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President Xi Jinping formally told WHO head Tedros Ghebreyesus, at their meeting in Beijing earlier this week, that the coronavirus epidemic “is a devil and we cannot allow the devil to hide.”

Ghebreyesus for his part could not but praise Beijing for its extremely swift, coordinated response strategy – which includes fast identification of the genome sequence. Chinese scientists have already 移交 to Russian counterparts the virus genome, with snap tests able to identify it in a human body within two hours. A Russia-China vaccine is under development.

The devil, of course, is always in the details. In a matter of a few days, at the peak of the most congested travel period of the year, China did 管理 to quarantine an urban environment of over 56 million people, including megalopolis Wuhan and three nearby cities. This is an absolute first in terms of public health, anytime in history.

Wuhan, with a GDP growth of 8.5% a year, is a significant business center for China. It lies at the strategic crossroads of the Yangtze and Han rivers and at a railway crossroads as well – between the north-south axis linking Guangzhou to Beijing and the east-west axis linking Shanghai to Chengdu.

As premier Li Keqiang was sent to Wuhan, President Xi visited the strategic southern province of Yunnan, where he extolled the immense government apparatus to boost control and sanitary prevention mechanisms to limit propagation of the virus.

Coronavirus catches China at an extremely sensitive juncture – after the (failed) Hybrid War tactics displayed in Hong Kong; an American pro-Taiwan offensive; the trade war far from solved by a mere “phase 1” deal while more sanctions are being plotted against Huawei; and even the assassination of Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, which ultimately is about targeting the expansion of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in Southwest Asia (Iran-Iraq-Syria).

The Big Picture spells out Total Information War and non-stop weaponization of the China “threat” – now even metastasized, with racist overtones, as a bio-threat. So how vulnerable is China?

A people’s war

For almost five years now a maximum-security biolab has been operating in Wuhan dedicated to the study of highly pathogenic micro-organisms – set up in partnership with France after the SARS epidemic. In 2017, Nature magazine was 警告 about the risks of dispersion of pathogenic agents out of this lab. Yet there’s no evidence this might have happened.

In crisis management terms, President Xi has lived up to the occasion – ensuring that China fights coronavirus with nearly total transparency (after all, the internet wall remains in place). Beijing has warned the whole government apparatus in no uncertain terms not to attempt any cover-ups. A real-time webpage, in English, here, is available to everyone. Whoever is not doing enough will face serious consequences. One can imagine what awaits the party chief in Hubei, Jiang Chaoliang.

A post that went viral all over the mainland this past Sunday states, “We in Wuhan have truly entered the stage of people’s war against the new viral pneumonia”; and many people, “mainly Communist Party members” have been confirmed as “volunteers and observers according to street units.”

Crucially, the government directed everyone to install a “Wuhan Neighbors” 小程序 downloaded from WeChat. That determines “our home’s quarantine address through satellite positioning, and then lock on our affiliated community organization and volunteers. Thenceforth, our social activities and information announcements would be connected to the system.”

Theoretically, this means that “anyone who develops a fever will report their condition through the network as soon as possible. The system will immediately provide an online diagnosis, and locate and register your quarantine address. If you need to see a doctor, your community will arrange a car to send you to the hospital through volunteers. At the same time, the system will track your progress: hospitalization, treatment at home, discharge, death, etc.”

So here we have millions of Chinese citizens totally mobilized in what’s routinely described as a “people’s war” using “high technology to fight against illness.” Millions are also drawing their own conclusions when comparing it with the use of app software to fight against the police in Hong Kong.

The biogenetic puzzle

Apart from crisis management, the speed of the Chinese scientific response has been breathtaking – and obviously not fully appreciated in an environment of Total Information War. Compare the Chinese performance with the American CDC, arguably the top infectious disease research agency in the world, with an \$11 billion annual budget and 11,000 employees.

During the Ebola epidemic in West Africa in 2014 – considered a maximum urgency, and facing a virus with a 90% fatality rate – the CDC took no less than two months from getting the first patient sample to identifying the complete genomic sequence. The Chinese did it in a few days.


The Chinese took only one week from the first patient sample to complete, vital identification and sequencing of coronavirus. Right away, they went for publication and deposit in the genomics library for immediate access by the whole planet. Based on this sequence, Chinese biotech companies produced validated essays within a week – also a first.

And we’re not even talking about the now notorious building of a brand new state of the art hospital in Wuhan in record time just to treat victims of coronavirus. No victims will pay for their treatment. Additionally, Healthy China 2030, the reform of the health/development system, will be boosted.

Coronavirus opens a true 潘多拉的盒子 on biogenetics. Serious questions remain about experiences in vivo in which the consent of “patients” will not be required – considering the collective psychosis initially developed by Western corporate media and even the WHO around coronavirus. Coronavirus could well become a pretext for genetic experiments via vaccines.


Meanwhile, it’s always enlightening to remember Great Helmsman Mao Zedong. For Mao, the top two political variables were “independence” and “development.” That implies full sovereignty. As Xi seems determined to prove a sovereign civilization-state is able to win a scientific “people’s war,” that does not exactly spell out “vulnerability.”

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  1. Angharad 说:

    Escobar – are that much of a sucker? The virus came OUT of that biolab. That’s why the Chinese have so much infor on the coronavirus already. Hey – how’d ya like to but a nice bridge?

    • 回复: @d dan
  2. Svevlad 说:

    Romanians apparently made a vaccine – but it’s apparently only working on whites, since new viruses are advanced enough that a “general solution” isn’t really doable

  3. Tom Verso 说:


    I have been searching for a non-propaganda discussion of the epidemic from the beginning. Even my first read goto site Zerohedge seems to have fallen into the anti-Chinese mode.

    I judge this article to be objective because I have been a long time reader of the author and have an experience frame of reference for his objectivity; and the information he posits is specifically quantitative, which gives me a frame of reference to judge it against other articles on the subject.


    Having said that: an unabashed conspiracy theorist (Kennedy, 9/11, etc), I can’t help but wonder if this whole thing may be a simulated biological war game whereby the Chinese test a system of response to a biological attack. If their reported number of deaths are accurate, they are relatively low and may not be caused by the virus per se; rather vulnerable people who were suffering other illness at the time of exposure.

    Agreed this notion of a planned bio war game may be far fetched; nevertheless, even if it is not a planned bio war game, the Chinese have be fortunate in having gained valuable experience that they can draw on in the event of such an attack.

    • 回复: @anon
    , @showmethereal
  4. anon[161]• 免责声明 说:
    @Tom Verso

    Your theory isn’t the most whack.

    Francis Boyle: Wuhan Coronavirus is an Offensive Biological Warfare Weapon

    • 谢谢: Republic, Thomasina
  5. d dan 说:

    “Escobar – are that much of a sucker? The virus came OUT of that biolab. That’s why the Chinese have so much infor on the coronavirus already. Hey – how’d ya like to but a nice bridge?”

    Read before you comment. China has a consistent record of fast identification of genomic sequence of disease and beating US to the task: for the Ebola, and for the swine flu. It is not just unique to the current coronavirus. It fact, China has been able to do many things faster than US, including building hospital and road.

    So your theory exists only in your dream. You are the want who needs a bridge.

    • 回复: @Angharad
  6. mr meener 说:

    there are people saying it only affects yellow people. why would china create that?

    • 回复: @Zimriel
  7. Zimriel 说:
    @mr meener

    Exactly. And it’s of interest that the Indian study which got ZH banned was, in fact, demonstrated bogus by impartial reviewers with no interest in helping or harming China.

    That said: China’s response might be working 联系, but earlier their plan was to arrest doctors who noticed that there was a problem. This allowed what was always just a bad cold to spread further, spark panic, and convince the impressionable that the government was covering something up. Well they were covering something up – Xi’s brutality, paranoia, and incompetence.

  8. Anon[241]• 免责声明 说:

    The coronavirus only effects chinese, and who cares if a few million die?
    There’s a billion of the soul-less ant people as it is.
    We should be glad that God is culling these filthy heathens for the good of humanity. 🙂

    • 巨魔: d dan
  9. Angharad 说:
    @d dan

    So far, d dan – the virus is only killing the Chinese. The Chi Comms apparently knew about this virus since last year. So they have had time to acrue info. Fo the record – considering the way these vicious, soul-less Yellow Insects brutalize and torture innocent animals – I soncerely pray that EVERY last one is wiped off the face of the Earth. Wher are you? Why don’t you go over to China and help?

    • 巨魔: d dan
  10. @Tom Verso

    I don’t know about a biowar in this… The death rate is “only” (I don’t trivialize anyone’s life) 2%… That would mean it’s not that effective as a biological agent.

    • 回复: @Erebus
    , @clickkid
  11. Erebus 说:

    That would mean it’s not that effective as a biological agent.

    Perhaps not as a killer, but that isn’t necessarily the goal.

    If it is a “designer virus”, it’s been designed to be damn effective as an economic and social disruptor.
    China’s effectively been shut down for a couple of weeks, and it’ll stay shut down for at least a week longer. That’s a lot of disruption.

    Moreover, China and the Chinese people have effectively been “isolated” from the RoW. Flights are being cancelled, notably with the Five Eyes in the lead, and Chinese aren’t welcome anymore. This is a stated US geo-strategic goal.

    One doesn’t have to kill 100,000s to do it. Just make sure it’s very contagious, and then fire up the Mighty Wurlitzer to put The Big Fear into everyone. Presto. China’s isolated.

    • 同意: clickkid
  12. David Cole – always worth reading – understands that the solution (as usual) is to stop pretending not to notice that China ‘gets a pass’ on dysgenic fuckwitted cultural practices.


    The Chinese hate ridicule, arguably more so than most people. Until they reform their food practices, all they should receive is ridicule. Do your part to save the world by yelling, “Ching chong, civet dong, eating bats is vely wrong” at a Chinaman today. Think of it this way: If two potential pandemics had been traced to Appalachian whites trading in possum testicles, all there would be is ridicule. If rich whites enjoyed sampling whole bats at fancy restaurants (I made a joke on Twitter about a hypothetical Beverly Hills bat eatery called Fillet-der-Maus and nobody liked it, so I’m making it again, because it’s a good pun, dammit), everyone on earth would feel perfectly comfortable mocking them.

    The same leftists who urge respect for Chinese culinary barbarity have already sold out many of the world’s most beautiful and rare animal species. Don’t let them sell out our own. And don’t rely on Trump to take the lead on this; the Wuhan virus isn’t a direct threat to Israel, so I doubt the president gives a shit. Take matters into your own hands and mock those whose bizarre and unclean customs put us all in jeopardy.

    When Westerners determined that the “laughing sickness” prevalent among the Fore people of Papua was caused by their funerary cannibalism, the natives—primitive as they are—agreed to stop consuming their own. They reformed their culinary tastes, for the good of the tribe.

    When you’re outclassed by a bunch of bare-assed tree-dwelling cannibals, when you seem less rational than literal cavemen, that means only one thing: You’ve got issues.

    Chew on that the next time you chow down on bat ass, my “civilized” Chinese friends.

    (重点 矿)

    • 巨魔: d dan
  13. Anon[213]• 免责声明 说:

    Ching chong, civet dong, eating bats is vely wrong

    Yep . And stop torturing dogs and eating them you subhuman chinks. FFS,

    • 巨魔: d dan
  14. @Anon

    This will be beneficial for them in the long run of deaths start to really rack up. Most of the people dying are old and a reduction of useless old people will save China the pain of Japanese demographic transition.

  15. DNA sequencing machines are orders of magnitude cheaper and faster than they were in 2009.

  16. clickkid 说:

    Crossposting from my last comment on Godfree Roberts’ article:

    One more thought on why westerners are so shocked by the actions of the Chinese state in imposing quarantines and other measures we have seen.

    Because we in the West are so used to incompetent, ineffective and half-hearted government, that it does indeed shock us to a see a decisive, determined and well-funded government acting with such swiftness in the public interest.

    • 回复: @Big bob
  17. clickkid 说:

    “当他与自己的人交谈时,人至少是他自己。 给他戴上口罩,他会告诉你真相。”

    - 奥斯卡·王尔德

    The mask of Internet anonymity permits you to reveal yourself.

  18. clickkid 说:


    The aim of a bioweapon might be to cause the maximum economic damage, in which case it has already done pretty well.

    • 回复: @showmethereal
  19. @clickkid

    Well it’s a silly one – unless the goal is to sabotage the whole world – since China is the number 1 trading nation in the world – and has the most travelers which go abroad and spend the most money in their host countries.

    • 回复: @Erebus
    , @d dan
  20. Erebus 说:

    Well it’s a silly one – unless the goal is to sabotage the whole world …

    Well, it may be.

    Reading some of the State Dept’s white papers and studies, augmented by US think tanks from the ’90s indicates that some of the US’ brain trust has long thought that the best, perhaps only way to continue as “world leader” is to bring the world down a notch (or 8).

    Their studies showed that the US wouldn’t suffer as much as the RoW. A “cleanest shirt in the laundry basket” approach that is by no means ideal, but may serve as a last resort.

    That thinking was countered by NeoCon factions such as the PNAC, with its “Rebuilding America’s Defences”, and others who thought America could still pull it off with military and financial power if these were brought to bear with sufficient vigour.

    Then 9/11 short-circuited the debate and the NeoCons took over.

    If Plan A was the Neocon-driven “7 countries in 5 years” plan Wesley Clark revealed and its downstream developments, it has obviously failed miserably. They phucked it up completely and American power is visibly waning. That they’ve recognized this, dusted off those papers and studies and are all on board for Plan B is entirely plausible.

    As power is a relative thing, and as the elites that decide these things won’t suffer materially, it wouldn’t come as a shock to me that that’s what the current game plan is. In fact, it’s expected.

    The outbreak serves another stated American purpose, which is to isolate China (& Russia) from as much of the world as possible. Augmented by America’s Mighty Wurlitzer, 201-nCoV is well on its way to doing that. Airlines are suspending service, borders are closing, and China’s under a 24/7 avalanche of bad publicity. Its isolation is well underway.

    • 回复: @showmethereal
  21. d dan 说:

    showmethereal: you are a very well informed commenter, but I have to disagree with you on this. I think you can agree with me that: IF this is indeed a bio-attack, then it has to be launched by psychopaths. But we can’t reason with psychopaths, right? Furthermore, they are likely to be losers in their careers – they can’t be as successful as Trump or Pence. So, you can’t project your intelligence and your way of thinking onto some losers’ mentality, who really don’t care much about anything. You surely have encountered plenty of these people in Internet, and in Unz.

    As clickkid argues, US has the means, motivations and opportunities for the attack. In addition, I would add that US has the track record and long history of interests and uses of WMD (nuclear, bioweapons and chemical weapons) unmatched by any other country on Earth. They believe this is the last chance to stop China’s rise, but when they are beaten, they become furious and fanatic. Historically, you can see how perverted MacArthur reacted when he was defeated by PLA – he threatened to drop nuclear bombs on dozens of Chinese cities (and I believe he would if he had the nuclear launch code). He didn’t care about millions of lives, nor about WW3.

    So yes, there are psychopaths and terrorists who are willing to “sabotage the whole world” if necessary to achieve their aim. Couple with the vast number of “coincidental” events around the corona virus outbreak, I think it is better not to discount the possibility of bio-attack.

    Lastly, do consider the low mortality rate of the virus could be a “bug” rather than a “feature”. The much raved American technical “superiority” is well past its sell-by-date, especially without the help of foreigners like Chinese. Notice how they design the non-flying 737 Max, the non-sea-worthy Zumbalt destroyer, the non-working Ford carrier, the non-existence 5G, the non-intercepting missile defense system that couldn’t intercept a single Iranian missile, …

    • 回复: @showmethereal
  22. Anon[224]• 免责声明 说:

    Ching chongs propose – God disposes. 🙂

  23. Big bob 说:

    And the Chinese are used to what exactly????

    Totalitarianism,authoritarian, mass murder,yup no wonder they’re not bothered

    But the communist will be after this is over because there’s a very high likely hood that milions of Chinese will be out of work due to factory closeres and the fact the economy in China is no where near as super dooper as people think

    With millions unemployed lets see how the fantastic Chinese deal with that!

    Frankly its easier to shovel up the dead than have to deal with the angry living

  24. Ozymandias 说:

    Any of you guys want to lie to us about Dr. Li Wenliang?

    C’mon, give us your best rhetoric.

  25. @d dan

    Oh – I don’t doubt the potential of germ attack. I also don’t believe in the moral compass of many with power. In this particular case I just don’t think that is what happened. I admit I can be wrong about it though…

  26. @Erebus

    All of what you wrote is possible… But again – SARS didn’t destroy a much weaker China. I doubt this will either. This is spreading faster than SARS – but is comparatively less deadly – mainly because of the experience China had with SARS. H1N1 was more deadly. But because it was in the US – nobody called for the US to shut down. That just speaks to selective prejudice – rather than effective germ warfare. Again – I’m not saying it’s not possible – but if it is – then it’s not that great a try. Kind of like the effort to destroy Huawei… But I digress.



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