ABC 的 Whoopi Goldberg 说白人需要被警察殴打才能进行警察改革


Actor Whoopi Goldberg poses at the launch of the "Looking for Juliet" 2020 Pirelli Calendar in the northern Italian city of Verona, Italy, December 3, 2019. REUTERS/Flavio Lo Scalzo

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白人也应得的。 [Whoopi Goldberg 问白人是否需要被殴打才能进行警察改革, KATV.com, 30 年 2023 月 XNUMX 日]:

“The View”联合主持人 Whoopi Goldberg 周一质疑美国是否需要“看到白人也遭到殴打”才能对警察的暴行采取行动。

“你知道,似乎事情对人们来说似乎没有意义,除非他们能感觉到,或者他们能认出来。 但是我们有多少次——我们需要看到白人在任何人做任何事情之前也被殴打吗?” 戈德堡问道。

“我不是在暗示。 所以不要写信告诉我我是个多么种族主义者,”她很快试图澄清。 “我只是问,人们必须看到这些才能醒来并意识到这会影响到我们所有人吗?”

戈德堡的评论是针对最近关于泰尔·尼科尔斯 (Tire Nichols) 之死的争议而发表的。 尼科尔斯在被捕后去世,警方最新发布的随身摄像头录像显示孟菲斯警察毒打他。


“那些警察是什么颜色的并不重要,”佛罗里达州民主党众议员麦克斯韦弗罗斯特说。 据说 在一条现已删除的推文中写道。 “Tire Nichols 的谋杀是反黑人的,是白人至上的结果。”

前 ESPN 主持人 Jemele Hill 还将尼科尔斯的死与“白人至上主义暴力”联系起来。

“关于 Tire Nichols,我需要很多人了解这一点。 谋杀弗雷迪格雷的几名警察是黑人。 整个警务系统都是基于白人至上主义的暴力,”希尔 啾啾 在殴打的身体摄像头镜头被释放后。 “我们看到人们在压迫的靴子下一直在挑水。”

从报告 “华盛顿邮报”“纽约时报” 尼科尔斯死后,同样将他的死与种族联系起来。




到了 2023 年,是时候意识到黑人杀害其他黑人(包括黑人警察杀害黑人罪犯)的错误在于白人。 反过来,白人也应该成为受害者。


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  1. It all makes sense when you realise they simply hate us and have zero moral compass about lying.

    If it suits their agenda, they will say it. They hate you, want to rape your daughters, want you to die painfully and steal everything you own.

    Catching them out in their double standards achieves nothing and is Charlie Cuck tier, all you can do is enlighten people of the truth

    • 谢谢: Howa.308
    • 回复: @SMK
  2. Next on the agenda is mandatory licking of the sheboon coochie by all those unrepentant white supremacists. Mmmm mmmm good y’all!

  3. Clark Kent 说:

    One of the most disgusting things White people have to endure these days are the insane rantings of black commentators. Growing up, you never heard negroes like them, only White people with common sense. That these people are given a voice is nauseating. Goldberg could serve a useful purpose, IMO. Turn her upside down, stick a broomstick in her behind and you’ve got the makings of a good mop.

  4. Franz 说:


    May it continue. May it get worse.

    Sooner or later a little black birdy will just HAVE to say… let whites have their own country. Yeah. Let’s get TF away from the poison of white.

    And on that day, we win.

    • 同意: Howa.308
  5. • 回复: @Anonymous
    , @Trinity
    , @P. Cleburne
  6. tyrone 说:

    Whoopi, the janitor called ,he wants his mop back…….

    • 哈哈: Augustus
  7. but….but…

    Isn’t there a TARZAN movie available for that scenario…..


  8. luludog 说:

    All she needs to do to see white people get beaten is attack the mainstream media for hiding the videos and new stories. Wake up Woopy.

    • 回复: @Seaman
  9. roonaldo 说:

    振作起来 Whoopi,政府正在为此努力,枪杀并殴打了许多 J6 抗议者并虐待 J6 囚犯。 请告诉我们,你这个愚昧无知的可怜虫,要实现“公平”需要多少虐待。

    • 同意: NotaLib
    • 回复: @Ace Friedman
  10. Anon[250]• 免责声明 说:

    A guy I went to high school with a history of drug convictions, led police on a chase rather than pull over and potentially going back to jail. He ended up wrecking. He was unarmed, surrounded by cop cars, and then was shot dead when he got out of the car. He was white. It does happen to white people all the time, but it doesn’t make national news when it does. If you need more white people to see police brutality against whites, talk to the media about that.

    In the case of the guy I knew, he was out of his mind. He had just lost his baby daughter and went on a bender. I’ve no doubt he probably wanted to die. There was no outrage in the community, though. Nobody protesting the killing. Because people only care about cops killing someone if that someone happens to be anything other than white.

    • 谢谢: Trinity
    • 回复: @Howa.308
    , @Tobysgirl
  11. AceDeuce 说:

    Nypical Tigger.

    A high school dropout. Hard to believe she made it that far…

    This ends when we end it. How much longer?

    • 同意: P. Cleburne, Servenet
    • 回复: @Wokechoke
  12. I wonder which white people she’d suggest, the ones that are already beaten that the media never covers, or just random innocent whites, much like the victims of nig-grow brutality and carnage? Maybe her time and the time of their mammy’s would be better spent teaching these social idiots to stop resisting arrest and fighting/running from cops when they’re given lawful orders.

    • 回复: @NY Girl
    , @Bite Moi
  13. Rooster16 说:

    The problem with the lies the media tells and the blacks tell as well, is that eventually people start to believe them. George Floyd didn’t die because he was selling cigarettes; he died because he fought officers while high on fetynal and had unknown heart problems from a life of drug/alcohol abuse. In Ferguson, Michael Brown didn’t die because he was walking on the street; he died because he fought a police officer while resisting arrest. In Memphis, Tyre Nichols didn’t die because of a traffic stop; he died because he fought officers and ran away. If any one of these guys had just acted with civility and not physically fought the police, they’d be alive today.

    The scary part is people like Whoopi now think that a White person who complies with officers should be beaten in the name of equality; in her mind this somehow makes sense. How can you live with a group of people in which logic doesn’t apply? This applies to both blacks and White liberals. In my area there was a “protest” for Nichols, it was about 10 degrees out, nearly every person there was White!

    I’m past negro fatigue. If I never saw another black or had to listen to the ramblings of a White liberal, I’d live the rest of my days with a smile on my face. However, we seem to be trapped within a hellish ClownWorld realm, where Orcs like Whoopi speak for the masses!

    • 同意: Clark Kent, NotaLib
    • 谢谢: Howa.308
    • 回复: @Anonymous
    , @Piglet
  14. Well she’s in the ballpark. If they start beating up Hasidic Jews it will be a no brainer slam dunk done deal.

  15. “在任何人做任何事情之前,我们是否需要看到白人也被殴打?”

    你在正确的轨道上 Whoopi。 我来帮你。 在任何人做任何事情之前,我们是否需要看到富有的种族诱饵者也被一群“青少年”殴打?

  16. usNthem 说:

    What I’d like to know is how can black people be “dehumanized” when they’re not really human. One look at fredericka douglass in the photo should leave no doubt…

    • 同意: P. Cleburne
  17. HT 说:

    I promise you, police are much less tolerant toward belligerent whites than similar blacks and the obvious reason for that is there is no risk in using force against whites. Every time a cop uses force against a black he has to worry about losing his job, being prosecuted, and becoming the top national news story.

    • 同意: Howa.308, NY Girl
  18. Anonymous[121]• 免责声明 说:
    @Priss Factor

    I have to agree with Whoopi: if more liberals were beaten by blacks maybe they would stop excusing black behavior and force them to behave civilly.

    I vomited repeatedly by all the cuckservatard voices after the 2020 election about how 20% of black men voted for Trump yet left out the fact that 80% voted against him and how they made no mention of black women voted or Jews for that matter after MIGA supplanted MAGA.

    Can’t win without the black vote! They trumpeted.

    Yes you can. Trump did in 2016. All he needed to do was be more vocal to Whites about the racial reality of what the democrats are doing. And you see this now in all of media, they are literally calling for White Genocide by using euphemisms such as systemic racism! And institutional oppression! As they themselves use those very things against the White Population.

    The boomer Trump had the levers of power to do something about it but he was more interested in gaining support from voting blocs that would never vote for him, no matter what he did. But hey, Muh Jerusalem!

    the mouthpiece Republicans are silent on such major issues and once you realize that the GOP intentionally loses (I.E. McCarthy as speaker and Romney as chair of GOP), this all makes sense.

    Be prepared. Have storable food. Have connections. Have a backup plan. It is only going to get worse

    • 同意: NotaLib
    • 回复: @P. Cleburne
  19. Anonymous[121]• 免责声明 说:

    Blacks culture is criminal behavior. They are committing crimes as well as their families & their neighbors. Everyone they know is engaged in these acts so they project that world view on everyone else and can’t understand why Whites are not arrested all the time because they are damn sure they are doing dirt just like they are.

    This is why blacks like whoopie make such comments because they believe Whites are doing exactly the same shit and it’s White Supremacy that keeps the cops from upholding the law with Whites so they want to see Whites visited with the same institutional violence that they bring upon themselves

  20. Poopy Poop 说:

    Typical black commie mindset. Erroneously assumes everyone else shares the same nonsensical “we”/”us” collective mentality. If you get your ass beat by Uncle LEO then that’s a You problem, friend-o. You may not have deserved it either but the fact is it’s your issue to deal with not mine. Life sucks, bad stuff happens. But nearly every black person I’ve ever seen or known seems to paint a target on themselves just by their actions. They do damn near everything they can to be a blip on Uncle LEO’s radar.
    My Advice: Avoid agents as much as possible. They used to be called ‘revenuers’ for a reason. Some are decent. Many are not. Ironically, they tend to share a similar sociological outlook that many black commies do i.e., the farcical paradigm that is “Us vs. Them.”
    Keep away from blacks and agents and life will be that much easier.

    • 同意: P. Cleburne
  21. I desperately want/need a time machine. I remember when you NEVER had to hear a thing like Susan Johnson, fake Jew, who got the name “Whoopi” due to excessive flatulence, even in childhood (you are enormously surprised, I can feel it), you never had to see ugly black faces, no bellowing, illogical, violent black voices, no calls to make war on White people and Western Civilization. Oh, I know the Jews were so grateful to be rescued from the horrifying murderous mess they helped create in Europe, that it didn’t stop them immediately trying to institute their nasty communism here, so I’m sure they talked about ending WC. And I know Manson talked about it, as well as the murderous black panties. Ha ha. BUT, it wasn’t mainstream, it wasn’t in my face every minute of my waking (not woke, cuz I’d choke, then puke) day. Time machiiiiinnnnnne!

    • 同意: WSG
  22. NY Girl 说:

    …teaching these social idiots to stop resisting arrest and fighting/running from cops when they’re given lawful orders.

    We need to stop saying this. Even when given UN-lawful orders, it is important to comply, because 100% of cops are armed, and only about 33% of civilians are.

    Instead, do what they tell you, no matter how ridiculous, and sort it out later, after everyone has had a chance to calm down. Even if they “lose” the bodycam footage, you win since you’ll still be alive.

    • 回复: @Howa.308
    , @PhilMuhCrevis
  23. Sad fact: Of all races, cultures, or social groups, Blacks are the most likely to kill, attack, rape, and steal. Even Whoopi is a thief. She stole her last name from the Jews.

    • 哈哈: NY Girl
  24. That would be fine if caucasids and negrids behaved the same under the same conditions: they don’t. See why here:


    Note that to read the article simply SCROLL DOWN; no sign-in is necessary. Thanks.

  25. Trinity 说:

    我敢打赌 Whoopie 生活在以白人为主的地区。 也许她需要和黑人住在一起,因为她非常讨厌白人。 只有在种族主义的美国,这个 Thang 才能比 99.5% 的以工作为生的人过得更好。 在一个健康的国家,这个 Thang 无关紧要。

    • 同意: Clark Kent
  26. Trinity 说:
    @Priss Factor

    Yeah but Republicans are worthless and the (((Uni Party))) is very real.

    • 回复: @polaco
  27. Anon[256]• 免责声明 说:

    “You know, seems things don’t seem to make sense to people unless its somebody they can feel, or they can recognize.”

    I notice that blacks don’t seem to care about the Tyre killing, either. My guess is this is because the cops were black and chimpouts only happen when it’s warm.

    • 同意: NY Girl
    • 回复: @BubTheBerk
  28. Piglet 说:

    乔治·弗洛伊德 (George Floyd) 没有因为卖香烟而死; 他死是因为他在服用芬太尼时与军官作战,并且因长期吸毒/酗酒而患有未知的心脏问题。

    You’re thinking of Eric Garner in New York. He was the one busted for selling loose cigarettes on the street. Saint George Floyd had ingested triple the amount of fentanyl, as well as other drugs, probably to keep the police from catching him with the drugs in his possession. He had just passed a bogus $20 bill in a store. He was restrained with a method that had never killed anyone before or since, and he of course died from his heavy drug overdose, but since orcs can do no wrong, the country was lit up in an orgy of arson, looting and violence and an innocent policeman was sent to prison to appease the vicious mobs.

    There is no appeasing them. They’ll be back for more. It’s only a matter of time and the right set of circumstances. Had the five Memphis cops been white we’d probably be in the midst of another round of Floyd-type rioting by now, especially if an election was approaching.

  29. tyrone 说:

    Roseanne Boyland ……..Ashley Babbitt…….

  30. Piglet 说:

    In Memphis, Tyre Nichols didn’t die because of a traffic stop; he died because he fought officers and ran away. If any one of these guys had just acted with civility and not physically fought the police, they’d be alive today.

    One story circulating today on talk radio was that Nichols had been nailing the ex of one of the five policemen, so this wasn’t just a regular traffic stop. He was being taught a lesson, and a hard one at that. “Fact checkers” are denying this, which means it may very well be true. Imagine how quickly the outrage will go away if it does indeed turn out to be true.

    • 回复: @AceDeuce
    , @YesYesCircle
  31. Rooster16 说:

    是的,关于加纳和弗洛伊德,你是对的,对不起,我把我的黑人守护神搞混了! 更严重的是,你有没有注意到过去几天关于警察暴力的报道激增? 我认为他们正在为另一个爱的夏天做准备……或两个。

  32. @Piglet


    几天前的一篇报纸文章包括一位专业比赛诱饵的评论,我忘记了。 释义:这个行为甚至 更多 令人震惊,因为它是由黑人军官犯下的。

    那么,这样的事件一定是 如果是白人警察犯下的,会令人震惊吗? 我怀疑他是否考虑清楚了。 但话又说回来,这并不奇怪。



  33. @Clark Kent

    Goldberg could serve a useful purpose, IMO. Turn her upside down, stick a broomstick in her behind and you’ve got the makings of a good mop.

    If you were a power lifter with a C clamp across your nostrils.

    • 哈哈: Non PC Infidel, Clark Kent
  34. Seaman 说:

    Right. White people experience much greater violence at the hands of negroes than the other way around.

    The white response: More integration, government set asides on contracts, more quotas, more black mayors and police chiefs, bail reform for violent negroes, decriminalization of crime so fewer will be arrested, more education dollars flushed on trying to educate literal morons and more propaganda convincing whites that they should beleive Big Brother rather than their own lyin’ eyes.

    In Whoopi’s world, the nightly news showcasing negro violence against each other and everyone else doesn’t exist.

    If whitey ever actually became Woke, Jim Crow would be back in a flash.

    • 回复: @trevor
    , @Augustus
  35. KenH 说:

    早在 1980 年代和 1990 年代,白人就曾将 Whoopi Goldberg 视为“好黑人”,就像 Orca Winfrey 一样。 现在反白人很流行,Whoopi 已经迫不及待地加入了这个俱乐部,并签约了美国版的卢旺达广播电台,就像她的灵魂姐妹 Joyless Joy Reid 一样,煽动对美国白人的盲目仇恨。

    Whoopi 是“好黑人”变坏的另一个例子。 绝大多数黑人在某种程度上憎恨白人,因此认为自己认识一些好人的白人需要牢记这一点。

    顺便说一句,被警察杀死的白人是黑人的两倍,但 Whoopi 和她 查看 共同主持人要么是愚蠢的,要么忽略了这个事实,因为它会爆炸他们的叙述。

    • 同意: Augustus
    • 谢谢: P. Cleburne
    • 回复: @AceDeuce
    , @Trinity
    , @mark green
    , @eah
  36. @Trinity

    我敢打赌 Whoopie 生活在以白人为主的地区。


    Maybe she needs to live around Blacks….

    She did as a child, and was molested.

    She knows the truth.

  37. AceDeuce 说:

    One story circulating today on talk radio was that Nichols had been nailing the ex of one of the five policemen, so this wasn’t just a regular traffic stop.

    I saw a picture on Twatter of the now dead “Gentle FedEx Driver” wearing a bright red striped shirt, leaning over and flashing what looks like a gang sign. Later, I saw a TV news segment showing a memorial area with his pictures, flowers, etc. A “fambly” member was putting his bright red sneakers on top of the pile. Coincidence? Not many non-gangbanger adults, besides Ronald McDonald, wear bright red shoes.

  38. Bite Moi 说:

    PhilMuhCrevis———Good points. While i don’t see how the Memphis incident is anything but murder by cop; i do have some sympathy for ALL officers trying to police negroes in the wild. I also wonder if these black officers were effectively Affirmative Action hires.

    • 回复: @AR in Illinois
    , @HT
  39. Dr. X 说:

    “The View” Co-Host Whoopi Goldberg questioned Monday whether the U.S. needed “to see White people also get beaten”

    I question whether Whoopi Goldberg needs to pick cotton in an Alabama field…

    • 哈哈: NY Girl
    • 回复: @Bite Moi
  40. KenH 说:

    我敢打赌 Whoopie 生活在以白人为主的地区。

    我敢打赌她也是。 就像奥巴马和米奇选择住在 90% 富人和白人 Martha's Vinyard。 就像勒布朗詹姆斯生活在白人周围一样。 就像 BLM 的黑婊子现在如何生活在富裕的白人城镇,使用他们从愚蠢和自我憎恨的白人左翼分子那里偷来的钱。

    这让我想起了已故的哈罗德·科文顿 (Harold Covington) 在他的自由西北电台节目中曾经说过的话,即大多数黑人内心深处都迫切希望成为我们,但由于明显的原因不能成为我们。

    • 回复: @Howa.308
  41. @Piglet

    I highly doubt this is true. Please love starting rumors for no reason at all but to see how fast they can spread.

  42. AceDeuce 说:

    早在 1980 年代和 1990 年代,白人就曾将 Whoopi Goldberg 视为“好黑人”,就像 Orca Winfrey 一样。 ……


    Whoopi 是“好黑人”变坏的另一个例子。

    不,没有“好黑人变坏了”——他们很坏,而且一直都是。 一些愚蠢的白人犯了忽视这一点的错误。

    是的,天真的 YTs 肯定会选择他们——Whoopi、Oprah、Whitney Houston、Michael Jackson、OJ Simpson、Bill Cosby、Colin Powell。


    是的。 99%。

  43. @Anon

    Whites killed by cops not only happens but it happens twice as much as blacks killed by police. And it’s that way every single fucking year. It’s not a hard statistic to find. It’s just an impossible statistic for a lefty or sheboon to admit

  44. @NY Girl

    This works for whites. Zero chance on blacks. Getting dizrespeked by the 5-0 supercedes self preservation for the groid. Couple that with no impulse control and no future time orientation and a wreck less op ticket turns in another inch burnt off the powder keg that starts civil war 2023. Prepare accordingly

    • 回复: @NY Girl
  45. Wokechoke 说:

    As a white guy it’s best not to give the cops any shit. They will kill you and face no career consequences let alone legal consequences.

  46. Honk Honk 说:

    I always pay attention when a high powered intellect from The View speaks. (honk!)
    Just come on out and say defund and disband the police for the United States Police Force whoopee cushion.

  47. Trinity 说:

    And who can forget affirmative action “General” Colon Bowel.

  48. @Franz

    Sooner or later a little black birdy will just HAVE to say… let whites have their own country. Yeah. Let’s get TF away from the poison of white.

    And on that day, we win.

    You are freakin’ delusional. Have you not been paying attention since the “Civil Rights” era? You are the goose laying the golden eggs you think they are going to allow you to escape?! You will be in chains & servitude long before that ever occurs. The (((handlers))) of the black pets are rapidly setting that infrastructure up now. Dhimmitude, not a ‘country of your own’ is you future. Not sure what planet you just beamed down from but may want to get a history / current events lesson.

    • 回复: @Franz
  49. mark green 说:

    被警察杀害的白人是黑人的两倍,但 Whoopi 和她的 The View 联合主持人要么愚蠢,要么忽视这一事实,因为它会引爆他们的叙述。

    你是对的,每年被警察杀死的白人多于黑人,但有些警察确实杀人。 看看这起由一名警察对一名合作的、手无寸铁的嫌疑人实施的实际杀人案。 如果嫌疑人/受害者是黑人,这段视频会在全国范围内引发风暴。 但是在今天的美国,白人的生命不那么重要了; 因此,除了嫌疑人的家人和当地地方检察官之外,没有任何回应。

    • 同意: KenH
    • 回复: @Augustus
    , @WSG
  50. do whoopweeee yhinkd YT dhoulk keep having to endure her thug buds

  51. @Priss Factor

    hahaha…”voting”….been tried….Doesn’t work.

  52. @Anonymous

    I’m an accelerationist. I think conditions are getting “better”.
    This country was founded in blood and revolution and it’ll end the same way.

  53. Servenet 说:


    Damn right it does. Easiest prophecy anybody ever made.

  54. Servenet 说:

    …Let´s get TF away….

    You couldn´t be MORE WRONG.

  55. Augustus 说:

    My experience is that White men are pretty much aware and fed up with the black culture. The problem is White women, according to their voting patterns. They are blissfully unaware of any racial consciousness, and always determined to virtue signal from a supposed position of moral superiority. In short, White women see no reason in the so-called feminist era to have any respect for the beliefs of White men. No matter how many examples you give them of the failures of black culture, they cling to the belief that blacks are downtrodden because of White men and their racism. They won’t wake up until too late.

    • 回复: @Bite Moi
  56. Servenet 说:

    If I were stopped and told I´m under arrest, after asking why, I´d quietly, simply comply, and, as someone pointed out, ¨sort it out later.¨ WHY…you ask? Stupidest question of all time – THEY HAVE GUNS, TASERS, BATONS, OTHER COPS (as many as it takes) TO BRING YOU TO COMPLIANCE. Sooooo….the imbecility of negroes is on full display with this the MILLIONTH example of Tyre Nichols. And we ALL PAY FOR IT EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is literally the no-way-out HELL that has been forced upon us. But…most Whites are in full zombie mode. SIXTY years of continual mind/control brainwashing is complete. Praying to God for a White remnant is the only hope.

  57. There was a recent (December 2022) and totally unjustified police shooting of a white man inside of his own home in North Carolina. His name is Jason Kloepfer. He survived his gunshot injuries, but he had to get emergency medical treatment at a hospital first. He was also arrested by the police in this same incident on charges of communicating threats and resisting arrest.

    The biggest reason why at least some of us out here know about this story is because Jason Kloepfer had the presence of mind to set up a security camera inside of his own home prior to a police SWAT team showing up at his house after his evening bedtime with a warrant that was based upon a completely false call to 911. (The caller reported a shooting at his house and an armed suspect holding someone hostage there.) Jason Kloepfer has released his security camera footage to the public, along with a picture which shows us what his post-surgery torso looks like now.

    This story about Jason Kloepfer being shot by police in his own home AFTER he followed their commands has only received scant mainstream media coverage so far. (Gee, I wonder why?)


    • 同意: Oil 'n Water
    • 回复: @WSG
  58. @Bite Moi

    Over at Amren Jared Taylor did an article about that very same thing. Most of those guys were hired after they lowered standards due to low numbers caused by a shit-ton of White officers leaving after the Fliyd nonsense. Look for more of this occurring in the near future, all over the country.

    • 回复: @NY Girl
  59. Observator 说:

    具有讽刺意味的是,也许我听过的最好的评价(至少在流行娱乐中)来自一位说唱歌手,他宣称: 系统不是种族主义者。 系统讨厌人。


  60. TwisTTie 说:

    They keep lowering hriring standards and hiring black violent animal perps that very well May happen . Whoopie will get her wish

  61. polaco 说:

    Had whiteys been voting consistently, like a bloc, for decades, instead of RINOS, the parliamentary spectrum would range from segregationists, ultra nationalists and hardcore libertarians on the right to moderate conservatives as the extreme left. But no other race is as stupid; if they can Arabs support Arabs, blacks support blacks, Jews are for other Jews, the Yellow support their own, if not, at least they’ll get to vote against whitey, just like he himself oftentimes.

    • 谢谢: Trinity
  62. loren 说:


    how many blacks re killed by blacks in USA?

    300,000 in 40 years? can someone tell me?

    • 回复: @HT
  63. Augustus 说:
    @mark green

    That’s the cop who outright murdered that innocent man. The cop ended up retiring very early on mental disability. The man’s family got nothing. The cop did not go to jail.

    • 回复: @eah
  64. @NY Girl

    We need to stop saying this. Even when given UN-lawful orders

    I said this mostly in passing. However, unlawful orders given knowingly could end up being problematic, don’t you think? The orders I’m talking about are Stop! Don’t resist! Keep your hands where I can see them! etc. These for the most part are given after the phrase, you are under arrest! At that point, fighting resisting, spitting opening fire are all acts that should carry jailtime of some sort for all dumbasses that cannot refrain from stupidity. I get what you’re saying though.

  65. eah 说:

    顺便说一句,被警察杀害的白人是黑人的两倍,但 Whoopi 和她的 The View 联合主持人要么愚蠢,要么忽视这一事实,因为 它爆炸了他们的叙述.

    No, your stat alone does not ‘explode the narrative’.

    In the US, the white population fraction is shrinking fairly rapidly, while the black population fraction is growing, but slowly (Asians and Hispanics are growing much faster) — today there are still roughly 4.5x as many Whites in the US as Blacks — so taking your word for it (?), if 2x as many Whites are killed by police, then that is still far below what you would expect (4.5x) given the relative population fractions, 假设所有其他因素都相同.

    当然所有其他因素都是 不平等, meaning Blacks have far more contact with law enforcement than Whites, per capita — so you have to normalize or adjust the analysis using data on per capita contacts with law enforcement, ideally also per capita data on resisting arrest (obviously those who resist arrest are much more likely to be shot) — I seem to recall that 希瑟·麦克唐纳 did this, and concluded that once you adjusted for per capita contacts with police, Whites were actually more likely to be shot than Blacks — others may have done similar work.


    希瑟·麦克唐纳 (Heather Mac Donald):美国犯罪、种族和治安的真相

    当你将致命的警察枪击事件与凶杀案报告和逮捕进行比较时,作者的话中被枪杀的可能性“完全翻转”。 一旦考虑到他们的杀人率,白人被枪杀的可能性大约是黑人的三倍。

  66. HT 说:


    how many blacks re killed by blacks in USA?

    300,000 in 40 years? can someone tell me?

    All killed due to white racism too regardless of who actually pulled the trigger.

    • 哈哈: AR in Illinois
  67. The Naz 说:
    @Clark Kent

    The Jews are running this show and they hate all Whites. They’ve mobilize these used farm equipment and everything inundating our shores with outsiders.

    Once you identify and ouster this group the better it is for us.

  68. Bite Moi 说:
    @Dr. X

    Dr. X———–“I question whether Whoopie Goldberg needs to pick cotton in an Alabama field.” Whoopie couldn’t bend over far enough to pick peaches.

  69. Bite Moi 说:

    Augustus———-Oddly enough,higher education makes White women stupider.

  70. AnalogMan 说:

    我没有读这篇文章。 我无法想象这个卑鄙的生物会说些什么让我感兴趣。

    我曾经有一个妻子,她认为这很有趣。 现在它显然将自己标榜为某种圣人。
    不,在这两个方面; 另外,丑陋如罪。

  71. @KenH

    黑人永远不会承认这一点,但他们患有自卑感,他们永远无法克服。 他们知道他们在社会中获得的所有优势,他们看到他们的种族实际上正在倒退并变得更加依赖白人。 不仅仅是为了生存而依赖现代便利设施。 我们谈论的是一群在生活中最重要的需求上失败的人:养活自己。 这就是为什么我们必须在非洲空投食品托盘。 这就是为什么津巴布韦将他们的白人农民赶出去,两年后不得不乞求他们回来。 他们尝试耕种这片土地,但无法弄清楚。 当我们开始 shitskin 历史月时,您会看到许多团体聚在一起庆祝一些无所事事的随机膝长。 白人不需要这个的原因是:我们生活在白人历史中。 这个国家的每一件事都是白色的创造。 黑人知道这一点,但他们非但没有感激他们在这里而不是非洲,他们希望我们死,因为他们实际上愚蠢到认为他们可以在没有我们的情况下继续下去。 相信我。 他们不能。

    • 同意: AR in Illinois, AnalogMan
    • 回复: @Bite Moi
    , @Former Liberal
  72. Anonymous[328]• 免责声明 说:

    Considering that cops kill White men more than black men, it would be nice if some of those killings were downgraded to mere beatings.

  73. Wokechoke 说:

    All the tough guys in the US won’t do much

  74. @AceDeuce

    不,没有“好黑人变坏了”——他们很坏,而且一直都是。 一些愚蠢的白人犯了忽视这一点的错误。

    每隔一段时间,你就会读到一个温暖而模糊的故事,讲述的是某个人养了一只宠物狼或灰熊。 这并不能证明野生、凶猛的动物是很好的家养宠物。

    • 同意: AceDeuce
  75. eah 说:

    The victim in that case was Daniel Shaver; he was shot at a hotel in Mesa AZ — there is a Wikipedia page about his killing:

    Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    The cop who shot and killed Shaver was terminated and criminally charged, but later acquitted:

    Ex-Arizona police officer acquitted in fatal hotel shooting

    Another cop who was on scene did retire.

    Both the parents and widow of Shaver filed wrongful death lawsuits against the city of Mesa, and have since settled:

    $8 million settlement funded in 2016 police shooting of Daniel Shaver in a Mesa hotel

    His parents got $1.5m.

    • 回复: @trevor
  76. NY Girl 说:

    Oh, I know. But the Bruthas are going to listen to me about as much as I’m gonna listen to Jemele “I need people to understand” Hill.

    I am curious out your assertion that 2023 will be Go Time. I think the horizon is so far off, nobody here will be around to see it.

  77. NY Girl 说:
    @AR in Illinois

    Not only lowered standards, some of these cops also have records themselves!

    What we might be witnessing is a different version of Crips vs. Bloods, if the Crips were given guns, badges and transportation.

    • 回复: @AceDeuce
  78. 13/52 说:

    Why won’t this bitch just die already.

    • 回复: @Mark in MI
  79. trevor 说:

    His parents got $1.5m

    His parents got screwed.

    Here is a negro who got $12 million in the ghetto lottery for a bad knee (which they can replace nowadays):


    • 谢谢: loren
  80. HT 说:
    @Bite Moi

    I also wonder if these black officers were effectively Affirmative Action hires.

    Pretty much every black hire in law enforcement is an affirmative action hire. Intelligent blacks go on to higher paying professions and get affirmative action there.

    • 同意: Bite Moi
  81. AceDeuce 说:
    @NY Girl

    It’s been this way for a long time. Here’s an excerpt from Cuckipedia’s article on former LAPD Chief Daryl Gates:

    Gates later claimed that many officers recruited in the 1980s—a period in which the LAPD was subject to a consent decree which set minimum quotas for hiring of women and minorities—were substandard,[citation needed] remarking:

    … [I]f you don’t have all of those quotas, you can’t hire all the people you need. So, you’ve got to make all of those quotas. And when that happens, you get somebody who is on the borderline, you’d say “Yes, he’s black, or he’s Hispanic, or it’s a female, but we want to bring in these additional people when we have the opportunity. So, we’ll err on the side of, ‘We’ll take them and hope it works out.’” And we made some mistakes. No question about it, we have made some mistakes.


  82. Bite Moi 说:

    Howa.308———-Dpn’t worry about the blacks.White women and the small hat tribe will keep ’em fed.

  83. The Black woman in the Star Wars costume makes a lot of good points.

    White people to be more uncivil towards to the police in order to incur a beating for the greater cause. That is when reform will occur.

    We need a PSA that tells White people to be uncivil so they will be treated like Black people.

    For equality.

  84. TwisTTie 说:

    I have to laugh watching my local j msm. They know exactly how to twist the story to their narrative …..” young black man killed during traffic stop!” …….uh no…..here’s what happened(not that it matters) “ repeat black offender escalates traffic stop by resisting arrest, low IQ black cops kill him”. NEWS AT ELEVEN !!
    Side note : soon we’ll have to stop arresting blacks , they obviously don’t care for it

  85. @Howa.308

    “Shitskin history month! I had to laugh! What a great term; just like someone else here who came up with the expression “nigbitch ” to describe disgruntled, angry black women. Anyway, I agree totally with what you say. Blacks do for the most part hate us and are jealous of us. Maybe because I’m a female and an empath, there is a very small part of me which pities them occasionally. Not enough to stop wanting them gone of course. It’s just that it must be hard to go through life being generally stupid, if you’re black.

  86. Mark in MI 说:

    Only the good die young. She will live forever.

  87. SMK 说: • 您的网站
    @Shitposter_in Chief

    If a white man was beaten to death by black cops even if he didn’t resist arrest, the atrocity would be ignored and suppressed by the national “mainstream” media, just as black-on-white violence (murders, rapes, gang-rapes, assaults, muggings, armed robberies, etc.) is denied and ignored and suppressed by the “mainstream” media,” even Fox News. What percentage of whites have even heard of the Wichita massacre or the Knoxville horror: 1-2 percent? Did anyone at Fox News ever mention, even briefly, much less discuss, these atrocities, or expose the facts of black-on-white violence?

    • 同意: Achmed E. Newman
  88. Anon[466]• 免责声明 说:


    • 回复: @Bite Moi
    , @AnalogMan
  89. Bite Moi 说:

    Anon(466)———–Is Whoopie auditioning for Hamilton???

    • 哈哈: loren
  90. AnalogMan 说:

    甚至没有另一张漂亮的脸蛋。 他们真的是最令人厌恶的生物。 有些人称他们为狗屎,但我们都知道种族不仅仅是肤浅的; 它存在于每个细胞的细胞核中。


    • 哈哈: AR in Illinois, Oil 'n Water
    • 回复: @YesYesCircle
  91. Anonymous[150]• 免责声明 说:

    Yes Whoopi (real name, Caryn Elaine Johnson) you ,那恭喜你, “some sort of racist”. Maybe the solution is to stop hiring nigger cops or really nigger anybody. Your job is safe because 查看 needs a house nigger but one day, and I hope this day comes soon, you’ll go too far and be fired like Roseanne Barr. <– See, I wrote a rap there.

    What the heck was Ted Danson thinking? How cool would it be if he boned her wearing blackface?


    What makes it oogie Whoopi ("wack" as the Negros say) is the boning Whoopi Goldberg part.

    "parliamentary spectrum" Nope, we in the U.S. don't effing have a parliamentary system so everything you said in that post is wrong…read a book.

    @Bite Moi:
    "Whoopie couldn’t bend over far enough to pick peaches." So you're saying you don't know peaches don't grow on trees?

    • 回复: @Bite Moi
  92. loren 说:

    whoopi, sometimes no talent is not enough.

  93. @AnalogMan

    我们他妈的什么时候才能摆脱这些该死的低智商动物。 他们是如此他妈的令人厌恶和无用。

  94. Franz 说:
    @Apex Predator

    Have you not been paying attention since the “Civil Rights” era?

    If what I see now is the result of the Civil Rights era, it’s time to quit.

    And one more “burning city” operation is all it’s going to take.

    They want us gone? Time for the White Ethnostate. Whites who don’t want it are free to live in a world the loonies are creating for them. I think most whites will do ANYTHING to live among their own when the ceiling comes down. And it seems to be coming down.

  95. Lawdy lawdy. Look at the who was running thangs at the 6-y-o’s school. She fine. Dem sheboon principals sho enuf knowz how to eat:


  96. Bite Moi 说:

    Anonymous(150)————-My maternal grandfather had 300 acres of peaches. I am well aware that peaches grow on trees. I am also aware that in addition to being picked,there is thinning,hoeing,pruning,fertilizing, They trees also spraying.at least 12 times a year. My hazmat suit consisted of long sleeves, bandana,and a hat. Pops was a really good farmer,but there was nothing organic about his farm. He would’a sprayed plutonium if he thought it was necessary.

  97. Any day now, the above-pictured is going to fulfill her vow to leave this country if Trump is elected…in 2016.
    Just wait, now.
    She’s packing her bags…


    Here she goes…

  98. Pat Kittle 说:

    ABC’s Whoopi Goldberg Says White People Need to be Beat by Cops for Police Reform to Transpire

    This house Negress recently traumatized (((her masters))) by simply saying “Holocaust” Jews were White. She failed to understand Jews & Jews only decide when Jews are White & when they’re not.

    She’s learned her lesson — shut up about the Jews & stick to bashing Whitey.

    • 同意: Philmuhcrevis
    • 哈哈: loren
  99. KenH 说:


    “好黑人”戴上面具只是为了显得没有威胁,并且像 Whoopi 和奥普拉一样,继续玩世不恭地从绝大多数白人观众身上赚钱。 他们知道不能咬喂养他们的手。


  100. Anon[466]• 免责声明 说:

    We had a negro general in the Ill. Nat. Guard get another star today! Woo hoo! Black excellence!😉

  101. Tobysgirl 说:

    Just what I was thinking. Of course the cops beat and/or kill white people. In the 1960s in the Cleveland area when the cops got tired of beating up black people they went into Cleveland Heights and started beating up white people. But then Whoopi has made it clear for years that she has smoked way too much dope.

    See John Whitehead’s article about cops and steroids. He states that the cops that night in Memphis went looking for someone to kill, and his analysis does not seem far-fetched to me.

  102. BubTheBerk 说:

    We badly need global cooling. It will drive the pavement apes back to their natural habitats.


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