base of support as much as anyone else.

    Trump has been the worst of all worlds. We have had a rabidly neocon, rabidly feminist, rabidly race-pandering (We need to get the black vote!) combined with a record of four years of empty promises and insulting pandering. The Jews have gotten more than they could have gotten otherwise, that is what Trump represents.

    When white men deliver your election, you need to represent WHITE MEN, not only in tweets, but in fact, and that HAS NOT happened.

    What is going to happen, is that whites in America are going to GET RID OF the Constitution WHEN IN THE COURSE OF HUMAN EVENTS, etc, it no longer serves us, this is ultimately our country.

    Trump runs his campaigns like multi-level marketing, he “runs” the government like a racketeer. That is why he is losing. He never had the intention of following through on his promises, except to those with power.

  214. JackOH says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    Agree 100%, Buzz, with tone and substance. (Your characterization of Ron’s thinking pretty much matches my own. I suppose Ron’ll reply if he finds something off-base with it.)

    How Americans of all stripes ought to regard their fellow Black Americans remains the costliest and most vexing question in the American political primer.

    That anecdote about the Peruvian mason is a gem, and I’m confident it’s echoed by millions of immigrants, with the exception possibly of high-salary immigrants who can afford to distance themselves from Blacks where the latter are significant.

    We’ve tried the 1960s-era White “liberal” method of disempowering and devalorizing Whites to uplift Blacks. Maybe it’s time for a new groove.

  215. Realist says:
    @Apex Predator

    I wonder who ‘talked’ to Mr. Unz and what dirt they have on him.

    They found out his IQ is not 214.

    • LOL: Trinity, FB
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  216. Mefobills says:

    From Ron’s article:

    I think the triumph of this low-IQ nationalism is why public opinion shifted so rapidly in the direction of support for BLM. Trump and those around him were called bigots for their immigration views, so they overcompensated by being extremely pro-black.


    This analysis appears quite plausible to me. The senior leadership of the Trump Administration seems heavily skewed towards ideologues and total incompetents,

    First of all, there is no question that it is low-IQ nationalism. Why? Because nationalists have not discerned the underlying causes.

    What is the underlying cause? Finance Capital.

    Finance Capital is created by private banks. It is the opposite of sovereign money.

    The actual logos for any civilization is Border, Language, Culture AND Ethnic Waves of Kinship. To maintain a logos type civilization requires sovereign money and releasing of odious debts.

    Everything else is knock-on effects. Repeat, everything else in knock-on effects. If you leave money out of account in any analysis, then you miss the boat.

    The Waves of Kinship for a nation state radiate in concentric circles, where the people of a nation identify with each other. Having kinship relations LOWERS internal friction. Kinship relations are desirable. A tower of babble civilization of differing tribes is undesirable.

    Well defined national borders define the lands and the ancestors of the people. The people in turn have heroes, history, and know their place in space and time. They are not un-moored and de-racinated.

    The 1926 immigration cut-off was a purposeful attempt to create the NEW AMERICAN MAN, as immigration from East Europe was tilting the country away from the natural order. Our Jewish friends were also working as an in-group to feather bed for themselves. Jewish method of usury, rents, and taking of unearned income always undermines a country by the below “debt” cycle.

    From 1926 to 1965 the country consolidated around its European roots and identity, and then added in its new heroes and American history.

    By the late 60’s and early 70’s post war private debts had climbed, which causes instability. Finance Capital had reared its ugly head once again. A new debt bubble was then blown by re-organizing society, especially including more war and inducing women into the workforce.

    The debt cycle is about every 50 years, which is why Jubilee in Bible is coded for that amount of time. Modern times make the 50 year cycle compress a bit.

    When M2 (broad money) and commodity prices are high, times are good – it is a peace cycle.

    When M2 volume is low, and commodity prices are low, then it is a war cycle.

    The war cycle corresponds to debt demands, where debt instruments are making claims and canceling M2 money. The peace cycle is due to former war deficit spending, which helps erase private debts.

    1763 Prices high,
    1775 Ruin, low prices, destitution
    1814 High prices boom years
    1843 Low prices, doom and depression
    1864 in the North – good times
    1896 Destitution
    1920 High prices good times
    1933 Destitution
    1980 Prices high.

    Prices where high and M2 high in late 60’s and early 70’s because of military deficit spending, and encouraging women to enter the workforce. New debtors pay old debts.

    The post 1965 destruction of the New American Man includes deracinating a people, and a people group losing their borders, language, culture and history.

    The nationalists are not wrong about the bigger picture, but haven’t pieced together the underlying causes.

    With regards to in-groups, once an new in-group feels they are in a position of power, and the former American Man has been rendered weak, then said in-group will turn and try to further wipe out the American Man’s history. BLM and antifa are Jacobians funded by finance oligarchy to wipe out the Historical American Nation.

    Some people call the New American Man (post 1926 lingo) today as the “Historical American Nation.”

    The Historical American Nation did not, and does not have a chance, as long as finance capital is the hidden ruler.

    The Jewish Kahal and shabbos goys work in concert using their finance capital, as if only money prices matter. Debt accumulations and larger societal pressures are not included in the ledger account.

    • Disagree: Hegar
  217. Sean says:

    I think the triumph of this low-IQ nationalism

    When an author approvingly quotes remarks such as the above one and then himself makes mention of West Virginia, low class inbred white racial decadence springs to mind. And when this riot free region is being counterposed to uber white Portland anarchy, one might wonder if the real point of this piece is the anti Trump riots are the work of genetically elite whites annoyed about the lower orders of their race declining to be to be a pawn in their betters’ power game, voting in Trump, and–shock horror–not wanting to go and add to the 20 million population of LA. Even leaving it for Denver or Texas.

    The scientists who almost a century ago provided the rationale for eugenics laws being passed were in the mainstream, but not Darwinians. They were actually targeting problematic white individuals and populations, such as the Appalachians who had failed to alter for the better despite living in the US for hundreds of years, thereby showing themselves to be a pathological element not susceptible to Lamarckian environmental genetic modification.

    Low-income whites without college degrees are not voting or rioting for immigrants to hold down their wages. Nor do they think their blood is any less “new” for being wrapped in a white skin. Yes it is such a mystery. It is like the intellectually challenged Pygmy resisting the Bantu encroachment. Don’t the Pygmies realise that everything will be OK if they just accept an influx of another ethnicity? Here is evolutionary psychologist John Tooby explicating the thought of Stephen Jay Gould:

    “In Gould’s view, most evolutionary change takes place when closely related biological lineages compete, with one surviving and spreading through the others’ ranges while the others go extinct…there is not much difference between a incipient species and a ‘race’ and in Gould’s world of sudden genetic revolutions there is not necessarily any difference at all Gould does intimate that competitive ability between sibling species is often the deciding force”

    It was when Catholics in Maine voted overwhelmingly for Roosevelt that he pronounced them Americanised. A few decades later Catholic neighbourhoods across the US were scattered to the four winds when they became the focus of blockbusting, resulting in the neutralizing of Catholics as a political force. Religion clouded the issue, but I think it could reasonably be seen as elite whites against the lower class ones. That is, the lower in g factor ones who were thus because they have worse genes.

  218. @Anon

    Unz was never an ally.

    Unz has never pretended to be an ally. I have never thought him one. Have you?

    Rather, Unz has been a reasonable person with interesting observations and a talent for journalistic research. Unz has been a person to whom one could talk and from whom one could get a fair hearing and a rational reply.

    As such, Ron Unz is a rare treasure.

    Understandably, Unz has not identified his disenchanted, formerly Alt-Right friend, but unfortunately the friend does not sound very credible to me.

    Whatever you think of Unz’s implied suggestion that U.S. white Gentiles should just give up and embrace their ethnic replacement (personally, I don’t think much of it), Unz’s trenchant observation regarding the distinctive ethnic profiles of Portland, Seattle and Minneapolis is positively riveting.

    • Replies: @Commentator Mike
    , @Truth
  219. BADmejr says:

    I’m not 100% sure of the point of this article, but the title, and much of the content, appears to indicate that white nationalists are generally wrong in their ideas, particularly to immigration. There are far too many points made in Unz’s article to discuss them all in the time I have, but I do want to make a few comments.

    First, the WN argument against immigration centers on FAR more ideas than the notion that all these Hispanics will destroy law and order. It is true that whites as a whole get along a lot better with Hispanic immigrants than they do blacks. Nonetheless, the fact that certain areas of our nation become overwhelmingly Hispanic is partially due to whites (and blacks, for that matter) moving away from places that become heavily Hispanic. In addition, much of the problem with the Hispanic population is not the immigrants themselves, but the children of those Hispanics. The people make the place, and eventually a place will resemble the population that constitutes its majority. Therefore, the American South West will and has come to resemble Mexico far more than the USA.

    Many white nationalists have a lot of respect for the Japanese as a people and culture. Does this mean, as an example, that white Americans should welcome so many Japanese as to make white Americans a minority? Of course not. The Japanese would not bring tremendous crime or anything like that, but they are not us. Why should any race want to see themselves become a minority in the nations built by their forefathers, even their ancestral homelands in Europe?

    It seems like, at least to some extent, Unz was making the argument that white majority areas don’t understand the immigration debate and see it as a far more negative thing than those whites do who live in areas like Los Angeles, where whites live in relative peace next to Hispanic immigrants. The white cities of Portland and Seattle have suffered far more in rioting, after all, than did Los Angeles. Of course, the whites in Portland and Seattle have, to a large extent, been indoctrinated to be radical leftists who agree with the white replacement agenda. We can acknowledge these people are repugnant, but in a society in which every single cultural institution was not dominated by those who hate whites (Jews being most prominent), whites as a group would not be falling into the AntiFa camps, which likely wouldn’t even exist, at least not in their current form funded by those with like mind of their others who control our cultural institutions. Yes, West Virginia voted overwhelmingly for Trump, but did Vermont or New Hampshire? In most cases, increased contact with other races breeds racism. The whitest areas of the nation seem to be the most susceptible to media propaganda regarding race, as they have little to reference in the real world.

    In my own state of NC, there is a tremendously large and growing Hispanic population. They make up the plurality in several previously mostly white schools in the district. In life, they are mostly segregated from the white population, but their presence is felt tremendously in the schools (ELA kids doing a LOT to slow down academic progress) and in the Spanish business signs that dot the streets all over in some towns.

    The main problem white nationalists have with immigration is that it is replacing their own people. Would I want to replace my own daughter with the daughter from another family, even if she by all accounts is “better” than my own daughter in all the cultural ways that matter to me? NO. She is not mine. Our family’s destiny would change with this swap, the most important being that it would not be entirely my family. If I kept replacing until every member but me in my family had been swapped out, I would have no family left, even if those swapped out members were just the greatest.

    When it comes to immigration prior to Trump, we were letting in about 1 MILLION immigrants LEGALLY every year, while who knows how many came in illegally. This rate is so high that, combined with the low white birth rate, that it will see us completely WITHOUT control of our own destinies. I feel every group, race, ethnicity, etc. should have the ability to control its own destiny and produce a society that is reflective of its people. This is not possible under multiculturalism. If Unz doesn’t believe crime from immigrants warrants any negative attention from whites, what does he say of Hispanic voting patterns? Is this good for whites? Considering without the non-white vote, no Democrat would have won the presidency since the 1960’s, further non-white immigration spells political doom for white people.

    Immigrants perform the work that “Americans won’t do.” We’ve heard this mantra for decades, but that has always been without finishing the sentence. Completed, it is, “Immigrants perform the work that Americans won’t do AT THAT PRICE.” Obviously, when there is an increasingly large supply of labor willing to work for lower wages than Americans, wages necessarily stagnate or go down. Especially considering the automation that is coming for blue and white collar jobs alike, I don’t see how anyone could say that massive immigration (third-world or not) is not destructive of the historic American nation. Immigration at these levels actually hurts ALL Americans, regardless of race.

    I usually really enjoy the articles penned by Unz himself, but this one is NOT one of them.

  220. Realist says:

    Why do you always bury your head in the sand around hispanics?

    He plans to run for Governor of California again…and needs their vote.

    • Agree: Hegar
    • LOL: VinnyVette
  221. Trinity says:

    I need not tell what Whites did to build this nation. But can someone tell me what exactly these groups did to build America? And, NO, Jews, Arabs, Pakis, East Indians are all nonwhite.

    What POSITIVE contributions did Jews make to America?

    What POSITIVE contributions have Blacks made to America?

    I will concede that SOME Mexicans and other Hispanics are at least hard working folk, although even the hardworking ones GAME THE SYSTEM as well, and the criminals negate what the hardworking ones bring to the table. And SOME Mexicans have some admirable attributes like a sense of principles, integrity, etc. I find very little of these attributes at all among Jews or Blacks, there are exceptions of course, but it is a very rare find in these two demographics. While the Mexican is one of the hardest working folk I have ever ran across, the Jew is basically useless when it comes to physical labor and Blacks are lazy beyond belief.

  222. Heymrguda says:

    Ron, I thought the most significant reason for opposing immigration was that it drove down wages for working and middle class folks. You seem to be saying here that all is well because immigrant communities aren’t rioting. Why would they; it doesn’t affect them.
    Pretty weak tea.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
  223. anonymous[835] • Disclaimer says:

    Massive protests, riots, and looting, an enormous amount of political vandalism, urban chaos and anti-government disorder!

    If we can catch our breath amid the massive enormous pearl-clutching, we need to scrutinize evident state use of agents provocateurs.

    What we see is CIA’s uniform response to popular revulsion: armed attacks on the domestic civilian population as a pretext for intensified repression. Anybody left or right who can’t see this by now is hopelessly brainwashed.

  224. Anonymous[750] • Disclaimer says:

    This long wordy article ends up nowhere. Is White nationalism any worse than Zionism and if so, why?
    Most Whites were against open borders because of the negative impact on our rule of law nation and we don’t want to become Central America.

  225. A modest proposal. Let’s pol the ethnicity of every Unz commenter. Shouldn’t be too difficult a task.
    Another modest proposal. Let’s test everyone for Covid 19. Given the extraordinary pummeling our economy has suffered the cost would be minor by comparison.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  226. @Realist

    Someone should try to explain to Mr Ünz that extremely below average IQ and morbidly above average alcohol promille are two different things…

  227. jews love mass immigration……just not for Israel!

    While forcing massing third world immigration onto every white Christian nation, jews refuse to accept refugees into Israel because “Israel is for the jewish people.”

    jews have many well funded groups that push immigration and refugee resettlement all over Christendom. (HIAS, etc.)

    Ask them why they don’t have the same nation wrecking policies for Israel and they say, “Well, that would ruin our country!”

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  228. @Buzz Mohawk

    You know Black American as a whole make up less than 12 percent of the population and have no economic or institutional power and have the highest poverty percetnage rate in the U.S., a U.S. which is the richest country in human history. So when you say America’s issue is a Black/White issue you sound like the type of person Ron Unz is talking about.

    Of course there is a paradigm of division in the country, you can say a paradigm of power, culture, industry, labor what ever sector of socio-political life you may chose, but to say that on one side of that is Black Americans and the other side is White Americans is frankly stupid. As any intellect person knows the trajectory of Black people in America is dictated and determined by people who hold institutional and economic power and thus the paradigm cannot be a black white one.

    If you are going to position yourself as a intelligent agent vis-a-vie your foe you should at least have the capacity to assign who holds power (cultural, social , economic etc.) on the other side, and it is not broke black and white college students protesting or poor uneducated black youth breaking into sneaker stores. This collection of people make up such a small percentage of the society and hold NO power and have no capacity to wage cultural, economic or military warfare on anyone.

    I swear this fixation on Black people and the myth of their seeming ability to influence and steer America confounds. Its almost like a ghost that keeps haughting certain White American’s all the while the real power players in this country have created the most unequal America since the end of WW2.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  229. geokat62 says:

    Exercise a little common sense.

    … and accept Ben Shapiro’s baseless assertion that voting is malleable?

    Shapiro stated the demographic shift does not threaten the Republican party because apparently voting is malleable. However, Shapiro is on record as quoting the center of immigration studies in stating that immigrant households tend to lean left on the question of big government. Specifically, referring to Hispanic immigrants with polls showing 81% wanting socialism.

    • Replies: @MLK
  230. Ask China how their race relations are going, the Great Communist Comintern there are very Nationalistic now , Chinese Nationalist Socialist? They reject your multiculturalism

  231. @GazaPlanet

    One can be both Alt-Right and strongly pro-Unz, for Ron Unz has been a great friend for 25 years. He has achieved alone far more to the benefit of old-stock white Gentile America than I could in seven lifetimes. No 25-minute article of his today can alter that.

    If one cannot hear a contrary opinion from an old friend like Unz, then one is truly deaf.

    Not that I judge you to be deaf. Quite the contrary. Moreover, I believe that you are right in this:

    States based on European civilization and inhabited by those whose ancestry comes from Europe will not maintain their national cohesion and identity if immigration continues as it has.

  232. @VinnyVette

    Yes and his contention that there is no exodus as there is no net population loss… Again this moron lives in his own little bubble head. There is no net loss as there is net gain from immigration much of it illegal as California is a destination state due to their sanctuary policies.

  233. Our dearest friends the Jews. Do they ever ever ever stick up for white people as a group!
    I have concluded that Ron is just controlled dissent!
    Either that or he functions as a steam valve cover a little pressure off the system.

  234. @Moberg

    I went to observe the “protests” every day in California…..I’d say at least half of the protesters were hispanic….with lots of dumb college age whites as well.

    hispanics LOVE protests. They’ve had many protests regarding immigration and the numbers are HUGE…. in the hundreds of thousands…… while they wave the mexican flag and screech for their “rights.”

    • Agree: Based Lad
  235. Wild Man says:

    Wow – quite a mess this article. Ron Unz is suggesting that misplaced white nationalist sentiment levied against Hispanics is the reason that the nation can’t come to terms with the bunk ideology of BLM. OK ….. let’s say there is something to what Ron is suggesting. I do think it is plausible. But does that not then beg the question …. what do Hispanics think of BLM? I think Ron is suggesting the Hispanics see so little value in the BLM rhetoric (i.e – Hispanics tending to recognize that BLM rhetoric IS bunk, more-so than politically-mixed white cohorts) ….. so that in localized Hispanic communities …. there is no room for grassroots BLM sentiment to grow. Yes … that makes sense then (if I am paraphrasing Mr. Unz’s sentiment correctly).

    But what happens in mixed communities in the U.S. – where this is an Hispanic majority but with large black minority cohorts? Is there the same issues as experienced in communities that are white majorities with large black minority cohorts (i.e. – are a whole lot of one-sided crime statistics experienced, divided along racial lines, in said Hispanic majority communities, as does occur in such white communities)?

    Or what about communities that are black majorities with Hispanic minority cohorts, vs. communities that are black majorities with white minority cohorts?

    I don’t think there is much value in featuring the argument in the way Ron Unz decided to present it, …. leaving out discussion as to what happens under these various different scenarios. Without the fuller discussion, Ron Unz’s argument seems one-sided. To what end? What is Mr. Unz driving at, by way of featuring his argument in said one-sided way?

    Perhaps Mr. Unz is implying that Hispanics and whites can get along just fine and that we won’t lose the culture’s focus on upholding the premises of westernism, by inviting in more Hispanics. This very well could be true. However, don’t we then need to ask, to flesh-out the possibility of this truth, whether westernism is alive and well in Mexico? Is it? Alternatively, is there limits of Hispanic influence upon which crossing such threshold – will undo westernism? I think Ron is probably arguing against that idea (that there are such threshold limits) – given his experience of the changing demographics during his lifetime, as experienced in California. I dunno – perhaps it is too early to tell. For example and for the record – corruption is far far higher in a jurisdiction like Mexico vs. a jurisdiction like Canada.

    Furthermore, is Ron implying (by what is left unsaid in the article) that black sentiment as informed by BLM rhetoric, is congenitally incompatible with white sentiment (westernism), or with American Hispanic sentiment (and can such American Hispanic sentiment truly be featured as westernism?).

    And what about the American white nationalist contention, that the biggest problem for white nationalists, is that the majority of American whites don’t see the actual problem, and in fact are no longer upholding the premises of westernism, for a variety of reasons (and the gist of the white nationalist spiel in this vein is that there is a real and growing danger in that the majority of American whites who don’t see the actual problem, for a variety of reasons, will continue not to see it, until it is too late, and this will spell the end of westernism).

    Here are the problems as I see them:

    1) the premises of westernism are already being attacked and downgraded in the U.S., among the white cohort

    2) among the black community, there generally is very very little buy-in with respect to upholding the premises of westernism. There are many glowing exceptions – Candace Owens, Thomas Sowell, Larry Elders, etc. etc., but by and large the black community does not buy-in with respect to upholding the premises of westernism.

    3) Among Hispanics – with regards to buy-in with respect to upholding the premises of westernism, no such determinations have even begun to be made, one way or the other, as far as I can tell.

    So ….. it would be nice if more Hispanic influence would bring more general support for upholding the premises of westernism. It would be nice because then, perhaps we could fix the problem within the white cohort in this respect, and the black cohort in this respect, by swamping these groups with Hispanics, and since there is a ready supply of Hispanics available to eventuate that, this would be the easiest path to follow to save westernism in America. But we don’t know if such action would save westernism in America or not. I would say … probably not (in the medium term).

    So what has Ron Unz solved here with this article? Nothing as far as I can tell. Except furthering misunderstanding as to what white nationalism in the U.S. is all about. At root – American white nationalism is about upholding the premises of westernism. Now it is true that the field of American white nationalism is also populated by people whom don’t feature the ‘upholding of westernism’ as paramount, but whom instead feature upholding of ‘Europeoan ethnicity’ as paramount. But so what? Every ethnic cohort has such people. Of course such people will be attracted to the ideology that aligns most closely with their sentiment. But that doesn’t mean, that at root, American white nationalsim is not primarily about upholding the conditions that will allow westernism to continue to flourish. Westernism is based on several key underlying premises (as encoded in the American constitution). And then there is the issue as to what level of buy-in for this westernism, that can be expected from each cohort, in an ethnically mixed culture. It’s best not to confuse and conflate these two separate issues.

    For the record I am not a white nationalist (more-so a civic nationalist, like Trump). But a civic nationalist must ask himself whether the American constitution can survive without a white majority. We need an answer to that question. To answer that question, civic nationalism is gonna naturally have to consider some of the white nationalist talking points. But there seems to be no appetite for that. Instead there seems to be actions to continue to steer away from that consideration (like I think this article seems to be going for).

    • Replies: @Flo Blo
  236. @Polite Intellectual

    The explosive controlled demolition of Mt. Rushmore is actually a heck of an image with which to end this spot-on critique, which should be developed into a Hollywood script for a remake of North by Northwest, with Ron Unz playing the Cary Grant role. Our hero is an everyman, slightly above-average in intelligence and resourcefulness, who wanders absentmindedly into an epic battle with The Forces of Evil Dedicated to Destroying Our Way of Life. In the remake they are, of course, Antifa/BLM, not Russian commies. During a long train journey from Palo Alto to the Black Hills (which is why the remake will be called North by Northeast) Ron plays cat and mouse games with the bad guys, while the incompetent cops and white nationalist idiots show themselves utterly ineffectual and obviously hopelessly unable to prevent the forces of evil from winning the day. The climax occurs as Ron clings to the cliff of presidential busts, feverishly trying to extract a nanothermite-triggered mini-nuke from George Washington’s left nostril…we cut back and forth between Ron’s attempts to defuse the bomb and shots of the villainous ringleader of BHAZ (Black Hills Autonomous Zone) snorting coke from a rolled up dollar bill to celebrate the upcoming explosion…as the explosive timer ticks down 5-4-3-2-1 Ron is about to pull the crucial wires apart, but is distracted by the need to sneeze…how will this end? Tune in tomorrow for the sequel to the remake…

  237. @geokat62

    It appears Ron is very supportive of the ADL’s tag line, Diversity Is Our Greatest Strength.

    Nonsense. Unless you had first heard of Ron Unz only yesterday, you’d have to be deep in the moonshine to fail to descry the vast gulf that separates Unz from the ADL.

    • Replies: @geokat62
  238. Over 3.4000 words of meandering, nonsensical crap.

    Complete and utter Jew-spew garbage.

  239. @V. K. Ovelund

    Understandably, Unz has not identified his disenchanted, formerly Alt-Right friend, but unfortunately the friend does not sound very credible to me.

    Matt Heimbach formerly of the TWP?

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  240. jsigur says:

    Several issues. Concerning white majority cities having more disruptions, I think the reason for that is obvious. What better place to do damage than where whites still dominate. I don’t believe that connection was made.
    As far as the country sympathizing with Black Lives Matters, your friend seems to believe that it was something more than an overwhelmingly sympathetic media ignoring the bad they do and trumpeting the good
    Have you seen any deaths placed in the same vilified category as the car attack psyop at Charlottesville? Have we seen any BLM’s get prosecuted for violent agitation?
    Let us recognize that white nationalism is now demonized the way Muslim extremism is, the way Russia, Iran and Syria are and that simply informal association with WNs ruins your corporate career if you are identified.

    Its nothing more than brainwashing the 90% of folks who still believe America is comprised of some chosen exceptionalism no one else has and that we are so free in such a way no one else has ever been
    It also doesn’t escape my notice that Unz brings up Catholics when Jews are the obvious choice and finally, every Jewish takeover manual talks about destroying believed history of the host and the statue toppling is an obvious beginning example of that

  241. Alfa158 says:

    Yes but how did someone from early 20th century Michigan have access to time travel?
    There was a little gag in science fiction circles about how can you tell if someone is a time traveler from the future, can’t remember the original author. It went something like:
    1. They always seem to have the sniffles.
    2. They struggle to figure out correct change.
    3. If in a conversation, someone makes a reference to a future development, they just look amused.
    4. They make a killing in the stock market.
    5. They frequently walk into doors.

  242. jsigur says:

    It is very typical behavior.Remember Framegame. He got everyone’s attention by being a Jew that outed the holocaust and 911. He soon never returned to those topics and geared his material to the alt-lite crowd, promoting their work and such.
    Yes, You make valid points of which Ron Unz, by the way, choses not to respond to

  243. Trinity says:

    I love it when someone who ALLEGEDLY has a “high IQ” looks down their nose at people whom they perceive as ignorant or stupid. One thing I have learned in life is the people who are REALLY TALENTED in a field, or are extremely gifted by God in some way, are often very humble about their gift. Elvis, Muhammad Ali ( despite what you think, Ali’s braggadocio was all an act to hype up a fight), Mike Tyson, Rocky Marciano, are just a few examples I can think of where “special people” blessed with special gifts were quite humble about it. Marciano while sitting at a bar with actor Burt Reynolds was approached by a drunk who told Rocky that he would take him outside and beat the hell out of him. Reynolds looked at the drunk and wondered if he had a death wish. Marciano calmly told the guy that maybe he could take him, but he would rather be his friend and bought the guy a drink. Reynolds asked Marciano why he didn’t just beat the hell out the drunk and Marciano replied that beating the drunk guy up would be pointless and that this way he had made a friend for life. I guess the point that I am trying to make is that someone who is REALLY BIG DOESN’T HAVE TO GO AROUND MAKING OTHERS FEEL SMALL TO FEEL BIG.

    IQ? Is “IQ” a relative thing in the first place. Me thinks that a lot of these “brilliant IQ nerds” would be idiots if they were forced to live in the African Bush or even in the hills of the Appalachians on their own. Those Appalachian hillbillies or African bushmen would prosper while the Ivy League school edumucated “elites” would starve or be eaten. How many brilliant IQ nerds can even change their own oil, spark plugs, or even change a tire for that matter. It doesn’t take a high IQ to have a valid or reasonable opinion on something that really isn’t complicated in the first place. People claiming to have high IQs are usually incompetent in plain old common sense in the first place. I think Jimmy Carter had one of the highest IQs among our POTUS and you saw how well that worked for him.

    • Agree: Richard B
    • Replies: @Richard B
    , @artichoke
  244. @BADmejr

    “We”? That’s a lot of digits…

  245. Bucky says:

    You are not wrong, except for this:

    It isn’t that Americans won’t do the job at those rates. It is also that markets won’t support those wages at those prices. We live in a global market for goods and services.

    You can argue for isolationism and withdrawal. That is simply impossible, for several reasons. First of all, tech means that Americans cannot ignore the world.

    Secondly, withdrawal and isolationism has costs. I do not think most people would be willing to pay the cost for this ideology you have. What is more important to most people: whiteness, or \$400 big screen television at Walmart?

    The right needs to play the long game instead of being reactionary.

    That means thinking ahead. What is the cause of immigration? In large part, it is an utter lack of family planning. The pro-life contingent in the GOP pushed the Mexico City rule barring foreign aid to fund abortion.

    The result of this short-sighted policy is an increase in desperate people who end up migrating to the United States.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  246. @Anon

    I could barely finish paragraphs.
    It is just the rambling nonsensical ravings of a deranged old secular Jew with a buttload of denial coating the black hatred in his heart that he feels for anyone but his own people.

    May his people be as Amalek. May they be destroyed, driven from this Earth and burned out of existence.
    I hate them and i have never hated anything in my life, except for pure evil. I am convinced these people have a bond with Satan that is unbreakable. We will literally have to destroy these scum. The hatred of the Jew is burned in his DNA.

    Who else has a 4, 000 year history of genociding other people, except these vermin?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  247. @Thulean Friend

    About 90% of the population of the earth knows that race is real, is based on evolutionary differences and that it matters. The small minority of people who are told to believe that race is a social construct and recognition of it is evil live almost exclusively in the White societies of the west. The countries of China, Japan, India and Korea for example have no interest in allowing all but exceptional immigration from those of none ethnic kin.
    It’s simple enough to understand.
    Environment drives Evolution which drives Biology which drives Culture which is what creates the political constructs of society.
    Darwin’s finches on the Galapagos illustrate it perfectly- What they look like, who they mate with, where they nest, what they sing and what they eat (pretty good precis of a society) are all, just like humanity, products of their environment.

    The question is: Why is this obvious and universal truth belied in the West? By whom and what do they gain.

  248. anonimo11 says:

    I am mildly sympathetic to Unz’ underlying thesis. Any white movement needs allies if it is to win a decisive victory. And you can certainly attract plenty of allies if your platform is against usury, pro-family, pro-real economy, and pro-community. I dare say that even isolationism will be seen positively by many. But whites are losing (big) at the game of who isolates who.

    The movement needs to mature, but its enemies (who are many fewer) are doing their best at avoiding that. For all those millions of words spent about IQ, your IQ is not big enough to overcome continuous disruption.

    But it is not only sabotage by the enemy. Externally, the Russians will help you only if you give sufficiently strong guarantees that your foreign policy will become more normal. Many of you are not ready for that. Lacking that, external agents may be content with letting the US slide towards civil war with small adjustments as needed.

    Internally, the hard working, family-oriented Latinos are natural allies. But also the Asians and Muslims have a lot of sympathy for some of your causes. I live in Detroit and can see, for example, who voted for who in 2016. But you are not ready to talk to them either, let alone communicate efficiently.

    The case of the Muslims is particularly egregious, since the pavlovian reflex created by the media in 2001 has still not worn off. I assure you that these people did nothing to America in general or to you and your family. It is possible that an alliance with Latinos will ultimately cost you some territories of the Southwest, but smaller minorities would just go along and build a new polity with white majority, so long as it is workable.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  249. Ron Unz’s thoughts on current events or any other topic I take seriously. However, I do have problems with his ideas on white nationalism, a big complicated topic with lots of ways to veer off the rails. Let me run the risk of veering off the rails with the following comments:
    * You cannot judge a people by one generation. The Mexicans and South Americans among us now have been disciplined by the difficult circumstances of life back home. We do not know how their children and grandchildren will do. The problem is not in their stars, please understand, but in ours. We do not have a culture that can assimilate foreign peoples because we do not have a culture that can assimilate — and civilize — our own young (white) people. We do not have a culture, period.
    * Black Lives Matter is a big lie. It is obvious that the life of a black man does NOT matter unless it ends in a political useful way. But also, BLM is classic fascism.
    (* The Spanish philosopher, Ortega y Gasset, writing in the 1920s, defined the fascists as a man who proclaims “el derecho de no tener razon” — that is, the right not to be right. If no one cares about truth — as in: what really happened to George Floyd? — then there is no standard to appeal to, and violence is the only ways to settle disputes.
    * The United States is not united. It is post-Babel. The last thing needed now is one more group speaking its own language (even if the language is English).
    * In our present post Babel world there is no force, no coalition, no group strong enough to stop the psychopath – the man of no remorse and of no scruples – from rising to a position of highest authority. What this means is that a key issue at stake is whether or not we are going to be slaves (de facto or de jure).
    * The argument for white nationalism is acceptance. We Euro people are now one among many groups living in the ruins of a collapsed project. We have no choice but to go back to the basic organizing passions of life, one of the strongest of which is emotion linked to them-and-us. Appeals to anything else — rights, consumption, constitutions, most post enlightenment narratives – elicit in us no passions strong enough to deal with the uncivilized political conflict of the present age.

  250. turtle says:

    non-white foreigners, a population impossible to assimilate and deeply hostile to our culture.

    Conflating “Spanish speaking ” with “non-white” is absolute rubbish, as is contending they are “deeply hostile” to our culture.
    Three examples from my own experience:
    1. My former next door neighbors (they still own the place, but rent it out) were born and raised in Mexico. Their children are native born U.S. citizens, and perfectly bilingual. The wife has blonde hair and very fair skin. Her husband has brown hair, and skin pigment indistinguishable from other Americans of European ancestry. These people are more “white, middle class American” than I am. They shop heavily at Home Depot, vote Republican, and strongly encourage their childrens’ education.
    2. A former customer is a veritable poster boy for “immigrant makes good.” Born and raised poor in Mexico, he told me he never owned a pair of shoes until he was twelve years old. Through hard work and initiative in the U.S., he became wealthy enough to retire to his ranch in Jalisco. He, and all his family, are by physical characteristics and cultural values, as “white” as any American. His nickname is “guero.”
    3. In New Mexico, where I spent most of my childhood, most of the Spanish speaking are descended from Spanish colonists, and self-identify as Spanish-American. They are of varying skin tones, there being some percent mestizo, but nearly all of these folks will take offense if you call them “Mexicans.” They are not Mexican, they are Spanish-American, with every right to be as proud of their heritage as I am of my own German and Dutch ancestry.

    Mr. Unz really ought to do some research before shooting off his mouth. Studying theoretical physics at Stanford, and dropping out to become a software millionaire, does not automatically make one an expert on other subjects.

    Likewise, studying mathematics at Harvard, and dropping out to become a software billionaire, does not make one an expert on “vaccines” and other medical matters.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  251. “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers.” – Thomas Pynchon

    Focusing on immigration as a problem is a way to direct attention away from the real issue.

    Ask yourself a question – for example, did Wernher von Braun, the German rocket genius, add to or detract from the success of the country? Is the South African immigrant Elon Musk helping or hurting the US and its people currently? Ask any similar question about anyone that has a valuable skill and I think most honest people would conclude that no matter what the country of origin is, a person that is a net benefit to the society should be welcomed.

    The problem arises when the wrong people invade a country; people who have few to no skills needed at that time and who turn out being a net burden on the existing population. As with most things discrimination is a sign of an intelligent mind and it is discrimination that should be applied when evaluating who is beneficial and who isn’t.

    Now that I’ve used the word discrimination in a positive light, and before the snowflakes run for a safe space or the race baiters call their lawyers, consider that the all men are created equal creed is utter bullshit. Some US citizen doper is in no way the equal of the now deceased German immigrant Albert Einstein.

    Immigration should be limited to those and only those that add value to the society. Specifically, if Elon Musk were applying for entry today, he should be let in, but if he were married to some ditsy foreign starlet that’s not worth a shit, she should not be allowed in. The US generates enough of its own ditsy starlets.

    Immigration should be based up an identified need in the society and criteria set up to weed out appropriate applicants to fill that need. That does not include their children, spouse and extended family that can’t meet the requirement.

    It is often said that it’s impossible to deport the existing illegals. This is shallow thinking or no thinking at all. To get rid of the illegals simply requires the will to enforce policies that would preclude their survival here and allow them to voluntarily leave the country or perish.

    Employers should face strict fines for hiring illegals as is the rule in most of the world. Landlords should be charged with harboring a fugitive from justice which is exactly what they are doing. With 90 days notice, the illegal population could be told what awaits them and punctuate their new normal with a statute that states a 1 year at hard labor detention improving national infrastructure on the first offense with a continued doubling of the period for all repeat offenses if caught after the 90 day grace period. If they voluntarily leave, the country wins. If they don’t voluntarily leave, the country wins.

    Welfare laws should be reformed to cancel aid totally if the recipient is deemed a POS milking the society, but said in a polite legal way. This would add bodies to the lower end labor market so that employers at that strata can not complain about a shortage.

    It is only the reluctance to properly address the real problem that inevitably leads to the problem’s continued growth. Immigrants are not the problem. The wrong kind of immigrants, namely the illegals, are the problem along with an immigration system that is so politicized as to be correctly characterized as the enshrinement of the SJW manifesto.

  252. RP1 says:

    Thank you. You elucidate the truth and counter-points quite well. I have lived in all 4 corners of the United States, Alaska included. I have 40 years experience in anti-White agenda. Even those I called Black and Hispanic individuals I called friend were innately anti-White. Why? Because they were for *their own people first.*

    America was conquered and/or purchased by White Europeans. It has been ours for centuries. It is being stolen from us, and the White Guilt agenda was put in place to keep us complacent, to keep us from fighting back.

    I have never had the blinders which “normies” are burdened with. I am a White Nationalist, an Isolationist, and anti-Zionist. I am proud to White, proud of my Irish and Germanic Ancestors. I refuse to kneel at any man’s feet, let alone at a foreigner’s.

    • Agree: Trinity
  253. c matt says:

    The reality of our day-to-day lives inevitably wears away at our ideological frameworks.

    I can only imagine the reality of Unz’s day-to-day life as a millionaire harvard/cambridge educated former business man. I am sure diversity to him is experienced through the maid, gardener and wait staff at the local Mexican restaurant.

    • Replies: @Trinity
  254. GeeBee says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    An HBD-er, respected by Ron or not, would say that Sub-Saharan Africans are uniquely separated from every other racial group on Earth

    This is key. It is useful to recall that it was routine to refer to these people as ‘savages’ well into the twentieth-century. No-one had a problem with it, because it was a more or less accurate description of negroes. Almost all other racial groups have, or have had, their own civilisations – some admittedly more advanced than others – which have been admirable, if not always entirely compatible with our own European models, and are thus worthy of respect. It is very hard to accord that same respect to the negro’s efforts in this direction.

    Albert Schweitzer spent much of his life attempting to make life better for these savages (in their home countries on the African continent), and he was very much a man who thought of these people with a deep affection. He was always sure to warn, however, that it was absolutely vital that the white man made it clear to them who was boss, the result of not maintaining this rule always resulted in unpleasantness. Or as Kipling described them: “half children, half devils”.

    All of this perspective has been deliberately thrown out of the window, in the post-war world, and it is no surprise that things have gone from bad to worse. It is not necessary to hate these people in order to understand that we have made a colossal error in ceasing to follow the likes of Schweitzer’s advice, and to stop regarding them as ‘other’.

    • Agree: JackOH
  255. As someone who rather likes the presence of gorgeous Spanish ladies, I never had a big problem with the assimilated Spanish here. I completely reject Unz’s theory that an immigration restrictionist is motivated by any sort of racism or malice. That is in fact how he comes off. My objection to immigration is that it is too much too fast. It has forever changed the nature and direction of this country. The founding population no longer has a say. We don’t let in the sort of individualists in this country, like the founding population, who are completely possible of being so individualistic that they turn against their own population. That explains Portland. That explains Seattle. We let in groups who vote in strong numbers against us. The founding population is so individualistic that it is possible that they will willfully breed themselves out of existence. It takes a long time to create people as individualistic as the Protestants who came from England. The world is losing a unique people. They come from a geography that naturally created individualists who were then molded to be even more individualistic by a royal caste over a thousand years. How long would it take the earth to create another people like that? It would probably never happen.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  256. I skimmed the article, so I’ll throw that out there. My guess is that neither Mr. Unz nor his formerly racialist pal have really been affected by the change in demographics like most White Americans have. For the most part demographic change hasn’t made for a better nation, and definitely not better neighborhoods, schools or workplaces, which is obvious to the millions of Americans who have seen change for the worse. Even many who support demographic change complain about the state of the nation. The difference is they shift the blame to other Whites.

    And why should Whites like being overrun by very racialist immigrants, minorities, and their transplant handlers, in the communities that their ancestors created? My guess is that people like Mr. Unz wouldn’t want people like me in their communities, and would find ways to discourage us from making inroads. They don’t even want us to be at home in our own communities, even though they would never set foot in them.

    Is it really that hard to tell who the extremists and supremacists are? This isn’t going to end well, and I doubt that anyone will come out unscathed. Either way, Mr. Unz doesn’t hold the intellectual or moral high ground on this issue. What kind of person sides with immigrants over fellow Americans on the issue of demographic or cultural change, none of which was ever put to any sort of vote? Any normal person would question the invaders rather than the people who don’t wish to be replaced.

  257. @VinnyVette

    You better stop responding to me with that “wrong as usual” trademark, because you’ve done it on multiple active accounts and I’m going to report you to the mods if you ever do it again. I’m also a hair trigger pull away from getting you totally shut down on Reddit since you’re heavily sock puppeteering and ban evading over there, as well.

    Now relax yourself because it’s time for me to pimp your mind. There were 15.7 million non-Hispanic white people in California in 1980. Today there are 14.5 million. So whites have not been fleeing California at all. The number of whites there is virtually the same, probably the slight loss is due to fertility issues and interracial births. There haven’t been “millions” of white people fleeing the state as you foolishly said, and for every white person that leaves California there’s another one moving there.

    Only a fucking loser would leave California for a Southern state. California is the best state in this country. If you paid attention to this article, you might have noticed that it also happens to be one of the few states in America where white life expectancy is increasing. In most southern states, white life expectancy is decreasing. Some “madness”, eh? Just face the facts mate, the south is incompetent and you need Californians to fix your states for you and to save you from your unwise decisions. Your fresh teenage girls are also moving to California and can’t stand living in your dilapidated shithole states. Nothing says defeated like female out-migration.

    • LOL: American Citizen 2.0
  258. @PublicSphere

    Your 1 n 2 are pure bullshit.

    But your 3rd point is partly very well made. But, but, I want to point out the lack of hatred is very significant. The first gen might not feel as royal to this country, I personally think that is a given, normal. But the second gen onwards would just be your regular every day Americans. Provided they aren’t discriminated against.

    • Troll: Rurik
  259. Rich says:

    Where has WASP culture been all that bad? They came to America, carved a nation out of a wilderness, built a Republic and then even allowed those of different ethnicities to become citizens and vote. Some may have been hard men, but it’s a hard world and their hard work is what made this country so strong. I appreciate that when my grandparents got off the boat back in the early 20th century they found a country willing to let them earn a decent living and build a better life. WASPs aren’t perfect, but up until a few years ago, they had a nice little country here.

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund, Rurik
  260. @ThreeCranes

    I prefer the U.S. to remain Anglo-American and Mexico to remain Mexican. However:

    And what you see are homes connected to the power grid with extension cords, homes whose water supply is an insect laden cistern atop the roof, broken, jagged sidewalks, concrete lamp posts that have been bashed by the fenders of cars, hanging on by a thin rebar, awnings extending over the sidewalk that are only 5’4″ above the sidewalk and so on.

    This describes only the worst fraction of Mexico. Most of the country is not that way.

    Mexico is great.

    Streets lined with trash. Highways lined with trash. Bushes littered with trash.

    Well, you’ve got me there.

  261. Cowboy says:

    The only interesting aspect to this “piece” is why the white cities have for the most part been the center of the violence and Unz tried to patch together some link between immigrant states and non immigrant states and those damn non immigrant states are a bunch of redneck hillbillies. ?
    Fuck off.
    First, let’s take Detroit for example. Of all the places you would expect looting and destruction I think most would say , yes Detroit must have experienced much. Not the case. Why? Because there is nothing left to loot and destroy plus Detroiters have been there done this. There is an equilibrium that have evolved over the decades in which the suburbanites and the Detroiters have an understanding. Detroit is probably the optimal solution we can expect from our predominately black cities.
    Second, the whites cities are most violent because of whites! How did this happen? Parents allowed their children to be indoctrinated into marxism through the public school system and husbands became cucks and allowed their wives to “breastfeed” their children through adolescence and now these 20 somethings are brainwashed tools barely able to form sentences or feed themselves and angry because their mommy told them it was bad and all the cool kids are into it.
    Seeing this the marxists seem emboldened and believe they can take over the white cities for they are the legitimate inheritors of years of marxists propaganda and training.
    So in one respect Unz is correct in that white people are trying to pass the blame (Sailer is a douche) but not because of some implied empathy that exists in Immigrant states but because white people dropped the ball raising their kids.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
    , @Russ
    , @Rurik
  262. @Swift

    Typical response of so many “white nationalists” on the internet. The reality is that Ron’s arguments may or may not be right. Just saying something to the effect of “he’s a jew, so it doesn’t matter what he says” is typical of WN logic , at least on the internet. Saying he’s a jew is NOT an argument.

    Perhaps whites are the true, most supreme race. I am thankful for the contributions of white people.Being a white guy myself, though, I think it’s weird to take credit for what other people of the same skin color did years ago, which white nationalists tend to do. Anyway, back to my point, perhaps whites are the supreme, master race. But you wouldn’t know it from the stupidity of internet white nationalists.

    • LOL: Ann Nonny Mouse
    • Replies: @dfordoom
  263. Truth3 says:

    Well… that does it for me.

    I am well and truly finished reading anything here at any more.

    Farewell Phil Giraldi, you should be our President.

    Gilad, go back to being a Jew. It creeps out of you a little at a time (that unsufferable Jewish conceit), so we can’t wait for you to turn 74 and have your Robert Zimmerman moment of Return.

    Hopkins, head for the Hills, before you get betrayed.

    PCR, don’t just turn off the comments, turn out the lights on the site. Unz isn’t doing you or anyone else any favors.

    And to you… Dear Mr. Unz. Sorry you can’t seem to be what you pretended to here, for so long.

    Nothing worse than seeing the betrayal of Truth. Unforgivable.

    Signing out… forever.

    • Replies: @Pinche Perro
  264. Hegar says:

    The reality of our day-to-day lives inevitably wears away at our ideological frameworks. The long-committed racialist had mentioned in his note that he had been living for the last few years in a city that was 90% non-white and heavily immigrant, and his personal experiences had already caused him to reassess many of his beliefs and assumptions. So when his area remained absolutely calm and peaceful while overwhelmingly white cities like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle burned, he merely reached the terminus of a political road that he had already been traveling.

    Complete B.S.

    Ron Unz has been pushing this “immigrants aren’t criminal” line for a long time now. With “immigrants” he means Latinos. Leftists say the same thing. Ann Coulter easily demolishes this by looking at the actual studies used for the “immigrants are less criminal than Americans” line. It all comes from two studies hidden behind paywalls, which no one reads – as you can see on the reader count at the sites. Everyone just quotes Associated Press about the studies, or simply quote what “everyone knows”.

    What the sociologists actually did was compare immigrant Latinos to “their peers” in the same neighborhoods: Latinos and Blacks living there.

    Thus, for example, once you get past the paywall, you will find that Piquero and Bersani’s joint study, “Comparing Patterns and Predictors of Immigrant Offending Among a Sample of Adjudicated Youth,” used as its base group “adolescents who were found guilty of a serious offense.”

    THAT’S NOT A REPRESENTATIVE SAMPLE OF AMERICANS! It’s a representative sample of teenagers who are convicted criminals.

    Similarly, professor Bersani’s oft-cited, but never-read study, “An Examination of First and Second Generation Immigrant Offending Trajectories,” looked at a population group that included “an over-sample of Hispanic and African-American youth.”

    As for other immigrants. Visit Europe, or simply read the crime statistics. Or look at a European nationalist website for some news about crime. Ever heard of the thousands of girls raped by Pakistanis in Britain? With the leftist Labour covering it up. So I guess Ron Unz can simply claim that see, the problem is White leftists. They are a problem – because they have been brainwashed by the *media bosses in Hollywood. But the ones who did the raping were the Pakistanis.

    The majority of rapes in Western Europe are committed by immigrants. Often immigrants who don’t even have citizenship yet. Africans, Arabs, Kurds, Afghans, Pakistanis.

    Explain away that, Ron Unz.

    Or, explain away that, guy who worked with Richard Spencer. Of course I’d expect Spencer to work with men who simply twist the world the way that suits them. Spencer himself is pro-EU and anti-Brexit, as he describes mass immigration from Eastern Europe to Britain as, “That is TRUE cultural enrichment.”

  265. anastasia says:

    Decline with violence or without violence is still a country in decline.

  266. @Anatoly Karlin

    Suppressing the population shares of blacks was exactly what Bloomberg suggested he would do to fix all the troubled inner cities dominated by blacks.

    I also agree with the current inhabitants gets a say in who gets in and how many.

    It is their country after all right?

    Regarding Latino American numbers, there is no stopping them now. They would out breed every other race. That is all. Doesn’t matter how you like or dislike them, they will be the majority of this country soon.

  267. BL says:
    @Apex Predator

    Maybe Ron will explain what he meant by he got “a little friendly” with one of Richard Spencer’s queer party friends.

  268. @Caspar von Everec

    Because he is Indian American, I don’t blame him for his views.

  269. Anon[231] • Disclaimer says:

    “Riots”? Maybe in Minneapolis and Portland but Ron (And the media) is hugely exaggerating what is happening in Seattle (beyond what is usually happening there). I live 2 blocks from “chop”. Hardly knew it was there. Seattle has a lot of homeless and dysfunction normally, particularly in the center. And a wonderful immigrant Indian woman to help orchestrate the dysfunction:). True even the whites are anti white there but it’s an affectation of status that come from being secure in their majority.

  270. Antiwar7 says:

    Ron, any idea on what to “do” about race?

    I take it you believe that immigration is a relative nonissue (though I do think it makes it harder to make a living from a low rung job), and that race is a significant issue. But do you propose doing anything about it? This isn’t an accusation—I’m just curious.

  271. Franz says:

    The USA and Europe, along with Australia and New Zealand, are going to become pre-19th century polities along the lines of the Germanic Kingdoms and the various fiefdoms and papal states of Italy before the industrial revolution.

    The gradual shift from mega-nation, the product of Bismarck-style nation building from the same era that gave us economics of scale, will see a haphazard shift to local production. China, right now, is not the New Model, it’s the last of the old era capture-the-market using gigantic production and export-led trade practices. It’s a dead model. Britain, Germany, the US, Japan et al. went there already. It’s a dead end.

    Erase the 19th century: No united Italy, Germany, Brazil… and if nature had taken its true course, the American union splitting into many nations following 1861. Imagine it and see: There would be no mass immigration because there would be no “destination”. No European derived nation would be worth the trip to move to. No welfare state would be possible. We’d simply be extended tribes, as nature intended.

    Murray Rothbard, in the 1980s, declared “We can repeal the 20th century!” He was right; we have. The unsustainable present was entirely the product of a temporary insanity the machine age stuck us in from about 1750 on. The shake out is now happening. Small nations, homogeneous and safe, will run circles around the “stockyards of strangers” our old cities have become. As they collapse, so will white, black and brown nationalism. Won’t be needed.

    The first human freedom is to obey the law of the pack. Multicultural nations are anti-human, and currently and justly failing.

  272. anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    Despite his campaign rhetoric, Trump actually did slightly better with Hispanic voters than Romney did in 2012. This implies that party identification is driven by deeper things than single, highly-politicized issues.

    I would not write off the Republican Party because Hispanics can be won with the right economic policies. Hispanics are not as easy to manipulate as voters as blacks and whites. Middle class whites will vote for the rich man’s party based on racial appeals like school busing. Blacks were promised a specially privileged position within the Democratic Party and voted against their economic interests, opting for Biden over Bernie. They stopped Bernie’s momentum entirely this year. However, Hispanic voters aren’t lured by promises of special racial privilege or scared by racial rhetoric. Hispanics want tangible social spending like Medicare 4 All. The party that gives it to them will get their vote. If Republicans can become the party of the working and middle class through policies like M4A then the electoral future is secure for the next generation.

  273. @Stonewall Jackson

    No, retarded racist thot who will sit by powerlessly and cry while fellating a handgun as Donald Trump is evicted in 2021. The NARH said that California’s major metro areaswere the least affordable. They didn’t say shit about the rural northern California area where the majority of whites live. Real estate there is absolutely more affordable there than in, say, texas (note the lowercase t, you fucking vermin). This can be easuly confirmed by simply going on Zillow and comparing prices. Texans actually want more money for shittier land, and about the same price for crappier homes.

    And the major metro areas of California are only more expensive by price, which is an incredibly simplistic way of looking at things. If one’s brain were a bit more convuluted and less estrogenic, one might observe that California has the largest economy in the world and that cities like Los Angeles and San Jose are the go-to destinations for virtually every important human being on the planet; with the number of VIPs not currently living or regularly travelling there approaching zero. The cost of housing in say, houston or dallas is only slightly lesser, and all for what? An even-shittier version of Brazil, where the economy revolves around dollar stores and Bud Lignt?

    The quality of housing in California is far higher than in texas, as well. Many of those homes in California are legacy architdct mid-20th century construction that has been well maintained in virtually new condition. Your red state homes are stick built vinyl McMansion atrocities that won’t last 20 years, especially not in that shitty mud soil your states are famous for.

    • Replies: @Stonewall Jackson
  274. MLK says:

    It’s Trump who invokes common sense. How did you get from my rather obvious reference to that anti-Trump kid, Ben Shapiro?

    Who, now that I think about it, there but for the grace of God goes Richard Spencer.

  275. SC Rebel says:

    Spot on.

    It seems that too many of the arguments being made in modern society revolve around material things, rather than non material things.

    By doing so, we miss what is the crucial reason why we are in the mess that we are in.

    We have abandoned our true selves. We are not designed to live in a consumer society. A society that is devoid of faith, family, duty and honor. When we have had these things, we have been happier and more prosperous. By prosperous, I do not mean materially, but rather spiritually.

    It is the abandonment of the nurture of of spirit that has us in this situation.

    And thus, the only way to fix things to to return to that.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  276. haha says:

    I am pained to read the numerous ad hominem attacks on Mr. Unz, including nasty comments on his having been born a Jew. We may or may not agree with Mr. Unz on a particular topic, but his intellectual honesty, courage, and clarity are truly exceptional.

    That being said, this article of his is truly puzzling piece, lacking the usual analytical depth and sharpness, with the added sin of a non sequitur conclusion – somewhat abrupt and ambiguous though the conclusion was. I read the article three times but was left scratching my head. Now what exactly has Mr. Unz said (or implied) here? I think I will hazard a guess below.

    I think one point he has made – and it may be a partially valid point – is that many non-white immigrants settle down into the American dream, focus on doing well in life and career, and are not a nuisance to their white neighbors. This can be said of the H1B visa types from Asia in silicon valley and elsewhere in Corporate America. So the pockets of America with law-abiding large minorities adapt to the non-white, non-Christian minority groups and do not perceive them as a problem. Naturally, then, the pro-white messages fail to get their attention.

    But the deeper and more fundamental question of what exactly constitutes a nation or community has been totally neglected in this piece. There is no precedent in human history of long-term successful multi-racial, multi-cultural, multi-religious societies or nations. The evidence to the contrary, on the other hand, is very strong and dismal. What will happen in America when the fuse gets lit? And the fuse will almost certainly get lit when the economy of plenty turns into an economy of scarcity as has happened inevitably all along human history. Will silicon valley’s diverse racial groups still see the other racial groups as harmless when jobs go scarce and putting food on the table becomes a matter of life and death? Have not the rust-belt natives (victims if the truth be told) come to fear exactly this state of affairs based on their own experience?

    And their remains this most puzzling question: Why is the hard core of Antifa and BLM comprised hugely of young whites? What motivates a young white to take to heart the real and imaginary suffering of blacks while he would cheerfully drop bombs on defenseless and backward Muslim countries? Whence this maudlin empathy for another race combined with thoughtless brutality toward some other races?

    Is not alienation leading to nihilism and is perhaps one of the factors behind the current orgy of violence and rioting? And is not alienation a product of cosmopolitanism and the consequent breakdown of traditional America?

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  277. @Jorgen

    And yet you have to use his own platform to insult him.

    Well done.

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund
    • Troll: JohnPlywood
    • Replies: @Jorgen
  278. While I don’t doubt that Ron Unz has maintained the same stance for some time on immigration, it is remarkable that the Great Deporter (Obama and thus Biden, the White Obama) were talking out of the other side of their mouths (anti-immigrant) until RACISM became their dominant criticism of Trump in 2016 (and their own RACIST, or ethnic proclivities, surfaced against RUSSIANS! RUSSIANS! RUSSIANS! after Hillary lost). Obama build the first children cages and Hillary demanded the children caravans from crime-ridden Central America be turned back. Biden has a history (Max Blumenthal has some nice articles) of Latin American countries becoming narco states after death squads exterminate their/our ‘socialist’ enemies. These policies have produced the endless caravans of slave labor for El Norte.

    Illegal immigration is a massive problem. While slavery ended in 1868 with the 14th Amendment, it still exists in California, and to lesser extents in Texas, Florida, Illinois, NY and other states. The only reason illegal immigrants (20 million or more) are allowed in the US is for slave labor. There is absolutely no reason that illegal aliens could not become legal with much better rights and wages with an annual or seasonal VISA (and could be tracked like the rest of us and pay all their taxes). But could Californians pick their own crops, mow their own lawns, clean their own toilets and raise their own brats without slaves? Not a chance. And as we’ve seen during the covid-19 epidemic, slaughter houses and meat packing firms will not pay livable wages either.

  279. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    People believe there aren’t really ghosts in a dark basement at midnight too. But still, most people don’t like to go down there alone to check.

  280. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:

    You seem to be a bit critical here.

  281. I’ll admit I don’t know much. Most of us have been taught using books that tell lies. Most of those books came from publishers who’s owners were one race of people and they’ve gobbled up nearly every important office , business, agency, etc … that has power, control and influence. We know who we’re talking about. Tho most are white they never refer to themselves as white. They are Jewish … that is their race. They claim victim hood and whites are their oppressors – so they say. Yet they are in charge. They have the organisation, structure, money and power. Most have their origins in Khazaria which at one time was a very large territory in eastern Europe. Jews must know that exterminating the pure white race is on their agenda … their father requires it. But how can they gain world domination without the white race? This must be a sticking point with them.

    All these many wars the Jews got America into over the years couldn’t have been won without white people who were deceived into warring and dying while rarely does a Jewish person ever militarily serve and rarer still to be in on the fighting. Somehow they get cushy jobs far from battle.
    We live on a round Earth planet with different races. A Creator who created different races and we don’t know why. We also have the devil who has always sought to destroy the one race the Creator calls His own. I can see why whites are being attacked in various ways and I know the powers that are behind what we are experiencing today. But they stay hidden and acting as if they have nothing to do with it.

    • Replies: @Truth
  282. @BADmejr

    It’s a bit disappointing. This is the third or fourth Unz article rehash on the same topic (immigration is ok) and he NEVER addresses the points you just made.

    Commenters point this out, as well as other arguments against his thesis, but for some reason Mr. Unz seems to conflate anti-immigration with the TBD crowd.

  283. KenH says:

    Ya know, over the last 1-2 weeks I privately predicted that Ron Unz would come out of his ivory tower to remind us that since most of the protesters and rioters in Seattle and Portland are white and not Latino or other immigrants that this vindicates his earlier work on the subject (i.e., hispanic/latino immigration is largely benign) and proves him right while proving the wicked white nationalists wrong. I think I know Ron Unz better than he knows himself.

    Most people on this site are aware that Ron Unz suffers from white nationalist derangement syndrome almost as bad as Fredrico Reed does, the FBI or even Greenblatt of the ADL.

    Ron Unz curiously (and purposely) leaves out Albuquerque, NM from most of his commentary since it’s awash in latino crime and violence. It’s also been in the news lately for that very reason. Or that Unz uses sleight of hand by excising the most crime prone hispanic age groups from his analysis to show parity with whites.

    The central claim not just by white nationalists but all who oppose immigration is that it (immigration) is radically changing the American political landscape. Examples abound but Unz need look no further than California that was once a reliable Republican stronghold throughout the state is now solidly Democrat thanks to latino and other non-white immigration.

    Arizona is now on the cusp of turning blue and will probably elect a second Democrat Senator to the upper chamber later this year thanks to its large and growing immigrant population. Virginia may turn irretrievably blue for the same reason. In 2018 the NYT, WaPo and other leftist outlets credited immigrants with voting in the first Democrat state Congress in over 25 years.

  284. American Citizen 2.0 says:

    Female out migration is the damning fact in every case. If young ladies aren’t happy, they just move. If they don’t like a store, they shop somewhere else. Etc. You can’t fake getting or keeping women interested in people, places, and things.

    Your pro-California smackdown is persuasive.

    • Thanks: JohnPlywood
  285. Easyrhino says:
    @Thulean Friend

    “Nationhood and race is overrated.”

    Try asking ethnic Swedes, Germans and English if your assertion is accurate or White S. Afrikans for that matter

  286. Juri says:

    Medieval witch hunt, French revolution, Russian revolution and lot of other less known madness caused horror were done solely by white liberals without any immigrant nearby.

    So, Ron is right. White liberals are real enemy, not immigrants. Immigration is also white liberal crime. None of the Western Country army has crushed on the border. Every last white country has immigrants only because liberal whites brought them in, lied and fooled society, repressed critics and so on.

  287. At a time when the bulk of business, large to small, relies more than ever on money creation and practically free credit, policies which have, whether as a bug or a feature, impoverished succeeding generations of young people and threatened the future of and immiserated old people, while further enriching the already rich, Mr. Unz, an obviously courageous, smart, and well-informed fellow, still manages to ignore the crucial role of monetary policy in the accelerating decline of the US as a society.

    Young white people, and young black people, are half as wealthy as the preceding generation, which was half as wealth as the one before that. Young men can not afford to start families and families cannot afford to buy houses. Couple that with continuous propaganda about how steonf the economy is and the consequence is widespread discontent without a clear focus. This feeds both the white nationalist movement and the BLM movement. (It is possible immigrants do not feel this discontent since the US is still probably better than where they came from.)

    The former blames blacks and immigrants, while the latter blames whites. The true problem (the corrupt system of “printing” money to finance the government and enrich the financial sector) and the people whom propagate and benefit from it remain exempt from criticism.

    As Mr. Unz’s work demonstrates.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  288. Wally says:

    “On your timeline, it wasn’t just Fauci. Essentially, the whole public health establishment was “it’s just the flu, wash your hands” until sometime in mid-March.”


    Ron clearly has Trump Derangement Syndrome, is following the CNN line, and hasn’t followed the readily available facts. Note how he collapsed the timeline I posted in order divert attention from it.

  289. Perceptive article with two problems:

    1. I don’t think most of the white general public supports BLM at all;

    2. I’m surprised to see that you’ve fallen for the COVID19 bullshit. It’s a pandemic flu that kills mostly old people and people with many underlying illnesses and esp. low Vitamin D. Why so few deaths in Africa? Adequate Vitamin D and low body fat. True, Trump has booted this, but it’s not his fault governors became granny killers. Please study Michael Levitt’s numbers and I’m confident you’ll take off the mask and calm down about this.

    Otherwise, excellent article. In fact, I wonder whether a lot of this anti-immigrant stuff really is disguised anti-Catholicism.

    • Replies: @Yukon Jack
  290. Trinity says:
    @c matt

    MOST Jews detest Blacks worse than any KKK member ever thought about. (((They))) USE Blacks for canon fodder and foot soldiers. A great deal of Blacks are waking up to this, I, for one, think the NOI instills good values in Blacks, of course, I am not down for the “blue-eyed white debil bullshit.” But I do think they are on the right path of cleaning up their own community from drugs, promiscuity, illegitimacy, crime, and instilling self pride, discipline, etc.

    What people will more likely find in a movement like White Nationalism or in a group like NOI is not hate, but a believe in that races are better off living among their own kind. Speaking of NOI, and since I have mentioned Ali, there is a great video on YT where some very Jewish looking ( not sure what he is to be honest) talk show host by the last name of Parkinson ( kind of ironic, huh?) asks Ali about intermarriage and race mixing. Ali keeps it real and denounces race mixing and intermarriage, and brings up the interesting point of bluebirds fly with bluebirds, redbirds fly with redbirds, eagles fly with eagles, etc., that animals can figure out what is best for them but humans are too stupid ( speaking of IQ) to figure out that God didn’t intend for the races to mix. TRUE DIVERSITY IS ANNIHILATED BY RACE MIXING AND THOSE PROMOTING THIS FOR THEE BUT NOT FOR (((ME,))) KNOW THIS VERY WELL. This race mixing agenda has NOTHING TO DO FOR LOVE OF YOUR FELLOW BROTHER, IT IS ABOUT HATE and DESTROYING Western Culture aka WHITE CULTURE.

    • Agree: Kolya Krassotkin
  291. artichoke says:

    Mr. Unz left out an important aspect of the Minneapolis conflagration, one that he left out of the whole article perhaps hoping we would forget about it: Muslim immigration. Islam is a belief system singularly incompatible with America’s founding constellation of religions: Christianity, Judaism, Unitarianism, Quakerism, etc. Islam wants to subsume them all. Christianity also has had its aggressive moments, but it’s much calmed down. Islam hasn’t changed. “Moderate Islam” isn’t a phrase that actual Muslims use, certainly not among themselves.

    Without the Muslim provocation and undermining of existing arrangements, without the large Muslim presence in that city sufficient to control a US congressional district, I doubt the Minneapolis insurrection would have gotten off the ground.

    In its place he posits “White Nationalism”. Since he can’t really find much evidence of it, he assumes “crypto White Nationalism” and proceeds to whip it, whip it good, as an excuse for allowing open borders.

    We have many problems in this country. Closing the borders would not make the riots go away, but neither would opening them. The existence of riots should not make us give in on other things. Instead, as an attempt at distraction, it should make us do the opposite: harden the borders until we can settle our internal issues a bit.

    • Replies: @DrWatson
    , @Kevin Barrett
  292. @Commentator Mike

    I am not ignoring your question. I have read it. The Alt-Right internally however is gradually learning to avoid infighting, so please let me decline to comment one way or the other regarding any particular Alt-Right personality.

    I express only regard for the good work each Alt-Rightist here named has done.

  293. anonymous[299] • Disclaimer says:

    They tried to warn me, but I said there existed “jewnicorns” in this world that really liked White Christians and were critical against their own. They said a jew will always try to subvert the truth. They will act as if they are against Zionism or Communism but they are just playing controlled opposition. They will work hand in hand with other jews. After reading this article, they are right, I am wrong, and I apologize. There is no such thing as a “jewnicorn.”

  294. American Citizen 2.0 says:
    @Kevin Barrett

    Brilliant synopsis… the only thing I would change is that as Ron dangles from the nose of Washington trying desperately grab the Thermite charge that is only just barely out of reach, he is distract by someone else who sneezes only to look over and see that they are inserting a charge in one of the nostrils of Jefferson…

    A nihilistic ending that says no matter how hard Ron works, the end is inevitable. As in Ozymandias, every empire and it’s monuments eventually crumble. You can still make sequels but this ending will allow for the remake to end with a clear meaning that suffices in case the follow-up never gets produced.

    Also, the movie should be called North by Mariachi as a nod to Ron’s political work.

  295. Anonymous[137] • Disclaimer says:

    Recently he was almost disappeared from the internet. Perhaps one of the conditions for them calling off the dogs was an article explicitly distancing himself from some of the authors he publishes. Not that he was ever close to them, but maybe he was still required to publicly denounce that viewpoint. Everyone at this point, without exception, will have to signal their ideological purity if they want to keep their voice. I also don’t want to imply that his article wasn’t in earnest, but i did find it’s timing and language curious. It’s almost as if he had to reiterate his viewpoint to make sure there is no misunderstanding of it among the censors.

    • Replies: @Realist
  296. Ron Unz’s greatest hits y’all.

    Blacks bad. Therefore, MS-13 good. Hard to question the logic there. Seems rock solid to me.

    Also, I thought Cali had Covid licked, the result of brilliant local leaders who implemented early lockdowns. This is what Unz told us in March. Now it appears those leaders may be a little less brilliant than previously assumed. California’s getting walloped.

    So now it’s Trump’s fault? Why not Newsome and Garcetti? Oh that’s right, California’s a peaceful placid idyll where nothing interesting happens — and if something bad does happen to California, a New Yorker probably did it to them.

    Unz is like the guy in Lost in America who yells “I’ve seen the future and it’s a bald-headed man from New York!” Replace bald with orange and you have the derangement of Unz. And unlike Albert Brooks, he isn’t kidding.

    Interestingly, natives of other Western states have very dim views of Californians. But they must be white nationalists.

    • Troll: L.K
  297. @idealogus

    “White-Protestant nationalists shouted the wolf when they had Italians, Russians, Jews, etc. and there was no wolf.”

    Boy, was there a wolf!

  298. @American Citizen 2.0

    Immigration restriction, to those who are certain to only improve the economic, cultural, social and environmental wellbeing of the citizens of a country, makes perfect sense from the perspective of those voting citizens.

    It is normal throughout the world and normal throughout human history.

    Positioning “white nationalism” as the only alternative to the extreme status quo, is falling into Unz’s frame of vindicated self-congratulation.

    Also, your post only covers one half of a mimetic conflict, and there’s two halves.

  299. Ron Unz says:

    Well, after glancing over some of the comments, I’d certainly have to admit that this isn’t one of my more substantial articles.

    But I’ve already published an enormous volume of material on these issues of race and immigration, and since my views haven’t changed, people should really just read the older pieces I linked at the bottom of my article if they want another 30,000 words of much more detailed analysis, which there’s no point in repeating:

    There’s certainly already been a huge outpouring of comments, which offhand seem over 95% hostile. I think this isn’t too different from the ratio in those three pieces of mine on the same subject a year or two ago.

  300. artichoke says:
    @donald j tingle

    Nobody was blaming blacks until some were found to be associated with the current round of rioting. Conflating them with immigrants obscures the separate existence of our immigration problems. Separate, except that most blacks are uniquely interested in immigration control so that some jobs are left for them.

  301. @anonymous

    “he is grossed out…”

    Preferences in sexual partners is deeply rooted in the instinctive/emotive part of our brains, with smell–yes even for us, we humans–figuring prominently. In other words, we can’t help whom we are sexually attracted to. Communists, who detest the notion that “Biology is Destiny”, are willing to kill anyone who holds to such a simple, biologically certain, belief. They want to dictate to us whom we should be attracted to. You can’t get much more totalitarian than regulating people’s private sex life.

    Of course, anyone could conceivably rut with anyone or thing–horses and dogs even. But rutting on the basis of rank sexual display e.g. with a stripper, may not be the most satisfying way to reproduce or to enjoy the sweeter fruits of life.

    So hey, if coupling with dogs gets you off, then by all means, have at it. Just don’t expect the rest of us to join you or to cheer you on.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  302. Wade says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    I believe this is basically correct and is something to genuinely worry about. Ron Unz has stated elsewhere that he thinks a sensible solution to the politics of immigration is for the Republicans and Dems to agree to reduce *legal immigration* while dealing humanely with our current illegal immigrants. The piece above is entitled “The Bankruptcy of American White Nationalism” for a reason. He never stated that there aren’t legitimate concerns about high immigration levels. The discourse on White Nationalism may in fact be self defeating in practice even if some of its theoretical underpinnings are partially correct. He never said white nationalists never had “a point” about anything.

    Let’s do a thought experiment. Imagine Iowa successfully seceded from the Union and became an independent nation. And on top of that, they kicked out every black, brown or mixed-race person so that they were basically lily-white (I can’t imagine just how much suffering and damage this would cause both to the people being expelled and, eventually, to those that do the expelling). Given what else we’ve learned from reading many of the other articles on, just how long do you think this experiment in independence would last? If the CIA can do a “Color Revolution” in Ukraine and install a puppet leader, how long would it take for Iowa to become a puppet state of the US without even the dignity of having representatives in Congress?

    White nationalists seem not to have thought very hard about an important episode: The Civil War. Ron Unz himself has written about Charles Beard’s thesis that the primary cause of the civil war was economic, not slavery. And recently, an article from Paul Craig Roberts suggests that Bankers and industrialists themselves may have incited the North’s hatred of the south. This theory shows how easy it was to divide whites and get us to kill each other even when we had 100% control over our own country. If this theory is incorrect and the abolitionist movement was purely organic (I doubt it) then the implications are even worse for white unity.

    Abe Lincoln, who was a white supremacist and white separatist, even wanted to send blacks back to Africa. Think of it! If whites couldn’t bring themselves to do it in 1865 with blacks, what makes white nationalist believe that their fellow whites today are capable of doing it in 2020 with hispanics, let alone Filipinos, Vietnamese and all other recent immigrants?!

    I think that moving forward “White Enthusiasts” should learn to see that the real threat to their right of self-determination is likely the international banking system, the modern industrialists who for the sake of self-preservation joined into that orbit, and the current globalist project overall. Whites who verbally attack minorities and immigrants are unwittingly helping the cause of the true enemy.

    I’ve long suspected that Trump was egged on by someone within the Zionist community when he kicked off his campaign with his “They’re not sending their best” speech. Sure it got him a lot of attention (I fell for it too), but it set the stage for even more division to be exploited. He would’ve gotten just as much attention from the citizenry (most of it positive) if he had just stuck with economic populism. It would’ve helped unite the citizenry against a common foe and might’ve united some white liberals and red-state whites together for a change.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  303. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @Concept Politico

    I swear this fixation on Black people and the myth of their seeming ability to influence and steer America confounds. Its almost like a ghost that keeps haunting certain White American’s all the while the real power players in this country have created the most unequal America since the end of WW2.

    Think Matador’s cape. America has always worked by public opinion, see de Tocqueville, _Democracy in America_. Media “reports” public opinion, and can make public opinion to a very great extent. Blacks are not compatible an industrial society (**), if only because half of Blacks have an IQ under 85, and therefore can do nothing productive in an industrial society. Half the Black working age population cannot hold down a job — any job. So the media says that the solution to the Black problem is at hand, it’s a solution that the elite wants and does nothing for the Black problem, the population believes it, and it’s put in place. The idea fails, and the next idea is presented and goes into place. Political theater and lots of dead bulls.
    This works until the public is stone broke and realizes it has been lied to, which is just about where we are now. As a bonus, the Black population seems to be tired of being actors in a farce they have no control over, and Whites have to actually get out there and play the role of angry Blacks.
    We are coming to the end of the fair, and in a way it’s sad.

    **) It is questionable whether Whites are compatible an industrial society either, as White birth rate is below replacement even when Whites are the sole ethnic group present in the industrialized nation. Slow extinction is not a sign of compatibility

  304. @PublicSphere

    You are completely wrong, and the epitome of what is wrong with idiots of your ilk.

    Yes, immigration is wrong. But not for the dumbass reasons your cite.

    Immigration is wrong because immigrants take jobs natives could do–including black natives–and immigrants prevent unionization in a tower-of-babel confusion of tongues. Oh, and their present also deracinates whatever traditions and customs there are left in whatever area they move into.

    When will you people ever realize to follow the money? God, are you stupid. About your very own interests, no less.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  305. BN says:

    Many commenters have mentioned impacts of immigration other than crime, let me add a very specific anecdote which I continually experience in California. Anyone who has been in a heavily Hispanic area knows they like to play their music in the open and loudly. They do this too when hiking. There is an etiquette to hiking, given the fact that most people go out there to enjoy nature and solitude, I’ve always viewed such etiquette part of white American culture. As an person of Asian descent, we respect that. Most do, but I’ve noticed, many Hispanic groups don’t. They simply blast their music, completely unaware of the distraction they’re causing everyone, or they just DGAF. It’s infuriating, and I have to believe that when otherwise nice whites/asians cross their path, a bit of racism grows within.

  306. @turtle

    Mr. Unz really ought to do some research before shooting off his mouth.

    This is too much.

    Ron Unz does more research for a single article than most of us do in an entire year. Then, he gives us the article gratis. And then, he grants us the privilege of public reply in a manner generously designed to garner our replies the largest possible audience. Also gratis.

    Look, I don’t agree with Unz’s take in the present matter, either; but I am looking for fact-based counterarguments, not insults. Aren’t you?

    Unz’s research-based observation regarding the surprising demographics of certain U.S. cities is absolutely fascinating. Other than an attitude, what have you got to counter it?

    • Agree: ic1000, Kali
    • Replies: @Truth
  307. Anon[328] • Disclaimer says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    It really is that simple.

    Unz has done it again by insinuating that liberal whites and blacks are (Rush Limbaugh voice:)just incorrigible, folks, its just a real brain teaser why they are so crrrazzy.

    They behave this way because the Jewish media, which Unz is an associate of, provides carrots and sticks. White liberals would not be white liberals if they were not relentlessly terrorized by jewish gatekeepers.

  308. Mefobills says:

    Conclusion, that the job in hand is to rid the US (and the West) of its Neo-Bolsheviks, and let Anglos and Hispanics with some Asians make a peaceful new American nation. There are alternative ways to get rid of the Jewish Neo-Bolsheviks, none of them attractive – but having said that, what the Neo-Bolsheviks have planned for the 98% Gentile majority isn’t too attractive either – and they started this insurgency.

    Bolsheviks are a “creditor class.” They want to credit the world to themselves, to then Tikkun-Olam the world.

    Talmudic Judaism is a “creditor apologist” doctrine. It goes like this: I can put the Goy into debt or servitude to then credit me. Look… see here, I have a religious doctrine that tells me it is ok. I am sanctioned by God to be a thief.

    I can immigrate millions of people from the third world to then push down labor costs — it is sanctioned, see here in my religious texts.

    Or, as Jake has pointed out, WASP culture is a “creditor class” which is destroying us as well as the Jews. Judeo-Christianity, which is an oxymoron is a creditor ideology. Why? WASP culture was created by “creditor” Jews especially with Orange king/Cromwell revolution; the first color revolution. This form of Protestantism removed injunctions against usury, and the looting began. Zionist Christianity is another perversion, a creditor doctrine.

    A big part of the problem is what exists in people’s noggins. What narrative they have been programmed with. If people have bad software in their brain, they malfunction. They also make up all kinds of excuses for their good fortune, if their gains have been made on the backs of others.

    So, to right the ship so to speak, will require destruction of these “creditor philosophies” where in-groups form to then take and sup on the common weal.

    In small civilizations in the past, if the ruling elite or King self-aggrandized at the public’s expense, he was killed or run out of town.

    Hispanics and Asians who labor and then put down roots can become good citizens. The Tejano experience in Texas is a good example, where Tejanos created their own culture of land ownership and business ownership.

    The Tejano culture was created in isolation from Mexican immigration.

    In other words another 1926 immigration cut-off is in order. No more immigration of any type, to then allow consolidation. The 1926 cut-off was because of Jews trying to credit themselves the country… they even wanted their own state (Montana). Give it to me.

    The other thing that is in order is to expel both “creditor classes” and creditor ideology.

    Hudson does a good job of explaining why the Christian bible, if interpreted properly, is a template for expelling creditors; creditors who want to own the world and create a tower of Babel.

    He died for our debts not our sins. Jesus was crucified by the Pharisee creditor class. Crucifixion was a punishment for political dissidents. Jesus started his mission on the Jubilee year, and Pharisee creditors were not pleased.

    The peaceful new american nation will require new narrative in people’s heads; which means reforming the bible to its original meaning, and expelling Talmudists and other in-groups who want to credit themselves at other’s expense.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  309. Anon[328] • Disclaimer says:
    @Ron Unz

    Good luck recovering from this one.

    I’ve already spread the word in my circles that Unz is just another “displace whitey” Jew and judging by the comments everyone else is doing the same. Say hi to Chomsky.

    • Replies: @Pinche Perro
  310. @Ron Unz


    While I strongly disagree with you, I still have to commend you for running this site and staying committed to free speech.

    Without hesitation you posted four of my comments in this thread where I directly opposed and contradicted you.

    If you were half the jerk some of these people think you are… could have simply decided to dismiss the comments you didn’t like.

    Instead, you approve even the most harsh criticisms against your piece.

    I appreciate this site and I appreciate that you have the balls to deal honorably with people who disagree with you.

  311. Exile says:

    Ron always has been and continues to be dead wrong on the issues of race and immigration. I appreciate that he platforms a lot of good dissident opinions here and takes his Tribe to task on (((tricks))) but I’m going to continue agreeing to disagree.

    FWIW, if we had to co-exist with an enormous foreign population, I’d take Hispanics over Blacks – 4x as criminal as Whites is better than 12x. Hispanics have been comfortable with Whiter = Better caste system for 500 years, borrowed a lot of Spanish culture and don’t consider “far right” politics as beyond the pale.

    But they’re still Others and American Whites are still being dispossessed, replaced and soft-genocided in their own homeland.

    HBD guys like Sailer may be more chill about this and Ron may have lots of nice stats (albeit rather outdated, as I’ve noted before) about why Mexifornia is OK with him, but the bottom line is that we don’t need a massive foreign population in America, no matter how semi-compatible a large number of them may be.

  312. @Ron Unz

    There’s certainly already been a huge outpouring of comments, which offhand seem over 95% hostile.

    You would think that Ron Unz would be shown a bit more respect on his own website. Along with other ancient traditions, civility has become so rare.

    • Agree: V. K. Ovelund
  313. Trinity says:

    Off topic. But speaking of Dr. Fauci, and others, before you volunteer to throw out a first pitch in a baseball game, make sure you know how to throw a damn baseball. Being fair, to Dr. Weasel, he is an old man, Fitty Cent was a young man and looked athletic at least, maybe too much time spent doing curls for the girls and no functional training, his throw was almost as bad as Fauci’s girlie throw. I am sure most have seen Fauci’s pathetic throw along with his pulling down his mask during a Nationals game. But don’t worry, people like Fauci, don’t ever feel shame or embarrassment when they are caught lying, they are too good for that. We all know that people like Fauci are above mere mortals because he has a Dr. in front of his name and can’t throw a baseball. smdh.

    • Agree: Truth
  314. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    Except of course….in Latin America. Where, until recent decades, conventional old school police states military dictatorships and caudillios were the norm.

    The concern of course is that non whites rapidly recreate the spectacularly failed and corrupt societies they created in their homelands.

    As Brimelow said, why take the chance ? So the Waltons can sell more toilet paper ? The slumlords can pack dominicans and koreans ten deep ?

    The US and White nations broadly are moving to stable sustainable populations and societies and rapidly at that.

  315. @Anonymous

    No. The magic dirt of the USA transforms them into supermen who not only work hard but never even get ticketed for jaywalking. All those Mexican sounding names in our federal and state prisons are white nationalists who lied on their drivers license applications.

  316. @Tucker

    It is obvious that any pureblooded European American left would want to also destroy Muttmerica.
    Muttmerica is the dog of the kikes.
    Muttmerica is responsible for Boshelvik victory in 1945.

    Payback time. Then all bets are off.

  317. TG says:

    “From the time I first became involved in immigration issues three decades ago, it soon became apparent that the overwhelming majority of the strong opposition was racially-driven”


    In the 1960’s, newly unionized blue-collar blacks were starting to make large wage gains, and they were promptly fired en masse and replaced with foreign nationals. The rich did not do this because they ‘valued diversity,’ they did it because they valued the easy profits that come from cheap labor.

    It’s about money. period.

    I wish I could take the author of this piece, strip him of all wealth, and ship him off to some wonderful cheap-labor free-market utopia like India or Bangladesh, and he could experience the joys of competing for work with a thousand desperate people who are, after all, ‘just going on about their business.’

    What, you say that India and Bangladesh are ‘socialist?’ Hogwash. ‘Work like a dog for 50 cents an hour or you and your family go hungry’ – was there ever libertarian capitalism purer in spirit than that?

    Why are all these Mexicans so desperate to flee from Mexico? Is it because they are racists who hate Mexicans? Or is it because they don’t find the prospect of competing for work in a flooded labor market and being crushed into dire poverty that appealing?

    If the Mexicans can’t stand living in a place with too many Mexicans all competing for jobs, how can you blame Americans for wanting the same thing?

    • Replies: @turtle
  318. Usura says:

    As an example, white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country, with the striking disconnect between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and their own personal experiences probably being a major factor.

    My immediate reaction to this statement was to look up the voting patterns of whites cross-referenced with immigrant population in the other southern border states. Since the issue of immigration vs. race is somewhat run together in this article, I’ve included data on Hispanic population also.

    Hispanic/latino population (according to 2010 census):
    Arizona – 20.2%
    California – 38.1%
    New Mexico 47%
    Texas 38.2 %

    Immigrant population (numbers taken from 2018 study by American Immigration Council):
    Arizona – 13%
    California – 27%
    New Mexico – 9%
    Texas – 17%

    White vote for Trump 2016:
    Arizona – 58.5%
    California – 45%
    New Mexico – 53.6%
    Texas – 73.9%

    So if the Trumpian rhetoric regarding immigration was indeed about immigration, then Unz’s analysis is likely correct, as California has the highest percentage of immigrants of any southern border state. But if it was a proxy for anti-hispanic sentiment, then the data show that proximity to hispanics is overall positively correlated to a white vote for Trump, particularly in the case of New Mexico. In that sense, perhaps members of those states did indeed find truth in Trump’s vision of the world.

    By sharp contrast, immigration was an especially powerful issue for Trump in a state like West Virginia, which has almost no Hispanics or immigrants of any kind, and whose voters therefore drew their entire understanding of the issue from FoxNews and Breitbart rather than from real life.

    That isn’t fair. Many eastern states are subject to the most intense “refugee” resettlement programs, which while comparatively small in numbers compared with the immigrant population of California, represent a comparatively larger percentage of the states’ existing populations. They rely on massive propaganda campaigns and support networks of unaccountable NGOs, which bug the hell out of whites when said refugees start causing problems in their towns.

    If this sentiment got generalized to anti-Mexican immigration, so what? It’s a start, thinks the average eastern Trump voter. They’re permitted no means of dissent otherwise, so why not vote for a crude racist who makes up fantasies about violent Mexicans to skirt the politically volatile issue of black violence and refugee resettlement? They’re out of options. That that “discredits” them in the minds of CEOs who mostly employ college educated immigrants from India is of little long-term political consequence, as the fate of west coast cities as multicultural tech utopias is already sealed. And if the rioting is due to liberal whites, how come Vermont, New York, and Massachusetts haven’t burned?

    The article’s main point that white nationalism has discredited itself due to Trump admin’s failure to properly analyze the immigration issue, as well as its placating blacks with criminal justice reform, would be true, if white nationalists had anything other than a vanishingly small influence on Trump.

    White nationalists watched Trump from a distance and used him, nothing more. Their destiny extends far beyond some zionist neocon who let-loose on Mexicans in a few speeches.

    • Replies: @Ron Unz
    , @turtle
    , @PM
  319. @Ron Unz

    Thank you. I wasn’t being sarcastic (was afraid it might have come across that way), so thanks for the honest reply.

  320. @Brás Cubas

    If values are, as you state, “biologically fixed/inherited to a much greater extent than is commonly assumed”, how then can you state that “a blind racial view of the world is moronic”? Those two statements seem contradictory to me.

    Much greater variation within-group than between-groups.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  321. “I always thought that the strongest anti-immigration arguments were:’

    the strongest arguments are that is that immigration undermines the economic opportunities of citizens thereby creating an domestic underclass and that leads to the three valuable outcomes you reference. And one should reference one more outcome — political disinheritance.

  322. Beagle says:

    Did the author ever get to multinationals using immigration to depress wages and to provide under the table and underpaid easily intimidated de facto slaves for many menial jobs the rich require but for which they’d prefer to pay very little?

    I got burned out on the stereotypes of immigration opponents before discovering the answer.

  323. Ahoy says:

    A nation is built on these absolutely necessary premises.

    1. Same race.

    2. Same language.

    3. Same religion.

    The diversity crap is the magic material that dissolves a nation. The ADL, Planed Parenthood and all the other complex tools are the catalyst that speeds up the dissolution.

    An American today is a mere employee of a corporation

  324. Anon[249] • Disclaimer says:
    @james charles

    Detroit has been steadily losing population for years. The city is down 400K people since 1990. They should have been removing these voters from the rolls for legitimate reasons. Detroit is also a cesspit of Democratic corruption where they routinely cheat in elections. All Democratic cities routinely cheat in elections and overcount their votes.

  325. @Ghan-buri-Ghan

    Taking a look at the comments on the site, “huwhite” mutts and unrepentant Euros very well deserve their willing extermination.

    Muh grandpa.
    They literally cannot let go of that kosher foundation myth. At this point a sub saharan negro would be more sensible and therefore by an objective metric, “smarter” than an average huwhite.

    • Agree: Ghan-buri-Ghan
    • Replies: @Ghan-buri-Ghan
  326. Anon[252] • Disclaimer says:

    As an example, white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country, with the striking disconnect between his anti-immigrant rhetoric and their own personal experiences probably being a major factor. By sharp contrast, immigration was an especially powerful issue for Trump in a state like West Virginia, which has almost no Hispanics or immigrants of any kind, and whose voters therefore drew their entire understanding of the issue from FoxNews and Breitbart rather than from real life.

    A lot of whites have white-flighted California for largely racialistic reasons, and states like West Virginia, as well as Southern states, tend to absorb whites who white-flight.

    Future historians will surely marvel at how the death of a convicted violent felon—quite possibly due to a drug-overdose—in ultra-liberal Minneapolis soon led to removal of so many of our most celebrated American presidents from their traditional places of honor and cast down statues of Christopher Columbus all across our country, perhaps eventually even culminating in the destruction of fabled Mount Rushmore

    But WHO really cares about these presidents? Who is it that cares about Mount Rushmore? It is white gentile Americans who are the only ones capable of caring about these things. And to focus on the fate of rock sculptures while vilifying racial/ethnic realities (the people who care about them and give them meaning) is not virtuous, it is dishonest.

    The Asian and hispanic immigrants don’t care about these monuments, they don’t love American history. Sure, they are good people, but they don’t care. Even if these immigrants allowed white historical monuments to remain physically, they would erect monuments to their people that would ultimately override the monuments to my people.

    An example. White ethnics, especially Jews, did this with their mythologizing of Ellis Island, which, through the power of pop culture, has replaced Jamestown and Plymouth Rock as the origin point of the American experience.

    “The USA is an immigrant nation” is a very obvious example of the culture of the US changing dramatically due to immigration! No Anglo-American (a.k.a. non-recent immigrant) thinks of this country as some global economic platform.

  327. One last point… Unz points to ideologues and incompetents and covid…do you mean Fauci Unz? His handling of this whole thing is a complete disaster. Oh Unz by the way your state, so filled with the wonders of immigration is now near the top of the list of Covid cases. Didn’t you write an article about how well your state and some obscure public health official responded so magnificently. I forgot too.. it is a biowarefare blow back, not a Chinese created virus in one of their stupid labs. Which by the way was getting funding for coronavirus research from none other than Fauci’s CDC. It’s not biowarfare blow back you moron, it is incompetence.

    Yes the response was a circle jerk of morons, many of whom the government gives billions of dollars in tax revenue (the CDC and its bureaucrat circle jerks) but that preceded Trump.

    Let’s not blame the Chinese though Techie boy… you need them for cheap coding.

  328. If it wasn’t for the American wars on the middle East/Africa/Eastern Europe

    There wouldn’t be such thing as a REFUGEE “crisis” in Europe!

    And every European knows this and blames America not poor powerless starved soon to be deported former civilians

    “Trump blabla war on Iran” fast forward “Iranian Jihadis invade Europe” 🤠

    Vicious circle

  329. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    “The notion that Whites have to make an argument for keeping their own country is absurd. I don’t care about anything except that this country belongs to Whites.”

    This country does not belong to whites. This country belongs to the Native Americans who lived here for millennia before the European whites came here. They were exterminated by European whites who wanted and stole their land. And particularly by whites from Great Britain.

  330. @obwandiyag

    “natives” gen-O-cide inc.

  331. @Anon

    Whooo! I’m sure Ron is terrified. Hey, if this article means less losers like you coming to this site, it’s a win.

    • Agree: L.K
  332. Ron Unz says:

    My immediate reaction to this statement was to look up the voting patterns of whites cross-referenced with immigrant population in the other southern border states.

    That’s exactly the right sort of approach to take. I’d already analyzed the results as 50-state cross-correlations for the preceding five presidential elections in a long previous article of mine, which you really should read if you’re interested in the subject:

    I never bothered updating the results to include the 2016 race, but given the gigantic skew in California and other states, I’m almost sure that the correlation patterns would still apply.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
    , @map
  333. @Hoyt Thorpe

    Immigration restriction enjoys broad support across voters

    This has always been the case. Where I think Mr. Unz and his `friend` go off the rails, is believing that this is new. It isn`t. People have always seen immigrants as a threat to their livelihood.
    Even Cesar Chavez understood this. His members, mostly Americans and legal immigrants of Mexican heritage, patrolled the US-Mexican border capturing those entering the US illegally. They knew a flood of immigrants, illegal or legal would wipe out the gains they had made.
    My mother`s parents emigrated (separately) from Scandinavia at the turn of the 19th century. I recall hearing stories of them being shunned and having difficulty finding any work, no matter how menial, because they were immigrants. My grandfather was a PhD Chemist, but could only find work as a school teacher in one room farming communities, or short term menial jobs. It is not just non-Whites (who were rarely allowed to emigrate) it was all immigrants who were disliked.
    What Mr. Unz and many others ignore is the immense cost of immigration, including the billions sent out of the country in remittances. If the immigrants, regardless of source, were not here, there would be much less unemployment, and in particular, black unemployment. Ann Coulter, for all her faults, identified this some time ago. Immigration hurts most, those at the bottom of the economic ladder.
    The old (real) left used to say immigration is the reserve army of capital. They understood well, that it was aimed at lowering their living standards while increasing corporate profits. Immigrants are the face of immigration policy, and that is what people react to. I can honestly say that the overwhelming majority of the immigrants that I have met are nice people. That is not the issue. The issue is they should not be here when we have people unemployed. Immigration has always been an economic issue, but it would be xenophobic to talk about it.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  334. anarchyst says:

    Detroit is a unique case. Being one of the first major cities to “hit bottom” with the 1967 riots which destroyed most of the neighborhood retail base to the destruction of the neighborhoods themselves, it was support from the “heavy hitters” who own sports franchises and commercial real estate developers who were instrumental in bringing Detroit “back from the brink”. Detroit’s future is looking brighter day by day.

    The neighborhoods are still a problem, but more and more, gentrification is being used to revitalize neighborhoods. In addition, there is a “homestead” program that is providing incentive to those who wish to participate in city life. Many of the neighborhoods have reverted back to nature. Whole blocks are devoid of structures and are empty fields.

    For the first time in generations, the predominantly black population of Detroit elected a white mayor. This was unprecedented as in most cases, once a city “goes black” there is no recovery. It’s all downhill from there. Almost everyone expected the black candidate to win “hands down”, but, despite being black themselves, the people of Detroit saw what “black rule” was like and actually made a good decision.

    Mayor Duggan had a proven track record in administration, having been CEO of one of Detroit’s major health care systems, the Detroit Medical Center. Duggan led the Detroit Medical Center back to financial solvency by privatizing much of the operation, but extracting promises that indigent patients would still be cared for.

    Detroit has promise. The future will tell…

    • Thanks: Miro23
    • Replies: @Cowboy
    , @anonimo11
  335. American Citizen 2.0 says:
    @Ron Unz

    Ron you are a titan! Thank you for keeping your site going. I have read all of those articles before and they have been enlightening.

    • Agree: Escher
  336. Anonymous[114] • Disclaimer says:

    Well it took some time but Unz has shown his true face
    Like the other white enemies he is sensing the weakness and thinks it is the time
    to stick the dagger in the back of whitey

    Huh? Do you mean over a decade ago when he expressed the same views?? 🤔

    Ron hosts columnists who express similar anti-WN, anti-nationalist views (e.g. E. Michael Jones).

  337. @Ron Unz

    One point that previous pieces of yours emphasized is the distinction between being pro-immigrant (which you claimed you were) and being pro-immigration (which you were not, not unconditionally anyway). That distinction is substantially obfuscated in this piece, perhaps because it wasn’t central to your argumentation. This may have raised further hostility, since people may have taken you for a pro-immigration person.

  338. To the “white nationalists” here, if you now hate Ron and don’t want to support his website, go start your own along with your ethnostate that you keep talking about but never give a plan for how you are going to achieve it. Seriously, who the fuck needs you here? What positive contributions do you make to this website? If this article, which I’m not in 100% agreement with myself, causes more and more of you to leave, it’s a win, as your toxic presence here will decrease and the quality and thoughtfulness of the comments here will increase. Good riddance and GTFO.

    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  339. @Swift

    This essay is more about lingering resentment over things like the Immigration Act of 1924 which effectively barred certain ethnocentric people from entering the United States.

    This law is described as follows on the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum site.

    On May 24, 1924, Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1924, also known as the Johnson-Reed Act or the National Origins Act. The act was meant to solve the “midnight races” problem and establish a more permanent immigration law. It created new quotas, which heavily favored England and northern Europe and set much lower quotas for immigrants from southern and eastern Europe, who had made up the majority of more recent immigration. The new law reflected anti-Catholic, antisemitic sentiment in the country.

    I suspect Pat Buchanan, who is Roman Catholic, triggered things with his recent post titled “Stress Test of a Straining Superpower”.

    United States Immigration and Refugee Law, 1921–1980

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  340. @Joe Kowalski

    Uh no…..that bullshit was thoroughly debunked, and in fact the DNA evidence proves just the opposite.

    The so called “native americans” have asian DNA and they came from SIBERIA.

    DNA also shows that whites were here FIRST but were slaughtered by the asian arrivals.

    Look it up.

    In any case, white people founded and built this country and there is no honest dispute regarding this point.

  341. 50 years from now America will be splintered into numerous countries. The Southwestern States will then voluntarily merge with Mexico completing a 150 year plan to reclaim their territories.

    Black women will still be genociding their unborn (twerking gone wrong) babies at the nearest Democratic run abortion clinic….and blaming white people.

    Sharia Law will rule New York City. The ADL and AIPAC will be firebombed into oblivion by Jihadist. Jews will be screeching “Anti-Semitism” but no one will believe them. Wealthy Jews hedging their bets by buying oceanfront condos in Israel. “Alhamdulillah”

    The Third Jewish Temple is built (using Palestinian laborers) and all 30 Million US Christian Zionist quit America, sell their worldly possessions to China and turn their eyes to the foretold Second Coming of Christ…..Crickets Chirping—- as Evangelical Billionaire Ministers offshore their families and booty to Switzerland. Wait…What???? The Scofield Bible Addendum is quietly banned by Amazon and erased from the Internet.

    China will own the vast majority of US Manufacturing, US Ports and the US Space Program.

    The US Petro Dollar will collapse in the next 10 years, being replaced by the Chinese Yuan.

    White kids will be slinking along US streets…staying in the shadows fearful of getting jumped by marauding gangs of blacks still angry after being paid 4.5 Trillion in Reparations.

    The entire Democratic Party moves to Israel and begins promoting the plight of the Palestinians, fermenting race wars and hatred to garner votes.

    America is broke and can no longer pay 10 Billion per year to Israel and 3 Billion per year to Egypt. All of Israel’s Enemies attack her… her last gasp — the emotional Masada Complex overwhelms her and she detonates 400 Nukes…stolen from America. The surviving Muslims breach the 100 foot walls of Israel and slaughter 8 Million Jews with machetes. Funeral pyres burn for six months as the second holocaust cleanses the world and resets the clock.

  342. vinteuil says:

    Having escaped the pisshole , last october , all you godless disgraces are currently trapped in , I have recently landed in Serbia .

    I can say that it sure is nice to be walking around in white cities … they are beautiful , clean , women and children and old men playing chess in the parks … the youth out at night walking hand in hand or with a friend , wandering around the city , sitting near the fountain in the park , laughing – they have a strength and a bond , a down home honestly of expression , and the feeling is palpably different than the wretched isolation I almost constantly felt in those trashhole low trust multicultural wastelands called american cities…

    I made it to Belgrade a couple of years ago and can’t wait to go back. It was just like what you describe.

  343. @Thulean Friend

    Interesting moniker “Thulean Friend”.

    Are you an ADL, SPLC, Hope Not HATE or Campaign Against Antisemitism apparatchik or just part of the New York Times and Guardianista Woke Elect?

  344. @Ron Unz

    Why do you think your website is so gigantically popular? Without disagreement there is no discussion and without discussion the result is Moonofalabama uselessness. You have the Golden Formula, bask in it and for God’s sake don’t change a thing about The Unz Review.

  345. geokat62 says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    Nonsense. Unless you had first heard of Ron Unz only yesterday, you’d have to be deep in the moonshine to fail to descry the vast gulf that separates Unz from the ADL.

    Nonsense? If Ron is not in favour of the ADL’s multi-culti dystopia, then why does he reject the conclusion that follows from Lawrence Auster‘s thesis in The Path to National Suicide:

    Our current policy of open and ever-widening immigration, in conjunction with the gathering forces of cultural radicalism, is leading our country into an unprecedented danger. At a time when increasing racial and ethnic diversity makes the re-affirmation of our common cul­ture more vitally important than ever, we are, under the mount­ing pressure of that diversity, abandoning the very idea of a com­mon American culture. We are thus imperiling not only our so­cial cohesiveness but, as I will try to show, the very basis of our national existence.

    … and why does he favour granting illegal aliens amnesty, just like the ADL:

    Most Californians view illegal immigrants as unwanted house guests. One very effective means of getting rid of such guests is to set your house on fire and burn it to the ground. This is Proposition 187’s solution to illegal immigration. It would be a financial and social disaster for California, and the worst moral disaster for our state since the internment of Japanese Americans. No decent Californian should support it.

    • Replies: @geokat62
    , @V. K. Ovelund
  346. @Dr. Doom

    That is not completely true…

    The Roman Empire was spread across a wide range of ethnic groups, races, and regional affinities.

    The Ottoman Empire included many different cultures and groups in its time.

    The Austrian and then later the Austro-Hungarian Empires contained many differing groups and cultures and was a multi-national empire.

    What kept these highly multicultural societies intact was that all of them enforced a social context in terms of the ruling, cultural order that disobedience to was met with force or in later times hard-nosed diplomacy.

    In addition, there were no such condoned mass immigration as the West has allowed for in present day. Masses of people that were incorporated into the empires were often done as a result of conquest. However, once conquered most were allowed their own autonomy as long as they paid homage to the ruling, cultural order.

    The United States in particular has no such mechanisms in place to allow for the management of current immigrants that are flowing into our nation. And Liberals who promote such open societies have no idea what they are doing unless their intent is to destroy a nation as no country can manage unrestricted immigration either financially or economically, let alone socially…

  347. anonymous[377] • Disclaimer says:

    That is a boomer way of seeing things being grossed out by interracial marriage. In recent years, almost thirty percent of marriages involving a US-born Hispanic was with a white spouse.

  348. “Multiculturalism can work if there are no strains and no animosities”

    Multiculturalism is a mosaic of independent pieces, bonded together with easy money consumerism. Strains and animosities are inherent.

    Remove the fake wealth of the West, and you will get the reality. When you have to make hard choices for your children or someone else’s, you choose your own.

    Multiculturalism is precarious First World fantasy.

    Cape Town South Africa is the reality of a mixed country, not Palo Alto.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  349. @Realist

    You neglected to mention Ray Caruso’s next and concluding sentence: “So is Donald Trump for listening to him.”

    The fact that Kushner is still there giving bad advice to his father-in-law after 3 1/2 years is a great example of the dangers of Nepotism. If he wasn’t Trump’s SIL, and the husband of his favorite child, he would have gotten the boot long ago.

    • Replies: @Realist
  350. American Citizen 2.0 says:
    @Joe Kowalski

    Europeans did not “steal” the land. Neither did they exterminate them. Both are Marxist lies aimed at de-legitimizing American institutions.

    Let’s start with the “stolen land” idea. Ownership in our civilization revolves around having a deed or title or some governmentally recognized receipt that you could produce in a court of law as evidence that there was some kind of transaction. You don’t own something just because you think (or assert) it is sacred or that you have occupied it for a while. The idea that hunter-gatherers who were wandering around looking for food and shelter were owners of the places they were wandering around in would at best be considered “squatters rights”, which we generally don’t recognize. I could wander around the park near my house for years and years and then claim I own it but nobody would recognize that ownership either. The natives did not have a government of their own within which they could assert property rights. In most cases they didn’t even have a conception of property or rights. So we imposed a legal framework and in almost every case either paid or fought for the land we possessed. In those cases where we fought for the land, in almost every case we went on to sign a treaty with the people we fought that recognized their ownership of some other land. Ownership by conquest is certainly fairer than just occupation by conquest, which they practiced for thousands of years themselves too.

    So then in the context of that… extermination. In some cases there were really tragic historical events that led to the killing of everyone on the opposing side of a given conflict. That happened in Europe too. That happened among the natives themselves too. But there were many many tribes and native nations with whom we did sign treaties and ended up helping them in all kinds of ways. So the idea that we just did a blitzkrieg style extermination, rolling across the continent killing everyone in our wake, is anti-American, anti-White propaganda along the lines of what you see now with Leftists claiming we are putting children in cages in concentration camps at the border. Pure hyperbole and intentional distortion of the historical record for political reasons.

    Obviously there is a lot more to talk about with respect to these topics but your nonchalant throwing out of a slander like “we stole the land and exterminated the natives” is a lot like if I concluded this comment by pointing out that you are probably a registered sex offender for no reason at all other than to make people not like you. Stop molesting history AND children dude.

    • Replies: @Truth
  351. Anonymous[533] • Disclaimer says:

    WN will have no allies. A quick gander at these comments reveals their desire to kill everyone else, more or less. Low IQ nationalism indeed.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  352. This article reminds me that Roy Horn believed Montecore was a gentle tiger right up to the moment he got eaten.

  353. @phillip sawicki

    Hitler’s solution was a mistake because he also wanted to destroy the Slavs in the USSR and Poland, not realizing that they too did not want to be ruled by Jews.

    The Poles were slaughtering Germans in West Prussia, which they occupied post the November 11, 1918 Armistice. Germany had already ceded former German territories to Poland, and supported the Polish claim to Tesin, which was part of Czechoslovakia. He had signed a non-aggression pact with General Pilsudski, part of which ended the ethnic cleansing of West Prussia. Poland never recognized that Danzig, a 98% German city that had voted to rejoin Germany, was under a League of Nations mandate, and occupied it. In order to resolve the territorial claims, Germany had offered what General Pilsudski had wanted, and threw in a 25 year guarantee of all Polish borders. Poland refused and ordered mobilization of its army to attack Germany. Perfidious (((Albion))) won again by giving Poland no reason to resolve the problem.
    Whether Hitler had a high opinion of Slavs is quite different than wanting to destroy them. The NSDAP understood very well that the communists in control of the USSR were the problem, not the population as a whole. They had witnessed their tactics first hand in 1919.

  354. KenH says:

    Today there are 14.5 million. So whites have not been fleeing California at all.

    How many of those “whites” are Afghans, Armenians, Iranians, Jews, or other Middle Easterners? California also gets the the majority of white immigrants from foreign countries so that 14.5 million is misleading since it includes the aforementioned ethnic groups and is padded by white immigrants, so the true net loss is likely more than just 1.2 million since 1980.

    Maybe a “fucking loser” is the only person who would leave California for a Southern state but even though Southern states aren’t perfect and have their own problems their major population centers aren’t plagued with tent cities, legions of homeless people and human defecation in public.

    California is on an unsustainable path:

    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  355. Bartolo says:

    I don’t see the point of this article and I am very puzzled. Mr. Unz is astonishingly vague and unclear. What gives?

  356. geokat62 says:

    Brett Favre does it AGAIN! 😱 Promotes antisemitic website!


    Brett Favre does it again! This time promoting an antisemitic website while pushing a coded mass vaccination conspiracy theory that Bill Gates wants to vaccinate the globe! Oy Vey time to donate anudda \$666 to the ADL.

  357. Miro23 says:

    The peaceful new American nation will require new narrative in people’s heads; which means reforming the bible to its original meaning, and expelling Talmudists and other in-groups who want to credit themselves at other’s expense.

    Agreed that there’s actually nothing you can do with these Talmudists, as every one of their host countries discovers in due course.

    It all channels towards sleazy financialized disasters like Weimar, or brutal Bolshevik style totalitarianism, or both simultaneously attacking the host from different directions (Weimar or USA FED/Wall St + SJW/Antifas) in an unbelievable grasping for ethnic group dominance.

    Also agree about 1926 immigration cut-off. No more immigration of any type, to then allow consolidation. Anglos/Hispanics and a smaller number of Asians could consolidate into a new nation but it could take time even with geographic proximity. In Britain it took centuries as originally separate (and mutually hostile) Welsh, Celts and Germanics integrated (intermarried) to form the British. There are still traces in surnames and residual identities (including French/Norman) but it’s more of a curiosity than any barrier to national unity*.

    * Except where a large number of Celts (Scots) were geographically separate (in Scotland) where it worked less well.

    • Agree: Mefobills
  358. geokat62 says:

    … and why does he favour granting illegal aliens amnesty

    Correction Prop 187 was crafted to deny illegal aliens access to non-emergency health care, public education, and other services in the State of California.

  359. @BADmejr

    Excellent comment! I would only like to point out another important factoid…
    The enormous financial burden of both legal and illegal immigration to taxpayers of any color or nationality in welfare and social services programs, healthcare etc.
    As Trump said “they are not sending their best and brightest.” Hispanics come from third world shit holes, and turn the neighborhoods they occupy into same!
    They also have no desire or intention to assimilate.
    The few exceptions who do well scholastically and economically do not nearly make up the difference for the drag on America financially and socially that the vast majority are.
    Ron Unz’s arguement on Hispanic crime rates is only part of the overall picture.
    Overall massive immigration like the U.S. has seen since the late 60’s is net negative and not even the mighty Unz can wordsmith his way around that!

  360. SC Rebel says:

    For Jews, I have nothing.

    But Blacks? I will go with jazz and blues music.

  361. The author assumes that immigration has nothing to do with the current PsyOp in the name of BLM.

    Mass immigration largely failed in the US even though supported by Soros and UN Agenda 2030. It is a success in Europe.

    This is a later stage of a cultural coup in the US by Deep State which has captured the Democratic Party.

    White people get along with recent immigrants? Is this your level of intellectual debate.

    A serious fail for Unz.

  362. Redman says:

    Very true about the hysterical part. Did you read Ron’s positions on Covid? He was sure in late March that it was going to be a plague of unprecedented size.

    TPTB are desperate to keep this charade going by goosing the US fatality numbers. But we can see that Europe has recovered quite nicely. Some places like Sweden and Belarus came through without doing much of anything to combat the Wuflu.

    • Agree: restless94110
  363. @Pinche Perro

    We can disagree with Ron without hating him. We can also still appreciate his valuable website without hating him. Grow the fuck up snowflake!

    • Replies: @Pinche Perro
  364. @Amerimutt Golems

    “He’s Roman Catholic” like that means something….it means: he’s baptized

  365. @Beavertales

    “…Multiculturalism can work if there are no strains and no animosities…”

    That is a tautology (saying the same thing with other words). It is like saying “muliculturalism works if it works”.

  366. The whole article boils down to the “latinos aren’t as bad” argument. Nothing new, we know that. Still, they are bad, as compared to whites. Another thing Ron talks about is political strategy. WNs alienate conservative non-white base, therefore, we must change the course to adopt conservative immigrants. Well, that’s the well known course of Conservative, Inc. who have almost all the power on the right. Where did it get them to? Have they conserved anything? Have they managed to say latinos to >50% latino vote at least once somewhere over the decades of this course in action under Bushes, etc.? No, of course.

    Absolutely the same story with pandering to blacks. “Lowest black unemployment in history”, hehe. Or any other crap of that sort, including quoting a “based nigger” Conservative, Inc. phenomenon everywhere. How many black votes did it get them? How many whites did it alienate? Rhetorical questions, of course, everyone knows that blacks at 90% and more always vote democrat no matter what and no pandering from conservatives ever changes anything here.

    And Ron doesn’t say anything new here. He’s been doing it for decades, as he even refers to his older “hispanics aren’t that bad” articles.

    Regarding this anonimous former racialist moron that Ron quotes. Yes, personal experiences trump ideological frameworks. But valid stats trump personal experiences, also known as “anecdotes”. If a person chooses his political stance based on personal experiences that contradict valid and trusted stats then it’s just another argument against the democracy and ever expanding voting rights. In the America of the founding fathers this moron wouldn’t have a vote and it would have been better for the country as a whole and him in particular. The moron just doesn’t know what’s better.

    Rioting, being primarily a black thing in the US, is bad, but it’s not everything. One should never ignore simple anti-immigration facts:

    – people who immigrate to the US recreate in miniature the culture of their country of origin. Biology>Culture>Economics. Their countries are shitholes not because of magic dirt, but because of people. It is absolutely reasonable to expect that people who move to other location will recreate a society similar to what they moved from.
    – almost all immigrants have decades proven records of supporting:
    * gun control
    * welfare state
    * democrats (i.e. socialists) in general
    * free speech restrictions
    * bigger government.

    Yes, Ron is right that latinos aren’t as violent as blacks and to solve a local black problem a politician may engage in population displacements to replace what’s bad with something that is less bad, which does not necessarily mean that it’s good. So what? Does it justify immigration to the US from shithole countries just to dilute the blacks percentage? Insane. Not to mention that because of the pro-immigration policies US imports tons of blacks as well. What we are going to end up with this approach is having our children to live in a copy of Brazil, Honduras and Mexico, i.e. socialist hell, death of individualism, poverty, all permeating socialist tyrannical nanny state.

    “white voters in heavily immigrant California had supported Trump in 2016 by 20-25 points less than whites in the rest of the country”. As pretty much anyone concerned with the US demography knows, California has been losing white population for decades. Of course, those with the biggest incentive to move out were conservatives. Therefore, losing conservatives, the remaining white base average shifts to the left.

    So in the end my argument boils down to just simply pursuing white interests. You are white? Support whites, favor them. Hire whites. Pay whites. Live among whites. Participate in white identity politics. Run for local office, pursue white interests. Any national conversation about anything? OK, your default stance is “is it good for white people?”. Shop at a local mom and dad shop. Don’t buy anything from Walmart or Amazon, unless absolutely need to. Found a tomato juice that is manufactured in Camden, NJ? Don’t buy it, buy something that is manufactured in white mid west. Educate your family and friends with proper stats. And so on.

    Also, regarding current events I welcome this statue demolition crusade. Normies have to finally realize where they live now and consequences of their inaction.

    • Agree: ANZ, 3g4me
    • Replies: @Truth
    , @frontier
  367. @Joe Kowalski

    Any country “land mass” belongs to the winning faction.
    Thats the way it has always been and always will be. White Europeans won, Indians lost. White Europe was invaded by various Arabic Moslem factions. White Europeans beat them at war and kicked them out. That’s how the game is played. You want to criticize white Europeans? Criticize all the other ethnicities and cultures who have done the same!
    This applies to slavery also.
    I and countless others are fed up with the “only white Europeans did this and that narrative bullshit!” ALL humans have done it! And will continue to do so!

  368. @Anon

    “The kids cost about \$18k a year to educate.”

    Fortunately (for us) that won’t go on too long since of 3rd generation Mexican immigrants, only one half (50%) finish high school. The highlight of a Mexican girl’s high school career is not graduation, but bringing her 2 month old baby to school for all her girlfriends to admire.

    Ron (like Fred) ignores the dysgenic factor even though national IQ is directly related to standard of living.

  369. Thomasina says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    But it wasn’t the ordinary citizen doing this; it was the elites. The average citizen, living in a hovel with their ten children during the Industrial Revolution, didn’t get the benefit of this robbing. They were starving and their children were dying of disease. The filthy rich industrialists benefited, though, but it didn’t trickle down. Same old.

    You are in essence saying to the average British citizen, “I don’t care if you never benefited, I don’t care if it was your ancestors who fought against slavery and ended it. I am going to destroy your country and your culture because I’m going to get mine.”

    Sounds like someone wants to take something for nothing. How are you any better than those British elites? You are just the same as them.

  370. Unz is conflating two separate but interconnected problems. If the demographics of this country were the same as when I was born (1970s), the Republicans would win every election in a landslide. 3rd World immigrants provide the necessary political support that allow our government to shift left and accept BLM, riots etc. The Black-White dynamic is both separate but also influenced by the current political landscape caused by recent immigrants.

    I do agree that it’s time for the right to reconsider the nature of an ethnostate or just a separate state, period. As an example, Mexico works (at least ethnically and racially) because they all revere their Hispanic-European heritage. And Latin Americans can count themselves as “White” Hispanics whether they’re 70% White or 95% White. In most of Latin America it’s not just OK to be White, it’s desirable. Imagine if we were united behind our Anglo-European heritage in the same way. In that case, it wouldn’t matter if any future separate state is 70% White or 98% White. A normal, sane culture could integrate a fair amount (but not unlimited amount) of high IQ Hindus, Orientals and Mestizos. Be eager and willing to fully adopt the dominant culture or leave.

    We need to separate from not just the Brown masses that won’t assimilate or contribute, but also from (to steal a phrase from another poster here) the “insane descendants of Cromwell”. Much of the right needs to shift focus from strictly race to ethnicity/ideology. Yes, race matters. HBD can’t be wished away. But I will gladly take a handful of Michelle Malkins over the Insane Decedents of Cromwell if that’s what gets us closer to a workable nation state where I could live.

    • Agree: ANZ
  371. @anonymous

    If those are marriages between White Hispanics and Whites, then they are White-White marriages. The term “Hispanic” as such says nothing about race. If those are truly inter-racial marriages, then that is a reason the more to stop (and if possible reverse) Hispanic immigration. Racial preservation should be the highest law.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  372. @KenH

    Any time I hear someone on a right-wing website use the word “unsustainable” I instantly recognize them as an Irish-Italian Leftist environmentalist tree hugger who couldn’t make it as a weed dealer in California so they became a fake conservative eco-fascist and moved to Alabama to become a full time Nazi/part time okra farmer.

    The combined population of Jews (600,000) and Armenians (<250,000) in California is less than one million so we're looking at 8% tops if we throw in the other, much smaller minorities. California's white population is overwhelmingly old-stock WASPS. Upscale WASPS from the midwest and states like Texas all move to California when the opportunity arises.

    Honestly, it's just fucking pathetic to see people on the right being so disingenuous and dishonest, passing fake news about California around the web anonymously.

    The midwest and rural Texas have experienced like ~50% population declines since the 1950s due to outmigration and infertility, but California has a problem now? No buddy, I'mma tell you what the fucking problem is. It's middle America. You know what the American Heartland is? It's Silent fucking Hill. Middle America is a post-apocalyptic horror movie set consisting of abandoned homea and drug addicted zombies. Literal end of the world, never coming back, I-can't-believe-it's-not-a-movie devastation. How's that for "sustainable"? Why don't you put that in your pipe and smoke it, you ignorant hippie douchebag?

  373. @Thulean Friend

    Your plan will have people with certain characteristics from all over the globe being admitted to a select club. I presume they will naturally breed and produce further specimens with similar characteristics. So, I expect that the alleged within-group variation will be sharply reduced as a result, in such a way that, as per your reasoning, a racial view of the world may no longer be as “moronic” in the future as you think it is now.

  374. @VinnyVette

    Hey, I’m not the one throwing a hissy fit threatening to no longer read this website. It’s people of your ideology.

  375. Lousy writing. Lousy beginning, limp and pointless non-conclusion. Meandering. And of course should all be in parentheses.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  376. @Achmed E. Newman

    It only makes sense when you realize that the current crop of Jews who run America plan to Morgenthau us. We are to be an agricultural economy. A huge bumper crop of down at their heels Hispanic/Indios will be needed to tend America’s growing vegetable garden. Factory work will be handled by the nimble fingered Asians.

    Jewish economists have already prepared the ground by telling us that autarky is undesirable, comparative advantage is in. Specialize in one export crop. Put all your eggs in one basket. Become a cog in the one world economy. Believe us, you’ll prosper. No, you’ll never be blackmailed by a supplier who has monopolized a particular product you need. And sales are as important as manufacturing in the perfect circle of production/consumption so it doesn’t matter where you fit into the system. So be content with stocking shelves and working at the register–oh excuse me–at the POS.

  377. Petermx says:

    I was brought up a Protestant and I’m aware Protestants and Catholics have had their differences but I think for many or most people, there are no problems and hardly any differences between Catholics and Protestants. I’m 62 and have always considered the two groups hardly distinguishable but maybe that is because I have never had strong feelings about religion except for resenting greatly the destruction of Christianity and its traditions and influence in the USA. I have become interested in Catholicism over the last few years and it seems to me if any group could bring Christianity back it would be them because there is a small group of Catholic holdouts that have not caved in to the demands of others for the last 60 years. But in reality, the culture of the west has largely been destroyed and I doubt Christians as a group will play a big part if things are turned around.

    Living in northern California for 30 years, I have met, befriended and dated Latin Americans and they are generally friendly and good people. Perhaps even friendlier than the average white. But if a people wants to preserve their own people and culture that does not have to mean they have anything against a different ethnic group. Maybe they just don’t want 85% white California to become 20% white within a 50 year period and some may be concerned this new population might affect the competitiveness of their state or country, and it has. California was one of the most desirable places to live in the world, with many millions of Americans (like myself) moving here but it now has major problems. Few Americans move to California any more (for years now) and many leave.

    I reluctantly returned to the US two months ago from eastern Europe where I have bought two apartments with money from the house I sold in California. Due to the Corona Virus I had to leave Europe. I can’t wait to return. I loved California but when I saw the footage of the burning and looting of American cities on television in eastern Europe and also the hatred openly displayed towards whites, which is now completely acceptable behavior, who would want to return to that? Where I am moving it is cold much of the year but it is one of the safest and nicest countries in Europe. They do everything well and have beautiful cities. It might not be a coincidence that they are more nationalistic than the average western European. But even there you can see ethnics that you did not see 16 years ago when eastern Europe was lily white. Who knows if they let their little country be destroyed too?

    • Thanks: mark green
    • Replies: @TheTrumanShow
  378. @JohnPlywood

    You offer your stupid opinion, “Libtard” (see soy boy, an ingenious label for one so retarded as you)
    Oh yes… those houses are so affordable that people get to commute for hundreds of miles every day… Quinnipac polls… they are liberal dumbass… show that almost half of people polled in California say that they cannot afford to live there…. mostly because of the housing costs.

    California is the welfare queen of the country… in absolute numbers dickweed because you are about to quote me rates.. It spends more on welfare than the three next states combined.

    So GFY and change your tampon.

  379. @Achmed E. Newman

    The loss of California to America, and the influx of Hispanics to the rest of the country has not been a good thing

    Not only has America lost California, America will lose the states where Californians have moved to, locust-like, to impose their progressive policies. New Yorkers who move to North Carolina get some grief for complaining about the poor Italian food there, but at least they don’t try to turn North Carolina’s politics upside down. Californians are a different breed. They’re like a nightmare sect of Hare Krishnas who get in your face and demand that you change, immediately. People forget that the Bhagwan cult in Oregon was comprised largely of Californians, and even bankrolled by one. (Yes, folks, Californians plotted the biggest bioterror attack in America at the time) They’re an absolute disaster for this country.

  380. babu says: • Website

    Khazar dual citizens?

  381. Thomasina says:
    @Fiendly Neighbourhood Terrorist

    But it wasn’t the ordinary citizen doing this; it was the elites. The average citizen, living in a hovel with their ten children during the Industrial Revolution, didn’t get the benefit of this robbing. They were starving and their children were dying of disease. The filthy rich industrialists benefited, though, but it didn’t trickle down. Same old.

    You are in essence saying to the average British citizen, “I don’t care if you never benefited, I don’t care if it was your ancestors who fought against slavery and ended it. I am going to destroy your country and your culture because I’m going to get mine.”

    Sounds like someone wants to take something for nothing. How are you any better than those British elites? You are just the same as them, a robber.

  382. @American Citizen 2.0

    You people are so hopelessly provincial. As though the USA was ever the centre of white civilisation or of the thinking about what that civilisation was, and why it was what it was.
    Taking all of that as a given then: the reason “White Nationalism” or “Nordic Supremacy” lost is explained by one date (note: a date, not an idea or a movement or immigration).

    That date is 1945.


    • Agree: JackOH
  383. @JohnPlywood

    California’s white population is overwhelmingly old-stock WASPS. Upscale WASPS from the midwest and states like Texas all move to California when the opportunity arises.

    Of course. If you’re rich, you can live anywhere, and offload your problems onto someone else.

    California used to be egalitarian and had among the best schools in the country. Now she’s at the top of the inequality tables and near the bottom of the education ones.

    That’s what low-standard immigration brings you. Plus a permanent Democratic Party majority.

    How’d that work out for the South?

  384. @anonymous

    You couldn’t have more completely missed my point.

  385. This entire article misses the point about Trump’s political troubles.

    1) Trump and his supporters are not being hurt politically right now because of immigration. They are being hurt because of Covid.

    As recently as February, many Democrats were pessimistic about their chances in the upcoming election (even though polling showed a close race). For example, Bill Maher and Joe Rogan (a Bernie Sanders’ supporter) didn’t think Biden could beat Trump. What changed? The arrival of the coronavirus, obviously.

    The politics of immigration had nothing to do with it.

    2) As Ron points out, the precipitating event of George Floyd’s death that began the riots also had nothing to do with immigration, and it’s doubtful it had any impact on Trump’s minority support. Ron uses a “Catholic Menace Analogy” to suggest otherwise, by claiming it has undermined Trump’s ability to recruit new allies against the rioters.

    But Trump’s support among both Hispanics and blacks has remained largely stable. It’s his support among whites that’s dropping in ways dangerous to his political survival. Suburban white women are pissed off about police brutality for some crazy reason and older whites are understandably pissed off about Covid.

    Once again, the politics of immigration had nothing to do with it.

    3) Ron does Steve Sailer an injustice by pointing out that LA is peaceful and boring politically, despite widespread changes in the city’s demographics because of immigration, as if this is some indictment of Steve’s commentary. But Steve has routinely pointed out over the years that Hispanics are disengaged politically to the point of being boring. It’s a common theme in his writing.

    But Ron misses or, more likely, downplays other important themes in Steve’s writing about California and immigration. They include the destruction of the conservative movement in the state, the fall in the state’s testing scores, the end of non-racial criteria for entering the state’s universities, and the increased cost of “middle class” homes in the state’s urban areas as even young professionals are priced out of them.

    4) Ron loves to sing about the virtues of a changing East Palo Alto as Hispanics have pushed blacks out of the city over the last several decades, but I’m certain that neither Ron nor any of his white or Jewish immigrant-loving friends would ever actually choose to live in East Palo Alto. Nor would they want their children to. So he idealizes a community he and his friends want nothing personally to do with.

    If you are not aware of Bay Area demographics, the racial segregation between Palo Alto and East Palo Alto is extreme. The two small cities are separated by little more than Highway 101. But to the east of that highway, nearly 90% of the population is either Hispanic, black, or Pacific Islander. To the west, more than 90% are either white or Asian.

    And never the twain shall meet unless east is servicing west.

    So when Ron praises East Palo Alto, he is praising a population replacement of one service class (i.e., blacks) by another more hard-working and less criminal service class (i.e., Hispanics). But of course those blacks who are being replaced still have to live somewhere. How about Minneapolis?

  386. Obviously Ron is talking about Steve Sailer as his “unnamed racist.”

    Ron has flown the coop for greener pastures (in Silicon Valley I think) but I still breathe San Fernando Valley air, just a couple zip codes away from Sailer’s Valley Village P.O. drop. So let me tell you how being a 20% white minority translates in the real world.

    It’s true that crime isn’t at the level we’d find in Watts or on MLK Blvd. But over the past thirty years I’ve been burglarized eight times, at four different locations. Most recently my license plates were removed while parked in my driveway overnight. Three dead bodies on my block over the past dozen years (and probably more I never saw).

    Four days ago my Mexican neighbor’s pit bull killed and presumably ate a pair of four-week-old kittens who’d explored under our fence into their yard. I heard it happen, it was horrible.

    Yes, white people steal and white people hang out with pit bulls, but not in these percentages. Thirty years in Bloomington, IN, and never robbed once.

    Mostly, though, it’s the stress and the burden of getting through the day. Our culture is breaking down, with graffiti and homeless everywhere. I’m often the only one in a store speaking English. The traffic is unbelievable. DMV lines are untraversable. Our city is beyond bankrupt paying for infinite social services. I have nothing in common with my neighbors or my community. Fireworks for thirty days around the 4th of July, MS-13 graffiti on the wall opposite my house. No cultural connections. No common language (just 20 minutes ago I had to use Google Translate to talk to a co-worker).

    Everywhere I go, I’m the invader. In America. I’m researching Cheyenne WY as my lifeboat.

    Saying murder and rape here isn’t as bad as it is in the black communities is like saying Nagasaki got off easy compared to Hiroshima. It’s a pretty low bar.

    • Thanks: JackOH
    • Replies: @VinnyVette
  387. Anonymous[189] • Disclaimer says:

    By censoring all possible political discourse they have made a violent outcome inevitable as there are no longer alternatives.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  388. @Ron Unz

    Approximately 85% of the articles you choose to publish consist of either White Nationalist or standard “conservative” viewpoints. Very few of these articles have anything original or insightful to offer. Most ramble about a vague “We” they refuse to define, and which only exists in their heads.

    When you consistently publish such worthless alt-Breitbart content, you must surely expect the commenters to follow suit.

  389. Cowboy says:

    All agreed anarchyst but my point is that the races have come to an implied agreement in that area and other cities likewise about place and whose a guest in what areas and the races can exist side by side relatively peacefully. This is of course unacceptable to marxists who are always the busy bodies continually stirring shit up. The situation is no different with Hispanics. Maybe California likes being a Hispanic state but that doesnt translate to other States and only busy bodies marxists would force that situation on other places.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  390. @Gidoutahere

    What I would seriously propose is to subject each aspiring commenter to an IQ test and then categorize them in 3 groups : 1) High: IQ 120 and higher, 2) Middle: IQ between 100-120, and Low: IQ below 100. Comments of each category would then be published separately. Intelligent readers could then skip the low and middle categories and that would save them a lot of irritation. Seriously Mr Unz, consider this proposal!

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  391. @Max Parry

    even whole neighborhoods like the Poles of Hamtramck, Michigan.

    WTF? Have you been to Hamtramck lately? Are the polacks listening to the muezzin call five times a day emanating from the 12 mosques?

    Or are the poles experiencing “polack flight” just as other white ethnicities before them? And whom is causing the polack flight? ‘‘Twas the negroes who chased away other Detriot whites, but these new neighborhood terrors are distinctly less brown.

    Some of us are old enough to remember when Dearbornistan was white. I guess you are old enough to remember Hamtramckistan when it was polack.

    So much for paczki day…

    And perhaps Ron will note (or care) that Hamtramck was cleansed of polacks not due to crime (as with negroes and the rest of Detriot) but solely by the alien presence and cultural behavior.

    • Replies: @anarchyst
  392. @Old Palo Altan

    Well…yeah….it’s a poison mixed with one part jewish takeover/ then another part jewish engineering

    of massive third world immigration to destroy all of Christendom.

  393. I think this entire article is little more than a juvenile exercise for Ron to say, “I told you so.”

    But it’s terribly flawed because it reduces Trump’s current political troubles to what is little more than a sideline issue for most Americans, including most minority Americans.

    Trump’s election in 2016 proved that a restrictionist immigration policy was not a third rail for a serious presidential candidate. One could even make the case that a less controversial candidate could have won that election by even larger margins while promoting the same issues and following the same Rust Belt strategy.

    Trump’s governance has been the issue. He administers the state like a spastic monkey and seems addicted to Twitter more he is to governing. There’s been so little consistency in Trump’s selection of personnel that I’ve given up trying to figure out what it means for policy when he hires a particular person.

    But even with all these problems, Trump was still in the game in February. Covid changed everything. It even set the stage for the riots by giving potential rioters nothing to do other than riot.

    Immigration just wasn’t a part of any of this. For Ron to claim otherwise is just intellectually dishonest.

    • Agree: VinnyVette
    • Troll: American Citizen 2.0
  394. @Robert Dolan

    Your salient point regarding the hippocracy of Jews on immigration in regards to Israel has been made countless times by numerous commenters here but it remains the obvious question and is the ultimate rebuttal to Ron’s pro immigration psy op screeds…
    Why is Israel for the Jews? But every white European country especially the U.S. is wrong to not welcome, not just immigration but demographic suicidal levels of mass immigration?
    Jews give the game away right there!
    No answer IS the answer!
    They don’t want it for themselves for all the same reasons sane white Europeans don’t want it!

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  395. Anonymous[533] • Disclaimer says:

    And this too will fail for them. Then what?

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  396. Trinity says:

    I have read a few comments about how two-face Whites ARE NOW RUNNING AWAY from places like California and Washington to places like Idaho, Texas, Utah, etc. Well, Texas isn’t Texas anymore either, so these two-face phonies better stick to Wyoming or Idaho. This makes me think back to 1975 when I was just a young lad going through puberty. I can still vividly remember how the two face people of that liberal stronghold of Boston, Massachusetts, went ape shit when they were forcing their children to be bused to school with negro children. Oh, but it was fine and dandy to send federal troops to Arkansas and Alabama to FORCE Southern Whites to attend school with Blacks, but oh no, but, but, but, not their children, oh no, their children shouldn’t be subjected to being beaten up, raped, abused or bullied by racist Black students. And now these cuckoo birds wish to fly away to states like Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, ( Nashville is a destination of these fleeing cuckoo birds, Charlotte and Atlanta are too dark now), Texas, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, etc. And the people in these states are making the same complaints that we did in Florida about the snowbirds from the North, they bring their baggage with them and try to turn OUR states into what they ran away from.

    We see this same behavior when it comes to Jews and Israel. Israel is one of the MOST RACIST NATIONS IN THE WORLD, IF NOT THE MOST RACIST NATION. Israel boots out African Jews on the regular, brutalizes brown Palestinians in some of the most horrific ways imaginable and yet these are the people who PREACH TO WHITEY ABOUT TOLERANCE AND FORCING MASS NONWHITE IMMIGRATION DOWN OUR THROATS.

    The ONLY PEOPLE who want multiracial societies are those who can’t make it on their own, Whites do not benefit in the least from being part of a multiracial society, while we did in fact benefit to a large degree by being a White European multicultural society. Let the Mexicans go back and make Mexico great, they are very hard working people and I admire a good deal of their culture, but their country is very corrupt, even more corrupt than ours. Let the Jew go to Israel, he has his own country, or let the Jew go to Africa since he loves Blacks so much. Whites built America, and that cannot be stated enough.

    • Thanks: anarchyst
  397. turtle says:

    Yep, the Mexicans, and other Latin Americans, come to the U.S. because they can’t make a decent living in their own country. Why? Because their economy has been destroyed by large international corporations, including New York banks, United Fruit (Dulles brothers), et. al. The Great Migration al norte started with the collapse of the peso in the late 20th century.

    As a Mexican fellow of my former acquaintance put it, “México no es un país pobre, pero hace pobre.”
    (Mexico is not a poor country, but it does poorly.)

    Lorenzo and his brother Marcial, both university graduates, were working temporarily “under the table” in the U.S. as unskilled laborers, in order to put together a “grubstake” so they could live a decent middle class existence back home in Mexico.

    They were fortunate to be working for an honest employer. I have seen Mexican nationals who were in the U.S illegally get screwed out of every cent of their pay by unscrupulous American employers (George Bush’s “base”).

    • Agree: Sya Beerens
  398. @geokat62

    I had misread your words. Let me withdraw my remark without further comment.

    • Thanks: geokat62
  399. @Trinity

    “…What POSITIVE contributions did Jews make to America..?”

    To name a few :

    Communism, cultural Marxism, “Civil Rights”, mass non-White immigration, Hollywood, FED, financial scandals, AIPAC, ADL, SPLC, unconditional support of rogue state Israel, Big Pharma poison, promotion of any form of sexual depravity, 9/11 False Flag, BLM, artificial hostility toward Russia etc. etc.

    They are “positive” from the point of view of that Tribe of destructive parasites because it weakens their host so that he cannot shake them off.

    • Agree: anarchyst
  400. anonymous[589] • Disclaimer says:

    White Supremacists DO NOT Exist….but the White Conservative/moderate majority in the USA do NOT have an ORGANIZED movement, no savvy political ,machine, no talking poimnts, no lobbies. NO CPACS, no organzied bases, no ideological foundations. NO centralized nucleus, no hiererchical organization. NONE…whites conservative have left abandoned…GOP is another version of the DEMs…

    • Agree: Stonewall Jackson
  401. ANZ says:

    Having spent years on the inside of the white racialist movement, my correspondent provided some additional observations, suggesting that a political strategy so heavily focused on immigration had made it very difficult for the Trump Administration to respond effectively to the violent Black Lives Matter unrest

    I have edited the above to reflect my points:

    Having spent (a century) on the inside of the white racialist movement, my correspondent provided some additional observations, suggesting that a political strategy so (belatedly) heavily focused on immigration has made it very difficult for (any current administration) to respond effectively to the (latest) violent (cultural Marxist) unrest.

    America was a de facto white ethnostate for the majority of its existence. It remained heavily so until floodgates were opened in ‘65, which was instigated by those who had established a beachhead in the 19 teens which has now progressed into a chokehold on American politics, education and economics. Whites will be a minority in the the coming generation, as they are already a minority in the under 16 year old age cohort. Immigration is a major factor that got us into our current mess and more immigration will accelerate the problem. It must be addressed. In the absence of white male voters, traditional white American institutions will become a relic. America will become the countries from which the new immigrants have arrived. So long as America remains a democracy, at least.

    Can we admit that America is being run as a Khazar ethnostate that places Jewish interests at the top of the pyramid? Can we further admit that the throngs of whites marching with BLM are the product of Jewish Marxist universities, media and subverted religion? For heaven’s sake, our most recent wars and our world wars were for Jews and Israel. Our banker bailouts overwhelmingly help one ethnicity above all others.

    You can’t fight a highly mobilized and tightly cohesive ethnicity by abandoning your own. It just makes us easier pickings for them. Tell me, who in the last century proved to be the biggest threat to international Jewry? Why were they such a big theat?

    On a side note, my theory on whites marching with BLM is as follows: young whites can see that their futures are dim, much more so than their parents had it. Prosperity is declining in America for the middle class. That have been fed the American Dream that merit and education will get them ahead in life in this country and followed the prescription of going to college and playing fair to succeed. Now they see that they have been lied to. Now who is the academy and media pointing towards as the enemy that bamboozled these naive youngsters? White male priveledge.

    Who is the real enemy through? Financial capitalism and its minion whores in the military, academy, media, government. Who runs financial capitalism? When the game is so rigged by these people, no wonder young whites side against the Whiteness which they perceive to be the “man.” Too bad they don’t know the main ethnicity of the leading men behind the curtain.

  402. @Nancy Pelosi's Latina Maid

    Out of agree / thanks buttons, just want say I appreciate your comment and also have Cheyenne on my radar as an escape valve, only coming westward from the rust belt.

  403. @HeebHunter

    Indeed. The world they see before them is a direct result of their heroes’ actions during WWII. How can they be so blind as to not see this?

    Then again, these are the same entities who go from

    “NYT says the Muslims did 9/11 and have WMDs! We must bomb them back to the stone age!”


    “New York Slimes said something mean about muh Trumpstein! New York Slimes is fake news!”


    “NYT says the evil Chinese are torturing the poor, innocent Muslims in Nazi concentration camps! We must nuke them!”

    without blinking an eye. They have no brains and they have no souls. They are empty shells of nothingness and cannot rightfully be considered “people”. One wonders how they are able to dress themselves in the morning.

    As you say, none deserve their fate more.

  404. Petermx says:

    Is that why his website is exploding in popularity despite serious efforts to destroy it?

  405. Realist says:

    You neglected to mention Ray Caruso’s next and concluding sentence: “So is Donald Trump for listening to him.”

    Well it is not that simple, trump is not what he appears. Trump is a minion of the Deep State. Trump does not listen to Kushner…Trump listens to the Deep State.

    The fact that Kushner is still there giving bad advice to his father-in-law after 3 1/2 years is a great example of the dangers of Nepotism. If he wasn’t Trump’s SIL, and the husband of his favorite child, he would have gotten the boot long ago.

    Your scenario requires that Trump wants to do what is right for the American people…but he is being taken advantage of by evil doers. I voted for Trump, but by mid April 2017 I could see that he was playing a charade. Acting as though he was trying to Drain The Swamp but the entrenched bureaucrats were blocking his every move. There is no excuse for the actions of Trump…including the many hires of Deep State apparatchiks when their status was well known.

  406. Keynote Address
    Colorado College’s 125th Anniversary Symposium
    Cultures in the 21st Century: Conflicts and Convergences

    Delivered at Colorado College February 4, 1999 at 11:00 AM

    Samuel P. Huntington


    Culture and National Identity


    Let me conclude with a few words on culture and national identity, specifically American national identity. The question of the conflict or convergence of cultures is a central issue confronting American society. Are we a country with one culture or many? If we are a country of many cultures, what then is the basis of national unity? Historically, America has had a single predominant culture, the product of the original British settlers, and successive waves of immigrants have assimilated into that culture, while also modifying it. Its key elements have been a European heritage, the English language, the Christian religion, and Protestant values. Ethnic, racial, regional, and other subcultures existed within this overarching dominant culture in which virtually all groups shared.

    Now, however, the existence and the legitimacy of that core culture is under challenge by devotees of multiculturalism, by some minority group and immigrant group leaders, and by political figures, including the President and Vice President. President Clinton has explicitly stated that we need a “great revolution … to prove that we literally can live without having a dominant European culture.” Vice President Gore has, despite his Harvard education, mistranslated our national motto, e pluribus unum, to mean “from one, many.”

    America is obviously a multiethnic and multiracial society. If it also becomes a multicultural society, lacking a common core culture, what will hold it together? The standard answer is that Americans are united in their commitment to the political principles embodied in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and other documents, and often referred to as the American Creed: liberty, equality, individualism, democracy, the rule of law, private enterprise. Most Americans do adhere to these values. Those values are, however, the product of the original unifying culture, and if that culture disappears, can a set of abstract political principles hold this society together? The experience of other societies that were united only by political principles, such as the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, is not reassuring.

    The issue for Americans is whether we will renew and strengthen the culture which has historically defined us as a nation or whether this country will be torn apart and fractured by those determined to undermine and destroy the European, Christian, Protestant, English culture that has been the source of our national wealth and power and the great principles of liberty, equality, and democracy that have made this country the hope for people all over the world. That is the challenge confronting us in the first years of the twenty-first century.

  407. @Old Palo Altan

    The U.S.A has been the center of white civilization /thought since… 1945. That’s why every race, creed, and color want to be here. Oh yeah you left out “economic prosperity.” But that is soon coming to an end. Now it’s just “free stuff.”

    • Replies: @Old Palo Altan
  408. Richard B says:

    Unz’s self professed IQ is 214.

    So what?

    But I guess the key phrase is “self-professed.”

    Though, of course, it’s more about self-promotion.

    Either way, who cares?

    It still hasn’t helped his writing.

    • Replies: @Realist
  409. SC Rebel says:

    As a happy escapee of the “Greatest Place on Earth” California, the pro California comments take me back to the time when I would hear the sounds of residents gleefully telling anyone within earshot how wonderful and “advanced” the state was when compared to others.

    Of course it wasn’t enough to extoll the virtues of the great paradise on Earth, no. These enlightened beings of clarity would proceed to bring down the other parts of the country, particularly the South.

    And when I asked that all important question “Have you ever been to the South?”, the answer was hardly surprising, they had not.

    Fascinating that such alleged extensive knowledge and wisdom about a place was able to be collected without having set foot there.

    I don’t care if someone paid me a million dollars a year and bought me a mansion, I still wouldn’t return to California. My values have nothing in common with theirs.

    And oh, I know this may be difficult for the CA loyalists to believe, but other places in the country have nice weather, beaches, nightlife, etc.

    Yes, that is truly shocking, I know.

  410. Based Lad says:

    This is a ridiculously sanitized view of the issues.

    Hyper-materialist utilitarianism allowed the prescription drug racket to thrive. “Liberty” is a very stale meme. Some of us want authoritarianism.

    The welfare state doesn’t exist as a singular component of the government. Our nation has undergone massive shifts compared to when these terms were coined. Terms like “socialism” and “welfare state” are the real tools of elite division. Our bull-headed devotion to individualism landed us here. Had we demanded an Imperium, an aristocracy responsible to the blood of the nation, and a strict obedience to tradition, we would be a highly respected prince of the world. We forsook that destiny by allowing the negrification of our culture and the degeneracy of our youth.

    Business ventures relying on constantly falling wages and division among workers deserve to die. The economic engine of a nation is ethical only when purposefully directed towards increasing the health of the people. Mental, physical, and spiritual realization are the bedrock of successful nations. Allowing economic freedom within confines is the only sensible inoculation against ((bad actors)). Oh and you are speaking the language of currencies that are quite literally massaged into whatever form the central bank desires. That’s Liberty?

    Culture is downstream from genetics. White people do share a culture, go ahead and deny it but history shows that Europe was a great tree growing multiple branches. The paleoconservative solutions are always couched in the thinly veiled blatant elevation of economic growth uber alles. We have passed the stage of pure output competition. Our only hope in global economic competition is high-grade artisan work, doth material and digital. Unfortunately, this kind of economy is directly contrary to the interests of international corporate power.

    The vast treasures that the USA could have redirected towards infrastructure and crime management have been siphoned off decade after decade. Conservativism has stood in the center of the political dialogue and dammed off the right wing. A cohesive white political force would have annihilated globalism in a manner of years. We are stuck in a dialectical trap where we are forced to consider libertarianism a workable ideology.

    National Socialism is clearly the superior ideology.

    • Replies: @artichoke
  411. In my experience, Ron is entirely right. In eighteen years in Mexsico, I have found the people to be friendly, intelligent, perfectly able to read for heaven’s sake, good neighbors, good parents, sending their children to university in large numbers, assuredly including the girls. Steve Sailer’s fantasies notwithstanding, the streets are clean, the doctors competent, the many celebraiions withoutvolence. They have virtually nothing in common with blacks. In my limited time in LA, peraps a month in total in recet years, I have found the Mexican population to be friendly and civil and, to judge by the number frestaurants, even enterpising. Racialists sometimes seem to be uniquely unfamiliar withi heir subject.

  412. Saggy says: • Website
    @Ron Unz

    Do you entertain thoughts of running for political office again? That, IMO, would at least provide a plausible explanation for much of the obtuseness of this article.

    • Agree: Pincher Martin
  413. anarchyst says:
    @Stan d Mute

    Have you ever been to Hamtramck?

    The houses are old, but in good condition. They are on 40-foot-wide lots. Most of the streets are narrow and are one-way. There are “alleys” where the garage entrances are located.

    The residences would be considered “high-density housing” today. Parking in front of one’s residence was a problem then, as it still is today as much of the housing is within “spitting distance” of each other.

    Many Polish who initially emigrated to Hamtramck saw the suburbs with their wide lots, large backyards and newer housing as a “step up” from the close quarters of Hamtramck housing.

    Race played little to no factor in the Polish move to the suburbs. It was “upward mobility” at its best. Poles and other eastern Europeans still frequent the many Polish businesses in Hamtramck.

    There are long-standing Polish enclaves in North Warren, Sterling Heights, and other suburbs of Detroit.

    Hamtramck today is a stepping stone for Pakistanis, Sudanese, Yemenese, and other Islamics, just as it was a “stepping stone” for Polish and other eastern Europeans who previously emigrated to America.

    I do have issues with the Islamic “call to prayer” being broadcast over loudspeakers 5 times per day. The “call to prayer” could easily be transmitted to cell phones of those who observe Islamic practices.

    Yes, the cultural character of Hamtramck has changed, but it is still a good place to live, being surrounded by Detroit.

    • LOL: 3g4me
    • Replies: @Anon
  414. Realist says:

    It’s almost as if he had to reiterate his viewpoint to make sure there is no misunderstanding of it among the censors.

    That is quite plausible.

  415. @Hamilcar

    Doesn’t matter what Trump does in response to the self-inflicted Covid-19 crisis. His political enemies will always invent clever arguments to justify accusing him of incompetence. The way to beat them is not to play their game.

  416. I can prove the, to paraphrase, “anti-illegal immigration nationalism is of no import” canard false. In short, it’s employment stupid. I’ve had jobs at places where the supervisor didn’t speak English in California. So it was a de facto Spanish speaker only closed shop. And try to get near a college here, I’m talking about as a janitor, much less as academia if you’re against liberal replacement ideology.

    Yep, I’d expand that epicenter from just the Golden State, New York, Florida, Oregon and Washington to nearly every city. The evidence is the BLM insanity which I bundle with the pro-illegal immigration because that’s how that milieu thinks. It’s in every US city over 100k people: Salt Lake City, Boston, Denver, Detroit, Boise, Louisville, St. Louis, you name it. Not to mention the college burgs.

    What the hell are you thinking?

  417. @Apex Predator

    I wonder who ‘talked’ to Mr. Unz and what dirt they have on him.

    Nobody needed to talk to him. Mestizos are NOT negroes. I was born in Detriot and raised in crazy HBD shadows of her abandoned skyscrapers. And I have traveled extensively in Central America including the worst ghettoes of towns like Mexico and Panama Cities. Others were nervous, but I thought it was completely safe (by comparison to negro infested Detriot). I have marveled at what Mexicans can build in a month without the array of machinery with which we would take six months to build the same thing. My wife once remarked that she felt safer with our kids in rural Mexico than in Southeast Michigan (an allusion to the fact that in Mexico an utter stranger would dive into traffic to save a white kid while in the HBD Mitten they’d be likely to shove the kid in front of a bus). Note that the narcotraficantes are essentially the negroes of Mexico and their ascendency has ended our travels there.


    My point is that there is a great deal of compatibility between Spanish speaking mestizos and anglophone whites (not to mention criollos). Without it, no country south of the Rio Grande could function at all. It’s therefore very easy for a multimillionaire physics/software geek to look at the data set and conclude that there’s no problem. Stuff still works albeit differently, but it’s definitely not Africa.

    How much money is in the mass immigration game? And all of it is on the side of more, more, more. Facts inconvenient to more immigration aren’t reported. Problems with immigrants are swept under the rug. And the problems that there are (taxation to pay mestizos’ much higher welfare collection rate, loss of the utility of English as a universal language, and the myriad problems associated with their lower IQs – especially the indios) don’t matter to a filthy rich recluse poring thru lines of code.

    Ron’s neighborhood will NEVER become majority mestizo. Nor, in his lifetime, even majority criollo. From his perspective, indeed, what problem?

    For those of us who liked the America in which we grew up and see zero benefits accruing to ourselves from our replacement by low wage half-Indians, it’s a different matter. Our villages and towns are already reeling from the ravages of offshoring. We don’t want to live in Mexico (it is or was a fine place to visit though).

    It’s really that simple. And perhaps therefore impossible for a guy like Unz to comprehend.

    • Thanks: ThreeCranes
  418. Realist says:
    @Richard B

    It was a facetious comment about Unz’s hubris. I would imagine his IQ is much closer to 114 than 214.

    • Replies: @mark green
    , @Richard B
  419. Liza says:
    @Joe Kowalski

    We cleared this land, that makes it ours just by virtue of the labor of our settler ancestors. Have you any idea what clearing land in the 17th to early 20th century involved? No machinery, no technology. Just a few hand tools and an ox (maybe). Bone crushing, back breaking, life-shortening, wretched toil, day and night.

    Why don’t you go to some still-wild area, with your axe and saw, apply yourself, and then let’s have a look at the results.

    Yes, we’re for the high jump, I guess – but, still, it’s fun dreaming about the various “cultural groups” who’ll be clawing at each other for whatever’s left of our efforts. Indeed, it’s already begun. After we white folks are nothing more than a shitty memory, the war will really take off, though.

    If you aren’t Native, you can show your solidarity with the Natives whose lands were stolen by just leaving. Pronto. You can’t have it both ways.

    • Replies: @ThreeCranes
  420. Richard B says:

    Great comment Trinity!

    Their brazen effrontery and constant bragging has always been a sign of insecurity.

    What’s so obnoxious about it is their insane demand to be placed above criticism, loved unconditionally, and blindly obeyed.

    Unfortunately, however, they now have the power to effectuate those demands.

    And they have to.

    Because, if not, the truth is revealed.

    They’re just a bunch of mediocrities whose only real talent is in predatory/parasitic ethnic-networking skills.

    They are and always were the real cancer of the human race.

    Sontag’s remark being merely another example of tribal projection.

    • Thanks: Trinity
  421. @Frederick V. Reed

    Grand, but this is not relevant to the question of whether they should be allowed in the United States or not. In my view, only white people can be Americans. Once Americans lose the demographic high ground; you’ll see a very different side to these “friendly”, “civil” people. However, the complacent s-heads who created this problems in the 1960’s; won’t have to live very long with the consequences of their complacency.

    • Replies: @Franklin Ryckaert
  422. artichoke says:

    Sometimes it’s hard to game out the consequences of what you say. “They’re not sending their best” certainly got him into the limelight politically. One could say maybe it was good strategy and without it, maybe the nominee would have been Rubio or Cruz. And we’d be coming up on Hillary’s reelection, because there’s no way either of them could have beaten Hillary and in Rubio’s case I am not even sure he would have tried.

    “They’re not sending their best” has one undeniable advantage, and sometimes this advantage is important. It’s true. They are not sending their best. Mexico has a professional class. Even the Central American countries do, albeit probably smaller. Professionals and successful businesspeople, or any rich people, would not sneak into the USA illegally and live under the radar. They have built good lives where they are, and would never leave to become fugitives from law enforcement.

  423. @Arubaito Macht Frei

    Plus it’s all built on a foundation of quicksand.

    Ron’s argument is based upon looking at the behavior of the anarchists in Seattle and Portland. He refers to the street blockades, the state within a state that was Seattle’s autonomous zone. BUT, and it’s a big but, the area in Seattle in which the protest took place is in no way indicative of the way most Seattleites feel or express themselves.

    The Capitol Hill district, in which the autonomous zone was created, is a neighborhood located a few miles from the city center. Well, let me just quote tripsavy:

    “Capitol Hill is the epitome of 21st century Seattle: young, high-tech and culturally adventurous. It’s the epicenter of coffee culture, home to clubs that spawned the grunge movement, and the site of some of Seattle’s biggest events, like Block Party and the Pride Parade. While it’s simply home to many, it’s also one of the hottest nightlife neighborhoods and has a long list of things to do, from visiting beautiful Volunteer Park to going to the Seattle Asian Art Museum, to dining or hanging out at a microbrewery….To the west Interstate 5 provides a barrier between the Hill and downtown. In the north, Highway 520 marks a distinct boundary…..Capitol Hill has about 30,000 residents of the total population. Over half of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher. The vast majority of residents were born out of state.”

    Capitol Hill is not downtown Seattle. It’s an enclave located over there, up that hill. It is the LGBT neighborhood.

    So Ron’s whole argument is based on a misperception. Capitol Hill is not Seattle. His comments about Seattle whites are way off base.

  424. @VinnyVette

    “…the hippocracy of Jews…”

    You mean hypocrisy. “Hippocracy” would mean “rule of the hippos” and I don’t think that is the intention.

  425. @PublicSphere

    Low IQ immigrant advocacy groups also don’t seem to all that shy when it comes to piggybacking their agenda/grievance list in the same BLM/Antifa parade. In short, they constitute significant elements of the coalition of the fringes. Hell, even the Han Chinese diaspora will collaborate with this coalition. (at least when it comes time to vote)

  426. anon[191] • Disclaimer says:

    Massive immigration from third world countries is bad for America and bad for any white majority country, this is indisputable. The most happy and prosperous nations are those in which there is an overwhelming majority of one ethnic group who has total control. White nationalists are on solid ground in wanting to live with their own kind and keep out other races, this is normal tribalism which is written into every cell in our bodies.

    The reality that whites are rioting in the most majority white cities (Seattle and Portland) has everything to do with the educational system which has given out useless degrees like candy to those not deserving of them and giving a whole generation of white kids an idea that the world owes them a living and if they don’t get the job of their dreams, it’s the fault of the system. With such a hostile base, it takes just a little bit of money and organizers to stir up trouble. If you peel back the layers of the onion, you will find big money and organization behind these riots. Whether it’s China, George Soros, or billionaires connected to the Democratic party, they’re just taking advantage of a horribly dis-functional society that’s inevitably going to fall apart anyway but they hope to be on the winning side when it happens.

  427. @Gleimhart Mantooso

    Survival is the only argument needed. And as it becomes more dire you’ll see white nationalists abandon the “nationalist” label and advocate outright supremacy, because if taking complete control of a country and removing the rights of outsiders is the only means of survival then there will be more people with fewer qualms about abandoning egalitarianism entirely

  428. artichoke says:
    @Based Lad

    Not sure your solution or any other would have worked to preserve the niceness of, say, the 1960’s here. With these twin forces, the top lifts off and the bottom sinks, and eugenics is deemed too horrible to consider.

    (1) dumbing down due to reduced natural selection — the defective survive and reproduce, the least capable leave school early and some turn into baby factories while the genetic stars spend 20 years in school and the women then spend 10 more establishing their career, then hope they can make a baby or two.

    (2) meanwhile machines are replacing low skill jobs, then slightly higher skill jobs, etc. We have an urban underclass that, without a doubt, will never be qualified for high paid work unless it’s in entertainment including sports. They say they’re “left behind”. Yes it’s true, but it’s not something anyone can fix.

  429. geokat62 says:
    @Frederick V. Reed

    Racialists sometimes seem to be uniquely unfamiliar withi heir subject.

    We’re very familiar with our subject. We have seen what has transpired in Bolshevik Russia, in Weimar Germany, and the Rainbow Nation.

    It’s because of this familiarity that we speak out and sound the alarm before our fate, the fate of our children, and the fate of our grandchildren is sealed.

    If we don’t succeed in reversing the damage Jewish Supremacist Organizations have done to the West, our descendants will curse the day we were born.

    • Agree: lavoisier, Patagonia Man
  430. Truth says:

    The above clip is a White king urging Whites to kill other Whites. What’s so great about that?

    Alden, let’s not get bogged down here.

    It’s about bravely facing terrible odds while being hopelessly outnumbered.

    LMAO. I’m saying, Bro; why get bogged down with technicalities.

  431. anonimo11 says:

    At 1750 a month for a 1.5 bedroom apartment (with deck) in a trendy neighborhood, it is more expensive than Ann Arbor or anywhere in Michigan. It has become a fairly pleasant town, too bad it has been semi-desert since March.

  432. Richard B says:
    @mark green

    Great comment Mark. Thanks.

    Today’s dominant narrative about White people now turns invariably to slavery or Naziism or the KKK.

    Which is such a joke.

    Since everyone knows the only real KKK in the world today are
    The Kvetching Kosher Khazars.

    Get the picture? We are now living in Hollywood’s all-new, politically-correct, Good Guys vs the Bad Guys drama about evil ‘racism’! And YOU with the blue eyes are the problem.

    This, along with other points raised in your comment, is why I remain convinced that what we’re really witnessing is The Pyrrhic Victory of The Hostile Elite.

    Or whatever one wants to call them.

    Today’s elite were tailor-made by their own history to rule at a time of civiliational collapse.

    And though they do rule, at no time have they ever truly governed.

    As a people they have no interest in and experience with governing others.

    On the contrary.

    Their forte has always been infiltration, subversion, betrayal, destruction and death.

    It has never been social management, ever.

    And social management is vitally more important than infiltration, subversion and all the rest.

    In fact, it’s essential.

    That’s why theirs is a Pyrrhic Victory.

    Fortunately, Trump (and most White Americans) are not buying the BLM narrative. This is why Trump will win reelection and why Whites in America should strive to maintain our majority status. Race matters. Always will.

    That’s exactly right.

    And that’s exactly why, if we read between the lines of Ron’s article and it’s poker face tone of voice, or read between the lines of the hysterical hyperbole of MSM, or look beyond the destruction and violence of Antifa & BLM, etc. we can hear, clear as day, their collective fear – of us.

    • Replies: @Bogus Pogus
  433. @kerdasi amaq

    “…In eighteen years in Mexsico (sic), I have found the people to be friendly, intelligent, perfectly able to read for heaven’s sake, good neighbors, good parents, sending their children to university in large numbers, assuredly including the girls…”

    Fred lives in a bubble. His social contacts in Mexico are clearly selective. Average Mexicans do not “send their children to university in large numbers”. And why are large sections of the Mexican Utopia controlled by drug lords while the police is simply another Mafia?

  434. Truth says:
    @V. K. Ovelund

    Whatever you think of Unz’s implied suggestion that U.S. white Gentiles should just give up and embrace their ethnic replacement

    See above; another inconsequential technicality.

  435. Jimmy1969 says:

    Ron how do we know that you are not just a plant for the Mossad…like the old Soviet Okhrana …who pretended to be someone they were not and sucked people in to their net and then reported them. We know that AIPAC and the JDL and the ACLU and the Southern Law Poverty Society marks down every comment on here and correlates it with a list…but Ron are you too a part of this scheme.

  436. iffen says:
    @Kent Nationalist

    A Jew dislikes White Nationalism, who would have thought it?

    Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

  437. Truth says:

    I live in Albuquerque, and have bought this point up multiple times; We are, last I checked, #9 in America right now in crime per capita, the city is 3% black.

    New Mexico is either the first, second or third most crime ridden state in America depending upon what you prioritize. The state is 2% black. Both are approaching a Mexican/Mexican American majority. BTW, we don’t have a housing project with more than 70 or so units IN THE STATE.

    (The two competitive states are the jet- black, southern, Nevada and Alaska for those of you wondering).

    Mr. Unz, has, of course, ignored these statistics which are consistent, and have been for a while, in making his brilliant thesis.

    • Replies: @Pincher Martin
  438. artichoke says:

    I have no idea why you believe these supposed published presidential IQ’s. They say they’re “estimated”. I believe they’re pulled out of thin air. Jimmy Carter was a nuclear engineer, so say 130+ for sure, and give him some more points because he was professionally successful. One can set lower bounds like that. But Trump supposedly said he’s tested at 156, and I believe him if he did. I have known many people in that range and above, and Trump has some special abilities. Also he has the bloodline through his uncle, a physics prof. at MIT which probably means 170+, very very special. I am referring to the uncle here.

    President Trump can remember an incredible number of facts and figures, and a fair number of his supposed malapropisms turn out to have been cunning traps for his opponents. That doesn’t mean he’s always right, but he has certainly outsmarted some of the world’s other heavyweight leaders.

    How many other presidents have announced an IQ for themselves?

  439. fnn says:

    Where’s FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi when you really need him? This super-skilled sharpshooter blew off the head of Vicki Weaver when the only “weapon” she was holding was her infant daughter.

  440. utu says:

    This is all Covid-19 fault. Covid-19 was the straw that broke the camel’s back. The denial that the alt-right was chiefly composed of idiots and morons was no longer sustainable. Ron Unz had to face reality at last that with that low quality human materiel one cannot go to wars or revolutions.

    • Replies: @V. K. Ovelund
  441. @Frederick V. Reed

    You found the Mexicans to be intelligent, Fred? Any explanation as to why Mexican populations show that intelligence neither here nor in Mexico? Why they routinely test near the bottom of international comparisons and in the U.S. near the bottom of U.S. groups, and why real-world results show those test scores are valid.

    Yes, Mexicans and other third-world Hispanics aren’t blacks. But neither are they whites or East Asians. We don’t find many Hispanic engineers, computer programers, doctors, or even business owners beyond those operating struggling Tex-Mex restaurants and mercados that really nobody wants or needs outside the Mexican community.

    Ron likes to talk about the wonderful vibrancy of Hispanics in the Silicon Valley, but that vibrancy is pretty much restricted to janitorial services and those Tex-Mex restaurants you find so emblematic of Mexican entrepreneurship. I can think of many East and Southerners Asians who own and operate the cutting-edge companies in the South Bay and Peninsula; I can’t think of single Hispanic who does.

    As for violence in Mexico, are you kidding me? The Mexicans are killing each other off at rates that would make any homicidal American black proud. And many Central American countries outdo even Mexico at killing each other. And the violence is usually quite florid. Why just put a bullet to the head when you can cut off the head? Thank God that violence has until now managed to stay in Mexico and not crossed the border, but it clearly shows what Hispanics in that part of the world are capable of when they put their mind to it.

  442. Mass immigration harms the most vulnerable people in our population; blacks, the disabled, veterans, and teens.

    Blacks are harmed the most, and in fact, hispanics take the work blacks used to do, forcing blacks into poverty and welfare.

    Blacks used to work in meat packing, slaughterhouses, retail, trucking, construction, landscaping, etc., areas now dominated by hispanics, mostly illegals.

    The black community should be up in arms over this but their leadership does the bidding of their jewish overlords and keep quiet about immigration and continue to vote Democrat.

    • Replies: @Sya Beerens
  443. Ruckus says:
    @Thulean Friend

    If this is true, then why are the second generation kids of hard-working, christian Mexican immigrants so often gangbangers?

  444. @Truth

    He also ignores them on IQ.

    New Mexico, which has the oldest Hispanic population in the U.S., is at or near the bottom of all state comparisons on testing scores that I’ve seen. And the state didn’t earn that distinction because of its large black population.

  445. @Stonewall Jackson

    Are you named for the general or the thoroughly underrated country singer?

  446. @Anonymous

    E. Michael Jones is not at all anti-nationalist, per se. I actually don’t agree with his total rejection of “white nationalism,” but he is right that a secular white nationalism is doomed to fail. Also, he would be unlikely agree with Ron Unz’s claims here. (They have also held very different opinions about the corona virus lockdowns … in fact, Jones is on the totally opposite side of that one)

  447. botazefa says:
    @Commentator Mike

    I don’t see why being a nationalist in the western world is equated with racism, Nazism and fascism. One is either a nationalist working for his own people, nation and country or a quisling, fifth columnist, traitor working for foreigners, usually to the detriment of his own people.

    Antifa aside, maybe this is what binds so many white liberals with BLM – nationalism. As a nationalist, one would want some form of ‘equality’ for one’s fellow citizens. If one is inclined to believe in systemic racism then it follows that he’d be sympathetic to the BLM message.

    What I don’t appreciate is the in-your-face racism against whites. I suspect many other whites are going to feel the same way. Sooner rather than later.

  448. ltravail says:
    @Book Adams

    Point well taken! Somebody else noticed…LOL

  449. @Robert Dolan

    Mass immigration IS a political campaign serving hypothesis. Ever heard of immigration LAWS? Of course not. Paranoid colonial Pilgrim

  450. Anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    As an immigrant, I actually have a much different take on this. I think what we are seeing is the result of too many people (mostly due to immigration), and too much multiculturalism. The end result is a loss of social cohesion which led to the present unrest. The people who are out protesting are the losers of globalization. We’ve outsourced all our mid-skilled factory jobs, then imported 100m immigrants since 1980 to do both the low skilled and the high skilled work. So where does that leave native citizens? Many end up working in service, retail, transportation, and are now unemployed due to Covid19.

    As the bible tells us, idle hands are the workshop of the devil. There are too many newly unemployed marginalized malcontents in our urban centers and that’s why the protests have gotten so bad. These people are not white nationalists but instead the anti-white nationalists. What they should really be protesting against is globalization and immigration, which took away their job prospects and a cohesive society. But instead, they’re too drugged up and effed up by the LGBTQ mania to figure out they’ve been duped by a lying media, academia and sold out by Wall Street. They’re too stupid to realize the source of their own discontent.

    This article and all those who think that immigration is not the source of America’s problem because the worst protests are in white majority cities are completely missing the point. If these protesters in Portland and Seattle are actually smart instead of just a bunch of drugged-up, brainwashed useful idiots, they’d know the real source of America’s problem is Wall Street’s push for globalization+immigration, and our entirely bought and paid for corrupt self-serving political class, not “police brutality” or racism.

  451. @utu

    … the alt-right was chiefly composed of idiots and morons …

    Come. As far as I know, you think me neither an idiot nor a moron. Even if you do, there is no commenter at The Unz Review of whom I have a higher opinion than of you.

    Yet I am Alt-Right.

    I do not wear the Alt-Right armband on my sleeve, as it were, during daily life, but if asked, Alt-Right I am.

    My fellow Alt-Rightists are often young (and I do not think that many of them are in this thread) but, in my experience, are the very opposite of idiots and morons. Rightly or wrongly, they feel that they have been cheated of the national inheritance their grandparents received; and they feel that they have been systematically lied to about this. Therefore, they try to draw some conclusions and they probe to discover at which points they can push back.

    Even if you disapproved of me, you might cut the Alt-Right some slack. The young men of the Alt-Right would benefit from the sound insight of a wise man like you but will they listen after you have dismissed them as idiots and morons?

    I do not think that you should.

    • Agree: artichoke
    • Replies: @Parsnipitous
  452. Some men are saying that Mr. Unz is, finally, revealing his true beliefs.

    Lord have mercy. Do those men think all of those previous long posts were an elaborate facade?

    Far too few are aware of The Spanish roots of America

    • Agree: Wade
    • Replies: @Miro23
  453. Dannyboy says:

    This is pretty funny stuff. Who exactly are the “white nationalists”?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

    If I’m not mistaken the supposed leader of these “white nationalists”, Donald Trump, has actually condemned “white nationalism” publicly on several occasions…lol

    How many white people could you interview on the street, and get to identify themselves as white nationalist?

    Do these folks have billions of dollars and massive political clout?

    A much better descriptor would be “traditional Americans”.

    These are essentially the people who aren’t ashamed of their race or their ancestors, and would rather live in a nation where their customs, culture, religion and history are not trashed every single day by the Jew/Leftist media and academia. They don’t want their children to be taught to hate themselves, their race or their country’s history.

    And last but not least, they’d rather live among a majority of their own kind, than become a minority/second class citizens in the nation their people founded and fought for.

    That’s asking an awful lot, I know.

    • Agree: Parsnipitous
  454. @VinnyVette

    But that’s my point. After 1945 no white civilisation dared call itself such. Thus it could not defend itself as such, but only in the terms you mention.

    The egalitarian myth doomed America from the start; what doomed the German-centered Axis was the might of the rest of the civilised world, used as a parasite-controlled, sledge-hammer wielding Hulk to smash the last truly dangerous foe of, well, that very parasite.

    For It, everything since has been child’s play.

    • Agree: profnasty
  455. So when his area remained absolutely calm and peaceful while overwhelmingly white cities like Minneapolis, Portland, and Seattle burned(…)

    If Ron Unz genuinely believes that Minneapolis is “overwhelmingly white,” it makes me wonder when he last visited it – the 1950s?

    According to Wikipedia:

    “As of the 2010 Census, the racial composition was as follows:

    White: 63.8%
    Black or African American: 18.6%
    American Indian: 2.0%
    Asian: 5.6%
    Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander: 0.0%
    Some other race: 5.6%
    Two or more races: 4.4%
    Hispanic or Latino (of any race): 10.5%”

    In addition, Minneapolis and environs have one of the largest concentrations of Somali immigrants anywhere in the U.S. The number of Federal prosecutions for involvement of these Somali immigrants in terrorist activities has been significant, drawing attention in the New York Times and Washington Post, which seldom pay attention to goings-on in “flyover country.”

  456. haha says:

    Well said and very well reasoned. To some extent race and nation are like extensions of family. I wonder if those who say that race is merely a social construct regard their own families as mere illusions.

  457. fnn says:
    @Frederick V. Reed

    Do you have some theory about what went wrong with the Hispanics of Albuquerque?

  458. Anon[320] • Disclaimer says:

    Unz likes to tout his article on Hispanic crime as justification for more immigration. I find that article to be extremely disingenuous. His entire premise was that adjusted for age, Hispanics do not commit more crime than whites, that the reason statistics say a Hispanic male is 3x more likely than a white male to commit crime is because Hispanics as a group is much younger than whites.

    But instead of using that as justification for more immigration as Unz did, a normal thinking person would actually view that as cause for alarm since Hispanic immigration overwhelmingly skews male and young, and due to the high birthrate in both Latin America and among Hispanics in the US, that demographic is bound to stay much younger than whites for a long time. How much longer can we continue to tolerate more crime from this group before we turn into the next Latin America?

    From looking at countries around the world, democracy only works on a relatively small, homogeneous population(e.g. Scandinavian countries), or a multicultural country with a pacifist, educated and law-abiding majority(70% Chinese) like Singapore. The US is falling apart because it has too many people; our society is fraying because multiculturalism has taken away our social cohesion. The smart thing to do now is to shrink the country by expelling all non-citizens, put in a 40 year moratorium on immigration and assimilate all those already here on a common set of Protestant values. To advocate for anything else is either stupid or treasonous.

    • Replies: @Brás Cubas
  459. Redman says:
    @Caspar von Everec

    Agree for the most part with this. Bernie had a great opportunity, but was sidelined once again by TPTB. But also shot himself in the foot.

    We had de-industrialization and we saw what that did to the middle class. Now we’re experiencing an amplification of the economics of globalization. We all (or almost all) now feel the pressure of intense competition from non-Americans for our jobs.

    When Bernie abandoned his (correct)anti-immigration positions from 4 years ago he was done. Why he did this is a good question for historians. One we’ll probably never know. I sure would like an explanation if anyone has one.

    But it’s amazing how the left is able to use blacks (or black issues) as a political weapon with such ease. Both against Bernie and Trump. Bernie was marching to the nomination after the Bloomberg debate debacle, and suddenly a “Black Landslide” in SC nailed him. Trump hadn’t had any “Trayvon, Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Freddie Gray” issues for three years. Then suddenly it’s “Birdwatching dude, Aubrey, and St. Fentanyl” in a matter of weeks. Whole country got whipped up into a pro-black frenzy out of nowhere. Shock troops to the max.

    Both Bernie and Trump were positioned as leaders of the middle Americans frustrated by the devastating globalist economic forces outside of their control. They should have been the natural opponents in the 2020 (and 2016) election.

    But the elites simply will not have that. Bring out the shock troops once again.

    • Replies: @Caspar von Everec
  460. lavoisier says: • Website

    You are being very tangential in this essay Ron.

    The problems in Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis–just like Sweden, Germany, England–are a reflection of the destructiveness that can be caused by brain dead anti-white whites, often simply referred to by the more derisive term–liberals.

    That black mayhem and stupidity can cause all sorts of social problems far beyond what is caused by illegal immigration from Mexico and Central America is indisputable.

    But it does not mean that massive amounts of immigration into the West from the Third World is not a problem for the West.

    We have a lot of problems for sure, but not a single one of these problems is solvable given the overwhelming number of anti-white whites.

    These fools are the reason the Jews control us–they dance to the songs coming from the destructive pied pipers without thought or care.

    Fools. Destructive, stupid, fools.

    • Replies: @Robjil
  461. KenH says:

    Any time I hear someone on a right-wing website use the word “unsustainable” I instantly recognize them as an Irish-Italian Leftist environmentalist tree hugger…..

    Comedy isn’t your strong suit. But I hope you try to make a living from it because you’ll starve.

    Upscale WASPS from the midwest and states like Texas all move to California when the opportunity arises.

    And upscale WASPS and their support for leftist policies has driven a lot of white middle class and white working class Californians out of the state. You’re probably getting as many homeless white people who just want to do drugs and sleep on the beach as you are “upscale” WASPS. At some point a population of rich whites and Asians and celebrities of all stripes coupled with legions of mostly poor and under educated latinos = Brazil or something just as dystopian.

    It’s Silent fucking Hill. Middle America is a post-apocalyptic horror movie set consisting of abandoned homea and drug addicted zombies.

    But at least the midwest zombies know how to use toilets unlike you and your fellow street shitting progs in California. You guys would fit right in over in India.

    • Agree: Stonewall Jackson
    • Replies: @JohnPlywood
  462. @Frederick V. Reed

    Remind me, what’s the Mestizo-White SAT gap?

    I have a relative that teaches in a small town (West Coast) public school that has seen a huge influx of Mexican immigrants over the last few decades. Their academic performance is abysmal, to say the least. And this is compared to the local rural White population. This relative has also taught immigrant Chinese – ie this is NOT a language-barrier issue. (Again, national testing stats are clear on this – “let me Google that for you”). And yes, she also says that her Mexican students are overwhelmingly well behaved and very respectful. Fine. But they won’t build a first rate Western economy. I’ll be the first to admit that (drug wars aside) Mexico ain’t that bad, even in my very limited experience as a gringo tourist. But they do not have enough high IQ people for American-level innovation. I worked in the Bay Area for many years. Lots of nice Mexicans, but tech is driven almost exclusively by Whites and high IQ Asians and Hindus. (We had a sole Mexican in accounting, and like 50 making us lunch).

    Mestizos ain’t Black, but they’re not White either.

  463. @Anon

    Just nonsense. Floyd did not pay with \$20, he paid with counterfeit money. So he didn’t have the \$20 to pay by cellphone because he’s a criminal. The reason the Chinese communists want e-payment is to be able to track every payment, action, cellphone, email of every citizen. The same for our state big brother, not a joking matter.

    • Agree: Bill Jones
    • Replies: @Anon
  464. @Liza

    “Have you any idea what clearing land in the 17th to early 20th century involved? No machinery, no technology. Just a few hand tools and an ox (maybe). Bone crushing, back breaking, life-shortening, wretched toil, day and night.

    Why don’t you go to some still-wild area, with your axe and saw, apply yourself, and then let’s have a look at the results.”

    And then used a drawknife to peel bark off the logs. As you say, a tremendous amount of work. The people who imply that whites sat around while minorities did all the work that generated the wealth of America are lying know-nothings. The evil shits should, as you say, be forced to do work as our pioneer ancestors did. Most would quit in disgust and despair. They couldn’t hack it. Which is why they waited until we had done all the heavy lifting before immigrating here. Changing bedpans or cleaning a swimming pool are recreation compared to the work you describe. Thanks for going to bat and setting the record straight.

    • Thanks: Liza
  465. @Realist

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never heard of anyone in history with a measured IQ of 214.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @geokat62
    , @Realist
  466. Hey Ron, one thing about your essay is that it certainly caused an epic level of activity!

  467. DrWatson says:

    It seems Ron Unz may think that Hispanics/immigrant would act as some kind of ‘buffer zone’ in this Black-White conflict.

    Also, is it a Deus Ex Machina that BLM & Antifa fight most viciously in the Whitest cities of America? Could it be that these cities were chosen deliberately by BLM, founded by a ‘trained Marxist’ (as I read it on these pages), exactly because they are majority White?

    Also, Hispanics have no bone to pick in this fight so they look at it from a distance. Hispanics are also generally afraid of Blacks and they certainly will not fight together with them against Whites. That does not mean they feel friendly or not even neutral towards us. Their time has not come yet, simply.

    • Replies: @Prof Watson
  468. @Franklin Ryckaert

    Anybody who thinks 120 is a high IQ should be automatically excluded.
    High starts 3 or 4 SD’s up from the mean.

  469. Anonymous[339] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark green

    For what it’s worth, I’ve never heard of anyone in history with a measured IQ of 214.

    For one thing, who is qualified to write the test? Over about 130, evaluation becomes a matter of professional opinion.

  470. I rather live around Mexicans than upper middle class White folks like in WA , OR and the Bay Area. I rather live amongst Mexicans than white Armenians, like in Adam Schiff’s district of Glendale. I prefer Mexican immigrants over the Chicoms and Injuns. At least they are Christian. I also like Mexican food better than the other groups.
    Mexicans are white, by the way. Typically, the Mexican and the Irish meet in the Catholic Church and get married.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Pincher Martin
  471. @DrWatson

    BLM has been taken over by white Jewish people. Blacks should take over the ADL.

  472. Robjil says:

    True. they are navel gazers.

    Whatever Zion MSM says they follow it like lemmings.

    Yet, Zion Neocons tear up the Middle East without an outcry from these Zion MSM lemmings.

    Zion Neocon led coups in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa or Asia are nothing to them. Why? Zion MSM doesn’t care about what our Top Zion loving people are doing overseas.

    The Navel gazers await every command from Zion MSM for their next move.

  473. Art says:

    I would say that something like 90% of the energetic core of the anti-immigration groups were soft-core or perhaps crypto-White Nationalists, with the movement representing a safe and somewhat “politically correct” berth for once-common ideological views that had gradually become too controversial to directly advocate.

    “White Nationalist” is a cheep shot. In today’s pseudo-intellectual world, it is a pejorative – one step away from calling someone a “Nazi.” This is grossly unfair. B