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President Joe Biden is taking heat from Democrats, not for his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan — that’s popular — but for his haphazard pullout that, self-serving Rumsfeldian “stuff happens,” “wars end messily” platitudes aside, could have been executed more efficiently. They blame George W. Bush for starting America’s longest war, arguing that what he began inexorably led to our most shocking military defeat and its humiliating aftermath.

I am sympathetic to any and all criticism of our intervention in Afghanistan. I was an early critic of the war and got beaten up for my stance by media allies of the Bush administration. But the very same liberals who now pretend they’re against the Afghan disaster stood by when it mattered and did nothing to defend war critics because Democrats — political leaders and voters alike — went far beyond tacit consent. They were actively complicit with the Republicans’ war at the time of the invasion and throughout the decades-long occupation of Afghanistan.

Now, the deadbeat dads of defeat are trying to stick the GOP with sole paternity. This is a ridiculous attempt to rewrite history — one that damages Democratic credibility among the party’s progressive base, which includes many anti-war voters, and risks the possibility that they will make the same mistake again in the future.

Twenty years later, it is difficult for some to believe that the United States responded to 9/11 by cultivating closer ties to the two countries with the greatest responsibility for the attacks, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, and attacking a country that had nothing to do with it, Iraq, and another one that had tenuous links, Afghanistan. Yet that’s what happened. And Democrats participated enthusiastically in the insanity.

The sweeping congressional authorization to use military force against Afghanistan and any other target chosen by the president was introduced in the Senate three days after the attacks by Tom Daschle, the then-Democratic majority leader. Every Democratic senator supported destroying Afghanistan. So did every Democratic member of the House of Representatives, except for Barbara Lee, who was roundly ridiculed as weak and naive, received death threats and was denied leadership posts by her own party to punish her for refusing to play ball. The legal justification to attack the Taliban was a bipartisan affair.

Democratic support for Bush’s war reflected popular sentiment: Voters of both parties signed off on the Afghan war by wide margins. Even after weeks of bombing that featured numerous news stories about innocent Afghan civilians being killed willy-nilly, 88% of voters told Gallup that they still approved of the military action. Approval for the war peaked at 93% in 2002 and started to decline. Nevertheless, popular support still hovered around 70% throughout the 2008 presidential campaign, a number that included so many Democrats that then-Sen. Barack Obama ran much of his successful primary and general election campaign on his now obviously moronic message that “we took our eye off the ball in Afghanistan” when Bush invaded Iraq. “Our real focus,” Obama continued to say after winning the presidency, “has to be on Afghanistan.”

Nine months into his first term, Obama felt so confident that Democratic voters supported the war that he ordered his surge of tens of thousands of additional soldiers above the highest troop level in Afghanistan under the Bush administration. Fifty-five percent of Democrats approved of the surge. Domestic support for the war only went underwater after the 2010 assassination of Osama bin Laden by U.S. troops in Pakistan seemed to render the project moot.

There was a strong anti-war movement based on the left throughout the Bush and Obama years against the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Hundreds of thousands of protesters marched against the Iraq war. Opposition was sustained over the years. Far fewer people turned out for far fewer protests against the Afghanistan war. It’s impossible to avoid the obvious conclusion: Even on the left, people were angry about Iraq but OK with Afghanistan.

There is nothing wrong with criticizing the Republican Party and Bush for the decision to invade Afghanistan. The war was their idea. But they never could have started their disaster, much less extended and expanded it under Obama, without full-throated support from their Democratic partners and successors.

This story has few heroes.

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If crisis creates opportunity, we couldn’t possibly have squandered the possibilities presented by 9/11 more spectacularly. We certainly couldn’t have failed its tests more completely. Twenty years after 9/11, it is clear that the United States is ruled by idiots and that we, the people are complicit with their moronic behavior.

“We had to do something.” That was, and remains, the generic explanation for what we did in response to 9/11: invading Afghanistan and Iraq, directing the CIA to covertly overthrow the governments of Haiti, Venezuela, Belarus, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and a bunch of other countries, lamely legalizing torture, kidnapping via extraordinary rendition to Guantanamo and other concentration camps, building a drone armada and sparking a drone arms race.

Acting purely on speculation, news media was reporting as early as the afternoon of Sept. 11 that al-Qaida was responsible. That same day, Vice President Dick Cheney argued for invading Iraq. We began bombing Afghanistan Oct. 7, less than a month later, without evidence that Afghanistan was guilty. A week later, the Taliban offered to turn over Osama bin Laden; Bush refused. Before you act, you think. We didn’t.

什么是 应该 we have done … after giving it a good think?

A smart people led by a good president would have had three priorities: Bring the perpetrators to justice, punish any nation-states that were involved and reduce the chances of future terrorist attacks.

The 19 hijackers were suicides, but plotters such as al-Qaida’s Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, who lived in Pakistan, were not. Since we have an extradition treaty with Pakistan, we could have asked Pakistani authorities to arrest him and send him to face trial in the U.S. or at the international war crimes tribunal at The Hague. Instead, we kidnapped him to CIA “dark sites,” including Guantanamo, and subjected him to waterboarding 183 times. Because of this and other torture, as well as his illegal detention in violation of habeas corpus, Mohammed can’t face trial in a real, i.e. civilian, court. Not only will 9/11 families never see justice carried out, but we’ve managed to turn Mohammed into a victim, just as he wanted.

The Inter-Services Intelligence agency, Pakistan’s CIA, financed and provided intelligence to al-Qaida. Pakistan harbored bin Laden. Pakistan played host to hundreds of al-Qaida training camps. Pakistanis I talked to after 9/11 were shocked that the U.S. didn’t attack their country, instead giving its Taliban-aligned dictator Gen. Pervez Musharraf billions in military and financial aid.

Evidence linking top Saudi Arabian officials to 9/11 has been scarce. But 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi, several are reported to have met with midlevel Saudi intelligence agents before the attacks and, most notably, Saudi Arabia exports its radical brand of Sunni Islam, Wahhabism, all over the world. The Taliban and al-Qaida initially recruited many of their members from Wahhabi madrassas financed by the Saudis in Pakistan and Central Asia.

We should have treated 9/11 for what it was — a crime. Police officers, not soldiers, should have tracked down the perpetrators. They should have been given lawyers, not torture. They should have faced fair trials. But if we had to go the military route, we should have invaded Pakistan and Saudi Arabia, the two countries responsible, not Afghanistan and Iraq, two countries that had nothing to do with it. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia were, and remain, far more dangerous to their neighbors than Afghanistan or Iraq.

Occupying Saudi Arabia, the world’s biggest exporter of Islamic extremism and global terrorism, would have done a lot to reduce the threat of another 9/11. But the most effective way to make us less of a target is to make the rest of the world look upon us with favor. Some people will always hate us; that’s inevitable. Our goal should be to reduce their number to as close to zero as humanly possible.

We can’t eliminate anti-Americanism by killing its adherents. We’ve been trying to do that for 20 years using drones and missile strikes. All we’ve accomplished is killing a lot of innocent people and making the rest of the world look at us with disgust and contempt. You kill anti-Americanism by treating people everywhere with respect and kindness. That includes those we suspect of doing us harm.

Unfortunately for us and the world, we learned nothing from 9/11. Not even losing Afghanistan back to the Taliban in the most humiliating U.S. defeat since Vietnam, having nothing to show for 20 years of war, has taught us a thing. We’re still a hammer that sees everything as a nail — a blunt, stupid people whose idea of a plan is to keep indiscriminately bombing innocent civilians.

Ted Rall (Twitter: @tedrall), the political cartoonist, columnist and graphic novelist, is the author of a new graphic novel about a journalist gone bad, “The Stringer.”

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Taxes are the price we pay for government. But a government that doesn’t provide basic bureaucratic services is no government at all, and it doesn’t deserve our tax dollars.

Afghan translators and others who worked for the U.S. military, American journalists and nongovernmental organizations aren’t Americans and don’t pay taxes, but the U.S. government’s failure to process their applications for Special Immigrant Visas in a timely manner highlights the breathtaking scale of dysfunction, or nonfunction, to which too many Americans have become accustomed.

When the Biden administration took over in January, it inherited a backlog of 18,000 SIV applications filed by Afghans who wanted to leave before the scheduled U.S. pullout on Sept. 11. Biden’s folks managed to process 100 a week before stopping entirely because of a spike in COVID-19 cases in Afghanistan, though no one has explained what the novel coronavirus has to do with immigration, given the existence of vaccines and quarantines. Even if they hadn’t quit, at that rate the State Department would only have processed 3,200 applications by Sept. 11, 2021, leaving almost 15,000 Afghans out of luck. And that’s not counting the additional 70,000 applications that came in after January.

We discovered water on Mars. We beat Nazi Germany. The IRS processes 240 million returns a year, many of them complicated. If we left the Afghans hanging as the Taliban closed in, it’s because we — well, President Joe Biden and his administration — wanted to.

The president’s eviction relief package is another example of bureaucratic no-can-do.

Anyone could see the right way to pay off back rent for Americans who lost their jobs through no fault of their own, but rather because they or their employers complied with the government’s orders to stay home and away from work: Administer the program federally under the Department of Housing and Urban Development, keep paperwork simple, set up a fully staffed 1-800 number to help distressed tenants and wire money directly to landlords so the dough doesn’t get diverted to other bills. These days, however, the last thing anyone, including the government, wants to do is to hire full-time employees — an attitude that is, of course, a big part of the joblessness problem. So Congress outsourced Biden’s \$46.5 billion federal rental aid program to the states. Because the feds didn’t offer to compensate them for the extra work, many states didn’t bother. As a result, only about 10% of the rental assistance funds have been disbursed. Now the Supreme Court has stopped the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s eviction moratorium, and Americans who should have received help will lose their homes.

Even the IRS, an organization whose mandate is to extract cash from companies and individuals, has collapsed. Millions of people are waiting for refunds. The agency has a backlog of 35 million unprocessed returns — a fourfold increase from two years before.

Government doesn’t work. Contact a representative or senator via their official website and you may not even receive an automated acknowledgment, much less actually hear back about your concern.

Call a government office — local, state and/or federal. If they’re not closed for some obscure holiday, you’ll wind up on permahold. Or they’ll hang up on you after ages.

Americans are self-reliant. If you want something done, do it yourself. I’m fine with that.

What I’m totally 不是 fine with is paying good money for a service I don’t get. That’s a rip-off. If you advertise that you perform a service and I pay for that service, you had better give me what I paid for. To do otherwise is fraud.

Our government commits fraud every day. Members of Congress promise to serve their constituents. Their websites say they reply to queries. If they don’t, why are we paying their salaries?

I don’t want to hear excuses about being short-staffed. Early American politicians such as Thomas Jefferson set aside hours a day to reply to letters from citizens. “From sun-rise to one or two o’clock,” our third president noted, “I am drudging at the writing table.”

You know neither Ted Cruz nor Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spends 15 minutes a day doing that. It’s a bigger country now, but computers and freelancers easily make up for the higher volume of correspondence.

About Afghanistan again: What’s the value of American citizenship if your passport doesn’t get you out of a war zone? Many Americans were stuck in Kabul, unable to get to the airport due to large unruly crowds and Taliban checkpoints. Yet the military refused to leave the airport to escort them from their places of shelter. Only when news accounts emerged about other countries such as France and the United Kingdom — real countries with actual governments that work sometimes — sending their troops into the streets to rescue their nationals, did the U.S. order a few desultory forays into Kabul which, by the way, the Taliban had no objection to.

Oh, and State Department officials: There is no excuse for leaving the U.S. embassy in Kabul, the biggest consular operation in the world, empty. The Taliban didn’t ask us to do so; to the contrary, they’re guarding the compound in the hope that we’ll return. Abandoning that facility is a cowardly abdication of our duty to U.S. nationals and allied Afghans who need diplomatic assistance and representation. It is absurd that, if I return to Afghanistan, there will be no U.S. presence in a country that actually wants it. There’s danger, but many career diplomatic corps types would gladly accept the risk. I’m not a tax resister, but why am I paying taxes?

For Christ’s sake, hire some staff!

Ronald Reagan campaigned on the joke that some of the scariest words in the English language are, “I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” That joke would fall flat now. No one from the government promises anything, assuming they exist in the first place. They don’t even bother to return your phone call.

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塔利班将如何治理阿富汗? 这可能取决于我们。

美国已经出局,但拜登政府及其西方盟友在未来数周和数月内的所作所为将对这个中亚国家是否恢复到 1990 年代与世隔绝的中世纪野蛮状态或进行现代化以符合主要国际规范。

塔利班远非铁板一块。 他们有共同的价值观:遵守伊斯兰教法、抵抗外国干涉、普什图瓦利语的传统普什图部落代码。 这些普遍价值观如何体现在具体的政策和法律中,将通过运动流动的内部政治进行解释。


目前,塔利班正在说正确的话,并发出关于保持女子学校开放的积极信号,允许妇女工作,并特赦为北约占领军工作的阿富汗人。 显然,塔利班修罗已向他们的战士发出了正确行为的命令。 塔利班新闻发布会的图片显示,总统府没有遭到破坏或抢劫。 为了表明这不是你父亲的塔利班,塔利班高级官员 Mawlawi Abdulhaq Hemad 接受了一位女性电视记者的采访,她的脸没有被发现。 尽管留在喀布尔,前总统哈米德·卡尔扎伊还是安全的。 虽然西方新闻媒体大量报道塔利班在机场外开枪,但从人们的头顶开枪显然是为了控制人群。

美国人不会投票支持塔利班统治阿富汗。 但我们没有投票权。 在可预见的未来,对于过去 20 年来一直关注的人来说似乎不可避免的事情现在已经成为既成事实。 现在的问题是:我们,更重要的是,阿富汗人民将与哪个塔利班打交道?



The U.S. and its Western allies face a choice. We can exert pressure through de facto economic sanctions, as the Biden administration has done by freezing the Afghan government’s \$9 billion in assets and cutting off half a billion in International Monetary Fund funding, and via airstrikes, another option the president is keeping on the table. Alternatively, we can offer economic aid and diplomatic recognition. Or we can tailor a middle path that ties rewards to our perception of the new government’s behavior.

施加压力将是一个悲剧性的错误。 它将加强最激进的塔利班强硬派的力量,而牺牲相对温和的人,他们希望阿富汗看起来和感觉更像巴基斯坦:不可否认的伊斯兰特征,但通过贸易和与外界的通讯联系起来。 你不希望你的对手觉得自己没有什么可失去的——所以给他们一些他们想要保留的东西。

让我们注意美国决策者在应对 1979 年伊朗伊斯兰革命时的失误如何不必要地激化了一个革命政府。

如果吉米卡特总统没有让被废黜的国王到美国接受治疗,激进的大学生就不会占领美国驻德黑兰大使馆或劫持 52 名工作人员作为人质。 最高领袖和阿亚图拉·鲁霍拉·霍梅尼 (Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini) 性格温和,反对头脑发热的策略,在人质危机期间被迫与学生激进分子站在一起,否则可能会被自己的起义推到一边。 大使馆被接管后,任何一方都无法让步,这牵涉到太多的民族自豪感。 美国和伊朗新政府紧随其后,导致数十年的误解和对立。

鉴于塔利班 1990 年代的记录,完全没有压力在政治上是令人不快和不切实际的,但美国决策者应该对塔利班统治的阿富汗进行轻微接触。 扮演硬汉将加强强硬派的力量,他们不希望女孩接受教育,也不希望女性充分参与社会,他们更愿意回到石刑和拆除文化宝藏的糟糕过去。 目前,塔利班相对自由派掌权。 让我们尽量保持这种状态。

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Thousands of dead Americans, tens of thousands of dead Afghans, \$2 trillion down the toilet, a Taliban victory that leaves America’s international reputation in shambles. This disaster didn’t happen by itself. Political and military leaders, aided and abetted by the news media, are responsible and should be held accountable. Voters let themselves be led by the nose, and they should take a long hard look at themselves in the mirror because what they did and didn’t do caused many people to die.

反战英雄告诉我们不要进入阿富汗,并在我们进入阿富汗之后,告诉我们尽管被边缘化和嘲笑也要离开,因此值得认可和尊重。 他们很孤独。 尽管阿富汗平民伤亡的广泛报道以及塔利班与 9/11 事件无关的明显事实,但 88% 的美国人——民主党人和共和党人——在美国炸弹开始下雨三周后支持前总统乔治·W·布什的战争在阿富汗喀布尔。


2001年秋天,数以万计的示威者在华盛顿、洛杉矶、旧金山、纽约和其他美国城市游行反对战争。 游行者太少,太平静,无法移动针。 但历史的判断现在是最终的:反对入侵阿富汗的极少数人在道德上是正直的,并且对结果持正确的怀疑态度。 如果你认识这些真正的美国英雄,感谢他们的服务并请他们喝一杯。

当民族主义的尼姆罗德开着他们愚蠢地挂着美国国旗的汽车四处行驶时,聪明的有道德的人会为正确的事情发声。 “根据(联合国)宪章,一个国家只能在自卫或(联合国)安理会批准的情况下对另一个国家使用武力,”全国律师协会主席马乔里·科恩说。 “在美国入侵阿富汗之前,这些条件都没有得到满足。 塔利班没有在 9/11 袭击我们。 15 名男子——其中 XNUMX 名来自沙特阿拉伯——这样做了,而且阿富汗不会攻击美国或其他联合国成员国的威胁迫在眉睫。 安理会没有授权美国或任何其他国家对阿富汗使用军事力量。 美国在阿富汗的战争是非法的。”

包括伯尼·桑德斯在内的所有 98 名参议员都投票决定将阿富汗炸出地狱并建立傀儡政权,该政权的腐败导致塔利班接管。 在众议院,投票结果为 420 票对 1 票。整个国会中只有一个理智、正确的反对声音:加利福尼亚州众议员芭芭拉·李(Barbara Lee)。 “正如一位神职人员雄辩地说,在我们采取行动时,不要成为我们所痛惜的邪恶,”她恳求道。

“对于她孤独的立场,”格伦格林沃尔德在 2016 年写道,“李充斥着腐臭的侮辱和死亡威胁,以至于她需要全天候保镖。 她被包括华尔街日报在内的众多媒体诋毁为“反美”。 《华盛顿时报》于 18 月 XNUMX 日发表社论称,“女士。 李是美国敌人的长期支持者——从菲德尔·卡斯特罗 (Fidel Castro) 起,“虽然大多数左翼民主党人花了一周时间赞美布什总统,并试图让自己听起来尽可能温和,但芭芭拉·李继续在她的领导下航行真实的颜色。 从那以后,她在加入众议院民主党领导层的努力中一再被拒绝,通常输给接近华尔街并支持军国主义的候选人。” 两年后,支持战争的民主党人拒绝了她作为众议院核心小组主席的另一个职位,以惩罚她投票反对阿富汗战争。




美国历史是由战争定义的,美国政府方面大多是非法和不合理的。 除非我们承认、提升和利用那些在愚蠢战争开始前大声疾呼反对愚蠢战争的人的声音,否则这段历史将继续下去。

泰德·拉尔(推特:@tedrall),政治漫画家、专栏作家和图画小说家,是一本关于一名记者变坏的新图画小说的作者,“The Stringer”现在可以订购。 您可以支持 Ted 的强硬政治漫画和专栏,并通过赞助他在 Patreon 上的工作来首先查看他的工作。

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在接下来的几天里,您将阅读大量阿富汗战争的尸检报告。 有些已经出版了。

不要听任何曾经支持占领阿富汗的人的话。 他们认为美国本可以获胜是错误的。 他们愚蠢地认为入侵阿富汗会阻止另一场 9/11 事件,塔利班对此负有零责任。 阿富汗战争的支持者支持轰炸平民是不道德的. 任何认为进入阿富汗是个好主意的人都太愚蠢了,不配从事新闻、学术或军事指挥工作。

不要听任何人批评乔·拜登总统信守其撤出美军的承诺。 我们总是会输。 塔利班总是会赢。 拜登和他的团队认识到现实。 在我们愚蠢的领导阶层中,接受现实是一种罕见的特质,应该受到赞扬。

不要听任何人为塔利班统治下的阿富汗妇女的命运而哭泣。 如果他们真的关心地​​球另一端的性别平等,他们会批评阿富汗喀布尔即将被推翻的傀儡政府,因为他们在整个过程中容忍名誉杀人、童婚、系统性强奸甚至石刑。在美国征服下的 20 年统治是愚昧的。 他们保持沉默,因此是同谋。 阿富汗妇女从未停止过苦难; 美国自由主义者只是不再关心。

不幸的是,政治专家不受与作家发表预测的其他领域相同的绩效标准的约束。 一位财务顾问建议她的客户购买一只贬值的股票,很可能会发现自己失业。 气象学家的错误天气预报导致了很多野餐和下雨的婚礼,可能会降低评级并最终被解雇。 一个对烂片大肆宣扬的影评人是不会被认真对待的。

政治,特别是在国际事务方面,则不同。 报纸专栏作家和有线新闻发言人永远不会因为对战争的错误认识而被解雇,更不用说被解雇了。 从大卫·布鲁克斯到托马斯·弗里德曼,再到马克斯·布特到威廉·克里斯托尔,帮助美国公众谈论在阿富汗和伊拉克等地的灾难性外国冒险导致零责任。 相反,这些精英白痴不断被邀请回来,在高调的电视露面和利润丰厚的图书交易中分享他们的愚蠢。 与愚蠢的股票经纪人、无能的天气预报员和品味低劣的影评人不同,他们无能的预测所带来的影响是惊人的,造成了数十万人的生命和数万亿美元的损失。

在一个主要民族宗教之一是军国主义的国家,这是一个特征而不是一个错误。 结果是对是错,支持战争总是值得的。 如果您是一个和平主义者或对一般选择的战争持怀疑态度,或者您只是预计特定军事入侵会出现问题,那么您是否 100% 100% 正确都没有关系——您会被抹黑、嘲笑、消失. 无论您是看 CNN 还是 MSNBC 或福克斯新闻,您都不会看到一位客人毫无保留地反对战争。

编辑不仅仅是在编辑页面上。 揭示有偏见的、支持战争的、因此毫无价值的新闻报道的一个主要线索是,当一名本应客观的记者在本应报道美国感兴趣的外国冲突的报道中插入大量形容词时。 随着塔利班继续横扫阿富汗,夺取一座又一座城市的控制权,据称公正的记者对该国“不断恶化的安全局势”和“黯淡的未来”表示失望。 反对塔利班,甚至支持喀布尔腐败可笑的傀儡政权都可以,但他们为什么不能告诉我们发生了什么,并保持自己的意见?

无论如何,我是为数不多的前往阿富​​汗并独立于美国军队旅行的美国记者和评论员之一。 我是少数从一开始就在漫画、散文和书籍中告诉你的人之一,在过去的二十年里反复告诉你,对阿富汗人民的战争是愚蠢的、不道德的和无法取胜的。


对于我的努力,我一直受到无情和持续的审查,即使是所谓的“进步”媒体,用前总统巴拉克奥巴马的错误的话来说,阿富汗是一场好战。 知道我可以通过支持战争而使我的收入增加一倍,这令人沮丧。

更重要的是,很多人因为像我这样的人的声音被扼杀而死亡。 因为美国人民被否认了我们在阿富汗所做的事情的真相,我们战斗、杀戮并白白死去。

反战的声音仍然被边缘化。 还有无数人会死去。


迟到总比不到好:大多数美国人现在认为入侵阿富汗是一个错误。 但是,除非你从中吸取教训,否则认识到错误有什么好处?

不明白出了什么问题以及为什么让你以后做同样的事情。 这就是越南之后发生的事情; 我们没有面对我们去那里支持腐败的傀儡政权和开采天然气的事实,而是沉浸在一个荒谬的“兰博”神话中,政治家不让他们获胜而刺伤我们勇敢的战士。 我们还声称诽谤恶毒的嬉皮士,据称他们向返回家乡机场的退伍军人吐口水,但从未发生过。

很容易从我们比喻的靴子上踢开阿富汗的尘土,而且正如美国人喜欢的那样,向前看而不是向后看。 但先进的公民社会需要事后报告。 这就是军方和其他组织在做出明智的努力以重复有效的方法并避免无效的方法后所做的事情。

Unless we conduct a sober reassessment of Afghanistan, ideally in the form of a congressional investigation, there is nothing to indicate that we wouldn’t start a similarly stupid war again in the future. That’s because the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan was based on a big lie — and that lie is still circulating as widely as it was when the first bombs started raining down on Kabul, Afghanistan, in October 2001. If we want to avoid another \$2 trillion war that claims thousands of American lives, we have to drive a stake through that B.S. narrative.

大谎言:阿富汗及其战争是对 9/11 的报复。

美国选民喜欢被定义为对无端赤裸裸侵略行为的正义报复的战争,例如美西战争(“记住缅因州!”)和太平洋第二次世界大战(“记住珍珠港!”)。 没关系,我们入侵古巴是因为一场意外爆炸,几乎可以肯定与西班牙无关,而且美国领导的石油禁运将日本推向了轰炸夏威夷的绝望行动。 另一方面,一场似乎凭空而来的战争,例如布什政府 2003 年入侵伊拉克,引发了大规模抗议和广泛反对。

因此,很容易理解为什么白宫及其媒体盟友将阿富汗战争宣传为对基地组织的报复。 我们被攻击了。 这是无缘无故的(不是真的,但这就是美国人的想法)。 我们不得不反击。

基地组织总部设在巴基斯坦。 9/11 计划在巴基斯坦发生。 奥萨马·本·拉登(Osama bin Laden)是最负责任的人,他住在巴基斯坦。 大部分资金来自沙特阿拉伯,这是迄今为止激进伊斯兰原教旨主义的最大国际资金来源。 劫机者是沙特人和埃及人。 没有一个劫机者是阿富汗人。 劫机者一般都参加了阿富汗的圣战训练营,而不是专门参加 9/11。 如果我们有兴趣在 9/11 事件中取得平衡,我们会改为攻击巴基斯坦或沙特阿拉伯。

这些信息是众所周知的并且广泛可用。 然而,美国总统乔拜登选择了11年2021月9日作为撤军的最后期限和战争的正式结束日期,他因坚持自己的枪和撤出美军而值得称赞。 美联社报道说:“设定 11/14 日期……强调了美军一开始就驻扎在阿富汗的原因——防止极端组织再次在该国建立据点,可用于对美国发动袭击。” XNUMX 月 XNUMX 日。


20 年后,又是一个大谎言。 9/11 不是由在阿富汗建立的“立足点”的恐怖分子策划的。 它是由恐怖分子从建立的立足点计划的 巴基斯坦 ,特别是在卡拉奇市,正是在哈立德·谢赫·穆罕默德 (Khalid Sheikh Mohammed) 的家中。

拜登与事实完全相反,不断重复这个大谎言。 “正如我在 9 月所说,美国做了我们在阿富汗要做的事情:抓住在 11/XNUMX 袭击我们的恐怖分子,为奥萨马·本·拉登伸张正义,并降低恐怖主义威胁以防止阿富汗成为一个可以继续攻击美国的基地。 我们实现了这些目标。 这就是我们去的原因。”

阿富汗从来都不是针对美国的袭击“基地”; 说攻击不可能“继续”,因为从来没有 任何来自阿富汗的。 当然,本拉登是在巴基斯坦被暗杀的,巴基斯坦是一个与阿富汗完全不同的国家。 不,我们没有跟踪从阿富汗到巴基斯坦的任何踪迹。

拜登不断撒谎。 人们记得象征意义。

选择 20/9 袭击事件发生 11 周年作为正式撤军日期是白宫加强对阿富汗长期以来的国家诽谤的方式,同时让我们的敌人巴基斯坦和沙特阿拉伯摆脱困境。

我们必须停止同时谈论 9/11 和阿富汗。

将阿富汗与 9/11 联系起来的谎言是如此强大,以至于即使是进步左翼的人也接受了。 只有一位国会议员,加利福尼亚众议员芭芭拉李,有勇气和智慧投票反对阿富汗战争。 在 2001 年 XNUMX 月至 XNUMX 月美国入侵前夕,反战左派拼凑了一些可悲的抗议示威活动,但他们的人数和投票率只是反对伊拉克战争游行的一小部分。 即使现在很明显,两场战争都同样没有道理,而且都是基于谎言,自由主义者在伊拉克问题上比阿富汗更加激动。

像往常一样,媒体是军国主义机器中最有罪的齿轮。 “像我这样的美国人无视——或蔑视——警告阿富汗将陷入无休止泥潭的抗议者。 下一次,我们应该听取批评者的意见,”康纳·弗里德斯多夫在 2019 年的《大西洋月刊》中亲切地承认。也许这会以某种方式发生。 但不是在大西洋。 像其他所有企业媒体一样,该杂志拒绝雇用我或任何其他批评阿富汗战争的作家或艺术家,而其他人都全力以赴。

• 类别: 对外政策, 历史 •标签: 9/11, 阿富汗 

美国人在政治上分裂了,但他们同意我们最长的战争是一个错误。 XNUMX% 的美国人,包括许多共和党人,在最近的 CBS 新闻民意调查中表示,他们同意乔·拜登总统从阿富汗撤军的决定。 这与冲突早期的情况相反,当时 85% 到 90% 的美国人支持入侵。

发生了什么变化? 我们被骗了; 现在我们知道了。 塔利班被新闻媒体描述为原始的宗教狂热分子,这是一个边缘团体,在 1980 年代后期我们放弃反苏圣战者所造成的权力真空中被恐惧统治。 事实上,他们是一种流行的本土现象,非常适合将自己定位为民族主义抵抗组织。 无论阿富汗人在多大程度上感到“被遗弃”,他们都想要现金和没有附加条件的基础设施。 相反,我们强加了一个被他们视为羞辱的腐败傀儡政权。

9 年世界头号通缉犯在巴基斯坦被发现并被暗杀后,为 11/2011 报仇的主要宣战理由就瓦解了。如果奥萨马·本·拉登已经在巴基斯坦生活了多年,我们为什么还要在阿富汗寻找他? 为什么我们要向他的巴基斯坦东道主支付数十亿美元? 本·拉登被击毙后,选民对这场战争的支持消失了。

前总统巴拉克奥巴马说:“我们在入侵伊拉克时把注意力从球上移开了”,他称之为“愚蠢的战争”。 他认为“我们真正的重点必须放在阿富汗。” 现在大多数人都同意他们都是愚蠢的。

我们如何避免在未来打更多愚蠢的战争? 我们如何才能阻止自己浪费数万亿美元和数千条生命?

首先,我们必须记住大多数战争是如何开始的——政府撒谎。 从东京湾事件到伊拉克士兵将科威特婴儿从呼吸机中拽出来的童话故事,再到萨达姆根本不存在的大规模杀伤性武器,美国总统、将军和媒体速记员已经让一代又一代容易受骗的人陷入杀戮和被杀的境地。 真相终于大白。 然而,到那时,为时已晚。

下次总统在电视上告诉我们我们应该开战时,我们应该把我们的怀疑拨到 11。 毕竟,我们过去经常被骗——为什么要给他们任何好处?疑问?

具有讽刺意味的是,对于一个价值观以自由思考和粗犷个性为中心的国家来说,天真地响应战争的呼吁已经根植于我们的政治文化中,无论其理由多么古怪。 如果总统要求我们在战争中牺牲生命,我们应该服从,不问任何问题。

想想臭名昭著的最高法院判决,首席大法官小奥利弗·温德尔·霍姆斯 (Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.) 在其中写道:“保护言论自由不会保护在剧院里错误地喊火的人。” 在所涉案件中,福尔摩斯继续说道,“所使用的词语是在这种情况下使用的,其性质是造成明显和现实的危险。”


该案的主题已被历史遗忘:社会主义者查尔斯申克和伊丽莎白贝尔因在第一次世界大战期间邮寄传单敦促人们抵制征兵罪而被判入狱。“明显而现实的危险”不在于国家本身. 这是为了支持战争的宣传。 如果左派的论点成功了呢? 如果政府不得不更加努力地说服年轻人在大西洋彼岸的骨灰屋中战斗并死去,那会怎样?

福尔摩斯开始后悔他的决定,而申克则部分地被推翻和名誉扫地。 然而,学童仍然被教导第一修正案在“在剧院里大喊大叫”时遇到了限制。 参议院多数党领袖查克舒默应该更清楚,他甚至写道:“虽然第一修正案保护言论自由,但没有人有权错误地大喊‘火!’ 在拥挤的剧院里”,2012 年发表在一篇支持枪支管制的专栏文章中。

正如克里斯托弗·希钦斯 (Christopher Hitchens) 所指出的,欧洲和美国政府点燃并煽动了一场战争的火焰,大多数战斗人员认为这场战争毫无意义。 社会主义和平主义者试图恢复理智。

毫无疑问,迟早有一天,这位总统或下一任总统会在电视上请求我们支持另一场战争。 战争是一个民族国家所考虑过的最严肃的事业。 因此,每个公民的最高职责是仔细权衡攻击外国对手的证据和理由,以开放的心态与黄疸知识相抵消,这种争论往往在大量流血后瓦解。

如果我们早在 2001 年就履行了我们的公民义务,我们就会对自己进行一些挖掘。 我们会注意到这 19 名劫机者中没有一个来自阿富汗的事实。 我们会从新闻报道中注意到本拉登已经在巴基斯坦,基地组织的大部分训练设施也在该国,而不是在阿富汗。 我们会听听 1970 年代和 1980 年代俄罗斯失败占领的学术专家和退伍军人的声音,他们警告说阿富汗是“帝国的墓地”,因为将其人民团结在一起的一件事是对外国入侵者的仇恨。

我们不应该给前总统乔治·W·布什(George W. Bush)一张空白支票,让他入侵一个从未攻击过我们也从未对我们造成伤害的主权国家。 我们应该拒绝支持和默许。 我们应该抗议并要求国会在战争开始之前停止战争。


• 类别: 对外政策 •标签: 阿富汗, 美国军事 

对阿富汗妇女惨淡困境的担忧对寻求美国在那里维持军事存在的理由的自由主义者具有强大的吸引力。 如果塔利班重新掌权,好战分子争辩说,石刑、罩袍和女孩被禁止上学的糟糕旧时代将会卷土重来——这将是我们的错,因为我们没有留下来。

对女性不平等的愤怒往往只是为了其他一些目的,例如入侵阿富汗或禁止跨性别女性参加高中女子运动队。 揭开虚假女权主义的薄皮,与妇女或女孩无关的真正议程很快就会暴露出来。

你可能会惊讶地发现,根据美国新闻与世界报道对联合国提供的数据的分析,阿富汗并不是女性最糟糕的 10 个国家之一。 哪些国家 do 有最严重的性别不平等吗?



世界上女性最糟糕的国家排名第一的是阿拉伯联合酋长国(“亲密的朋友和强大的盟友......拥有共同的利益和共同的价值观,”阿联酋大使馆网站上有一张拜登的可爱照片)。 我们显然与阿联酋共享的共同价值观是其政府形式(部落专制)、政治异议人士的酷刑和失踪、女性生殖器切割、殴打妻子(完全合法)、婚内强奸(完全合法)和“名誉杀人”(不赞成并在很大程度上被忽视)。 女性可以投票、开车、购买房产、旅行和上大学。 但他们需要他们的“监护人”——通常是他们的父亲或丈夫——签署许可。

继续往下看,我们发现美国的“战略盟友”卡塔尔(第 2 位)、美国的盟友沙特阿拉伯(第 3 位)、美国的“条约盟友”印度(第 4 位)、美国的“伙伴”阿曼(第 5 位) )、美国​​军事援助的主要接受国埃及(第 6 位)、美国“主要非北约盟国”摩洛哥(第 7 位)、美国盟国韩国(第 8 位)、美国“地区战略盟友”斯里兰卡(第 9 位) 10)和美国“关键伙伴”乔丹(第XNUMX位)。 任何关心女性受压迫的人都应该把阿富汗放在次要位置,从阿联酋开始,在这个厌恶女性、噩梦般的国家名单上一路走下去。

并不是说随着塔利班重新掌权,阿富汗妇女没有什么可担心的。 他们是这样。 塔利班发言人告诉记者,自 2001 年以来,他们对女性地位的看法有所缓和; 他们甚至允许妇女担任法官,现在允许女孩继续接受教育,妇女只要穿着 盖头 . “当地消息人士告诉我们,塔利班从课程中删除了艺术和公民课程,取而代之的是伊斯兰科目,但其他方面都遵循国家教学大纲,”BBC 在马扎里沙里夫附近的巴尔赫省报道。 “政府支付员工的工资,但塔利班负责。 这是一个遍布全国的混合系统。”

当地塔利班指挥官控制的地区的现实与这种相对愉快和务实的愿景不符。 有报道称,塔利班要求 15 岁以上的女孩和 45 岁以下的寡妇强行结婚,如果她们不是穆斯林,就改信伊斯兰教。 在更多农村地区,塔利班的统治可能会更加严厉和严格。

担心阿富汗妇女的未来是完全合理的。 尽管如此,公平地说,在美国占领的最后 20 年中,许多人受到了恶毒的压迫,被迫穿罩袍,拒绝接受教育,甚至被石头砸死。 如果你不担心,你就是道德上的缺陷。

但不要忘记需求的等级:在其他一些国家,女性的境况更糟,所有这些国家都得到了美国媒体的认可,并从美国政府那里获得了巨额的美国税收。 因此,下次当您听到与美国政府有关联的人或在主流企业媒体上谈论塔利班如何虐待妇女时,请记住,他们的真正目的是压迫和军国主义,而不是解放。

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Now that President Joe Biden has pulled the U.S. military out of Afghanistan, it’s clear that we have little to show for more than \$2 trillion and thousands of soldiers killed over two decades of occupation. We will soon be back where we were on Sept. 10, 2001, when the Taliban governed Afghanistan.

阿富汗政府军既没有意愿也没有接受过保护喀布尔腐败领导人的训练。 一个陷入被动和否认的阿富汗政府将在数周或数月内失败。

由乔治·W·布什总统政府任命并得到其继任者支持的政权士兵正在逃亡,越过边境逃往塔吉克斯坦。 塔利班军队已经包围并短暂接管了昆都士,这座城市摇摇欲坠的来回效忠使其成为像阿尔萨斯一样的战时领头羊,而赫拉特长期以来一直被认为是不可征服的,因为它由伊斯梅尔汗控制,伊斯梅尔汗是前北方联盟军阀。被认为是该国最凶猛、最有能力的塔利班对手。 塔利班可以而且将会永远回归。

They recently captured key border crossings with Iran, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan. The Iran border post alone generates about \$20 million per week in customs duties — revenue that now belongs to the Taliban.


就连中国东北边陲的舌形巴达赫尚省也“濒临彻底沦陷”塔利班之手。 巴达赫尚是北方联盟的最后堡垒,是该国唯一在 1996 年至 2001 年间塔利班统治期间成功抵抗塔利班的地区。

关于即将到来的过渡的媒体报道将集中在女性的困境、伊斯兰国的作用、报复以及伊斯兰教法的回归和风格。 将会失去但也值得一提的是,塔利班刚刚取得了惊人的军事胜利。

在近代历史上,即使是在越南或 19 世纪在阿富汗对抗英国,农村游击队也从未如此戏剧性地击败拥有一切军事、政治和经济优势的巨人。

凭借世界上最先进的战斗机、数百枚巡航导弹和庞大的暗杀无人机机队,美国在整个战争期间都享有完全的制空权。 塔利班没有一架飞机。 尽管越共受到中国热情的武装和训练,并与北越这个民族国家并肩作战,但消息来源不足的报道称,塔利班可能得到了——充其量——来自伊朗和俄罗斯的零星、极其有限的支持。 他们被迫生活在地下,不断躲避美军。

塔利班不仅赢得了与世界上最大的超级大国的持久战,而且这个超级大国让他们成为一个从头开始建立的全新国家。 二十年前,阿富汗是一个拥有 14 世纪基础设施的失败国家。 全部未铺砌的道路甚至没有名字。 没有电、电话、污水或自来水。 甚至没有银行系统。

The United States is leaving them \$8 billion worth of roads and highways, a \$1 billion power grid, dams, canals, levees, drainage systems, bridges, tunnels, airports, the internet, you name it. Eighty-five percent of the country’s population is covered by cellphone service; that’s not even true of the Hamptons.

We have gifted the Taliban \$36 billion in infrastructure spending.


军事历史学家将在未来几年研究塔利班叛乱。 与此同时,美国等帝国和塔利班等抵抗运动都可以吸取重要教训。

无论是像塔利班这样抵抗外国入侵的本土运动,还是一个寻求推翻国内政府的革命组织,任何想挑战一个拥有更强大人力、训练和武器的国家的人都应该把美国入侵阿富汗的失败视为这证明了劣等力量不需要被这种令人生畏的差异所吓倒。 从法国、俄罗斯和中国的革命到非洲和亚洲的反殖民斗争,许多显着的政权更迭尽管困难重重,但还是取得了成功。 如果你有人民的支持和坚定不移的奉献精神,在无数挫折中坚定不移,你就能在不对称的冲突中获胜。 如果您的对手是外国对手并且需要国内政治意愿来维持长而昂贵的供应线,则尤其如此。

美国等大国可以在一定限度内将自己的意志强加于海外。 可以想象美国可能在阿富汗取得成功的另一种情况。 首先也是最重要的一点,美国应该允许阿富汗人,一个只有通过反对外国统治才团结起来的易怒民族,选择自己的领导人,而不是在 2002 年支尔格大会上将流亡的国王排在一边。 让中情局特工哈米德·卡尔扎伊 (Hamid Karzai) 担任总统是一个灾难性的失误。 公然干涉阿富汗的内部政治使塔利班传达的西方人是腐败和剥削性的伪君子的信息重新合法化,这暴露了我们关于自决的言论是空洞的。

允许民主自行其是是有风险但明智的。 言行一致,不计后果,将超过阿富汗人可能选出“错误”领导人的不利风险。

Ted Rall(推特:@tedrall)是政治漫画家、专栏作家和图画小说家,他撰写了一部关于一名记者变坏的新图画小说“The Stringer”,现已接受订购。

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